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THREAD: Leicester Attack on Hindus

Timeline of the Leicester Violence: The Real Story

#Leicester #HindusUnderAttack #BritishHindus
Leicester Demography

Total population: 561,365

Christian: 181,882 (32.4%)
Muslim: 104,413 (18.6%)
Hindu: 85,327 (15.2%)
Sikh: 24,700 (4,4%)
Buddhist: 2,245 (0.4%)
Jewish: 561 (0.1%)

Sources: Census 2021 and World Population Review
28th Aug: After a #INDvsPAK2022 cricket match rival fans bantered. Such banter is commonly seen amongst boisterous football fans too, it was non-religious & became serious only when an individual supporting the #Pakistan cricket team snatched and disrespected the #India flag.
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#GaneshChaturthi is a very very big day in Pune.

As sad as it is to bid farewell, #GaneshVisarjan is an even bigger deal!

It’s something you should absolutely try and experience first hand at some point.

It starts with the Rangoli. The boys and girls who do it are amazing artists specially since you practically get only one shot.

A constant fracture is the “Bhagwa” “भगवा”.

The other two constants are the people’s Smartphones and the Dhol Tasha troupes. This is the culmination of their efforts.

It’s incredible what they pull off in this heat and humidity.

Good to see some young ones too.

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Bombay High Court hears PIL seeking directions restraining immersion of Ganpati idols in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park on the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi festival.

#BombayHighCourt #GaneshChaturthi2022
Adv Shriniwas Patwardhan: There is a notification and permission is granted for immersion of idols.
To go inside the park, I am frisked at three levels, food, plastic is not allowed.
There is executive GR, that state has permitted enmasse immersion into the national park.
Patwardhan: Former municipal corporator says they will permitted.

Court: The news article shows there is permission. What is an ordinary man supposed to know? That is a straight indication that permission was sought and it was granted for idol immersions in national park.
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My first thread on twitter on any business till now. There is no better occasion than #GaneshChaturthi to start something new.

Trying to cover #AparIndustries

Apar Industries is founded in 1958 by Mr. Dharmsinha D Desai. Third generation of founder is running the business.
Company started with conductor business 6 decades back and now it is mainly into 3 segments: Speciality oil and lubricants, Conductors and Cables.

Company claims it is the only company to have all these three divisions at such a large scale.
Company is focused on in-house R&D and have stated that it will continue to do so to remain ahead of the competition.

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#GanapatiBappaMorya is trending and often is a chant used during #GaneshaChaturthi . What is "Morya". The most logical one being it is a combination of 2 marathi words - mhora (soon) & ya (come) meaning come soon which would go with the slogan
But WHO is Morya..... a Thread
By other accounts Morya refers to Saint Morya Gosavi considered chief spiritual progenitor&the most important saint of Ganapatya sect.Tales of his devotion to the lord are unmatched with stories revolving around how the Lord blessed him with multiple encounters #GaneshChaturthi
Morya Gosavi is supposed to have been in the time period of 13th-17th century. His life was filled with divine revelations &miracles. He worshipped at the Moreshwar Temple in Moregon Pune which is the starting &ending point of worship of 8 types of Ganesha . #GaneshChaturthi2022
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BREAKING: Due to difference in opinion before another bench, Sr. Adv. Dave mentions this case before #CJI led bench now.
Sr. Adv Kapil Sibal says in 2022, "they wake up and say they have to perform it (Ganesh Chaturthi)"
"Everything will be lost," says Dave
The #CJI led bench is now hearing the case. Bench says it is appropriate for this to go before a 3-judge bench which does not include Justice Dhulia (having been party to it earlier).
#CJI says the case can be put up in a few minutes by another bench which may be constituted.
The bench has risen, has communicated to the lawyers that it intends to come back in a few minutes to check if other judges are available to hear this.
Dave says this is an extraordinary case and he is willing to attend the hearing at the judges residence as well. #SupremeCourt
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🚨Can the disputed “Idgah Maidan” at Bengaluru be used for celebrating Hindu festivities? Supreme Court to consider. Karnataka’s waqf board has challenged decision of HC allowing govt to consider applications seeking permission to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at the Maidan
Senior Advocate Kapil Sibal appearing for the Karnataka State Board of Auqaf submits that the land with survey number.. is being used by us since last 200 years.
Bench: You are claiming the title?
Sibal: No Milords!

