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Latest for @dwnews: On the one-year anniversary of the #NSL, I talk to scholars and activists about the impact that the law on #HongKong. Following the closure of #AppleDaily and the promotion of former police, many say the city has become a police…
Since the law came into effect on June 30,2020, authorities have removed all opposition lawmakers in the legislative council and detained dozens of high-profile pro-democracy activists, including Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Jimmy Lai.
"The national security law is targeting the freedom of dissent. It’s about taking advantage of what happened in 2019 to impose blanket silence," said Victoria Hui.
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In a new research brieing, @amnesty warned that the #NSL has decimated the city’s freedoms and created a landscape increasingly devoid of human rights protections.…
‘In the Name of National Security’ details how the law enacted on 30 June 2020 has given the authorities free rein to illegitimately criminalize dissent while stripping away the rights of those it targets.
“In one year, the National Security Law has put Hong Kong on a rapid path to becoming a police state and created a human rights emergency for the people living there,” said Yamini Mishra, Amnesty International’s Asia-Pacific Regional Director.
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Latest for @IrishTimes: As #HongKong marks one year since the #NSL came into effect, I talked to activists who are still in the city and who have gone into exile about what has changed. One thing in common is the disappearing space to voice dissent:…
Last September, Hong Kong pro-democracy activist @SunnyCheungky was due in court for a case related to his participation in a banned vigil last June to mark the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.
Instead of appearing as a defendant, he announced on Facebook that he had gone into exile at an undisclosed location, fearing for his own safety.
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In a scarred Hong Kong, “beautiful things are gone”.
Remembering what happened in 2019 has become more important than ever.
One year after China imposed the #NSL, we speak to six different Hong Kong people on how they’re keeping the city's memories alive.…
Democracy activists charge that those in power are trying to take control of the narrative, and they fear that future generations will hear only the government’s version of events.
📷: Reuters/Lam Yik
It’s not only a battle over the narrative: Since the protests died down last year, the city’s very landscape has changed, leaving familiar places unfamiliar.
📷: Reuters/Lam Yik
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In #HongKong: @StandNewsHK, one of the pro-democracy online media named as one of the next targets of HK police's crackdown under the #NSL, announced that they will delete all the opinion pieces published in May and prior to that and they will also stop receiving sponsorship.
Additionally, six members on the board of directors of Stand News' parent company have resigned from their positions. This is yet another sign that #pressfreedom in #HongKong under the #NSL is facing huge threat.
Just a few days ago, #HongKong government forced #AppleDaily, #HK's largest pro-democracy newspaper, to shut down after freezing its assets, arrested five top executives and one opinion writer, and raided its newsroom in the name of violation of #NSL.
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Sing Tao Daily reported that some Chinese foreign policy officials published an article that said the anti-sanction law passed by #Beijing will be executable in #HongKong and it can be used to make the city's national security legal framework more…
The article was published under the Chinese Communist Party school's affiliated publication and the two authors are government officials with foreign policy expertise.
In the article, they wrote the anti-sanction law will become a useful tool for #China to counter sanctions imposed by foreign countries. They proposed that since the #NSL enacted in #HongKong last year was carried out by being included in Annex 3 of the Basic Law in #HK.
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Latest for @Independent: On the final day of @appledaily_hk's operation, I talked to @limlouisa and Kai Ong from @amnesty to look at how the "death" of #HongKong's most popular pro-democracy newspaper under the #NSL will impact press freedom in the city.…
"Less than a week after a dramatic raid of its newsroom and freezing of its assets, Hong Kong’s most famous pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily announced on Wednesday that they will publish the last edition of its physical paper on Thursday ...
... and cease operations and online news updates by midnight on the same day. The announcement comes two days before the original plan of publishing the paper’s last edition on Saturday, which was made by the board of directors of its parent company Next Digital."
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The top United Nations human rights official said on Monday she hoped to agree on terms for a visit this year to #China, including its #Xinjiang region, to look into reports of serious violations against Uyghurs.…
It was the first time that Michelle Bachelet had publicly suggested a timeline for the visit, for which her office has been negotiating the terms since September 2018.
China's U.N. mission in Geneva said in a statement that China welcomed Bachelet to visit, including Xinjiang, but the visit should be a "friendly one" aimed at promoting cooperation "rather than making the so-called 'investigation' under the presumption of guilt".
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.@Andy_is_missing has arrived West Kowloon Magistrate for his #NSL case mention with police escort.

Today Chan Tsz-Wah case of NSL and alleged assisting Andy to flee #Hongkong will be mentioned at same court, same time.

