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News from the EIR Daily Alert For SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 3, 2022:
"The #Swiss #military expert Jacques Baud’s Operation Z Describes How West’s Misinformation Makes #War Worse—for #Ukraine. ..."
..."The #Swiss #military expert Jacques Baud has just written a new #book, Operation Z, out in #French on Aug. 30. In a lengthy interview with The Postil Magazine, posted Sept. 1, Baud explains that his book isn’t so much about the #Russian special military operation..."
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Clausewitz said, in his famous work “On War” (as often cited as it is little read), that war is the continuation of diplomacy by other means, well it says a lot more things, but i will keep just a few as i do not wanna write too long.
In his chapter 1, Clausewitz refers that "war constitutes... an act of force that is carried out to force the adversary to comply with our will." War, therefore, is a duel of wills, which, in itself, is not enough, since wanting is one thing and power is another.
Does not intervene who wants but who can, as it is said in #InternationalLaw

To impose our will, we need resources, in an amount that exceeds what our adversary can muster, first of all energy.
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So yesterday was exciting to say the least. A massive airbase in Crimea went boom. Was it ATACMs or Neptunes? As one infamous genocider said with all the nonsensical panache of a Russian ambassador, "what air defense doing"? Poor Geroman the Zerbiot did not have a good day.
An even worse day was had in Crimea. The really unlucky Russian's got toastified in one of the several explosions we saw. The less unlucky merely got stuck in traffic running for their lives. Russians are at heart cowards and seeing war come to them told them it was time to stop
cavorting on the beach and head for the hills deep inside Russia where neither scary Ukrainians nor Russian conscription commissars can find them. Back across the water and into occupied Ukraine, I saw a translation from a likely LNR/DNR slave soldier. It was very fatalistic and
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Very interesting piece by @shoffmania and colleagues:…
Incredibly interesting methods of assessing the impact of international treaties which can have important impacts on #globalhealth.
@shoffmania @MathieuJPP @SuzyRVK @lathika_srithar @ggigigii @sophiercampbell @GuyattGH @RoojinHabibi @lavisjn @ranjananagi @jarottingen In short: treaties ain't great mechanisms; and if they work, it's mostly because they are trade-related or otherwise have strong related enforcement mechanisms (also smaller treaties work better than bigger ones).
@shoffmania @MathieuJPP @SuzyRVK @lathika_srithar @ggigigii @sophiercampbell @GuyattGH @RoojinHabibi @lavisjn @ranjananagi @jarottingen However, questions still remain:
1. Is it possible that there is a correlation between treaties having economic components and being easier, their impacts being easier to evaluate?
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Thread – Part V – “How ‘Vladi the Provoked’ attracts clueless narcissists”

#Russia #Donbas #Ukraine @TimothyDSnyder @anneapplebaum #Merkel #NATO #SPD #Offenerbrief #colonial #Putin #Waffen #Zelensky #Melnyk Image
60/ INTRO: Assumption is that Putin appeaser views follow the stereotypes set out in the MATRIX in Fig. 19. The MATRIX is discussed in Part 1 (tweets 3-9).

#Nato #colonial #Ukraine #Russia #Waffen #Merkel Image
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[Live Tweet] Join our us at the #PeoplesForum!

@MaryMoeonoKolio @mitzijonelle @Tzeporah @lnacpil @alexraf Ayisha Siddiqa, Kalo Afeaki, Andrés Gomez, @chilledasad10 discuss strategies for a fair transition away from coal, oil and gas💪🏽

1/ @alexraf, global director of the #FossilFuelTreaty: this panel will offer reflections of activists around the world calling for a fair and equitable phase-out of oil, gas and coal, the main threat to our environment, climate and health🌎
2/ Andrés Gomez from @CensatAguaViva: in Colombia we have a history of #FossilFuels exploitation associated to violence & also to resistance, especially from indigenous peoples who consider oil as the blood of the earth and have had victories #NoAlFracking
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Thread - Part 3 – “How Ukraine provoked the war”

#Russia #NATO #Mariupol #Azov #Donbass #Bucha #Putin #USA #SPD #Germany @TimothyDSnyder @anneapplebaum #dielinke #Panzer #Waffen #Scholz @MelnykAndrij #Klitschko #WEF Image
33/ Assumption is that the «mental dynamics» of Putin’s appeasers to large extent follow the MATRIX in Fig. 12 attached. For more background you should familiarize with the parts 1-2.

