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Reminder: #WhiteHelmets, Black Deeds

1/ Canada, leading member of imperialist intelligence in Syria

by Ayman Ahmed

The West has mastered the art of propaganda and hypocrisy. Terrorists are presented as peacemakers and those striving for peace and justice are accused
2/ of being terrorists. This applies as much to the terrorist outfit, the Mujahideen-e Khalq Organization (MKO) used against the Islamic Republic of Iran as it does to the inappropriately named group called #WhiteHelmets operating in terrorist-held areas in #Syria.
3/ There is nothing “white” about this heavily armed group masquerading as “rescue workers” when in reality they act in tandem with Western-backed #terrorists unleashed on the people of #Syria.
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Reminder: " Kaum bekannt ist, dass die wiedervereinigte BRD bei der Zerschlagung Syriens eine erhebliche Rolle spielt. Der sogenannte Perthes-Feldman-Plan ist ein schon vor Jahren beschlossener Deal, der zum Ziel hat, Syrien in bewährtem Kolonialstil aufzuteilen ...
... und die Bevölkerung als Konkursmasse zu verwerten.

Umgesetzt wird dieser Plan vom Think-Tank @SWPBerlin, der „Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik“. Der Kopf dieses US-Werkzeuges, das mit deutschen Steuergeldern finanziert wird, ist Volker Perthes.
Perthes ist mehr als ein „Berater“. Er hatte seinerzeit die Idee, mit dem Computer-Virus Stuxnet das iranische Atomprogramm zu sabotieren.
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1/3- "During our tour of a shelter in Killi, north of Idlib, for survivors of the #earthquake, a young boy named Aboudi ran towards me. He told me that we were the one who saved him from under the rubble and began sharing his food with us."
2/3- "Aboudi was one of the survivors rescued by our teams in the northern city of Jenderes #Aleppo following the earthquake. He was a sweet child, and it was a touching moment to see how grateful he was for the help he had received."
3/3- "Many children require special care and attention. We stand by their side and do everything within our power to help them overcome the devastating effects of the earthquake, including displacement, fear, injuries, and psychological distress."
-#WhiteHelmets Volunteer Iman
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1- The heinous Syrian regime and its allies are taking advantage of the tragedy of the Syrian #earthquake in the most appalling manner possible, with the intention of gaining international sympathy and burying its crimes against the #Syrian people. I will share some stories. ImageImage
2- A Syrian singer named Nassif Zeitoun recently released a song supposedly sympathizing with the earthquake victims, but used a great deal of lies and propaganda, presenting footage from northwestern Syria and attributing it to areas controlled by the regime. ImageImage
3- The singer used clips of rescue operations carried out by the #WhiteHelmets, but deliberately obscured their presence. He also displayed footage of the Syrian regime's civil defense army, Red Crescent, and army personnel in a clear and unambiguous manner. ImageImage
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According to sources @PowerUSAID is exploiting #Syria earthquake tragedy to promote #WhiteHelmets & restore credibility of brand - a group affiliated wth #AlQaeda, accused of multiple crimes by #Syrian people including organ trafficking (failed cover up by @BBC Mayday Series)
This is because the #WhiteHelmets failed to achieve rebranding in #Ukraine. #OPCW IIT report failed to cover up WH role in staging events #Douma 2018 that led to accusations of "chemical weapon" use by #Syria - discredited by dissident inspectors & BBC producer Riam Dalati.
