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#Autism hitting the headlines & trending - good

I was diagnosed as Aspergers last year - I’m still just me

Yesterday I had a overwhelming day

Last week I had an overwhelming week

Last month I had an overwhelming month

Last year I had an overwhelming year

This sums us up 💚 Last decade was overwhelming at times but thankfully not all the time, just some of the time but then a breakthrough comes, it’s always does.
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As ex London vice chair to the #EmergencyPlanningSociety - #disastermanagers will be implementing civil contingency responses to the #Firefighterstrikes

Homeowners & business operators should also implement fire risk reduction measures where possible

Press DMs open for comment Remember that the fire-service respond to a range of incidents beyond fire-fighting from road traffic accidents to flooding, search and rescue operations.

However business might consider letting staff work from home on strike days & offering fire safety advice.
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Headlines ⁦@thetimes⁩ this morning ⁦@michaelgove@luhc confirms ⁦@GOVUK⁩ to blame for #Grenfell but holds developers over a barrel for remediation costs shortfalls

Michael Gove: We are to blame on Grenfell | News | The Sunday Times… @michaelgove makes a remarkable admission in today’s @thetimes

“faulty and ambiguous”

government guidance allowed the scandal to happen.

As I’ve said all along @GOVUK legislation & guidance was the root cause & large part of the compounding failures leading to #Grenfell Image
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One of my favourite projects was - resolving a long standing fire safety issue on one of the first UK #protonbeams.

What’s the point of all this knowladge if we can’t do some good in the world!

Breast cancer patients take part in proton beam trial… Here’s how I achieved in 30mins that which a global design team struggled with for months if not years

So we have new technology = proton-beam

The problem was a high RPM spinning shaft, going through a fire compartment wall & how do you make the fire seal.
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lots of position statements on modern methods of construction #MMC as @NFCC_Chair highlights the dangers (thread)

@stuartgreenUoR Excellent points from @emmadentcoad on modern methods of construction #MMC

Wed do well to listen to the Ex MP who championed post #grenfell response & legislative overhauls.
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@andrewjteacher @GeorgeNHammond @ftweekend @GrenfellUnited @officialJ4G Also worth reading a the earlier #Australian #LacrosseFire ruling which may present a cost recovery option for the contractor under vicarious liability against project principals

Three appealed but judge also found against them.… @andrewjteacher @GeorgeNHammond @ftweekend @GrenfellUnited @officialJ4G Then there’s this gem of a case & ruling also upheld on appeal

Sahib Foods Ltd v Paskin Kyriakides Sands (a firm) [2003] EWCA Civ 1832

Hence predict stormy waters ahead for developers, contractors, architects, specifies, consultant (fire) engineers etc…
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Remember this one as clear as day - 23 June 2017 week after #grenfell

Was waiting on the bus home - absolutely shattered (thread)

Grenfell fire: Theresa May attacked by fire safety expert for not treating disaster as national emergency… Call came in from @gtubbsky @skynews back of 8pm 23 June 2017

Gerard: Steve we have another one

Me: another #Grenfell

Gerard: no! five tower blocks in Camden are being evacuated

Me: let me check the jumbo tv (in Woolwich Sq normally showing @BBCNews)
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Everyone should brace for a lot more of this whether a leaseholder, shared owner or social housing tenant

Many building owners & operators have been in a holding pattern until #FireSafetyAct + #BuildingSafetyAct became law

Some will await secondary legislation & guidance 1/ Some will postpone until the 11th hour - however demand is outstripping supply of labour, goods & services

As a result of #brexit + #covid labour & material costs are more expensive now than 5yrs previous when #Grenfell exposed a #buildingsafetycrisis /2
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Thinking of the lost souls & injured to the #HavanaHotelExplosion + #MadridResidentialexplosion

We lost uncle John’s family of 4 to the 1985 #KingsParkGasExplosio

Please ensue your gas appliances are serviced annually by @GasSafeRegister engineers or equivalent in your country February 2021 we called on @govuk to investigate an alarming spike in gas explosions in the following an investigation by @adamtomforrest @Independent

With fuel costs set to rise we are deeply worried that the instance of gas explosions may rise in the UK & safety gas remain
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⚠️ Breaking News #MadridExplosion

Also hitting the headlines is reports of another gas explosion in a #Madrid residential block.

17 injured & one critical

Explosion in Madrid building injures at least 17 as more victims feared trapped under rubble… ⚠️ Update #Madrid #Spain #Explosion

2 confirmed dead and 17 injured following an explosion in the upmarket residential area of Madrid

Press DMs open for fire and gas safety expert comments.…
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⚠️ News Flash

Reports of a massive explosion at a hotel in #Cuba - four fatalities confirmed.

