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The Most Chaotic Event of 2021 - Nov 17/20
The #PriestKings continue their War upon humanity. Many factions working behind the scenes. #MasonicBrotherhood
Keywords: Sudden/Explosive/Reversal/Limitation: Finance, Communication, Mobility, Restrictions, Rebellion, Violence
Nov 17 kick off EST:
1pm Moon🟥Saturn
9:44pm Moon🔴Uranus🔴🔴Mars (highly volatile)
Nov 19
Ritual Begins: 2am
Eclipse Begins: 3:18am
Peak: 5:03am
End: 6:47am Image
Here's the #FullMoon #Eclipse #NovemberEclipse applied to USA Paris Agreement birth-chart Sept 3, 1783. See my notes in the chart below.
My intuition tells me that with the benefics included, they'll try to pass this off as a good thing.
Someone may be suddenly elevated. Image
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17. A couple of weeks later and we are having more black and white comms... Tom Felton recovering after his collapse at Ryder Cup - no cause given...… #TomFelton #Black #White ImageImageImage
18. More black and white at same event and on masonic black and whote checker... #BlackandWhite #Comms #Masonic ImageImage
19. and more still at the launch of Michelin star chef Tom Sellers residency in The Parlour at Ned's Club in London #NedsClub #TomSellers #black #white ImageImage
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1. Thread on Black. Black is the new Black as Satanists coordinate Blackout... Image
2. Mutton Madonna mixes it into masonic black and white... #Black #Madonna ImageImageImageImage
3. Billie Eilish #black #Billieeilish Image
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1/ Am posting some GEMS that continue proving that the #JESUIT order is the Invisible Hand behind the Marxist overthrow of America. 👇

Priest Daniel Berrigan, S.J. involved in plot to kidnap Kissinger and blow up federal bldgs in 1971 (p 420). ImageImage
2/ in 1972, American Jesuits formed a group called "Christian Maoists" and set out a document to direct national planning of revolutionary social strategies. 👇 Image
3/ Priest José María Díez-Alegría, S.J., said, "Marx has guided me to rediscover Jesus...." His book "I Believe in Hope!" (Yo Espero en la Esperanza!) endorsed full support for global revolutionary socialism. ImageImage
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🔔#T3PermaThread - RONA VACATION
This thread will spotlight important events in the #ronavacation saga in perpetuity.
First and foremost, lets hear what Sky News Australia has to say about their findings regarding the corruption of the World Health Organization and their role in the amplification of the #Plandemic
#RonaVacation is the mechanism used to capture society into a totally new system of control. The DNA alteration (mRNA) gives them legal precedence over you, just like Monsanto over GMO seeds. The #BirthCertificate system is now replaced by #GMOhumanity
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@Josh731_ @ZGlives How a #austrian #Jesuit conspiracy (😉) against the liberties of the #USA in 1835 led to the Coudenhoven-Kalergi Plan(The Secret UN Agenda 21) & The Dark #Nazi Roots of the “Brussels #EU. Bit of a read but mighty interesting 🤓🤗…

@Josh731_ @ZGlives The dark #EU-History - The covert European Revolution and how it was funded
#Bilderberg Group, Prince Bernhard, #Nazi, #Israel , #Jews, #Palestine
Dat is nog eens een #conspiracy om je vingers bij af te likken 😂…

@Josh731_ @ZGlives Re-published: OSS, CIA and European Unity - The American Committee on United Europe, 1948-60 (1977) by Richard J Aldrich…

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Webster Tarpley on #Jesuit Venetian Black Operations

The Venetian Takeover of Enland: A 200-Year Project
The later, more radical, phase was the takeover of England by the Giovani ("the young ones'') of Paolo Sarpi. #England officially in 1688 became an oligarchy.…
The Venetian Takeover of England: A 200-Year Project
"Venice, created with the Turks a republic of usury and #slavery; Venice, the slave trader of Europe, so close to being destroyed, survived. Its survival would now wreak havoc on western civilization."…
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#TodayinHistory in 1601, the Colegio de San Jose was established by the Jesuits in Manila (#Intramuros). It is now known as the San Jose Seminary at the Ateneo de Manila University in Quezon City. (THREAD) ImageImage
The Society of Jesus (members known as Jesuits), a priestly order in the Catholic Church, was founded by Ignatius of Loyola and approved by the Pope in 1540. In the backdrop of the Protestant Reformation, the Jesuits were instrumental in the Counter-Reformation efforts in Europe. Image
The #Jesuit order arrived in #PH from Mexico in 1581 led by their Superior, Antonio Sedeño. From his group's pioneering efforts, Jesuit mission stations & schools were established. Sedeño founded the Universidad de San Ignacio in Intramuros in 1590.
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February 18, 2018

