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Somalis are appalled @ATMIS_Somalia allowed #Ethiopian army in #Baidoa to abuse the proud military #history of our @SNAForce by adoring and glorifying #SovietUnion alliance’s acts of aggression against #Somalia in #Karamardha as part of 1977-78 #WesternSomalia #Liberation War-1/4
These abhorrent antics are not only an affront to Somalia’s sovereignty, dignity and sensibility but are also against the Status of Mission Agreement #SOMA signed by @amisomsomalia. Article VI addresses conduct of #AMISOM and #ATMIS personnel who are required to always adhere to……
#Somalia must demand answers from @ATMIS_Somalia and @_AfricanUnion for #Ethiopia’s appalling violations of #SOMA. @MOFASomalia must also summon Ethiopia’s Ambassador and demand an apology from @mfaethiopia for the abuse of Somalia’s military #history and national sensibility-3/4
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Well now, if you read about what the western puppets and #TPLFTerroristGroup supporters are writing, you'll notice a shift to Wolkait & focus against #Eritrea and #Amhara. Just like they attempt to break apart the #NoMore movement, now the attempt is to separate #Amhara from 1/3
#Ethiopia. They have already been working to create wages between @AbiyAhmedAli & #Amhara by pretending to be #Amhara & spreading poison. Now, they are accusing #Amhara of atrocities in Axum stating the "Claim on western Tigray is for the purpose of Genocide" The west has not 2/3
changed a bit. #Ethiopians need to understand the plot, be wise, be united, & plan for a long-term fight to change the game against the enemy. It is time to save the poor in Tigray from the vicious enemies working day & night to turn it into a currency in the new conflict. 3/3
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We #Amhara ppl love #Ethiopia more than any other but unfortunately fake Ethiopianists hide among us & serve injustice to all #Ethiopians. There is nothing special #Amharas received in the last 5 decades. In fact, we get the opposite which is hatred & #AmharaGenocide! Now we 🤔 ImageImage
Being an #Amhara nationalist has nothing to do with separatism. Our grievances are being ignored & this undeniable fact is the main reason why #Ethiopia is going through this endless cycle of civil war. Fake Ethiopianists & extreme nationalists are the cancers of #Ethiopia 💚💛❤️ ImageImage
#Amhara ppl have not had APPROPRIATE political representation for 5 decades, have been falsely identified as targets of oppression hence HATE & #AmharaGenocide, were ACTIVELY fighting for minority rights & equality during the student movement in the late ‘60s WITHOUT any credit! ImageImage
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My uncle #Idris Ramadan Eilos.
He joined the struggle at the age of 19 in 1967.
He spent 3 years in the second province and was sent to #Iraq in 1970 for more military training. He came back in 1972 and continued his work as a fighter.
In 1975 he was elected as a member of the Revolutionary Council and was chosen to be the deputy of Hamid Temsah. In 1977 he was spearheading the liberation of cities in Gash, Setit and Barka, as the second man. He lead the liberation of #Geluj, #UmHajar, and #Tesennay.
In 1978 he was chosen to be amongst the leadership who will liberate #Barentu. Sadly on the 8th May he was martyred in the siege of Barentu. Today marks 44 years since his Martyrdom and every minuet that I think about Eritrea I look upto his legacy.
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#BloodyWinter: winter is coming to Ethiopia and it is going to be bloody

