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15 Jul 20
This is a #thread about the intolerance of the ‘left lib’ types, some of whom studied with me, and I once considered them friends. They have all disowned me now, to the last person, and spend time gossiping about me on SM. #TrueStory
One guy, who is a legit ‘cholbe na’ types, once asked me angrily when I had translated a poem by Pablo Neruda that I liked very much in Marathi, ‘How DARE you read Neruda, don’t you know he was a communist?’, he squeaked angrily, like Neruda was his ancestral property.
Another woman, my classmate from Mass Comm, sent me a friend request after 15 years, and when I accepted, told me she was ‘unfriending me because my views are too extremist’ for her delicate heart. I merely laughed.
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27 Jun 20
#Thread There is a lot of hubris among some ‘trained’ historians and archeologists in India that they alone are the custodians of India’s history, and no one else knows anything because they do not have a Ph. D! This is nothing but #IntellectualApartheid
I have interacted with some of these ‘historians’ in Maharashtra with Ph.Ds. Very few of them have done any original research by studying primary sources. Their doctorate degrees are acquired by studying the work of great historians like Shejwalkar, Khare, Sardessai.
Most of their research work consists of cut n paste of the work of great historians. Unfortunately, many of these Ph.D holders are now professors in institutes like Deccan college n Savitribhai Phule Pune University and teaching their version of Marxist history to students.
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14 Jun 20
#Thread As a mother of three high school students, I know the importance of mnemonics in remembering something important. Here is my mnemonic for Indic Activism - #HINDU. Help. Interrogate. Notice and Name. Document. Understand
H is for Help. Help other Hindus. Amplify, endorse, collaborate. Support Hindu organisations, artisans, Hindu causes in whatever way you can. Give your expertise, time, money, reach, anything. Always remember, you are the part of the bigger picture.
I is for Interrogate. Do not accept Hindu-hating narratives, whether on SM, entertainment, stand-up comedy or academia. When you see someone indulging in Hindu hatred, call them out. Ask hard questions, report to employers, write emails, blogs, articles, books. Record videos.
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11 Jun 20
#Thread Much as I detest the libt@rds, there are 5 things we can learn from them. 1) Unity - You may not agree with everything everyone says on our side. Okay to express disagreement, but don’t mock or disparage. Better still, learn to ignore. You don’t have to react every time.
2) Never apologise. Sometimes you will make mistakes. Coz you are not a libt@rd, your conscience that will prick you. Well, delete if you must, express ‘regret’ if you want - but only to YOUR readers. Do NOT apologise. Ever seen any libt@rd apologise for their deliberate lies?
3) Whataboutery is a great tool in the libt@rd arsenal. Have you noticed how almost all their arguments start with ‘but but but, what about...?’ Well, it is a great tool for us to use as well, but use it sparingly, and only when you absolutely need it.
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18 May 20
#1/3 This @MumbaiPolice cop is Amol Kulkarni. He was posted in Shahunagar, Dharavi. After contracting #COVID__19, he was advised home quarantine. When he got serious, no govt ambulance was available. A pvt ambulance took him to the hospital after waiting for half n hour.
Doctors did not want to mention #COVID19 as the cause of death. They had listed high BP n diabetes. Amol’s colleagues insisted and got the right death certificate. He leaves behind a wife and a very young daughter, who couldn’t even see him last. His family is under quarantine.
