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1 Aug
In India’s Jammu & Kashmir, terrorism and violence has cost thousands of lives so far & the orchestrator of this war on #Kashmir is none other than #Pakistan. Today, we decode Pakistan-Sponsored Terrorism in Kashmir.(1/16)
Pakistan is the epicenter of terrorism in the world, and, as described by the US Country Report on Terrorism, it is a ‘terrorist safe haven’ with not just funds & support but also full security to global terrorists.(2/16)
Other than US, UK, France, Pakistan has been using terrorism as a tool to destabilize Iran, Afghanistan & most of all, its closest neighbor India. Pakistan’s war against India goes back to 1947 when it was carved out on a religious basis.(3/16)
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24 Jul
Video #Thread
Indian Whistler's Association.

Uniting 50 Whistlers, 17 Ehnicities and 18 Cities in the timeless classic - "Mile sur mera tumhara"
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23 Jul
The valley of Kashmir is well-known throughout the world for its Natural beauty. Here nature has been prodigal enough in crowning this ancient land with all its splendor and glory complimented beautifully by the unparalleled heritage of the breathtaking #TemplesOfKashmir! (1/16)
The sacred valley called Rishi wari till now, abounds in sacred places, Tirthas and Asthans. Long ago at the dawn of civilisation when the sons of Rishi Kashyapa from plains came to settle here they brought with them their traditions, religion, mythology etc. etc. (2/16)
The civilisational history of the Kashmir Valley is reflected through its temples — those that stand magnificently today after thousands of years of their construction, and remnants of others that were destroyed by invaders. (3/16)
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13 Jul
0/20 Today, sixteen years before the partition of British India. On July 13, 1931, an organised communal carnage took place in Kashmir. Follow the thread to unravel the reality of #KashmirMartyrsDay.A must read explosive thread on #13July1931 carnage #PakistanStopBleadingKashmir
1/20 In 1931, Maharaja Hari Singh was the sovereign ruler of the Jammu and Kashmir, which included Ladakh, Gilgit-Baltistan, Muzaffarabad-Mirpur, Aksai Chin and Shaksgam Valley. #KashmirMartyrsDay #13July1931
2/20 The British wanted Singh to lease them Gilgit Agency - a system of administration established by British Indian Empire to strengthen Jammu and Kashmir, which was denied by the Maharaja. #KashmirMartyrsDay #13July1931
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24 Jun
A Thread : How a government employee’s daughter from Jammu and Kashmir metamorphosed into an ultra radical calling for a “bloody revolution”, charged with a conspiracy to cause riots in India’s national capital which took more than 50 lives.
We know Safoora Zargar, not for her scholarly credentials but for her activities as the media coordinator for the Jamia Coordination Committee (JCC). Over 50 of whose members have been charged by the Delhi Police for their role in the Delhi Riots. 1/10
Before Safoora rose to fame by delivering speeches calling for a ‘bloody revolution’ inciting violence that fuelled her popularity amongst India’s radical anarchists.She was notoriously known for being involved in the harassment of a Muslim activist Seema Aiman Rizvi.
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23 Jun
#ChinaOccupiedBalochistan A Thread :
1. After endangering the world with Covid-19, China is in the centre of a storm that has shone light on its brutal occupation of indigenous lands. However, there is one nation whose suppressed voice is unable to reach the world:
2. This may come as a surprise to many since Balochistan is seen as an occupied territory of Pakistan since 1948. But we bring to you the shocking story of how #ChinaOccupiedBalochistan.
