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10 Aug
#BREAKING Police arrived at @chowtingagnes's home, Chow's FB admin said. Not sure if any arrest will be made. Chow is at home and her lawyer is rushing there.
Now TV and TVB reported that @chowtingagnes is arrested. TVB said it's related to violation of #nationalsecuritylaw.
Just 22 hours ago @chowtingagnes wrote about a number of suspicious men - in shifts - watching her home and taking photos. "I am a bit scared but I will only do what I believe in. White terror is everywhere, please be very careful everyone."
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31 Jul
HK Gov to announce postponing LegCo election today or not, this is what HK has been though in July, 1st month with #nationalsecuritylae, in a #THREAD:

Full bill of #NSL came to light and came in force at 11pm

370 arrested in banned rallies, including 10 alleged..
...of violating #NSL. Tong Ying-kit, a young man who drove a motorcycle with a flag saying 光復香港時代革命 became the 1st prosecuted with #NSL for charges of “incitement to subversion” and “terrorism”.

HK Gov says 光復香港時代革命 violates #NSL
Guangdong official Zheng Yanxiong, famous for scolding overseas media during #WukanDisturbances, was named chief of Beijing’s national security agency in HK.
Edwina Lau named chief of HK police’s national security dept.
US Congress passed #HKAutonomyAct
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9 Jul
#Thread It's been 5yrs since the crack down and round up of human rights lawyers and their families on July 9, 2015. Released lawyer Wang Quanzhang published part of his self-defense. Wang was sentenced to 4.5yrs in jail for "subversion".…
"In any normal countries around the world, the legal definition of 'subversion' means 'to topple with force'... The authorities can't arbitrarily 'argue' that a citizen's behaviors constitute subversion. It's even more appalling to equate some deeds (at most you may call them... Image
... inappropriate) in the normal work of a practicing lawyer to subversion.
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6 Jul
A 7 point enforcement guidelines on article 43 of #NSL was passed at the 1st national security committee meeting today, allowing HK police on national security cases to:

1) search premises with approval from a police force director instead of a court warrant
2) demand publishers, publishing platforms and service providers to remove info considered jeopardising national security and stop it from spreading. Resistance can result in up to HKD100K fine and 6 months in jail
3) To demand info from foreign and Taiwan political organisers and agents. Refusal can lead to up to HKD100K fine and 6 months in jail. Misinformation can lead to up to HKD100K fine and 2 years in jail.
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30 Jun
It’s been 48 minutes since the national security law was promulgated in HK. To sum it up very very briefly:

1. Life imprisonment is there for every for the four offences
2, National security police and agents can basically do whatever they feel necessary to “suspects”
3, Work of national security committee and agency will be kept from public and immune to judicial review
4, HK gov has no jurisdiction over national security agency staff “discharging duties”
5, Trial in HK can go without jury or go behind closed door if Secretary for Justice certified necessity to protect state secrets
6, Serious cases on 3 occasions can be passed to mainland’s top procuratorate and Supreme Court under national security agency or HK gov’s request
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22 Jun
HK's sole rep to NPCSC Tam Yiu-chung gave an interview to Cable TV News on national security law.

1) Change from "subversion of central people's government" to "subversion of state regime" means opposing HK SAR government also counts.
2) Tam said the penalties of 3,5,10 years are "relatively lenient" compared to those in mainland China. He asked people to "understand the central authority's painstaking arrangement" as it shows that Beijing doesn't want to punish but instead deter first.
3) Tam said the jurisdiction reserved by Beijing includes the powers of "law enforcement, prosecution and trial". And it will be invoked when "the situation gets out of control" and the chief executive asks for help.
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20 Jun
#Beijing finally decided to partially reveal datails of the draft of national secury bill for HK.
The whole bill consists of 6 chapters and 66 articles. The least disclosed today is “offences and penalties”.
The bill requires HK gov to “strengthen supervision and management” of national security issues in schools and social groups.
HK has to set up a national security commission similar to Macau’s, which is led by the chief executive and includes major officials, particularly of those from disciplined services.
Note that HK police will have two reps in the commission - its chief and NatSec section chief.
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15 Jun
Six areas we know and yet to know about the #nationalsecuritylaw Beijing is imposing on HK.