As we have now entered the termination phase of the planetary liberation process, it is of the utmost importance to connect with the feminine #Goddess presence and ... Image
and nurture qualities of #love, #compassion and #tenderness to stabilize the transition and counteract the cruelty so prevalent on the surface of the planet:……

People on the surface of the planet have been programmed to believe that being #soft and #caring for other sentient beings is a weakness. Image
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#LeeWarren #PLIM #REPORT #Volume 11#1
When have the most inhumane acts occurred in time?
Was Nazism born of secret societies and the occult?
Was Hitler under demonic influence?
Was Stalin controlled by demons?…
#World #Leaders & the #Occult #EVIL #Satanic #System

World leaders gathered around a moving luminescent #pyramid in a circle with symbols. They wear a lapel pin of an unholy triangle, the #illuminati pyramid

World Leaders #Wearing Illuminati Pyramid Pin
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As @Georgetown and many other #Jesuit universities transition to online courses, I am reminded of the way St. Ignatius and the first companions saw themselves as a "communitas ad dispersionem" - a community in dispersion.
They felt themselves drawn together by a shared life and mission, and they had discovered true joy in each other's company. But when the needs of the times - both opportunities and challenges - required them to be scattered across the globe, they went.
Through it all, they remained intimately connected through the technology of their day -- letters, carefully crafted and shared -- so that each continued to feel united with all the others. Still one community, still one mission, still one life.
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One issue that Rizal & other Filipino church members faced was being blocked from entering #Jesuit & other #CatholicOrders. This blocked access to many careers in church & gov. The Orders administered civil gov via #Peninusulares born in Spain. Rizal rejected the Mestizo label.
Labeling #Rizal #Mestizo identified him with the #Peninsulares & elite descendants of Spanish patrones. #JoseRisal identified himself as a native- actually numerous cultures. He studied pre-European languages & cultures to reach heart of those early people- Malayo-Island culture
#JoseRizal excelled in European languages, scientific, literary & other pursuits. The idea of a #NativeFilipino excelling in the Spanish academic world was inconceivable to his persecutors unless #Rizal was #Mestizo. He stood before a firing squad refusing a blindfold.
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Around 3000 BCE in eastern #Europe, a Proto-Balto-Slavic #language started to diverge from #ProtoIndoEuropean.

The #Slavic branch of the #IndoEuropean #languages began about 2,000 years later when Proto-Slavic deviated from Proto-Balto-Slavic.

[Image:…] Source: The Indo-European L...
As the #Slavic-speaking area expanded during the first millennium CE (striped area on map), Proto-Slavic transitioned to Common Slavic. The #language underwent minor changes that occurred mostly uniformly across eastern #Europe, thereby maintaining mutual intelligibility. A map of eastern Europe sho...
Around the year 1000 CE #CommonSlavic began to split into the South, West, and East branches to which all modern #Slavic #languages belong.

Roughly 315m people speak a Slavic #language, mostly in Eastern #Europe (including the #Balkan peninsula), #CentralAsia, and #Siberia. A map of Europe highlightin...
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And *because* France isn’t one, could *this* be why .@ClarenceHouse (and the (so–called) “Royal Protection Squad” – hand-in-glove w/MI6 (i.e. the SIS, etc., ad nausea) had to wait until Diana, Princess of Wales, was in France until the .@RoyalFamily
2/ had Whitehall itself issue the assasination directive to their .fr counterparts (… — “The Murder of Princess Diana: Revealed: The Truth Behind the Assassination of the Century (Unabridged)” by Noel Botham) — only reclaiming (through subsequent anonymous
3/ (but traceable) purchase / via @Sothebys) the items both Diana and Dodi Al Fayed had consulted (being already owned by Dodi’s father) — *because* Dodi Al Fayed ~ through his being related #Khassogi ~ consulted them in the first place?

I.e. WHAT could Dodi — and Diana — have
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The colonial encounter
between Europeans and Africans
did not always end with Europeans triumphing.
Either at first, or later.

Thread # is #Africanarchive
Check out this fascinating moment
in the history of
colonial encounters between Europeans and Africans:

From 1557 to 1632,
#Jesuit missionaries from Portugal and Spain
endeavored to convert the #Ethiopians
from their ancient form of #Christianity
to Roman #Catholicism
After fifty years of failing to convert Ethiopians,
the Portuguese sent a new group of Jesuits to Ethiopia in 1603,
including a priest named Pedro Paez,
whose diplomacy and sympathy for the
tenets of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church
enabled him to convert the emperor.
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