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at 10AM EDT the House select subcommittee will be hearing about #LongCOVID here's a direct YouTube link for the hearing. 1 hour 45 mins from now.

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At current prices it costs me $4.10/day to run my A/C all day & night (Upstate NY). $2.74 running it only the hottest parts of the day (my usual unless nighttime temperatures or humidity necessitates running it all night). $127 max to run it all month. We have a very unstable income; on level billing we'll pay for unpredicted overages over the winter so Today Crisses is setting Later Crisses up for ouch bills this winter. We use fans as much as possible.
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You know how we're told that Kellogg invented corn flakes to control lust etc. etc. Actually, he invented grape-nuts, to do that. Post stole grape-nuts, added sweetener & salt, and sold it as a health supplement out from under the Kellogg brothers. But wait there's more. Kellogg the doctor thought these things shouldn't have sugar or salt (maybe ahead of his time, eh?), and refused to mass-produce him and his brother bought the recipes from him, changed them, and sold the products — as breakfast.
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@AWonderBall @LilyRoseMills There's basically 3 types of shame. Only one is the one we probably need to retain. “Normal” or adaptive shame is an internal monitor for threats to belongingness. “I did something wrong, and if people find out I may be rejected.” @AWonderBall @LilyRoseMills Toxic shame as we call it are verbal messages of rejection, usually based on something we cannot change or our existence itself. We internalize these messages, and have a hard time letting them go.
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What do Jung's Archetypes, illuminated manuscripts, passing notes in class, and Abe Lincoln have to do with young plural & DID systems making videos on TikTok? Stick around, and try to laugh along with us…

#pluralgang #dissociadid #DIDchat #DIDOSDD Jung was a very interesting fellow. He was heavily influenced by classical scholarship, read many languages, was interested in spiritism (seances, mediumship, channeling), studied mythology, the Bible, etc. These are the things he followed avidly.
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We want to talk about role models. Break that idea down and think about it…role models aren't meant to be perfect people. There are no perfect people. Investing too much in role models is a sign of issues on the raving fan end of the equation. Encouraging raving fans is a problem on a potential role model's end of the equation. Having a need for adoration. Both ends have issues of a sense of lack and a need to fill, and potentially broken boundaries between them.
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Analyzing Brand et al 2012 more deeply, and we're so frustrated with this study. I hope they re-do a similar study for current practices and use it to help inform the ISST-D guidelines because this is *headdesk*. The DID experts surveyed weren't recommending doing trauma work, for the most part. Barely used EMDR. Used CBT during the middle phases of therapy. There's good info in this document, but it's so out of date it's painful.
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While we don't care whether people have a dx or not — one important thing to do, disabled or not, is get and retain your records. This thread is about benefits qualification & other services if ever you should need it. #ActuallyAutistic #DIDOSDD Going back as far as possible, initiate records requests. You don't have to open the envelopes, but store them all and keep them — or scan them and stash them encrypted in a cloud storage. What types of records?
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Trouble working with or finding your inner world? Hopefully this info helps folks. 🧵 We keep finding folk having trouble with or mistaken impressions about inner worlds. #pluralgang #pluralpride #plurallife #dissociatwt #DIDOSDD We have found some plural & DID systems “trying” too hard to make/create their inner world, imagine it, picture it, visualize it into existence, etc. It seems that somehow there's some mistaken information about inner worlds being shared in the community.