1. Timetable
The earliest admitted knowledge of the plan among HK's officials is on May 18, during an NPCSC meeting attended by the city's sole rep Tam Yiu-chung. The plan was...
...officially announced at night of May 21 at the NPC annual meeting's pre-convention press conference. The decision was passed on May 28 before NPC 2020 closed. The next NPCSC is meeting from June 18 to 20. Its agenda reported by state media does not include the law.
2. Target
Beijing says the law targets "secession, subversion, terrorism and foreign interference" and officials also mentioned "Hong Kong separatists" "self-determination activists" and "Laam Chau activists". Specifics of "acts and activities" are yet to be outlined.
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24 May
#NOW riot police in groups spread across the heartland of Causeway Bay, where a march opposing national security law is set to take place at 1pm between SOGO and Southorn Playground. The march did not seek police’s letter of no objection.
#NOW crowd begins to gather on Great George St outside SOGO Causeway Bay as Poeple Power starts to speak. “Fast beat” Tam Tak-chi said they do not violate the group gathering ban becos they are hosting a public health lecture and people are free to walk on their own to Central.
#NOW riot police warning People Power Tam Tak Chi of violating group gathering ban.
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22 May
#NOW Wang Chen, deputy chairman of NPCSC, read out the document circulated earlier online on the resolution of building national security safeguarding mechanism in HK.
Other than introducing a national security law, Beijing will also allow national security orgs to work in HK.
#thread notes on Wang Chen speech
1. Still confirmed OCTS achieved "unprecedented success" in HK but it's facing "new risks and challenges"
2. Two types of forces are meddling HK - those "anti-China and trouble HK forces in the city"(反中亂港勢力)and "foreign hostile forces"...
3. Most of the troubles in HK are brought by the "anti-China trouble HK forces in the city". No likening of last year's protests as "colour revolution" but still emphasising national security risks.
4. Blame failure of BL23 legislation on "smearing and demonising by people...
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15 May
#thread of sentence for Sin Ka-ho, a 22yo lifeguard who plead guilty of rioting outside the public entrance of LegCo on 6.12 in 2019.

1) Judge spent most of the space in “facts” to reconstruct what happened between 3pm to 4pm that day to establish how the situation descended ...
...into a riot. Although she admitted that the borderline between unlawful assembly and riot is always difficult to draw, she cannot accept the mitigation that defender was acting spontaneously.

2) Given that defender was filmed continuing to throw objects to police...
...and their check line outside LegCo’s public entrance after protesters beside and behind him had all run away, judge said he was acting “in a disorderly, intimidating, provocative and assaulting manner” and was “caught red handed”.

3) Judge believed that the 6.12 riot was...
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15 Apr
Today is China's National Security Education Day. Both #CarrieLam and Liaison Office head #LuoHuining published a video speech, emphasising that national security includes "public health security" - which even comes before "political security"
Moreover, #LuoHuining was rather explicit about beefing up the "national security legal system and implementation mechanism" in HK - "enact what should be enacted, amend what should be amended, activate what should be activated, execute what should be executed".
Regarding #RuleOfLaw, #LuoHuining argued that if protest violence was not punished, more will follow suit and such ”ant nests in rule of law will destroy the grand dam of national security".
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6 Feb
On an RTHK programme this morning, Dr Lam Ching-choi, a member of #CarrieLam’s cabinet — the Executive Council — said the government has actually been doing “pretty well” in fighting the #nCoV2019 outbreak and he raised three evidence
1, As the government rolled out rounds of...
...border restriction measures, the recent confirmed cases are local patients instead of visitors. It indicated that according to Lam the effectiveness of the measures in curbing inbound travellers.
2, Singapore and Thailand, which are farther from mainland China than HK, have...
...more confirmed cases reported that HK.
3, The steering committee chaired by Carrie Lam includes top epidemic experts such as a former deputy director general of WHO, and the committee declared an emergency earlier than WHO.
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28 Jan
#NOW #CarrieLam and 8 senior officials are meeting press with mask on, including security minister John Lee.
#CarrieLam: I regret the huge amount of rumours circulating online which will severely obstruct to our control of the epidemic and generate unnecessary panic among the public.
She raised an example of accusing her of promising to use HK's medical system to serve mainland's needs
#BREAKING #CarrieLam: halt issuance of individual travel visas to HK in 49 mainland cities
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28 Jan
Microbiologist Dr Ho Pak-leung made a "lazy pack" teaching the public how to wear masks properly and he called it "five demands on wearing masks, not one less".
A wrong example Dr Ho Pak-leung gave is lawmaker Michael Tien - one should not leave his/her nose out of the mask. "Don't laugh at others. Remind each other," the slide says.
On border control, Dr Ho Pak-leung said it can't be painless, otherwise it will be useless. "What we did wrong 17 years ago (during SARS outbreak), we don't want to do it again now," he said.
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27 Jan
#THREAD How did Wuhan mayor Zhou Xianwang explain the "deficit in information disclosure" in handling #nCoV2019 in an exclusive interview with @CCTV :

