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K.M.Cariappa also known as Kipper, the first Indian Commander in Chief of the Army, the only other Indian officer to hold the rank of field marshal, along with Sam Manekshaw. Thread on one of the finest generals ever. Image
Coorg apart from it's natural beauty, is also famous for producing hockey players, and army men, The Kodavas, take pride in their martial traditions, carry guns, and their most famous dish is a mixture of steamed rice balls and pork curry.
Coorg has one of the grandest Dussehra celebrations on par with Mysore. It is a region, known for it’s high literacy rate, where education is given a priority. Considered as the cradle of Indian hockey, the region has given some outstanding players like M.P.Ganesh, M.M.Somaiyya
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Ceasefire continues at LOC in western border areas & ceasefire violations have been brought down. But across the border, terror infrastructure still remains. Our counter-infiltration grid is continuously foiling the infiltration from there: Army chief Gen Manoj Pande, on #ArmyDay
Attempts to smuggle weapons and drugs through drones in the international boundary sector in Jammu & Punjab continue. Counter-drone jammers and other equipment have been brought into use against such activities: Army chief Gen Manoj Pande, on #ArmyDay
Improvements have been seen in the areas inside J&K. The local population has rejected violence, and welcoming positive changes, enthusiastically participated in all govt initiatives: Army chief Gen Manoj Pande, on #ArmyDay
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#Copied #ArmyDay🇮🇳

ऑपरेशन ब्लू स्टार के समय जब आर्मी की ब्रिगेड ऑफ द गार्ड और गढ़वाल कंपनी के अधिकतर सैनिक वीरगति प्राप्त हो गए तो '15 कुमाऊं' को आगे भेजा गया ।

6_जून_1984 को 15 कुमाऊं की एल्फा बटालियन की प्रथम यूनिट के 5 सिपाही सुबह 5:30 पर स्वर्णमंदिर में घुसने लगे👇...1/5
आतंकवादी ऊपर से गोलियां बरसा रहे थे।

सबसे आगे चल रहे चुरु निवासी रणजीतसिंह गौड़ सबसे पहले वीरगति प्राप्त हुए {मरणोपरांत उन्हें शौर्य चक्र मिला}
तब दूसरे और तीसरे नंबर के जवानों ने ओट ले ली... वहीं एलएमजी के साथ झालरापाटन के नायक निर्भयसिंह सिसोदिया चौथे नंबर और स्टैंनगन...2/5
के साथ जोधपुर के अमरसिंह भाटी पांचवें नंबर पर चल रहे थे।

गोलियों की परवाह नहीं करते हुए निर्भयसिंह सिसोदिया आगे बढ़े लेकिन गोलियों की बौछारों ने उनका दाहिना बाजू उड़ा दिया। तब तक वे तहखाने के पास पहुंच गए और दूसरे हाथ से ग्रेनेड फेंका, जिससे वहां धुआं-धुआं हो गया....3/5
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#Thread @adgpi Chief Gen Naravane at @OfficialCLAWSIN: Large platforms which were once mainstay of 20th century battlefield: MBTs, fighter A/C & large surface combatants, have been rendered relatively less significant in face of emerging battlefield challenges in newer domains
We have seen how the very imaginative and offensive use of drones in Idlib and then in Armenia-Azerbaijan, challenged the traditional prima donnas: the tanks, the artillery and the dug in infantry: Gen MM Naravane @OfficialCLAWSIN
We have also seen how disruptive technologies are now driving doctrinal cycles like never before. It may not be inaccurate therefore, to infer, that technology itself is steadily emerging as a core combat capability: Gen Naravane @OfficialCLAWSIN
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Today, on January 15, India celebrates its 73rd #ArmyDay! A country well-known for its righteous military that not only protects its own countrymen but also supports various peace & security missions all over the globe, celebrates with pride its greatest asset! 1/7 Image
The origin of India’s National #ArmyDay is a beautiful story: On January 15, 1949, General KM Cariappa became the first Indian commander-in-Chief of the Indian Army which had never before been led by an Indian. 2/7
General Cariappa took over the reign from General Butcher who was the last British Commander of the Indian Army. This transfer of Leadership to a native Indian came after exactly 1.5 years of independence from British colonial rule over India! #ArmyDay 3/7
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అనేక పద్దతుల్లో అహింసా పోరాటాలు నిర్వహించి స్వాతంత్ర్య సమరయోధులు భారతదేశానికి బ్రిటిషర్ల నుంచి స్వాతంత్ర్యాన్ని సముపార్జించి పెడితె ... ప్రజాసా్మ్య భారతాన్ని మనదేశ సైనికులు కంటికి రెప్పలా కాపాడుకొస్తున్నారు.
1948 లో చిట్టచివరి బ్రిటిష్ కమాండర్ ' సర్ ఫ్రాన్సిస్ బచ్చర్ ' నుంచి భారతీయ సైన్యం తొలి కమాండర్-ఇన్‌-చీప్ గా లెఫ్టినెంట్ జనరల్ కె.ఎం.కరియప్ప బాధ్యతలు స్వీకరించారు . అందుకు గుర్తుగా ప్రతి సంవత్సరం " జనవరి 15 వ తేదీన " - " ఆర్మీ డే " ని నిర్వహిస్తారు.
ఆ రోజున దేశ రాజధానిలో ఆరు ఆర్మీ కమాండ్ ప్రధాన కార్యాలయాల్లో పెరేడ్లు , ఇతర మిలటరీ షోలు నిర్వహిస్తారు. #IndianArmyDay

మనదేశ ప్రజల పరిరక్షణకోసం తమ జీవితాలు త్యాగం చేసిన అమరసైనికులకు ఈ సందర్భం గా నివాళులర్పిస్తారు.
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[Indian Army - Master Thread]
- All current Indian Army related news and discussion.
- Link to sub-threads on specific arms and weapon systems.
From 2015 - informative article by @SJha1618 on growth trajectory of Army Aviation Corps. Would be interesting to see where we stand today.…
- There was a 2015 report from Tehelka (link not working now) which mentioned that Indian Army's Akash Missile Regiment has 6 batteries.
- Which will explain this image which appeared in 2017.
- For come reason, what would normally be termed as a Battery, is called as a Troop
+ Image
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#Thread @adgpi Chief Gen MM Naravane outlines vision as Chief. Advocates ABC: Allegiance, Belief and Consolidation. “We swear our allegiance to the constitution of India... As in the preamble Justice, equality and fraternity. That is what we are fighting for.
Gen Naravane: Belief in ourself, our organisation. Our superiors and subordinates.. We will not fall prey to vile rumors and innuendos. Belief is what will keep us strong.

Consolidation leads to continuity... Somewhere along the way there will be midcourse correction. #ArmyDay
Gen Naravane on #Siachen: Siachen is very important to us. That is one area which faces the Western and Northern front.

We should not lose sight that its one place where collusivity can happen. So we should keep control
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Lt. Col. Hari Singh of the India's posing outside a captured Pakistani police station in Lahore.
Indian army in the #IndoPakWar1947.
Major General Syed Ahmed (R) offers his surrender of the Hyderabad State forces to Major General J.N.Chaudhuri.
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