3. Due to failed leadership & anti-India policies, Pakistan surrendered its Occupied territory (Shaksgam Valley, Ladakh) of India to China in 1953. This was the beginning of Pakistan selling its colonies to China.#ChinaOccupiedBalochistan
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22 Jun
1. Tibet is the ‘Palm” in China’s five finger policy. The area has been in conflict over the decades. Prior to China’s invasion in 1950, Tibet maintained a unique culture, religion and language for centuries. #ChinaOccupiedTibet
2. Today, this culture is under threat from mass Chinese immigration and the strict control of all expressions of Tibetan culture and national identity. #ChinaOccupiedTibet
3. China boasts of huge investment in Tibet but its economic development is primarily intended to cement its hold on Tibet and enhance its ability to exploit Tibet's natural resources. #ChinaOccupiedTibet
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21 Jun
Statement from .@PMOIndia in the wake of some confusion over PM .@narendramodi's remarks at an All Party Meeting on Friday clears the air once & for ever - 'Indian territory is clear from the map of India. This Govt is strongly & resolutely committed to that' .@DrSJaishankar
In his closing address after the All Party Meeting (APM) PM .@narendramodi made the following amply clear- (i) There has been NO repeat NO intrusion on our side of the LAC leading to capture of posts (1/8)
(ii) The 20 gallant soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice made the enemy pay a heavy price and taught them a lesson forever. Their sacrifice will not be forgotten. (2/8)
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20 Jun
Big Expose: A look at the complicated and debilitated case of India’s ex-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. (0/10)
(1/10) Look who is asking PM Modi questions? During PM Modi’s tenure in office. India held its head high & thwarted every threat that came its way. Uri, Balakot, Doklam etc. are testimony to that. However, are coal, telecom, Augusta Westland etc. scams your proofs?
(2/10) In 2007, during the ‘Exercise Malabar’, a trilateral naval exercise involving the United States, Japan and India. Are you the same PM who got so scared of Chinese demarcate and scrambled to keep Singapore and Australia out for future?
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19 Jun
Dear Ex-Foreign Secy, your remark on the Indo-China face-off in Galwan earlier this week, is a clear indication of India engaging China in a war. Hope you’ve thought of the ramifications of using weapons on LAC. Are you misleading others to an armed conflict & warmongering?(1/9)
For someone who mishandled the Agra Summit of 2001 and consistently supported China during her posting to Beijing, now boasts of her new role as a musician! What’s your say on this? (2/9)
Both the ‘96 & ‘05 protocols between India & China are to devise confidence building measures to ensure peace in the LAC. As an IFS did you even read those or are they just a part of your political mandate to enter the RS? (3/9)
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17 Jun
Col. Ajai Shukla (retd) had floated a conspiracy theory about the #Pulwama attacks, claiming that ‘Pakistan Army & ISI carried out the attack to get Modi re-elected’ as Modi in power. Shukla claimed that, Pulwama being an ‘inside job’ by PM Narendra Modi.(1/10)
Col. Ajai Shukla (retd) had made bizarre statements that the Indian Air Force “diluted” the specifications for trainer aircraft perhaps to favour a particular vendor, #Pilatus. (2/10)
Col. Ajai Shukla (retd), had been complicit in spreading fake news that Gen. (retd) V. K. Singh touched Amit Shah’s feet.(3/10)
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14 Jun
1. As Pakistan crumbles down in the aftermath of COVID-19, the architects responsible for its fall have come to the surface. One among them is Zulfi Bukhari, the special minister of state in Imran Khan’s failed government.


2. Better known as a business tycoon based in London, his only claim to his political position is his close friendship to PM Imran Khan. It came as surprise to many & fell to controversy when two law students challenged his appointment.
3. Lord Nazir, a Pakistani-origin influential British politician had criticized Zulfi’s appointment as advisor to PM Imran Khan on overseas Pakistanis, saying that Zulfi could not be more removed from the reality facing Pakistani Diaspora.
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9 Jun
1. The face of #Pakistan’s Anti-#Kashmir agenda globally, Shireen Mazari- the Federal Minsiter for Human Rights in Pakistan- is the perfect candidate for covering up Pakistan’s occupation of foreign territories as well as ongoing corruption in the govt.
2. Ironically, Shireen Mazari had assumed office in 2018 with a bang, campaigning to end corruption through accountability & transparency, the very foundations her career lacks.
3. A book released in 1996 titled ‘State and Civil Society in #Pakistan: Politics of Authority, Ideology and Ethnicity’ by I. Malik, reveals that the Mazari family are defaulters of 49,742 Million Rupees to the national exchequer, including Shireen Mazari.