Local reports suggest a gas explosion & other causes currently ruled out at this time.… ⚠️Update #HavanaExplosion #Cuba

Breaking need Cuba - four confirmed dead & 19 injured as a hotel is destroyed in what’s thought to be a gas explosions

Rescue services have the difficult task of persons recovery

Press DMs open fire & gas safety expert…
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Not the first time to comment on the dangers of ethanol burners - and the dangers of refuelling

Ethanol is a clean burning fuel & the flames are virtually invisible to e naked eye.

'Our lives changed forever when we caught fire' - BBC News… One from the archives on the dangers of ethanol burners & call on @team_greenhalgh #buildingsafetyandfire minister + @BobBlackman #FireAPPG chair

Cc @LabourSJ @libdemdaisy @NFCC_FireChiefs
Apr 21, 2022 4 tweets 3 min read
@Selyst remember you mentioned insider threats & my separate piece on arson or fire as a weapon

We may have the first case unfolding in Russia’s Air-Space Defence Research Institute.

Here’s link to #CPNI guidance… More updates on the for at the Russian missile research facility.
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@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry evidenced root cause failures leading to #Grenfell & 000s of unsafe buildings stems @GOVUK

Compounded by mercenary manufacturers gaming @GOVUK system, defective design & construction enforcers missed

Leaseholders should neither pay & be compensated in full 1/ @BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK More over @GOVUK purpose built flat guidance stripped out the need for common fire alarms and lead to unchecked waking watch costs falling on residents

Not satisfied @GOVUK looks to industry to resolve this mess but compounding further with #EWS1 making homes worthless /2
Feb 27, 2022 54 tweets 43 min read
Brining multiple threads together into this long thread - Highlighting core themes from the #UkraineInvasion

Human Kindness
Bravery defiance
Winning hearts & minds
Emergency Services response

As ex vice chair #EmergencyPlanningSociety @TheEPSLdn

#StandWithUkriane 🇺🇦 💙💛 Part 1 - Stories of Human Kindness born of the #UkraineInvasion
Feb 26, 2022 56 tweets 43 min read
We need more of this - much more of this from the international community before the air bridges & resupply routes are severed.

@GOVUK what assets are being deployed to #StandWithUkraine Needs more of these also

Reports of Netherlands also dispatching 200 Stinger Missile to #StandWithUkraine
Feb 26, 2022 44 tweets 28 min read
Note what looks like polystyrene being added to make the Molotovs more potent - acting like a plasticiser or home made napalm.

A truly horrible but sadly necessary defensive weapon in this context unless the world rearms or better reinforces #Ukraine This image says it all wife’s, sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers forced to prepare for war.

#StandWithUkriane 🇺🇦 Image
Feb 26, 2022 27 tweets 19 min read
#Ukraine is winning the hearts and minds of a world 🇺🇦💙💛 We can’t ignore the human impact of this #UkraineInvasion

The conflict has to stop before more children are killed, injured or traumatised

#StandWithUkriane ImageImage
Feb 21, 2022 7 tweets 4 min read
⚠️ #EssenFire

Images of a burn out residential block earlier this morning from German City of Essen.

Reports 3 people take to hospital for smoke inhalation #EssenFire

Building appears to be low to mid rise & completely burned out after 100 occupants evacuated.…
Feb 18, 2022 33 tweets 19 min read
Doing a thread on #StormEunice building failures - from the millennium dome, scaffolds down & cladding failures

Pls post to this thread or DM pictures, footage or thoughts

We have a number of press enquires for support & pls state if you any your footage cited or featured Note this work is self funded & undertaken in the public interest + informs wider representations to @GOVUK on #publicsafety

We don’t charge for this, have any cost recovery but instead requests that any applicable media fees are donated to @LondonFire1666 #BurnResearchCharity
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@ahillslegal @LisaR8624 Few things

building safety risk is classed as a risk arising from

I) fire spread

II) structural collapse or partial collapse

Not risks of damp or mould etc

Note limit to “fire spread risk” not ignitability, combustibility or flammability.

Fancy legalese again by @govuk @ahillslegal @LisaR8624 @GOVUK Ok assuming the material had a potential to ignite, combust etc

Are they only looking at the consequences of the spread and not the probability

Will they introduce risk grades low, medium, high or very high

Which ones will make the cut for funding - all, some, very high etc