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The public analytics platform with the highest number of advanced metrics: xG, xA (pass-centric!), xT (from passes and from carries), xOVA and many others
Mar 8, 2023 13 tweets 4 min read
🚨 A new metric is coming to the Soccerment Analytics platform: one-twos!

This is a well-known football concept, focusing on associative ball progression and chance creation. How can we extract if from event data, and what insights can it provide as a metric? 👇🧵 The starting point is simple: any open-play completed pass (opening) followed by another completed pass received by the same player who made the first one (closing). In order to isolate one-twos as the football concept we know, we then need to apply some spatio-temporal filters:
Jan 16, 2023 6 tweets 6 min read
Last weekend featured several high-profile matches ⚽️ here is our take on some of them, using our Match Reports 👇 🧵 ⚽ #MUNMCI 2-1
#ManchesterCity struggled to create chances (0.73 xG) despite their territorial dominance (70.6% Field Tilt). #ManchesterUnited were more direct (17.4% vs 4.9% long pass %) and more dangerous (1.69 xG), turning the derby around within four minutes
Dec 3, 2022 7 tweets 11 min read
With the #FIFAWorldCup group stages complete, we review the teams' and players' performance using advanced metrics 🧵

#Germany, #France, #Brazil, #Argentina and #England have the best npxG difference (although #Germany's result is strongly influenced by their last match, 5.7 xG) Image #Morocco, #Netherlands and #England have made the most of their chances, while #Canada, #Germany and #Qatar have reaped less than they have sown

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