This is the situation of frontline workers like cops and Medicos in Maharashtra. The entire account has been narrated by Vijay Chormare, a journalist with @mataonline Kolhapur edition in his Facebook blog. Posting pics here. @CMOMaharashtra this is horrifying
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4 May 20
A thread on Padmashri Dr Vishnu Sridhar Wakankar, noted Indian archeologist and founder of Sanskar Bharati. His birth centenary year concludes today. Dr. Wakankar was born in Neemach, MP on 4th May 1919. @ASIGoI @prahladspatel @maliniawasthi @MinOfCultureGoI #PadmashriWakankar
He got his Graduate Diploma in Art from Mumbai, but he switched over to history and archeology as that topic interested him more. He earned his MA Ph. D. (History / Archaeology )from Deccan College, Pune. #PadmashriWakankar @ASIGoI @prahladspatel @maliniawasthi @MinOfCultureGoI
Dr. Vishnu Shridhar Wakankar was the founder of Bharati Kala Bhavan at Ujjain – a centre for study of drawing, painting, sculpture etc & @sanskarbharati - the largest cultural organization of India. @ASIGoI @prahladspatel @maliniawasthi @MinOfCultureGoI #PadmashriWakankar
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27 Feb 20
1/5 Anatomy of a communal #riot. First, Muzlims start a ‘protest’. Violent slogans are normalized as #FoE by media. Next, ‘protest’ turns into ‘agitation’, with illegal occupation of public spaces. Again, media provides fig leaf of respectability by calling agitation ‘democratic’
2/5 The state exercises ‘restraint’, wary of aggressive media painting the state ‘anti-minority’ and an over zealous judiciary. State hopes that the ‘agitation’ runs its course in due time and adopts wait n watch approach. Meanwhile, ‘they’ get bolder and more aggressive.
3/5 While the state is exercising ‘restraint’, ‘they’ are planning to escalate the ‘agitation’ into a full-scale ‘riot’. Their Ghettos are armed, mobs are ready with petrol bombs. Women and children are used as first line of defence. The first provocation is ALWAYS from them.
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8 Feb 20
#1/3 Rajpalayam is an example of what a corporate company can do, if the intention is to do Sewa. Long before CSR became a buzzword, the Ramco group of companies have made सेवा their USP. Their educational institutes help over 7000 children get a quality education at minimal cost
#2/3 From a ved Path Shala to a polytechnic to a girls high school to a hostel for tribal children to a @ChinmayaMission school, Ramco family is committed to education and Dharma. The tiny town has a library, a music school, a community hall and several temples, thanks to Ramco.
#3/3 In a world where philanthropy is just a word, here is a family that has made सेवा a way of life. The Ramasubramanyeya Raja family is deeply committed to Dharma and were associated with both Swami Chinmayananda and Swami Dayananda. They are also devotees of Sringeri Peeth.
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27 Jan 20
#1/3 Both #SharjeelImam and #ArfaKhanum are no ‘impoverished, illiterate Muzlims who were denied new clothes for Eid when they were three’. They are educated, upper class Muzlim elite. And yet, they both speak the same language, of establishing a Shariah state in India someday.
#2/3 There are others like them, people like Irfan Habib, Javed Akhtar, Farhan Akhtar, who pretend to be ‘liberal’ Muzalman, speak outwardly of the ‘constitution’ of ‘patriotism’ and syncretism. But when it comes to #CAA_NRC_NPR, all of them speak the same language - of Jihad.
#3/3 On the other hand, many Yindoos continue to be drunk on the brew of secularism, refusing to see the truth, parroting the propaganda that ‘only illiterate, poor Muzlims’ turn to ‘fundamentalism’ because they have ‘no choice’.
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15 Jan 20
#Thread #1/3 This news says Maheshwari community of Pune celebrated the wedding of Goda and Sri Ranganatha. They believe Goda was the daughter of sage Vishnuchitta who did penance to get married to Shri Ranganatha.
#2/3 This is the real story of Mother Andal, who was born as Kodai, the adopted daughter of Azhwar Vishnuchitta in Tamil Nadu. Andal is the composer of Thriuppavai and Nachiyar Thirumozhi, poems of extraordinary beauty. Andal is revered as an incarnation of Bhudevi in Tamil Nadu.
Two states, two communities, two languages, but one common legend and one common worship. The land called Bharatvarsha has always been united! In more ways than one.
