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Everyone should brace for a lot more of this whether a leaseholder, shared owner or social housing tenant

Many building owners & operators have been in a holding pattern until #FireSafetyAct + #BuildingSafetyAct became law

Some will await secondary legislation & guidance 1/ Some will postpone until the 11th hour - however demand is outstripping supply of labour, goods & services

As a result of #brexit + #covid labour & material costs are more expensive now than 5yrs previous when #Grenfell exposed a #buildingsafetycrisis /2
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Thinking of the lost souls & injured to the #HavanaHotelExplosion + #MadridResidentialexplosion

We lost uncle John’s family of 4 to the 1985 #KingsParkGasExplosio

Please ensue your gas appliances are serviced annually by @GasSafeRegister engineers or equivalent in your country February 2021 we called on @govuk to investigate an alarming spike in gas explosions in the following an investigation by @adamtomforrest @Independent

With fuel costs set to rise we are deeply worried that the instance of gas explosions may rise in the UK & safety gas remain
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⚠️ Breaking News #MadridExplosion

Also hitting the headlines is reports of another gas explosion in a #Madrid residential block.

17 injured & one critical

Explosion in Madrid building injures at least 17 as more victims feared trapped under rubble… ⚠️ Update #Madrid #Spain #Explosion

2 confirmed dead and 17 injured following an explosion in the upmarket residential area of Madrid

Press DMs open for fire and gas safety expert comments.…
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⚠️ News Flash

Reports of a massive explosion at a hotel in #Cuba - four fatalities confirmed.

Local reports suggest a gas explosion & other causes currently ruled out at this time.… ⚠️Update #HavanaExplosion #Cuba

Breaking need Cuba - four confirmed dead & 19 injured as a hotel is destroyed in what’s thought to be a gas explosions

Rescue services have the difficult task of persons recovery

Press DMs open fire & gas safety expert…
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Not the first time to comment on the dangers of ethanol burners - and the dangers of refuelling

Ethanol is a clean burning fuel & the flames are virtually invisible to e naked eye.

'Our lives changed forever when we caught fire' - BBC News… One from the archives on the dangers of ethanol burners & call on @team_greenhalgh #buildingsafetyandfire minister + @BobBlackman #FireAPPG chair

Cc @LabourSJ @libdemdaisy @NFCC_FireChiefs
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@Selyst remember you mentioned insider threats & my separate piece on arson or fire as a weapon

We may have the first case unfolding in Russia’s Air-Space Defence Research Institute.

Here’s link to #CPNI guidance… More updates on the for at the Russian missile research facility.
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@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry evidenced root cause failures leading to #Grenfell & 000s of unsafe buildings stems @GOVUK

Compounded by mercenary manufacturers gaming @GOVUK system, defective design & construction enforcers missed

Leaseholders should neither pay & be compensated in full 1/ @BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK More over @GOVUK purpose built flat guidance stripped out the need for common fire alarms and lead to unchecked waking watch costs falling on residents

Not satisfied @GOVUK looks to industry to resolve this mess but compounding further with #EWS1 making homes worthless /2
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Brining multiple threads together into this long thread - Highlighting core themes from the #UkraineInvasion

Human Kindness
Bravery defiance
Winning hearts & minds
Emergency Services response

As ex vice chair #EmergencyPlanningSociety @TheEPSLdn

#StandWithUkriane 🇺🇦 💙💛 Part 1 - Stories of Human Kindness born of the #UkraineInvasion
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We need more of this - much more of this from the international community before the air bridges & resupply routes are severed.

@GOVUK what assets are being deployed to #StandWithUkraine Needs more of these also

Reports of Netherlands also dispatching 200 Stinger Missile to #StandWithUkraine
Feb 26 44 tweets 28 min read
Note what looks like polystyrene being added to make the Molotovs more potent - acting like a plasticiser or home made napalm.

A truly horrible but sadly necessary defensive weapon in this context unless the world rearms or better reinforces #Ukraine This image says it all wife’s, sisters, mothers, daughters, grandmothers forced to prepare for war.

#StandWithUkriane 🇺🇦 Image
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#Ukraine is winning the hearts and minds of a world 🇺🇦💙💛 We can’t ignore the human impact of this #UkraineInvasion

The conflict has to stop before more children are killed, injured or traumatised

#StandWithUkriane ImageImage
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⚠️ #EssenFire

Images of a burn out residential block earlier this morning from German City of Essen.

