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Tsui Hon-Kwong, veteran member of disbanded #HongKongAlliance - the group who hosted candlelight vigil for #June4 for three decades in HK, was taken away by police. He kept upholding his candle for #TiananmenMothers until police shut the door.
A man whose phone torch was on was taken away by police after a search. An officer snatched his phone as a group of officers escorted him into the search zone.
At a point people were lined up to wait for police search.
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#JUSTNOW This woman was taken away by police after a search. Not immediately clear what triggered the search. She upheld a small card with the Chinese characters “conscience” during the search. She wore a yellow mask, a black tee, a yellow skirt, and yellow socks with “Hong Kong”
“Going to a police station. Going to Wan Chai Police Station,” the woman shouted as police bundled her away.
A woman surnamed Cheung and in all black outfit was searched and let go by police. She told reporters police didn’t specify what made her suspicious and only checked her ID and bag. She took the search rather easy, “everyone knows what day is it today.”
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Heavy police presence in Causeway Bay on #June4, the anniversary of #TiananmenSquareMassacre. A man near Victoria Park has been surrounded by police officers for 25 mins. They have meticulously gone through everything in his bag, including every card pocket of his wallet.
Chan in his sixties was told by police that he could be deemed as part of unauthorised assembly because of a plastic candlelight, which he has used for years. In return, he advised them to quit their jobs.
A man was stopped and searched by police for holding a Lego tank set. “In just three years, everything changed,” he said.
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In Hong Kong’s Victoria Park, where people had come together for an annual vigil before the COVID-19 pandemic hit, authorities blocked off main parts of the venue and warned people against illegal gatherings. Full Story:…
Heavy police presence in and around Victoria Park.
"To remember is to resist," prominent Chinese human rights lawyer @tengbiao told Reuters from the United States. "If nobody remembers, the suffering of the people will never stop and the perpetrators will continue their crimes with impunity."
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#NOW HKU @HKUniversity is covering up the June 4 slogan on Swire Bridge - slightly over one month after they toppled the #PillarofShame
Today is 28 Dec in lunar calendar, a day for people to thoroughly tidy up their home in order to welcome CNY. The erasure of the June 4 slogan on Swire Bridge means the last piece of June 4 monument in #HKU will be gone.
Last time #HKU took down #PillarofShame in the darkness of night leaving some half hundred reporters staying up till dawn . This time it’s happening in broad day light and fewer than 10 reporters are now at the scene.
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25 HK democracy activists are charged for inciting, organising and participating in unlawful assembly for leading and joining #June4 candlelight vigil earlier this year.

13 of them were mentioned in July and getting new charges today. 12 are newly summoned. Image
Generations of democracy activists in HK across political spectrum are charged for commemorating a bloody suppression in mainland China 31 years ago.
Activist @SunnyCheungky has not shown up for the court mention that is set to start at 2.30pm. Asked why he is not here, Labour Party and HKAlliance’s Cheuk-yan said he has no information.
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One year on from the death of Marco Leung Ling-kit at this exact spot, this is how #HK looks: nothing but a sea of green. #HKPoliceState Image
In spite of the repression, still quite a few brave citizens are gathered at Pacific Place, Admiralty, to remember Marco Leung's fall on June 15 last year. It was for many a moment of reckoning, of realizing how serious the #HK freedom struggle had become & the sacrifice required Image
Across #HK people are marking the 1st anniversary of the death of Marco Leung Ling-kit today, the 1st associated with the struggle against the extradition bill. Pro-democracy leaders on trial for unlawful assembly held 3min of silence before entering court
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Lots of people gathering now around Sogo in Causeway Bay for #June12 anniversary. Poster of that day’s events are displayed. Lots of police too, both riot & undercover. Remember:all protests are still banned &police have announced thousands of cops are out tonight to prevent them
20.08 In Mong Kok, a large number of citizens have been indiscriminately kettled, presumably for stop&search. This is a frequently employed rights-abusing technique of the police. Very large police presence near Langham Place.
People also gathering in New Town Plaza mall in Sha Tin.
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Feeling very down on #June4. Then CBC called to ask me to join a conversation on the particular significance of this anniversary and other callers’ comments were so kind. A reminder to try to not feel hopeless about the hate #COVID19 seem to exacerbate.…
Thank you so much @michelle_eliot @mabeltung for the conversation.
My recent conversations with people on the ground in Hong Kong:… @TorontoStar #June4 #Tiananmen #NationalSecurityLaw #hk #cdnpoli
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#NOW the junction in Mong Kok outside Langham Place where a bloody fight between protesters trying to block the road and plain clothed police making arrest took place earlier tonight has returned to normal for now.
Across Argyle St where a line of police vans are standing, three women are having their fortune told. Image
Last for the day and from Mong Kok, two lines from Taiwan movie #Detention:
“Have you forgotten or you are too scared to remember?”
“Live on and remember how difficult it was to get all these.”
#june4 Image
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The police are standing at Victoria Park warning people that assembly is illegal.... while hundreds if not thousands of people stream into the park in front of them to commemorate the 31st anniversary of the Tiananmen massacre. #HongKongProtests #June4
A trilingual message warning offenders they may be prosecuted is being broadcast on repeat. People DGAF.
I took a cab from the June 4 museum to Victoria Park. This was what my fare came out to. Image
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#NOW a group of masked youngsters are hosting one of a number of street booths on Great George St giving away candles and staging a silent protest again police brutality.
The warning PA keeps looping and telling people they can risk committing unauthorised assembly and increase public health risk if they join the vigil in Victoria Park
Police media liaison team is with the major group of journalists in Victoria Park, next to the fountain facing the Great George St. PA tells people to leave via Tin Hau.
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For 30 years, Jiang Lin– a former lieutenant in #China’s army– kept silent on the horrors she saw during the #TiananmenSquareMassacre. Today, she speaks up to tell her story as an insider: #June4
“The pain has eaten at me for 30 years,” she said in an interview in Beijing. “Everyone who took part must speak up about what they know happened. That’s our duty to the dead, the survivors and the children of the future.” #China #June4
Jiang said she felt compelled to call for a public reckoning because generations of Chinese Communist Party leaders, including President Xi Jinping, have expressed no remorse for the violence. Ms. Jiang left #China this week. #June4
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With the 30th anniversary of the #June4 #TiananmenMassacre now 2 weeks away, today I start featuring profiles of #CCP murder victims from @hrichina's excellent 'Unforgotten'. I also change my profile pic to #DuanChanglong & encourage others to do likewise.…
#HK journalists have made a new series of dozens of short video testimonies (w English sub-titles) about their coverage of the 1989 pro-democracy protests in China 30 years ago to commemorate #June4. #六四30…
The book to read for the 30th anniversary of the #June4 #TiananmenMassacre is @liaoyiwu1's Bullets & Opium about the ordinary people imprisoned in the crackdown's aftermath. Here's an excerpt. #六四30…
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