#WhiteHelmets are enemy of Syrian people. During their occupation alongside armed groups funded/armed by FUKUS/Israel/Saudis/Qatar/Turkey & dominated by #AlQaeda- Syrian civilians were tortured, executed, crucified, incarcerated, murdered, exploited & abused.
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The collective West are lying when they claim any solidarity with #Syrian people or that they are sending "humanitarian" aid to #Syria. They are sending only to areas controlled by #AlQaeda assets including #WhiteHelmets. Aid will not reach Syrian people in most cases.
Sanctions kill and keep killing…
Either it will be stored by the terrorist gangs for resale at high prices to the Syrian people (standard MO) or it will be traded in Turkey from the Bab Al Hawa border crossing.
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1/5- 5 years since the chemical attack by the Assad regime on #Saraqib, #Idlib. On February 4, 2018, helicopters dropped 2 cylinders loaded with toxic chlorine gas on a neighborhood of the city, injuring several people including #WhiteHelmets volunteers during initial response.
2/5- The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons @OPCW has confirmed the Assad regime's responsibility for the attack through its Investigation and Identification Team (IIT) report from April 12, 2021.
3/5- The organization's Fact-Finding Mission (FFM) confirmed in its report issued on May 15, 2018 that chlorine gas was used in the attack on Saraqib based on evidence, samples, & testimonies of the injured and first responders to the incident, including #WhiteHelmets volunteers.
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Unbelievable - #shortage of #oil makes #NATO #warcriminals trying to steal #Syrian oil again.
- The same #CasusBelli that was found to be #false already 4 yrs ago in The #Hague: Articles: 104
#Douma chemical attack that killed 43 in Syria | 27 Jan 2023…
#MSM repeats the same lie: '#DOUMA #CHEMICAL ATTACK 2018.'
Today: "Syrian Military Dropped #Chlorine Gas In Deadly 2018 Attack."
Start: Jan 27, 2023
Last update: Jan 27, 2023
Articles: 107 in 5 hours, 9 pages.…
#Chlorine #Douma #Syria #FalseFlag | 24.04.2018
If it doesn't fit the narrative, there's no harm in shelving it.
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Important new report on persecution of Syrian Christians in #Idlib by #AlQaeda-origin armed gangs. #WhiteHelmets have also taken part in desecration of Christian churches & violent seizure of property (testimony). Western regimes are anti-Christian.
"..since taking over Idlib, Islamist [terrorists] have established a stranglehold over Christian citizens, preventing them from practicing their rituals openly; they limited the services to prayers inside the church hall without ringing bells or raising crosses."
Christians have left Idlib in mass toward other Syrian areas or abroad, leaving everything they own behind. Thus, Idlib’s Christian population has dwindled dramatically. Reportedly, before 2010, Idlib was once home to 10,000 Christians distributed in the villages of al-Yacoubiyah
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IDLIB 7/11 - Hayat Tahrir Al Sham (HTS) a modification of Al Qaeda launched provocations with UK-incubated White Helmet organisation in response to undesirable rapprochement between #Damascus and #Ankara. Image
Russia's Syria Reconciliation Center Deputy Head Oleg Yegorov warned that a provocation was prepared for the 6th November. Intelligence information had been received during the night of the 5th November.