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2 Nov 19
#LongThread. Over the last few days, have realised that many people I know are battling loneliness and depression that I thought. The reasons are many, academic stress, work stress, bad boss, EMI problems, teenage kids being difficult, marriage not working out. The works.
One thing common is most cases is lack of a support system. Most people live in urban centres, in nuclear families, often commuting long hours. No time on weekdays to exercise, de-stress or even to talk to family members. Weekends are spent doing chores, or in mindless shopping.
Many don’t have siblings, or the bonds have withered by distance, old friendships are reduced to spending wishes on WA or sharing memes. Social media has taken the place of family togetherness. And that exaggerates the problem. Many are seeking professional help.
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13 Oct 19
A thread on #AjantaCaves. This is the bicentennial year of the ‘rediscovery’ of the Ajanta caves by a British hunting party led by Capt John Smith, an army officer in 1819. You can still see his signature on a pillar in cave 10, reading "John Smith, 28th cavalry, 28 April 1819”.
#AjantaCaves are a group of 31 rock-cut Buddhist caves carved into a mountain in a rock face shaped like a horseshoe, abt 100 kms fm Aurangabad. The caves were carved out over a period of 600 years, starting a century before the common era and ending around 6th century CE.
#AjantaCaves complex consists of both Viharas, i.e cells for monks to reside as well as Chaityas, prayer halls. The earliest caves belong to the Hinayana tradition while the later caves follow the Mahayana tradition with the Buddha being worshipped in an iconic form as a Murti.
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7 Aug 19
Today is #NationalHandloomDay. Handwoven textiles are the original #MakeInIndia product. The handloom sector employs the second largest no of people in India after agriculture, in weaving as well as in ancillary activities like dyeing, spinning, setting up the loom, starching etc
Every state in India has its own tradition of hand-woven textiles. The known history of Indian hand-woven textiles goes back to almost 5000 years, and many of the weaves are still continuing to be woven in an unbroken, living tradition. #NationalHandloomDay #HandloomTwitter
People from the Sindhu-Saraswati civilzation has mastered weaving weaving. A madder-dyed scrap of fabric found at Mohenjo-Dado proves that our people knew the art of growing cotton, spinning yarn, weaving cloth as well as dyeing yarn using natural colours. #NationalHandloomDay
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3 Aug 19
#ReadTheThread The one thing about this government that is different from the Congress govt is that it listens - both to supporters as well as well-intentioned critics. It takes feedback and shows every intention to course correct.
Yesterday, some people including me were invited to meet the FinMin Nirmala Sitharaman ji yesterday. All of us have been scathing in our criticism of the budget. Yet, @nsitharaman ji was gracious enough to invite us for a frank interaction on several issues. @nsitharamanoffc
Not saying @nsitharamanoffc will accept all our recommendations, but there was a willingness to engage. None of us who were invited to meet her were big name editors or CEOs. Yet, she invited us, listened patiently to our concerns. And trust me, we were blunt as a group.
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1 Aug 19
A lot of talk on ‘Gandhian principle of social trusteeship’ by the govt. In 1965, then PM Shastriji appealed to people to ‘miss a meal once a week’ to combat famine. Thousands of families responded. Some kept it up for a lifetime. Voluntarily. That is social trusteeship.
In 2015, @narendramodi appealed people to ‘give up gas subsidy’ to fund the #Ujjwala scheme. In just one year, more than 10 million people had voluntarily given up the subsidy, including me. That is ‘social trusteeship’. It is voluntary.