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4 Jun
June 4

The @UN marks June 4 as ‘International Day of Innocent Children victims of Aggression’ in armed conflict & war. On this day, we talk about the acts of Aggression that #Pakistan commits against innocent little children of #Balochistan. #SaveBalochChildren 1/n
For those who are not aware, #Balochistan was a cluster region of Confederal feudal tribes, that was deceitfully & unlawfully occupied by Pakistan in 1948 after which the region erupted in conflict over its autonomous status. 2/n
#Pakistan responded through inhumanely to the new-found voice of #Balochistan & over the past 72 years has carried out grave Human Rights Violations against Baloch people, including women & Children. #SaveBalochChildren 3/n
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4 Jun
1. Today, June 4, marks the 31st anniversary of #TiananmenSquareMassacre by the Communist Party of China. Today, the day chillingly resonates with the Chinese people who find themselves in the same position as the summer of 1989. We recount the horrific events.
A Thread -
2. In mid-1980s, #China erupted in widespread student- led protests against the corrupt & authoritarian Communist Party. Among major demands were political reforms towards democracy.Naturally, the Communist Party viewed it as a threat.
3. In the spring of 1989, the protests had spread wide & were fuelled by the death of Hu Yaobang, the communist leader who had pushed for political reforms in China. Inspired by Hu, students took to the street and began a march from Beijing to Tiananmen Square in May.
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3 Jun
1. #China’s recent aggression at the border with India at key strategic locations in Union Territory of #Ladakh is nothing new nor is its betrayal of historic treaties with (former) J&K, #Tibet & HK. However, the dragon now faces a new India that attempts to tame it. A thread:
2. #China already occupies about 1/5th of original state of Jammu & Kashmir incl. Aksai Chin and Sakshgam valley “gifted” by #Pakistan. However, historically, these parts have been a part of formerly princely state of J&K that officially & legally became a part of #India in 1947.
3. Not just J&K but significant parts of #Tibet were also controlled by J&K rulers. Here’s the chronology of how #China illegally occupied these territories and clearly flouted the treaties signed during these times.
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31 May
Brigadier Ijaz Ahmed Shah is not new to spotlight, albeit always for wrong reasons. A former Pakistani Spy involved in harbouring terrorists, now serving as Pakistan's Minister for Interior.He reflects all that's wrong with Pakistan's sham military-led government. An analysis:
2.When Musharraf imposed martial law in 1999.Shah was the director of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) in Punjab, Pakistan. Thereby, becoming an important ally in Musharraf’s team reshape the politics of the region. He was eventually made the Home Sec. of Punjab by Musharraf
3.Musharraf directed Shah, the then new home secretary of Punjab and set him at ‘political engineering’. Shah embarked on the creation of the Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid (PML-Q) faction, which was carved out of the-then-existing Muslim League led by Nawaz Sharif.
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16 May
While the world battles #Covid19, #AhmedOmarSaeedSheikh, the man who plotted, abducted & orchestrated the beheading of @wsj journalist #DanielPearl, was blatantly acquitted by a #Pakistan court recently.
Read this thread to know why it concerns India and the world.
Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh & 3 others convicted for abduction & murder of journalist #DanielPearl have been acquitted and have been set free by a Pakistani court. Only in #Pakistan will one witness that convicted #terrorists on death row set free by courts.
Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh’s exoneration comes as a shock for journalists all over the world as #DanielPearl’s kidnapping & beheading had become the horrible precedence and dark grammar of jihadi violence aimed at journalists to silence their voices.
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14 May
1. Do you remember Saleem Shehzad?
He had exposed with proof how 26/11 was planned in an ISI special cell and then picked up by a former major and LeT operative, exposing how ISI has links with Taliban and Al-Qaeda which have close links with Pak Army officials.
2. 9 years ago, in May, Saleem Shehzad was found dead, murdered for his brave journalism that exposed the nexus between ISI and Al-Qaeda. He was abducted, tortured and his body mutated; a strong message by his enemies who he’d alleged had infiltrated Pak military.
3. With recent attacks in Afghanistan and experts pointing fingers at Pakistan’s ISI, we are reminded of Saleem Shehzad who had exposed how ISI harbored & operated these terror groups&is a huge threat to Peace and Security in South Asia. He was murdered allegedly by ISI. @RSF_en
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