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Headlines ⁦@thetimes⁩ this morning ⁦@michaelgove@luhc confirms ⁦@GOVUK⁩ to blame for #Grenfell but holds developers over a barrel for remediation costs shortfalls

Michael Gove: We are to blame on Grenfell | News | The Sunday Times…
@michaelgove makes a remarkable admission in today’s @thetimes

“faulty and ambiguous”

government guidance allowed the scandal to happen.

As I’ve said all along @GOVUK legislation & guidance was the root cause & large part of the compounding failures leading to #Grenfell Image
@thetime citing remediation fund of £9.1bil

Fact check please: recall @GOVUK has agreed to £5.1bil building safety fund

Do we assume balance of £4bil is coming from developers pledge or should we say developers attempt to cap (unlimited) liabilities in deals behind closed doors Image
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Took a lot to decompress after our meeting last night.

But I thought I'd share some take aways 🧵

#BuildingSafetyCrisis #endourcladdingscandal
The owner of the MA just absolutely glared me down from the second I arrived in the room.

She interrupted me, spoke over the top of me, was patronising and tried at every opportunity to gaslight and belittle me.

#BuildingSafetyCrisis #endourcladdingscandal
A lot of our questions were met with answers that just took us round in circles.

They would not consider for one second that they made the wrong decision.

#BuildingSafetyCrisis #endourcladdingscandal
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lots of position statements on modern methods of construction #MMC as @NFCC_Chair highlights the dangers (thread)

Excellent points from @emmadentcoad on modern methods of construction #MMC

Wed do well to listen to the Ex MP who championed post #grenfell response & legislative overhauls.
Contrasting view on modern methods of construction #MMC from @Ivan_McKee
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Fighting the potential nursery germs my eldest is trying to give me because I'd have to be actually dead to not go to tonight's EGM - and tbh, I'd still go even then! 🧵
We have around 15 proxy votes before we even start + many people who will be attending.

The board called the EGM on our request and called it in less than 14 days, presumably so people couldn't attend.

#BuildingSafetyCrisis #endourcladdingscandal
We plan to replace the existing board, suggest we'll be starting the process for the MA to handover to a new MA + hopefully exposing their lies once and for all.

#BuildingSafetyCrisis #endourcladdingscandal
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I have no external walls or insulation.
I live like this because of the negligence of others.
As quick as I clean it, it is back in 24-48 hours.
Don't fucking tell me this is my neglect.
I've been gaslit enough.

#BuildingSafetyCrisis #endourcladdingscandal
And ya know what, maybe 48 hours is a "long time of neglect"

But imagine having to clean the walls of the lounge , kitchen and bedroom every other day.

Imagine having to pull out the tumble dryer and clean behind it every other day.

#BuildingSafetyCrisis #endourcladdingscandal
I won't stand for shit like this.
I've gone through enough.
I (we all) deserve better.

#BuildingSafetyCrisis #endourcladdingscandal
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1/ I'd have so much more respect for the RMC directors and MA if they just said "oops, we f*&ked up".

#BuildingSafetyCrisis #endourcladdingscandal
2/ If they said they had a knee jerk reaction to messy government guidelines and pulled off our cladding and insulation without the proper advice because they panicked.

#BuildingSafetyCrisis #endourcladdingscandal
3/ But instead it's been a sh*tshow ever since.

When we asked about whether they were leaving the building this way they said it was fine.

#BuildingSafetyCrisis #endourcladdingscandal
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Environmental Health and our RMC directors are coming to see our damp & mould tomorrow.

Honestly, I'm not happy about the latter coming in, but EH insist it's important we grant them access.

I think they've had 18 months to engage.

#BuildingSafetyCrisis #endourcladdingscandal
Instead they hide behind our MA who gaslight us at every opportunity.

We're going to let them in because we don't want them to have any further excuses, but it's under protest.

#BuildingSafetyCrisis #endourcladdingscandal
Our MA, should they attend, are not welcome though. I will not have them in my home.

It's so stressful.

#BuildingSafetyCrisis #endourcladdingscandal
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How can those responsible for #remediation in the #BuildingSafetyCrisis improve the planning of work? Take a look at our 10 planning principles 👇… An infographic setting out 10 planning principles for buildi
1. Individuals and organisations responsible for remediation works should recognise leaseholders as key stakeholders in the remediation process, promoting a culture which values ‘resident voice’ and engagement
2. In planning remediation, the views, opinions and preferences of leaseholders should help shape the approach to undertaking remediation work
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📢NEW REPORT into leaseholders living through #remediation in the #BuildingSafetyCrisis. Good news: we can take some basic steps to improve remediation for those where it is yet to start… (1/11) An image of a home covered in plastic sheeting
In many cases, leaseholders are not viewed by those responsible for remediation as being an important stakeholder in the process. There is little evidence that their voices and interests are included in decision-making (2/11)
Communication before works starts can be improved, with basic information (scope, schedule, & impact of work) provided & opportunities to meet different organisations involved in the project. This is not happening in all cases (3/11)
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Remember this one as clear as day - 23 June 2017 week after #grenfell