The police guards is much reduced than previous times.
Chan’s case is adjourned for 1hr for both sides to discuss matters for defending side only received care briefing on Tuesday.

Top #NSL prosecutor Anthony Chau in court.

Chan’s in 3 piece dark grey suit and blue tie, he shown sigh post to his friend when hearing adjournment.
.@andy_is_missing lawyer and barrister Trevor Chan and Alain Sham enters the court. Sham is wearing exact same tie.

The case adjourned again for another hour and Andy Li’s hair starts to grow back like his well-known style. He tried to wave Chan to his side and got pushed back.
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Thanks to @univgroningen’s invitation to join an online webinar to talk about how #COVID19 affects protests and demonstrations in countries and places around the world. I talked about how #HongKong government used the pandemic as a way to increase their crackdown on ...
... pro-democracy protests throughout 2020 and the almost total ban of public protests has further given the authorities an excuse throughout 2021 to charge, sentence and detain leading pro-democracy activists. Combined that with the #NSL, it really puts further ...
...strain on the pro-democracy movement in #HongKong and further tighten the space for public demonstration and protests in the semi-autonomous city.
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Authorities in #HongKong cited the ongoing #NSL investigation as the ground to freeze Jimmy Lai's assets in the city. His shares in Next Digital Limited and bank accounts belonging to three other companies he owns were frozen.…
This comes following another heavy news for Lai's media empire as @appledaily_hk announced that they will stop printing the physical newspaper in #Taiwan after May 17, marking an end of the paper in Taiwan for almost two decades.
Lai has been made one of the prime targets of #HongKong and #Beijing authorities' crackdown on #HK's civil society and opposition forces. He's been given multiple charges and has also been sentenced to more than a year in jail in at least one case.
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On the same day when @joshuawongcf and three other pro-democracy activists received more prison sentences, five #HongKong people, including a 15-year-old, were arrested by police under the #NSL.….
Local reports said three of those detained were scooped up on Thursday morning during raids looking for members of a group called "Returning Valiant".
"Their comments left on social media could constitute the offences of secession and subversion under the national security law," a police source told the South China Morning Post daily.
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After #HongKong government banned former pro-democracy legislator Wu Chi-Wai from leaving the prison to attend his father's funeral, he said he wouldn't accept the government's "arrangement" for him to attend the funeral through video call.…
Wu is one of the 47 pro-democracy politicians who have been arrested and detained by #HongKong police under the #NSL for participating in the pro-democracy camp's primary last year. When Wu applied to see his father in the hospital for one last time early last month, ...
... his application was not approved due to the process and timing, which prevented him from seeing his father one last time before he passed away. After he passed away, Wu applied to attend the funeral but the application was rejected again.
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#BREAKING A few changes - including some alarming ones - in the latest print of #NSL Reader Beijing gifted all HK teachers and schools to read. The book’s leading author is Wang Zhenmin, ex legal affairs chief of the Liaison Office.

Listing out in this #thread
1. Most alarming one - in the section about cases in HK’s jurisdiction, 1st print said other regulations in HK’s existing laws concerning national security “of course shall be followed” but the line is gone in 2nd print ...

(L: 1st print; R: 2nd print)
...instead 2nd print listed 3 ordinances in HK laws deemed “concerning national security offences” including the Crimes Ordinance, the Official Secrets Ordinance and the Societies Ordinance, and said if they contradict with #NSL, #NSL shall prevail.

(L: 1st print; R: 2nd print)
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Hong Kong media tycoon Jimmy Lai and nine other pro-democracy activists are expected to be sentenced on Friday after they were found guilty of participating in unauthorised assemblies during #HongKongProtests in 2019.
Lai was found guilty in two separate trials earlier in April for illegal assemblies on Aug. 18 and Aug. 31 2019, respectively. He is scheduled for two more court mentions, including collusion with a foreign country and a fraud case.
In the Aug. 18 case, District Court judge Amanda Woodcock found him guilty together with Martin Lee, Margaret Ng, Lee Cheuk-yan, Albert Ho, Leung Kwok-hung, Cyd Ho, Au Nok-hin and Leung Yiu-chung. The latter two had pleaded guilty.
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Breaking: A court in #HongKong has convicted nine pro-democracy figures over their participation in a pro-democracy rally in August 2019. 2 pleaded guilty and the other seven are convicted.
One of the convicted is Martin Lee, known by many as "the father of democracy" in #HongKong. Here's an interview I did with him a little bit before he announced that he would no longer take any more foreign media interviews prior to the passage of #NSL:…
Another one is former legislator and prominent barrister Margaret Ng and here's my interview with her just days before #HongKong's #NSL came into effect:…
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In terms of length of gov backdrop slogan, HK is surely developing.
#FINALLY #CarrieLam said Election Committee election will be held in September, LegCo election in December and Chief Executive election next March.