1/ In 2-3 months the rainy season will be upon Ethiopia. I am hoping against hope that I am wrong, but I am afraid it is going to be the bloodiest winter in our history!
2/ It appears, both #TPLF & its backers have given up their hope of bringing #TPLF back to power & have settled for an independent #Tigray to serve as their #HOA proxy to disrupt the region. The catch: An independent #Tigray can not be realized without #Welkait.
3/ #TPLF is using this respite to appease the populace severely affected by food shortage and the terrible cost of the loss from the previous campaign in terms of human life and replenish its dwindling supply to feed its army.
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#Ethiopians cannot find common ground on the future of the country by engaging in half-hearted and exclusionary processes. Crucially, a genuine dialogue cannot unfold while major armed conflicts are ongoing. #EndTigraySiege…
The government must seek a peaceful end to the conflict with the Tigrayan forces, the Oromo Liberation Army, which has been fighting for self-determination for the Oromo people, and other armed groups in the country.
Federal authorities bear the primary responsibility for building trust and confidence, and creating the conditions necessary for a comprehensive, inclusive, and credible national dialogue.
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1/ 5.5 million people died of COVID-19 under @DrTrdros's watch. The fall from grace of the @WHO under #TedrosTheTerrible might have caught many people by surprise but not many #Ethiopians.…
2/ Ethiopian health professionals gasped in disbelief when @DrTedros was elected to lead @WHO in May 2017. A man who grossly mismanaged three Cholera epidemics getting elected to manage the World Health Organization; what could possibly go wrong?🤔
3/ In October 2005, @DrTedros was appointed as the first non-MD Minister of Health in #Ethiopia. His only qualification to hold the post was him being a member of the Central Committee of the #TPLF.
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Dear #Amhara & #Afar.
Sephat Nega is a monster who master minded all the crisis in our region.
I know this is a very difficult times for you & I completely sympathise.
But be aware of the Digitalweyane. Their private chat reveals a nasty plan & I will share it.
From our 20yrs experience, TPLFites only strength is sowing discord & perpetuating conflict.
They split their group into 5 sub-groups & each assigned their own tasks.
They pose as:
1. #Oromo.
2. #Amhara.
3. #Eritreans.
4. Pro-Abiy
5. Anti-Abiy.
Task of those posing as Oromos are to attack Amhara relentlessly & exploit any historical misrepresentation to the maximum.
Those pose as Amhata will insult Oromos.
Those who pose as Eritreans, their task is to attack both Amhara & Oromo, & also lie about Eritrea's motives.
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Many #Ethiopians are shocked, confused and disappointed by the sudden release of the TPLF leaders including Sebhat Nega, the father’s of TPLF on Ethiopian’s Christmas night without any explanation of why. #Ethiopian people need some answers to this.
If their crimes were so bad they were in prison for so long, how can they all be released so quickly, in a single night, without even examining their individual cases? If they were innocent of crimes, why were they being held in the first place?
Was it for political reasons or foreign pressure? If so, why do we tolerate such a unscrupulous system?

Who was involved in this decision? Does the rule of law and a system of justice exist in Ethiopia or not?
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Today, January 7, an estimated of 260 million Orthodox Christians around the world will celebrate Christmas Day in the Julian calendar. Image
On this day millions of #Ethiopians at home and away from home and those of us from #Ethiopia will celebrate ገና በዓል (Gena) or Christmas.

I wish you all Melkam Gena መልካም የገና በዓል እመኝላችኋለሁ! ImageImage
I am wishing each of you who are followers of Jesus, a very Merry Christmas as we celebrate this most joyous time of the year when Jesus Christ was born, not in a palace or mansion, but in a humble stall. ImageImage
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#BlackPawns vs. #ProudBlacks

1/ Taking the conflict in N. Ethiopia as an opportunity, #African and #Ethiopian elites who despise #Ethiopia and #panafricanism have come out of the woodwork in droves.
2/ These are people who grew up convinced that it was a great miscarriage of justice that they were born black. Deep inside they keep thinking they should have been born white. The injustice of it all!
2/ They spend their whole lives chasing after the illusory dream of being as light skinned as possible. They work hard, they cajole and beg and suck up to their bosses. They even pray! And yet, they wake up every day bound in that black skin.
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1/ October 31, #TPLF entered #Dessie

November 1, #TPLF captured #Kombolcha

December 4, WPF and other INGO warehouses were looted by #TPLF and @WFP_Ethiopia staff held at gun point by #TPLF via @AJEnglish
2/ Dec 6, the #TPLF were routed out of #Dessie and #Kombolcha

Dec 9, @WFP announces they are suspending operation in these 2 cities

@WFPChief under orders from @DrTedros is putting these two cities under humanitarian blockade as punishment for resisting occupation by TPLF
In light of these events, it is time for people to start questioning who really is in charge of the @UN these days. Who is making these decisions behind the curtain? Is it really you @antonioguterres?