#Maischberger #Lanz #Annewill #Ukraine #Russia #NAto #Donbas #Zelensky #EU #imperial #colonial Image
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(3) According to J. M. Hobson (Eurocentric Conception, 2012), a recurring tripartite pattern in terms of cultural maturity and political competence can be observed in a vast majority of schools in the 19th century (Fig. 1).

#Ukraine #Colonialism #Genocide #Bucha #Azov #NATO Image
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"We may need to develop techniques to ensure deep learning models won’t have dangerous goals, before they are powerful enough to be transformative." -- Ajeya Cotra…
What COVID Hospitalization Numbers Are Missing - The Atlantic…
#COVID19, #CaseCount, #HealthcareWorkers, #JobBurnout, #HospitalizationCount
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“I’m not scared of the ADL or its predictable, racist smear campaigns,” he said. “
It has no moral authority over me or any advocate of Palestinian liberation. I will not negotiate my vocabulary, let alone my character, with defenders of #Zionism, #colonialism, and #apartheid
“I will not negotiate my vocabulary, let alone my character, with defenders of Zionism, colonialism, and apartheid. One look at the organization’s shameful history is enough to strip it of any legitimacy its deceptive name might offer it.”…
The letter of support also argued that the controversy over the poem was changing the subject: discussions about Palestinians’ actual living conditions in the Occupied Territories were being supplanted by debates over wording.
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The flood of foreign Govt visitors post-Ukraine, suggests, that they are finally trying to understand #India & #GOI #policy from the "horses mouth" (instead of seeing it through the biases of neo-colonialists and their Indian agents).
3/IFP #Japan #Kishida visit
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#Russia & #Ukraine - What's Really Happening? [Backgrounder | Feb 23, 2022]

Pan Africanist/socialist Omali Yeshitela gives profound analysis of world economy in terms of #colonialism as means of production - a dialectic that connects entire world.…
"Liberals & leftists are fighting to protect the
#UnitedNations & [] #NATO as if they were [] legitimate ... the UN was founded for the purpose of peaceful collaboration among the colonizers to maintain domination of the world..."
The Russia-Ukraine conflict "clearly represents a fracture in U.S. #hegemony. It's a threat to U.S. hegemony and it destabilizes the exact/existing kind of of political and economic arrangements that that have dominated the world up to now."
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Today’s the official release of my book “Imagining Far-right #Terrorism” (FRT). It explores why Western European societies struggle to think of far-right and racist violence as terrorism. A (longish) 🧵 1/…
The book builds on the work that has been done on far-right violence & #terrorism in Political Science and IR over the past few decades (esp since the 2010s). However, I approach the topic very much as a humanities scholar fascinated by how #narrative theory and analysis 2/
can teach us about the making of our world(s). My main inspiration comes from two scholars in anthropology and sociology whose way of thinking and writing I have long admired: Arjun Appadurai and Ken Plummer. 3/
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In the name of opposing a crime against humanity from 8 decades ago we choose to promote and protect a crime against humanity that's been taking place for the past 7 decades and counting!

