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Scholar of early African lit. I help academics globally to write publishable academic articles in 12 weeks. Yes, you can! #acwri #WYJA #12WeekArticle #GrayTest
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4 Oct 19
The colonial encounter
between Europeans and Africans
did not always end with Europeans triumphing.
Either at first, or later.

Thread # is #Africanarchive
Check out this fascinating moment
in the history of
colonial encounters between Europeans and Africans:

From 1557 to 1632,
#Jesuit missionaries from Portugal and Spain
endeavored to convert the #Ethiopians
from their ancient form of #Christianity
to Roman #Catholicism
After fifty years of failing to convert Ethiopians,
the Portuguese sent a new group of Jesuits to Ethiopia in 1603,
including a priest named Pedro Paez,
whose diplomacy and sympathy for the
tenets of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
enabled him to convert the emperor.
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24 Sep 19
I get a variety of *interesting* responses when someone asks me what I do and I say that I’m a professor of African literature.
One American member of the public said to me,
“You teach African literature? That must be a short course.”
That’s a verbatim quote.
Another American member of the public said, “You teach African literature? Do students take that?”
I was about to respond that they do,
when his wife chastised him for being rudely honest—
not for being wrong, but for being rude.
The inability to recognize the breadth and depth of African literature is shocking.
How is this still possible when Nigerian literature is one of the great national literatures of the twentieth century?
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19 Jun 19
Many academics find sitting down at the computer and starting to write to be the most difficult challenge facing them. One of the reasons for this, as one of my students put it so well, is that “if I never start, then I never fail.”
#AcWri #PhD
Another reason academics can't get started writing is getting out of the habit of writing–or never having had a writing habit.
While tough to overcome, this obstacle does have some straightforward solutions.
Here are ten (10) solutions.
#acwri #PhD
1. Make other tasks contingent on writing
An excellent way of dealing with the difficulty of getting started is to make a preferred task contingent on a nonpreferred task, as the behavior management experts put it (Boice 1983).
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