Was waiting on the bus home - absolutely shattered (thread)

Grenfell fire: Theresa May attacked by fire safety expert for not treating disaster as national emergency…
Call came in from @gtubbsky @skynews back of 8pm 23 June 2017

Gerard: Steve we have another one

Me: another #Grenfell

Gerard: no! five tower blocks in Camden are being evacuated

Me: let me check the jumbo tv (in Woolwich Sq normally showing @BBCNews)
Me Put me on now

Gerard - going live 3, 2, 1

I recall saying:

where the hell is Teresa May,

why hasn’t Parliment been recalled,

why hasn’t COBRA been convened,

where is the Home Office & MHCLG fire experts

this is turning into a PR disaster for Local Authorities
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Everyone should brace for a lot more of this whether a leaseholder, shared owner or social housing tenant

Many building owners & operators have been in a holding pattern until #FireSafetyAct + #BuildingSafetyAct became law

Some will await secondary legislation & guidance 1/
Some will postpone until the 11th hour - however demand is outstripping supply of labour, goods & services

As a result of #brexit + #covid labour & material costs are more expensive now than 5yrs previous when #Grenfell exposed a #buildingsafetycrisis /2
Additional stressors disrupting global markets increases costs from #suezcanalcrisis to #UkraineRussianWar have sent fuel & material costs sky rocketing, all with oncost, profit & vat at every level.

Literally the shop has sailed & any remediation will cost infinitely more /3
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@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry evidenced root cause failures leading to #Grenfell & 000s of unsafe buildings stems @GOVUK

Compounded by mercenary manufacturers gaming @GOVUK system, defective design & construction enforcers missed

Leaseholders should neither pay & be compensated in full 1/
@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK More over @GOVUK purpose built flat guidance stripped out the need for common fire alarms and lead to unchecked waking watch costs falling on residents

Not satisfied @GOVUK looks to industry to resolve this mess but compounding further with #EWS1 making homes worthless /2
@BldgSafetyReg @SMcPartland @LKPleasehold @michaelgove @libdemdaisy @grenfellinquiry @GOVUK Now we see core rebel MPs & @LKPleasholders celebrating @GOVUK #buildingsafetybill which is riddled with issues, lacks secondary legislation or guidance & dependant of developers pledges to fix the #buildingsafetycrisis
@GOVUK has failed to enable the #firesafetyact /3
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🚨 @EOCS_Official takeover 🥳🧵

We are the #EndOurCladdingScandal campaign.

We’re taking over Jo's account today to tell you why the cladding scandal is not just about cladding, it is a full-blown #BuildingSafetyCrisis which affects millions of people in the UK. [1/13]
On 14 June 2017, 72 people lost their lives at Grenfell.

Almost 5 years on, their families, friends and the wider #Grenfell community are still waiting for justice.

We know enough to say that successive governments have failed to act. [2/13]…
After the Grenfell tragedy, many of us living in flats began to realise our buildings were also covered in dangerous cladding.

Then it got worse: leaseholders in those buildings were told *they* would have to foot the bill to remove it, instead of those responsible 💰 [3/13]
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Doing a thread on #StormEunice building failures - from the millennium dome, scaffolds down & cladding failures

Pls post to this thread or DM pictures, footage or thoughts

We have a number of press enquires for support & pls state if you any your footage cited or featured
Note this work is self funded & undertaken in the public interest + informs wider representations to @GOVUK on #publicsafety

We don’t charge for this, have any cost recovery but instead requests that any applicable media fees are donated to @LondonFire1666 #BurnResearchCharity
#StormEunice leaves the O2 arena roof in tatters this afternoon
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@team_greenhalgh has just entered the Lords, so we should be starting on the #BuildingSafetyBill any minute.
Follow the conversation here:…
#BuildingSafetyCrisis #PolluterPaysAmendment
@teamgreenhalgh takes a moment to reflect on Grenfell, and to state that this tragedy must not happen again. That’s why the government appointed @DameJudithH to review building safety regulations.
@team_greenhalgh states that we will create meaningful change. The #buildingnsafetybill will deliver improvements across the entire building stock.
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Poor Residential Fire Stopping Installation Examples - a thread:

We’d like to capture as many image examples as possible in one place, we don’t need your building or location information, but helpful if you can add comment of what we’re looking at.
Samples from a Fire Risk Assessment were submitted via DMs in confidence, all of these examples are from one three-storey block of 12 apartments less than 3 years old.
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(POLLUTER PAYS LEGAL ANALYSIS) Leading legislation lawyer Daniel Greenberg CB provides a legal explanation of the #PolluterPaysAmendment.