"Regarding our handling of this epidemic, many parties are dissatisfied with our information disclosure...
@CCTV ....We were not sufficiently in time, and we did not make good use of many helpful information. In terms of not being in time, I hope you can understand, that we are handling an epidemic, and we are bound by the infectious disease act, so we must disclose information according...
@CCTV the law. As a local government, after I got the information, I must ask for authorization before I could disclose it. Many people didn't understand this at that time. Afterwards, particular after the State Council convened a meeting on Jan 20, and...
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27 Jan
HKU Med School head Gabriel Leung is meeting press with a mask on. He is going to announce new estimation of #nCoV2019 .
HKU Med School head Gabriel Leung apologised again for his inappropriate comment made on Friday that he and officials couldn’t speak with mask on .
Key takeaway so far
1, Wuhan is estimated to have over 25,000 confirmed cases and over 43,000 infections
2, Wuhan lockdown doesn’t really help to stop spreading in other major cities in China
3, Chongqing can be the most affected,followed by Beijing Shanghai Guangzhou Shenzhen
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22 Jan
#BREAKING Macau got its first imported case of #WuhanPneumonia from a 52yo female visitor from the mainland city.
She took high speed railway to Zhuhai on Jan 19 and entered Macau in late night that day. She had been staying mostly in New Orient Landmark Hotel on Jan 20 and 21.
Lei Chin Lon, Macau's health bureau chief said the woman was tested positive to coronavirus and showed pneumonia symptoms. Lei said #WuahnPneumonia patients might not show symptom of fever and the woman just began to have fever.
Lei Chin Lon, Macau's health chief said the woman is kept in the isolation ward of Conde S. Januário Hospital and her two close contacts under isolated monitor in a public health centre at St. Augustine's Square.
Buses and gambling tables the woman used would be disclosed too.
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29 Dec 19
HK education minister Kevin Yeung mentioned a number of important measures in this exclusive interview with Shangguan News, a branch of PLA mouthpiece Jiefang Daily.

1) Yeung said in handling teachers complained of “misconducts” in protests...…
...if the school said no problem was found in the “problematic teacher” in its feedback to the Bureau, the feedback can be considered as an indicator of the school management being “problematic”. Yeung said If a principal was also found “problematic”, the Bureau could also...
...kick the principal out of the school.

2) The Bureau’s power to add members to school boards is also considered a usable tool to handle “problematic” schools.

3) Yeung said the Bureau would release its feedback on examination of liberal studies textbooks and teaching...
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24 Dec 19
#NOW outside TST pier and Harbour City, citizens and tourists are enjoying a colourful and festive Christmas Eve while a small group of riot police are guarding the Star Ferry’s exit
#CarrieLam just published a video on her FB page, wishing people a peaceful, safe and merry Christmas.
Riot police patrolling Canton Road in TST.
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20 Dec 19
#THREAD HK Education Minister said the authority will adopt harsher measures on teachers arrested and complained in protest-related incidents to “correct mistakes”.
Around 80 teachers were arrested in #HKProtests and 123 complaints on teachers were filed to the Buro.
Among the 123 complaints, 74 have completed probe. 44 were found valid. 13/44 have received foloup actions including 7 extortion letters, 5 condemnation letters, 1 warning letter. 31 cases are waiting for or considering teachers’ explanations.
1 government school teacher was suspended for using “inappropriate teaching materials”
2 subsidised school teachers were suspended for speech that has “deviated common values recognised by the society”.
2 teachers left their jobs amid complaints and probes.
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