#WhiteHelmets #Syria
Yegorov said: "We have information that the Al-Nusra Front (Heyet Tahrir al-Sham) is planning a provocation in the Idlib region together with the so-called "White Helmets" human rights organization.

#WhiteHelmets #AlQaeda #Syria
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Once again, @zlj517 the Spokesman & DDG in the Chinese Foreign Ministry is spreading misleading and false information about #Syria and the #WhiteHelmets attempting to cover up the war crimes committed by the Syrian regime and #Russia against civilians.
The minister had previously published pictures taken by my friend, journalist @AliHajSuleiman, of children collecting the remnants of shells dropped by the regime and #Russia, and claimed that these pictures were the result of the #US war on #Afghanistan.
It is very unfortunate that a responsible person speaking on behalf of the #Chinese people would participate in the propaganda industry and contribute to the killing of humanitarian workers around the world. Political attitudes should not affect #humanitarian work and workers.
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Terrorist groups #Idlib just targeted West of #Sqeilbiyyeh with 3 Grad missiles, Russia airforce responding. After #Israel attack this morning. Attempt to prevent Aya Sophia opening ceremony Sunday.
4 Grad missiles 1 km away from the city centre. No injuries, only material damage.
Russian bombing killed 28 terrorists. Retaliation against #Sqeilbiyyeh
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On this day five years ago, the Assad regime launched an aerial chemical attack on #Altaminah city, north of #Hama, followed by two other chemical attacks on the 25th and 30th of March.
The OPCW's Identification Team concluded in its Final Report issued on April 8, 2020, that regime forces used gas multiple times when attacking Altaminah city. The attacks on the 24th, 25th, and 30th of March 2017 were carried out by Assad's regime forces, acc to the report.
The report explained the strategic nature of those three attacks, stating that these attacks were launched by orders of the highest-ranking Syrian regime forces.
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The Syrian regime continues to obstruct OPCW's work.
Syrian regime's declaration of its chemical weapons program cannot be considered accurate due to gaps, inconsistencies, and discrepancies, the High Representative for Disarmament Affairs told Security Council.
According to Ms. Nakamitsu, the Syrian regime has submitted 17 amendments and several supplements to its initial declaration. So far, 20 of the 24 outstanding issues remain unresolved.
Hundreds of innocent people were killed silently and without blood, the majority were children by the deadly chemical attacks of the Assad's regime (according to reports of UN Commissions of Inquiry).
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"The money of British tax payers is being spent very poorly, it is unfortunately strengthening extremists & Islamic groups, currently in control of majority of “opposition” areas” #Syria - @BBCPanorama 'Jihadis you pay for' Dec. 2017 - #BBC tried to 'disappear' report but... ImageImage
I will be doing a deep dive wth @YoureAllDunces The Last American Vagabond on 5/1/2022 (10.35 pm Damascus) after recent leaks fm Anon ref #WhiteHelmets #UKFCDO in #Syria, #MI6 ops & sponsorship of terrorist groups.

BBC Panorama can be viewed here:…
I have asked the #BBC & Mayday Series producer #ChloeHadjimatheou why they failed to make connection btwn #JamesLeMesurier (accused of financial malpractice ref #WhiteHelmets) & #FreeSyrianPolice demonstrated by #BBC to be siphoning funds to terrorist groups #AlQaeda
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Decided 2 display a snapshot of the discussions pro-Kremlin #hamilton68 v1.0 trolls had over the first 23 days of Sept in 2018-2021. We highlight the top 4 relevant words / hashtags used in decreasing shades of blue & 4 relevant words highlighted in red for comparison. #infoOps ImageImageImageImage
Quick refresher on Hamilton68 & the accounts we reverse engineered from the original #Hamilton68 v1.0 dashboard first run by @SecureDemocracy in 2017. We have collected hundreds of troll / bot accounts since 2018 & categorized them in 8 subsets. #infoOps
This wikipedia entry is a pretty good overview of the genesis of the Alliance for Securing Democracy (ASD) @SecureDemocracy first formed in July 2017. The ASD is housed at the German Marshall Fund @gmfus of the United States #infosec #infoOps…
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I have been writing about NGO complex being instrumental in murdering #Syrian civilians for years. #HybridWar