Video (1) of 4 - Flexibility and Specificity

#BuildingSafetyCrisis @team_greenhalgh @michaelgove @gtomlin
(POLLUTER PAYS LEGAL ANALYSIS) Leading legislation lawyer Daniel Greenberg CB provides a legal explanation of the #PolluterPaysAmendment.

Video (2) of 4 - Limiting Judicial Review Risk and ECHR compatibility

#BuildingSafetyCrisis @team_greenhalgh @michaelgove @gtomlin
(POLLUTER PAYS LEGAL ANALYSIS) Leading legislation lawyer Daniel Greenberg CB provides a legal explanation of the #PolluterPaysAmendment.

Video (3) of 4 - How the scheme operates

#BuildingSafetyCrisis @team_greenhalgh @michaelgove @gtomlin
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Those behind the Polluter Pays proposed amendment keep making this assertion. I explained why it wasn’t the case based on the (finally) released draft amendment in a comment on their site before Xmas. It has been held in moderation and not published. 1/16 #PolluterPaysAmendment
I was told it would be published with a reply by the middle of last week. It wasn’t. And these assertions are still being made. So, here is why they are wrong. It means some detail, I’m afraid.
The PP amendment says there will be ‘assessors’ appointed by the Govt. These assessors will i) decide if a building falls within the scheme, ii) decide what the fire safety defects are, iii) decide how much should be awarded for works, and iv) decide who pays.
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A key plank of Michael Gove's #buildingsafety plan is to get banks to lend to people looking to buy in affected properties.

He stressed that was his goal several times in Commons today...

#cladding #BuildingSafetyCrisis
...Of course, one of the agonies of people caught up in this crisis is that they often can't sell their flat because the banks won't lend a mortgage to a prospective buyer of a property of potentially zero value.

Which means many are effectively trapped in an unsellable home....
...So will the plan unlock bank financing & liberate people?

UK Finance @UKFtweets which represents lenders tells me tonight that Gove's plan is a "positive step"...
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⚠️Tragic news

Reading fire: Blaze DESTROYS block of flats - at least one dead | UK | News |…
⚠️ Breaking News - #majorfire ⚠️

One person has died & several others remain unaccounted for following a fire at a four-storey block of flats

Thames Valley Police said a 31-year-old man had been arrested on suspicion of arson & murder & was in custody…
⚠️ Update #ReadingFire @TVP_Reading official incident reports on social media
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Anyone who believes group litigation is a solution to #endourcladdingscandal should take a look at this decision from the Supreme Court this morning.

The case concerns Google's alleged breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 for unauthorised tracking of iPhone user data in 2012.
2/9 Richard Lloyd -- backed by huge litigation funder Therium -- sought to issue a group claim against Google seeking damages on behalf of around 4 million affected users.

The claim was put on an "opt-out" basis, meaning people would be included without having to sign up.
3/9 Mr. Lloyd's case was that each individual user had suffered damage as a result of Google's activities, but that it was not necessary to prove the amount of damage for each individual user because they would all claim the same amount of damages.
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🧵01/ Mental Health Matters. The cladding scandal has taken it's toll on many of us caught up in this saga. It is like chewing gum in your head. The gum is a series of painful thoughts that you just can't banish from your head. ....
02/ To the point where you can't think about anything else. It's like "chronic rumination” It’s painful, but it’s not the worst part.
The worst part is you start believing your situation will never go away. That you’ll be in this prison forever. ....
03/ That you’ll be stuck either having to find the money to fund to make the freeholders building safe to inhabit, because the Freeholder, and sadly now you, the Leaseholder, realise it comes with safety defects, which means you have to pay for WW,
new fire alarms, ...
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So the #Budget sounded like it shd be good news…but unfortunately it’s not.

1) It’s not news. The £5bn figure for funding has been on the table for a year and has been roundly agreed to be wholly inadequate to address safety issues.
#EndOurCladdingScandal #BuildingSafetyCrisis
2) It doesn’t change the current criteria for accessing govt funding which only funds a small part of the array of essential remediation to make buildings safe. These aren’t optional extras - buildings cannot be signed off without the full set of works done.
3) Govt consistently stating that building owners are “responsible” for ensuring buildings meet safety standards but not that they must meet those costs - is essentially writing a blank cheque from leaseholders’ pockets. This does nothing to change that situation.
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A #personalfinance view of the #BuildingSafetyCrisis:

Anyone household with less than £31k in savings on 1 Jan 2020 faces the strong prospect of going bankrupt based on the current direction. That’s at least 80% of us. #EndOurCladdingScandal A thread 👇 (please read and RT)
(IMPORTANT: I don’t want this to give any leaseholder a sleepless night unnecessarily. I am confident the government and industry will see sense and stem this chaos, but if they don’t I am highlighting the shocking prospect this country genuinely faces)
I did some rough analysis on the house of cards that now exists through making leaseholders liable for the remedial works on and will embolden investors to scoop up property bargains.
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