Lam's gov is set to table bills for local legislation for the election overhaul in mid-April and have them passed by end of May.
#JUSTIN All members of the Candidates Qualification Review Committee will be "principal officials of the SAR government", #CarrieLam said, as they must be "balanced, impartial and not afraid of sanctions".

The committee will take over the tasks of returning officers.
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#BREAKING Tong Ying Kit, first man in HK charged under #NSL, will launch judicial review against DOJ’s decision to not to grant jury to his formal trial, his defense counsel told High Court.

The decision was first revealed by @AFP last month.
Lau Chi-pang, a history professor of Ling Nan University who has been appointed by gov to lead a committee to rename the subject of liberal studies, will be the prosecution’s expert to explain the slogan #光復香港時代革命 in Tong Ying Kit’s case.
Tong Ying-Kit’s counsel Lawrence Lok SC sought to postpone the formal trial currently set in June and July with 3 reasons :

- Neither his or any other bilingual counsel’s diary fits
- Tong will JR no jury decision
- Defense was only told ystd about prosecution’s expert
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#HongKong Crowds gathered outside court as 47 pro-democracy candidates, campaigners & activists are charged with conspiracy to commit subversion under national security law #NSL.

The prosecutions, a clear statement of intent, are descending into farce. Trouble in Hong Kong. 🧵
Hard to know where to begin with this statement.
The evidence being relied upon predates the #NSL which is said not to be retroactive. And yet...
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This is a #thread about what happened in HK today.

1) 47 of the 55 pro-dem activists arrested on 6 Jan for joining their camp's primaries for LegCo election are prosecuted for "conspiracy to subversion" in their advanced reporting trip to police stations.
2) This is the largest group prosecuted for "subversion" not only since #NSL came in force in HK est 30 June 2020 but also since the offence of subversion was included in China's criminal law in 1997.
3) The blow is wide and heavy - not only those who signed a joint declaration of their intention to use every power a lawmaker has to push for democratisation in HK have been implicated. Among the 6 organisers, only John Clancey is not prosecuted.
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#BREAKING Beijing's national security commissioner in HK Zheng Yanxiong spoke to the public for the second time since he took office in last July.

At the online CNY reception held by Liaison Office, Zheng said no force on earth can stop China's growth.
Beijing's chief liaison officer in HK Luo Huining said he has "become more confident in our home Hong Kong" when summarising his experience of working in the city for over a year.
Liaison chief Luo Huining shared "4 unforgettable moments in 2020"

1) Fishing boats supporting #NSL
2) HKers welcoming mainland medics for mass #COVID tests
3) Himself visiting underprivileged residents in HK
4) TVB and Bilibili jointly held new year gala
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#NOW Outside HK’s Court of Final Appeal queues have been growing since ystd for ppl waiting for a seat at DOJ’s appeal against High Court’s bail for #JimmyLai over his #NSL case. Whether #NSL assumes bail or no bail will be the crux of the debate. Hearing at 10am.
This group “Volunteer Association of Oriental Pearl” is protesting outside CFA, condemning #JimmyLai of engendering national security and advocating for Lai to be sent to mainland China for trial.
Two men dressed like coronavirus (?) to protest outside CFA against #JimmyLai and @appledaily_hk , which they called a “poisonous newspaper”.
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After @jamespomfret's report suggests that #Beijing might plan to further change the electoral system in #HongKong, Chinese state-media @globaltimesnews published an op-ed, arguing that #HK should seek long-term mechanisms to ensure "electoral safety."…
The op-ed claimed that over the past few years, some "radical forces" tried to use elections for the Legco and the district council as an occasion to "tear #HongKong society apart, paralyze the SAR's political system and administrative operation."
"They are essentially trying to turn elections into something that oppose the SAR's mission," Global Times wrote.
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China's @PeopleDailyCN published an article, describing the #HongKong court's decision to release #HK media tycoon Jimmy Lai on bail is "damaging the city's rule of law." On top of an image of Lai behind bars, the People's Daily wrote: "…
... do you have difficulty exercising your jurisdiction, #HongKong courts?" The article went on to claim that since Lai's case has significance to the city, if the court can't handle the case according to law, it will damage #HK's rule of law.
The article described Lai as "notorious and extremely dangerous," and said he became the first person to be released on bail after being charged under the controversial #NSL. "After the implementation of #NSL, if someone like Jimmy Lai, the leader of #HongKong's source ...
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