Half jokingly, #Ethiopians are saying #FreeGuterres!

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🎯 U.S. Based and many European news outlets like @cnn @cnnafrica , @bbcnews @bbcafrica , @reuters and @france24_en have reported the war in Ethiopia without the context of decades of atrocities that faced the Ethiopian people under the TPLF led government.
U.S. Based and many European news outlets like #CNN, #Bloommberg, #BBC, #Reuters and #France24 have reported the war in Ethiopia without the context of decades of atrocities that faced the Ethiopian people with the former ruling government under the TPLF.
The lack of context and bias in these coverages has emphasized on the violence and atrocities in Tigray and paints the nature of the conflict as a genocide. This reporting provides the narrative of African countries that is easier for the West to swallow and easier to dismiss
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Ethiopiawinet or genuine patriotism is still alive in the hearts, minds and souls of millions #Ethiopians as you can see here in the #NoMore rally throughout the world. ImageImageImageImage
This is our time to organize and mobilize our people to reclaim our
ኢትዮጵያዊነት Ethiopiawinet,our humanity and our country from Ethno-nationalists, neocolonialists, ethnic federalism Or institutionalized tribalism and imperialism. ImageImageImageImage
This is our time to start a national and international campaign of #NoMore to ethnic politics “I’m human”. ImageImage
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Virginia D-day

1/ Twenty seven years of tyranny and subjugation. We wept and prayed and fought!

When we got a shot at freedom and democracy, we grabbed it with two hands!

We went to the streets and we marched to the voting booth!
2/ Yet, even in this day and age, the will of the people counts for nothing! Especially if you are poor and black and African!

The liberals, who preach racial equality at home are no different from their white predecessors who came to enslave us or to 'save' us.
3/ And now the Democrats are fuelling genocide in #Ethiopia!

If you need any reason to vote Red and punish Blinken and co, I give you........Maikadra.....Galicoma......Chifra.....Agamsa...Kobo....Wuchale......and Kombolcha.....
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1/ On Nov 2 Virginians will vote in the Gubernatorial Election. On Nov 4 #Ethiopians all over the world will hold a day of remembrance for the hundreds of Ethiopian soldiers massacred by the TPLF in the dead of night on Nov 4, 2020.
2/ Belatedly, both sides are scrambling to appeal to Ethiopians. #Ethiopians will not be swayed by vacous video messages or bland statements. Ethiopians demand change in US FP towards Ethiopia! Ethiopians demand action! So far the Biden admin has been found wanting!
3/ The current adminstartion's support for #TPLF and demonization of GOE is clear as daylight. The liberal political-media complex is working day and night against Ethiopia.
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#FakeBombardment in the making?

1/ The attempt by Professor Moriarty to portray a couple of haystacks as targets of air bombardment was laughable and cringeworthy. However, I think it is a prequel to a more sinister #TPLF plan!
2/ We #Ethiopians know two things about TPLF. They are very predictable and very dogged! As the air bomanradement continues and the capacity of the #TPLF keeps getting degraded, I suspect they will resort to Plan C, which is committing unspeakable atrocities in #Tigray.
3/ The #TPLF might blow up residential areas or even shoot down a UN flight as @stesfa has predicted and lay the blame on #Ethiopia.