Bench: The order says that the property can be used for events like celebrations Republic Say, children playing...
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While #GaneshUtsav is celebrated across #Maharashtra & India, few know that the genesis of these public celebrations lie in the communal conflict that happened in the late 19th century.
#LokmanyaTilak #Ganapati #Muharram #Hindu #Muslim #Pune #Mumbai #GaneshChaturthi #Tilak
In August 1893, there was a massive communal riot around the Hanuman Temple at Pydhonie in #Mumbai. The #Marathi textile mill workers entered the fray, and the violence intensified. The army was summoned, but more riots were reported from places like Raver and Yeola.
As @BharGo8 notes: Before industrialisation, #Mumbai was a #Hindu minority city. The demographics changed due to the influx of the Marathi workers from the Konkan after the launch of the textile mills. The 1893 riots (not those in 1992-93) changed the social fabric of #Mumbai
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#Thread Idi0t’s Guide to #NoBindiNoBusiness, for the trolls who deliberately misinterpret the hashtag n the thought behind it. Repeat after me, #No_Bindi_No_Business is about CHOICE. It is not a compulsion, it is not a law. It is about the right of the ordinary Hindu to say NO!
When brands advertise for Hindu festivals like #AkshayaTritiya #Ugadi #Deepavali #GaneshChaturthi it is a reasonable expectation that they should respect the consumer’s culture, traditions, symbols. A bindi/Tilak/sindoor is one of the prominent Hindu symbols #NoBindiNoBusiness
If a brand wants Hindu money, the brand HAS to respect Hindu sentiments. The ads have to reflect the Hinduness, the joy, the spiritual significance of the festival. You want Hindus to buy gold from you for #AkshayaTritiya then show respect to Hindu culture. #NoBindiNoBusiness
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#WaqfBoard - According to section 40 of Waqf act, 1995.
Waqf board can acquire ANY property.
It can even be your house

This is unconstitutional
ये तो संविधान में ही एक विशेष समुदाय के अनुकूल बनाया है जो अन्य समाज के साथ द्रोह है


At first I can't even believe it!
Waqf Board
एक ऐसा मुगलिया कानून जो कि पाकिस्तान में भी नहीं है
जजीया का भी 50 गुनाह आगे निकल गया

I was not aware about this,I get to know it from @sabkamaaibaap

IT SAYS Waqf Board MUSLIMS can acquire ANY PROPERTY👉

Section 40 in The Wakf Act, 1995

The Board may itself collect info regarding any property which it has reason to believe to be wakf property!

This basically says, A board made up of Muslims can acquire ANY PROPERTY IF IT BELIEVES/FEELS LIKE ACQUIRING IT!

Read 👇Section 40 Image
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#Video: 5 boys drown during #GanpatiVisarjan, 2 rescued: @mybmc

#GanpatiBappaMorya #GaneshVisarjan #Mumbai #Maharashtra #GanpatiVisarjan2021
The two boys were rescued by the locals and sent to #CooperHospital, while search and rescue operations by the #Mumbai fire brigade for the remaining three is underway, said @mybmc

#Mumbai #Maharashtra #GaneshVisarjan #Ganeshotsav…
#Video: Two dead bodies found at #Mumbai's Versova Beach.

Video by: BL Soni

#GanpatiVisarjan #Versova #GaneshChaturthi #GaneshUtsav
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THREAD: #GaneshChaturthi

Why do we immerse Lord Ganesha idol into water after worshipping it?

- In India, for thousands of years Hindus have made idols and then immersed them in water. Many foreigners feel it is a strange thing to do.