Now, NGO complex is effectively being deployed to do same to you! "Vax Live" sponsored by billionaires for billionaires to force untested toxins into your system.
Look who "partners" Global Citizen. Yes - BIG PHARMA. Bill and Melinda Gates. Coca-Cola. YouTube. Do I really need to go on? This vast billionaire, Big Pharma, technocratic complex does not give a shit about YOU! This is same hybrid war waged against #Syria by Imperialists.
Look where else Global Citizen has been active. PR for #WhiteHelmets in #Syria - UK FCDO shadow state construct embedded with #AlQaeda etc.
@_whitneywebb & I covered the billionaire "NGO" complex behind the regime change war in Syria.…
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Netherlands funding #WhiteHelmets via #MaydayRescue. Minister Sigrid Kaag planned to inform House of Representatives, end 2019, about suspected fraud re Mayday Rescue. The letter to Parliament was never sent.
Top civil servants objected to transparency according to de Volkskrant report. Mayday Rescue received approx 1 million euros fm Netherlands, Germany, UK, Denmark & Canada.
Mid 2020, Central Auditors, controlling govt expenditure advised a reclaim of 3.6 million euros. Advice was ignored. Kaag halted payment transfer of 57k euros. Kaag wanted to inform Parliament of problems wth Mayday just after death of #WhiteHelmets founder, James Le Mesurier.
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10) Equally significant was the failure to find any evidence of sarin nerve agent nor even conclusive proof that chlorine gas had been released at location 2 where the deceased were found, piled on top of one another:-
11) We now know that a toxicology assessment via NATO chemical weapons experts, erased from the final @opcw report, had concluded that the deceased were not poisoned by chlorine…
12) We also know from the leaked original interim report that witness testimony, again obfuscated in the final @opcw #Douma report, showed contradictory and contrasting claims about what had happened:-…
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Three years ago today over 50 plus civilians were killed in an alleged chemical weapon attack in #Douma, Syria. US, UK and France bombed in retaliation seven days later alleging the Syrian government had carried out the attack. @VanessaBeeley @2ndNewMoon @Tim_Hayward_
1) The US, UK and France alleged that the Syrian air force had dropped two gas cylinders and, at the time, alleged that they likely contained Sarin nerve agent. @MichaKobs @CL4Syr
2) Since then, a crude smear campaign against researchers, journalists, academics and even OPCW scientists, has sought to discredit anyone asking questions as *conspiracy theorists*, *war crime deniers* or *Russian/Syrian agents*. @oliverkamm @chloehadj @CIJAOnline @tobycadman
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Dear @chloehadj would you please cease & desist from history revisionism for #BBC #UKFCO & #WhiteHelmets. You insist on claiming I have not spoken to WH members - that is an outright lie as you well know because I have informed you that I have & my articles disprove your lie.
Just one example below. I hve also interviewed former #WhiteHelmets still inside #Syria. Remind me, you have never been inside Syria since the war started if I remember correctly. In fact your "rigorous journalism" is based entirely on the testimony of #WhiteHelmets
and child-beheader-linked researchers. You rely entirely on the very people who created, promoted & equipped #WhiteHelmets in order to criminalise Syrian govt, army & allies for your "evidence" that WH are the good guys. Brazen conflict of interest.
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Dear @RobertWrighter:

I have benefited in past from @BloggingHeads, so it is disturbing that the platform was handed over for 90 minutes to an activist pushing misinformation on #Syria, primarily to attack #WhiteHelmets and to deny #ChemicalAttacks.
In 90 minutes, the activist offered almost no reliable information. Instead, he used @BloggingHeads for a series of misrepresentations and sometimes falsehoods.

1. He claims "journalistic malpractice" in BBC Radio 4 documentary #Mayday w/o citing single example.

2. His only "evidence" on #Douma #ChemicalAttack is a misrepresentation of tweets by @DalatRM and an incorrect claim about Robert Fisk.

3. He misrepresents creation of #WhiteHelmets

4. He falsely claims WH "took part in executions".

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"December 17, 2019, is a day engraved in my soul because I lost everything most precious in the world to me." I am Anwar Hamidi, and this is my story in which I lost my three daughters and my wife to an attack by the regime forces on our house in #Bdama in #Idlib.
"I have been a search and rescue volunteer with the #WhiteHelmets since 2014. I have saved many, many people for the love of humanity. I never imagined I could not save my own children and wife, pieces of my heart and soul."
Tasneem was 9 years old, she was the eldest, in which I saw a responsible young lady. Raneem, our middle daughter, was 6 years old - she was the smart and kind one, and our baby Haneen, only 4 years old, who was so loved and spoiled.
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1. FLASHBACK: #BBC researcher, Abd Alkader Habak, for #Mayday #WhiteHelmet war-crime-cover-up @BBCRadio4 series, was cameraman in @Channel4News terrorist-glorifying report "Aleppo: Up close with the "rebels". Channel4 actually removed this video because...
2. the armed group featured in this video report was none other than Nour Al Din Zinki - torturers & beheaders of child victim, Abdullah Issa, 2016. Habak is seen filming next to one of the beheaders in video. Channel4 distanced themselves fm report when content was condemned.
3. Nour Al Din Zinki beheaded 12 yr old Issa in Al Ansari square in Al Qaeda dominated East #Aleppo, 200 metres fm #WhiteHelmet center featured in Oscar-nominated promo "Last Men in Aleppo". A #WhiteHelmet also features in #Channel4 report:
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