Reports 3 people take to hospital for smoke inhalation #EssenFire

Building appears to be low to mid rise & completely burned out after 100 occupants evacuated.…
Feb 18 33 tweets 19 min read
Doing a thread on #StormEunice building failures - from the millennium dome, scaffolds down & cladding failures

Pls post to this thread or DM pictures, footage or thoughts

We have a number of press enquires for support & pls state if you any your footage cited or featured Note this work is self funded & undertaken in the public interest + informs wider representations to @GOVUK on #publicsafety

We don’t charge for this, have any cost recovery but instead requests that any applicable media fees are donated to @LondonFire1666 #BurnResearchCharity
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@ahillslegal @LisaR8624 Few things

building safety risk is classed as a risk arising from

I) fire spread

II) structural collapse or partial collapse

Not risks of damp or mould etc

Note limit to “fire spread risk” not ignitability, combustibility or flammability.

Fancy legalese again by @govuk @ahillslegal @LisaR8624 @GOVUK Ok assuming the material had a potential to ignite, combust etc

Are they only looking at the consequences of the spread and not the probability

Will they introduce risk grades low, medium, high or very high

Which ones will make the cut for funding - all, some, very high etc
Dec 17, 2021 6 tweets 4 min read
⚠️ Breaking News - #MajorFire ⚠️

Tragic news again this morning with reports of 27 Feared Dead in #OsakaFire mental health clinic.

Police are investigating the circumstances of the 4th floor fire

Japan: At least 27 feared dead in Osaka building fire… ⚠️ Up-Date - #OsakaFire

Images of the fire fighting operations in Japan following the major fire in a mental health clinic.
Dec 15, 2021 11 tweets 9 min read
⚠️Tragic news

Reading fire: Blaze DESTROYS block of flats - at least one dead | UK | News |… ⚠️ Breaking News - #majorfire ⚠️

One person has died & several others remain unaccounted for following a fire at a four-storey block of flats

Thames Valley Police said a 31-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of arson & murder & was in custody…
Dec 15, 2021 15 tweets 13 min read
⚠️ Breaking News ⚠️

#HongKongFire at WorldTradeCentre traps 100s on the roof

Building refurbishment & fire in plant room spread to scaffolding

DMs open for fire expert comment

Hong Kong: Fire at World Trade Centre leaves more than 100 trapped on roof… ⚠️ Breaking News ⚠️

Dramatic footage of #emergencyservice high reach appliance rescue or 100 trapped on roof top #HongKong #WorldTradeCentreFire

Reports of multiple casualties but thankfully no fatalities at this stage.
Nov 20, 2021 7 tweets 6 min read
How on earth did this happens - with modern fire suppression systems the catastrophic loss was preventable.

Over seen a few historic projects where we installed oxygen reduction or water mist.

Buckley fire: Berwyn Books sees 400,000 destroyed in blaze… Here’s a little article on how to salvage water or smoke damaged books.

From - freeze drying to latent print lifts following the Smithsonian fire it’s now a specialist area of #disasterrecovery…
Aug 29, 2021 12 tweets 11 min read
⚠️ Breaking News ⚠️

#highrise #fire in #Milan

This is a bad one the #grenfell2 we have feared - did everyone make it out, do the fire service have it under control & are crews safe.

Press DM for fire expert comments Informative thread from @g_bonfiglio on the #MilanFire

Astonishing footage

We’re going to l need another rethink in building design to account for wind effect, aerodynamic effect, coanda effect and combustible cladding

Cc @team_greenhalgh @NFCC_FireChiefs @BuildSafeCrisis
Aug 28, 2021 6 tweets 4 min read
Another close call #highrise #fire in #China

Thankfully all residents evacuated safely - this time! More footage & details on the #ChinaFire in a highrise block

With thousands of combustible clad blocks in the U.K. - families must be deeply worried

@team_greenhalgh @RobertJenrick time to clear the blockers to funding fire safe homes or risk #Grenfell2…
Aug 12, 2021 22 tweets 3 min read
My sons #asperger + just turned 19 so I’ve started doing #dadtips again & thought I’d share

Pls dm if you have any suggestions

Dad tip 1

Be your self - always & no matter what anyone else says - appreciate your a funny, intelligent, talented & caring young person 💚 Dad tip 2

Worlds not such a scary place, there’s such amazing adventure for you to explore and enjoy 💚