Contd.. Image
Why is the God Ganesha decorated ceremoniously and worshipped lovingly for several days and then immersed in the sea, river, or lake? There is a beautiful concept behind this immersion.
The real secret of worship is in making an idol and then letting it disappear; giving a shape and form to the idol, and then letting it vanish onto the formless. It is all symbolic, the act of making an idol of Lord Ganesha, worshipping it, and then immersing it in water.
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🕉 #GaneshChaturthi
Do You Know why the ritual of getting Bhagawan GaneshJi home started?
Maharishi VedVyasJi wrote Mahabharat in poetry form. He was unable to write it in Prose Form. So he requested Bhagwan GaneshJi to do the task for him 🚩1/4
🕉 The process of writing was going to take days and nights, this would have tired GaneshJi & he was not to take even water during this writing. This would have raised temperature of Lord's body. So Maharishi VyasJi applied paste of mud on GaneshJi’s body🚩2/4
🕉 On Bhadrapad Shukla Chaturthi the writing started & ended on Anant Chaturthi. At the end of the writing on Anant Chaturdashi, Maharishi VyasJi saw that Lord Ganesh's body temperature had risen a lot, So he immersed the Lord in water to cool him down & wash off the mud🚩3/4
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Ganpati bappa moraya!!! Ganesh chaturthi is around . I am hereby presenting a write-up about various Ganesha idols and their importance.
For good health and longevity - have a Ganesha idol made up of wood or clay.
Ps: Saturn is the karak for longevity and it also represents clay. Jupiter represents wood and is Jeevakarak.
For prosperity and health get the idol made up of sandalwood.
Ps: Rahu is the significator of sandalwood. Things made of sandalwood or sandalwood paste makes Rahu auspicious.
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#DelhiHighCourt hears petition against proposed Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations in Delhi.

Advocate ML Sharma: I’m the petitioner

Sharma says he is relying on SR Bommai case.
No state can conduct any religious activity and tomorrow the Delhi govt since last 15 days ads conducting Ganesh puja and will be shown on all channels: ML Sharma

How State govt can conduct this Ganesh Chaturthi worship?: ML Sharma

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16 Ancient #Ganesha Temples in #India!!
A Thread!

1. Ashtavinayaka - Maharashtra

Ashtavinayaka is a group of 8 #Ganpati temples in Maharashtra that are considered very important by the devotees.

@BharatTemples_ @rightwingchora Ashtavinayak Temple Leniyadri
2. Parvathi Ganesha of Hampi - Karnataka

This 16 ft Ganesha is actually sitting on the lap of his mother Parvati! One has to but appreciate the creativity of the sculptor!

#GanpatiBappaMorya #GaneshChaturthi
@punarutthana @almightykarthik
3. Gokarna MahaGanapathy Temple, Gokarna - #Karnataka

The temple has a rare standing Ganesha, 5 feet (1.5 m) tall and two-handed; on his head is a small depression, which is said to be a mark of Ravana’s fury.

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Peshwas and the Ganesh Festival!

The Shaniwarwada was one of the beautiful mansions whose foundation was laid by Peshwa Bajirao I (1720-1740) on 22nd January 1732, by arranging an opening ceremony according to Hindu religious customs,...


1/n Image
after this Rs.15 were paid in charity to Brahmans on the occasion.

Originally, the Wada was simple with the main Diwankhana or main hall with some ornamental carvings.

Later on from Peshwa, Balaji Bajirao (1740-1761), to Nana Phadnawis, Prime Minister to Sawai Madhavrao (1774-1795) made alterations by adding the rooms, halls, galleries, towers, pavilions and fountains. The palace contained large chouks and several large halls

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@ysjagan @AndhraPradeshCM did not give permission to celebrate #GaneshChaturthi publicly. But the #ConversionMafia is roaming around villages & distributing pamphlets to #Hindus telling them to convert into Christianity #ChineseVirus affects only

Hindus and spreads only during Hindu Festivals? #Muslims were given an hour permission to go to #masjid during #lockdown. #Evangelists r permitted to propagate and convert, but in Hindu majority country permission for Hindu festivals is denied. This is #Sickulasim
#HaindavaSainyam chased them away. కరోనా టైం లో. రాజమండ్రి నుండి. కోరుకొండ మండలం లో బుచ్చంపేట గ్రామం కు, 10 మంది గొర్రెలు వచ్చి, హిందువులు వుండే ఏరియాలో మతప్రచారం చేస్తుంటే, మన హైందవసైన్యం సభ్యులు, వాళ్ళని ఆపి వాళ్ళకి తగిన బుద్ది చెప్పడం జరిగింది. అలాగే ఆ సంఘం యొక్క పాస్టర్ తొ
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How can India be called a Hindu majority nation? It’s not. Muslims praying in a masjid next to #Telangana state assembly without following any social distancing rules but permissions r denied to celebrate #GaneshChaturthi with the fear of people not following rules #Sickularism
Despite assurances given that they will follow rules. Why r rules so strict for Hindus alone? Why can’t rules be applied to all faiths equally? When will #SleepingHindus wake up to these atrocities by state govts and police. Don’t cry later. Wake up now and save #SanatanaDharma
In AP, during lockdown #Muslims were given special permission of 1 hr to go to masjid & offer their prayers. But for #GaneshaChaturthi2020 celebrations are totally banned outside. One govt is sold out to @asadowaisi and another converted govt imposes total ban. Plight of Hindus
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Vakratunda – The Saviour