The disinformation will then be recycled through the likes of @martinplaut @berhe_lucy @nimaelbagir or Cara Anna and echoed by @StateDept & @UN!
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#ResistEthiopia: Resistance Flourishes in Darkness

1. For the past eleven months, the pro-#Ethiopia camp has been screaming bloody murder regarding the virtually complete media blackout of Pro-#Ethiopian voices.
The media blackout and the negative coverage of #Ethiopia by the MSM has resulted in a cascading effect, leading astray not only ordinary citizens but also academicians who you think would know better.
For this thread, demonstrating the the media blackout, I have collaborated with another exceptionally talented Ethiopian, @Samriethio!
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1/ @wdavison10’s favorite trope is his claim that he is an ‘Independent Analyst’ of all things #Ethiopian. So much so that he DM’d me following my previous thread👇 on him, saying that it was full of errors & inaccuracies.
I took his outrage seriously and asked @Kings_of_Nile to undertake a network analysis of Mr. @wdavison10's twitter outputs and interactions. If truly independent his network would have reasonably proportional representation from both camps. This is what we have uncovered!
2/ @wdavison’s twitter community is a virtual who is who of #InformationLaundering & #DisinformationRecycling. He virtually occupies the same space as @ZekuZelalem and their next door neighbors are @RAbdiAnalyst & @reda_getachew. Image
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The 'IC' is at its wits end because GOE and #Ethiopians are not reacting the way they expected. They keep saying there is no military solution to the crisis and yet make a non-military solution very unlikely by pushing the GOE too hard....
.....and putting its back against the wall. By refusing to condemn TPLF and pushing the GOE to engage with #TPLF, a universally reviled group in Ethiopia, they are essentially forcing the GOE to choose between the ‘IC’ and the people of #Ethiopia.
The 'IC' refused to acknowledge let alone appreciate positive moves by the GOE; making the GOE come to the natural conclusion that there is no positive to come out of complying with the demands of the ‘IC.’
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1/ “gaslighting” refers to a specific type of manipulation where the manipulator is trying to get someone else (or a group of people) to question their own reality, memory or perceptions. ...
Gaslighting is not a new invention; it has been used successfully to justify slavery, colonialism and racism to the victims themselves and now in 2021 it is being used with little subtlety to break the spirit of #Ethiopia.
2/ As part of the strategy, black journalists and politicians are being co-opted as faces of this campaign to further undermine the legitimacy of the grievance of millions of #Ethiopians who know beyond a shadow of doubt that a coordinated campaign is being employed against them.
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So from the thread @Qnie_Addis I have had some discussions with colleagues and made some inquires on the @CNN and @nimaelbagir's #Fake news against #Ethiopia on their 'news report'. 1/14
Please read this thread @Qnie_Addis @EthThinker @MimiH87987850 @PLPSD @dejene_2011. 🙏
First, the best way, I think, is to assert based on the US laws. That means, they can be responsible for violating the laws of the US especially concerning fake news. But, due to the First Amendment that provides wider protection to freedom of speech this task is no easy. 2/14
The reason is simple, the US does not have laws against fake news. Of course there is fake news. But the US law favors freedom of speech more. They have their own philosophy. Yet, that does not mean freedom of speech is absolute. 3/14
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Nima’s Salamander Tale

Investigative Journalism is Dead, Long Live Investigative Journalism!

1/ On September 5, @CNN came out with a piece of 'Investigative Journalism' by one @nimaelbagir. Even by @CNN's low standards this article was atrocious, to say the least.
Many Ethiopians including me took to SM to expose CNN’s latest debacle. To put it mildly, the story was dead on arrival!👇
[Humera Massacre Debunked – I]

[Humera Massacre Debunked – II]
2/ Now, this #Ethiopian army of Tweeter sleuths (@EthioCyberia, @Eliezer, @NbaAddict & others) have exposed that the story had been revised quietly [silent-edited]on Sept 8.
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Black Thread


1/The rainy season is coming to an end. Roads will be more passable for military convoys, the skies will be clear for fighter jets & hundreds of thousands newly minted soldiers will soon be joining the frontlines.
2/ #TPLF and their allies know the end is near. #TPLF are massacring civillains as part of their plan to transform the conflict into an ethnic war and pave the ground for R2P. Their western allies are doing their best to force the government to negotiate.
3/ They started the pressure with the executive order from President Biden.

It would not be surprising if the EU/UK/UN restart heaping pressure on the GOE. The media has already restarted their campaign.
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