Social trusteeship is NOT forcing corporates to give up profits as CSR and threatening them with jail if they don’t do so, AFTER paying taxes. Social trusteeship is NOT increasing taxes on top income group n then mocking them by saying it is 4 ‘better income distribution’
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16 Jul 19
Some A-hole Faisu something makes a TikTok video insulting Hindus, gets away with an apology. @AjazkhanActor makes an incendiary video daring @MumbaiPolice to arrest him, nothing happens. @TeestaSetalvad posts a meme comparing an IS killer with MA Kali, gets away with apology
Muzlims from Raza Academy kick the martyr’s memorial in Mumbai, attack Mumbai police, molest lady cops. The state govt (then Congress) asks the cops to go easy and not retaliate. Out of a mob of 200 who desecrated Durga temple in Delhi, only 17 are arrested and prolly out on bail
But a Kamlesh Tewari spends months in jail for calling a Muzlim religious icon ‘gay’. A #RichaBharti gets arrested within 3 hours of Muzlims complaining against her Facebook post and the judge wants her to distribute Quran! Are we living in India or Saudi Arabia?
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11 Jul 19
I started expressing myself on SM because I was sick of the @INCIndia culture of institutionalised corruption, nepotism, minority appeasement and blatant disregard for Hindu concerns. I didn’t aim to be an ‘influencer’ or famous. I wrote what I genuinely felt like.
I supported @narendramodi for the last 7 years, spending my own time and money voluntarily, because he stood for everything that the Congress was not. He is clean, self-made, leads a monastic lifestyle and is Dharmic in his ways.
My support for @BJP4India was because of @narendramodi, and because the party had such a strong cadre based culture where people had to work their way up, rather than get a position based on the last name.
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11 Jun 19
Yesterday, was speaking to a Gaurakshak. She is one gutsy lady. Chases cow smugglers and butchers with her small team of volunteers, often in the wee hours of the morning. Has been attacked several times by Kasais. The stories she told are gut-wrenching.
Often 8-10 calves are crammed into a Maruti van for transportation. To make them fit, their legs are broken. Even when the van is apprehended and the animals rescued, less than half survive, the others die of asphyxiation, exhaustion and injuries.
Even the cops file chargesheets on cow smugglers, lenient judges let them out on bail soon. Stealing cows for beef is big business, as the cow smugglers and butchers spend nothing but the farmers lose.
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1 Jun 19
My thoughts on the #saree. This is a rambling collection of thoughts. Please read the whole thread. Even though I always liked Sarees, I started wearing them regularly only when I turned 30
Before that, I gave myself many excuses, the saree was cumbersome, it took too long to wear, it was too much trouble to arrange for blouse, matching underskirt, the works. But as I started dealing it, realised how easy and comfy the garment was.
Today, I understand when younger women and girls tell me that they would like to wear a saree, but it takes too long. Yes, initially it does, but within a few months you will master the art of draping a saree in under seven minutes, and nothing looks more graceful on a woman.
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2 Apr 19
#ReadTheThread Some Universal Truths as per #PidiMedia
1. A SC person supporting BJP is not a ‘Dalit’ and therefore deserves no sympathy even if he/she is killed.
2. A woman supporting Modi is not a woman, therefore it is okay if she is abused, threatened or trolled.
3. A Muslim committing any crime has ‘No Religion’, but Muslim victims DO have a religion.
4. Hindus killed by Muslims/Communists deserve no sympathy because they are ‘political activists’ and deserve to die.
5. Martyred soldiers have a caste, but terror has no religion, except when it is imaginary ‘Hindu Terror’
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16 Oct 18

Want to become a #GoodHindu', but don't know how?
Here is a handy Ten Point Guide on How To Be A #GoodHindu, as devised by the great Shashi Tharoor himself, the ultimate authority doling out certificates of #GoodHinduHood'
# 10 Ask 'Why do we need another temple? We should build a hospital/orphanage/park/Shopping Mall/Bowling Alley at the disputed site in Ayodhya every time the topic of #RamTemple comes up. But do write glorifying the latest church or mosque that is being built anywhere in India.
# 9 - Chant the #GoodHindu' mantra, 'Terror Has No Religion' each time you hear of an Islamic Terror attack anywhere in the world. Blame poverty, education, trucks, planes, a traumatic childhood, mobile phones...anything but the I word!
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