@Amnesty_DE has learnt ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from Germany's dark past:…
@Amnesty Int'l, I expect you to immediately shut down your @Amnesty_DE office in Germany, unless you seek to promote rather than oppose: #apartheid #ethniccleansing #colonialism #stateterror #whitesupremacy #Zionism.
@amnesty @amnesty_de 1/ @Amnesty_DE statement -German followed by English translation:
"In Deutschland wurde die systematische Vernichtung jüdischer Menschen geplant und umgesetzt. Antisemitische gewalttätige Übergriffe, Sachbeschädigungen oder Verschwörungsideologien sind in Deutschland präsent und
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To: @GBPolice1422, @IDGB_Official, @police_gb,
@GovtofGB, @DC_DM_GILGIT, @RNAKOfficial, @RandhawaAli, @samirashackle, @francescam63, @FranceInPak. Under the direction of PM @ImranKhanPTI, 🇵🇰Pakistan decided to promote tourism for creating millions of jobs…
In April 2019, influential foreign vloggers such as @migrationology, @evabiankaz, @RosieGabrielle1,
@Travellight_, @LostWithPurpose, were invited to Islamabad Tourism Summit . @Dawn They have been made in charge of 🇵🇰Pakistan PR to the attention
of western holiday makers. In Islamabad, these influencers were used to boost an international attractive image of the country 🇵🇰. It was a strong evidence of the government commitment to this foreign tourism strategy. However, such an impulse is facing resistance,
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"Noi però gli abbiamo fatto le strade". Forse, ma su quelle strade, oltre la violenza coloniale, portammo anche un'epidemia. Quando le truppe italiane arrivarono in #Eritrea, avevano bisogno di mangiare. L'esercito iniziò a comprare bovini, facendoli importare dall'India 1/n
Nel 1887, insieme agli animali arrivò anche il virus della peste bovina (#rinderpest), che piuttosto velocemente si diffuse in tutta l'Africa. Uccise il 90% dei bovini d'allevamento e moltissimi animali selvatici (bufali, giraffe...), generando una carestia che sterminò i 2/n
#Masai in Africa Orientale e un terzo della popolazione etiope (fonte: wikipedia). Inoltre, la rapida diminuzione degli animali fece modificò la vegetazione delle savane, rendendo l'ambiente più adatto alla proliferazione di una mosca la Glossina palpalis AKA mosca tse tse 3/n
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Q: Dr. Truschke, why don't you ever talk about Sanatana Dharma.

Answer: 🧵

#Hinduism #history #colonialism
Some Hindus prefer the term "Sanatana Dharma" for their tradition or set of religious practices.

Literally, the phrase means "eternal dharma," but y'all know there's much more to language than literal meaning. So let's talk history.
The term "Sanatana dharma" was coined in the 19th century, during British colonialism.

This shouldn't surprise anyone. Most terms for Hindu traditions or strands thereof -- including Hinduism and Brahmanism --were coined during the British colonial period.
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Finally got time to start reading "INDIA that is BHARAT!"
#DeColonise vis a vis #DeColonialise - great new additions to popular discourse @jsaideepak
#DeColonialisation - need of the hour. ✨👍
1/5 - Was reminded of a few lines I wrote in response to Faiz's "Bol ke lab azaad hai tere.." while reading Chapter 2 of #IndiaThatisBharat
Do chk it out @jsaideepak @meghkalyan @mmpandit @ksinamdar - U'll like it. 😇🙏
(verse in next tweet) Image
2/5 #Faiz:
Bol ke lab azad hai tere
Bol zuban ab tak teri hai..
I Changed it to a dialogue bwn the Colonizer & the Colonized.
First the boast of the #Colonizer ..

Bol ke lab azad hai tere
Us mein zubaan par meri hai
Jism dil dimaag hai tera
rooh dhadkan soch meri hai!
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And we're live - our ZW Live! #webinar "Should the #EU ban all exports of its #waste?" is now in full swing!

Watch it live on our Youtube channel if you couldn't register via Zoom:

@PierreCondamine @msaraswati @FokusNexus3 @Europarl_EN @EU_ENV @RethinkPlastic @brkfreeplastic @CLEAR_Lab_ All systems produce #waste - but how can we "waste well"?

Even with proximity principles in place, waste get side to the populations with the lowest incomes and from whose the biggest efforts are required - food for thought from our speaker @MaxLiboiron.

#WasteTrade #webinar
“Waste exports means creating further impacts on 'sacrifice zones' and communities which are already vulnerable; it is a presumed entitlement.” – @MaxLiboiron
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I've reviewed the resources @CodePink recommends as part of its #ChinaIsNotOurEnemy campaign regarding #Xinjiang #Uyghurs.
These resources promote a cultural response to alleged threat of #terrorism from #EastTurkistan/#Xinjiang, and I'm not sure if @CodePink would also approve of governments like #UK #USA #Belgium #France similarly "reeducating" their Muslim minority populations.
Aside from the condescension in the Chinese government documents cited, there is all but a total embrace of pre-crime activities à la Philip K. Dick's "The Minority Report."…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 11/16/2021…
Horse meat and blowfish chips for sale? Company makes chips with flavors of ‘banned’ foods…

#foods #flavors #production #marketing
Measuring progress in megawatt: Colonialism, development, and the “unseeing” electricity grid in East Africa…

#electrification #EastAfrica #colonialism #EconomicDevelopment #PostIndependence #NationalEconomies
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