‘ॐ एकदन्ताय विद्महे वक्रतुंडाय धीमहि तन्नो बुदि्ध प्रचोदयात ।‘

This is Ganesha Gayatri Mantra. Recite it 108 times daily to please Shri Ganesha.Various Holy Scriptures like Ganesha Puraan and Mudgal Puraan have described 8 manifestations Image
of Shri Ganesh. It is said that Shri Ganesh took these forms to slay various demons that represent various sins or weaknesses of humans. Weaknesses like jealousy, arrogance, ego, desire, anger, greed, delusion and inebriation were the cause for which Shri Ganesh took these
8 forms of manifestation and these manifestations are characterised by different vehicles and missions. His first manifestation is Vakratunda. – Riding lion to eradicate jealousy.
There was a demon called Matsarasur, he was born from the anger, rivalry and jealousy of Indra,
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This toy called "Pettakol", is the fascination among many kids During #GaneshChaturthi in Tumkuru and adjoining areas. It works on the principle of Piston, just like a syringe. Small fruits called 'Gowri Kai' is used to make a 'pop' sound.

It has a history of centuries. It is a family tradition of this farmer from Urdigere to make pettakols' and sell them on Ganesh Chaturthi. They are doing it inspite of #COVID19 and a full market.

It is such traditions which has kept our culture alive.

Kids take this Pettakol, visit 21 houses with Ganesha , make a 'Pop' sound using 'Gowri Kai' and say 'Vidya Ganapathi ki Jai' and ask for blessings.

Hope this Corona ends soon and the world returns to normalcy.

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🕉 #Thread Eight Avatars /Incarnations of Bhagwan GaneshJi from the Mudgala Purana, an Upapurana devoted only to Lord GaneshJi who defeats 8 weaknesses of humans in each form. These are arrogance, ego, desire, anger, greed, illusion, inebriation & jealousy 🚩1/n @RadharamnDas
🕉 1)Vakratunda:
The first Form meaning the One with the Curved Trunk& a personification of the form of Brahman. In the form of Vakratunda, Lord GaneshJi defeated Demon of jealousy & envy, Matsaryasura. In this Avatar as Destroyer of Jealousy- Lion is his Vahan🚩2/n
🕉 2)Ekadanta- Bhagwan GaneshJi has a Single Tusk & is a manifestation of nature of Brahman. He acted as a scribe with his 1 Tusk to Sage Ved Vyas to write Mahabharata. Lord GaneshJi fought Demon Madasura, who was the embodiment of conceit and arrogance with Mouse as Vahan 🚩3/n
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#DoYouKnow -Unique #Ganesha deity which is believed to be made of sea shells, snail hoods, sea foam &other substances from

On night before #Vinayaka Chaturthi a spl Abishek will be
performed to this Ganesha with honey,it absorbs completely

Thiruppurambiyum #temple,TN
1/n Image
This place is near Kumbakonam Temple was built by Cholas during the 9th Century.There is an Interesting story related to this
#Ganesha as he is called as Pralayam Katha Vinayagar.
(Pralayam–Destruction of Earth by the Sea, Katha –Safeguard, Vinayagar(#Ganesh )
Story#Thread 👇 ImageImage
#storytimethread - End of every yuga is marked by a huge flood that leads to destruction of all living beings on earth - Pralayam
End of Thretha yuga, Earth was destroyed by 7 seas.Shiva instructed Vinayaka to save this temple at Thiru Purambayam.

3/n Image
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