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#NOW Au Nok-hin, first of the 4 accomplice witnesses in the #NSL trial charging 47 pro-dem activists of "conspiracy to commit subversion" over an unofficial primary of the camp, began to take the prosecution's witness stand this afternoon as judges decided to...
...have reading-out of the admitted facts to give way for the calling of witnesses.

Although the #NSL prosecutor Anthony Chau asked Au to tell how the 35+ project began from "early 2020", Au said "the story began from December 2019", when #BennyTai ...
...published an article outlining his vision for the pro-dem camp winning majority in LegCo on the now-shuttered #AppleDaily.

Au also revealed to court that he met Tai to discuss the idea for the first time at a meal gathering in "late January 2020"...
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#CONTINUE #StandNews founding chief editor Chung Pui-kuen began this morning his second day on witness stand. The first QA session with his defense counsel lasted 1.5 hours and ended when Chung choked in tears as he spoked about the last day of #AppleDaily in June 2021.
* Chung told the court that after #NSL came in force, he decided to stop publishing any commentary that advocated for independence and separation of any part of China, however, he did not set such a red line for #StandNews reporting.
* "If a political figure with public attention indeed raised such a proposition, we believed we should still let our readers know instead of filtering it out, otherwise, some readers might believe that person was rather moderate and trust-worthy."
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#DEVELOPING Chung Pui-kuen, founding chief editor of #StandNews began to take the witness stand this morning as defense started their case.

A few points from Chung's account:
* The 3 founders of #StandNews chose to surrender their rights to benefits and to sell the company shares to a trust fund in order to minimize impacts on the news company in case any of them were under threats or pressure - a lesson learned from the shuttering of House News.
* #StandNews registered with the regulator of newspapers and magazines the day after HK gov announced to allow online media to join official pressers etc in 2017 because #StandNews wanted to provide more comprehensive coverage and better discharge duty to supervise the authority.
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A #thread on what led to HK leader's propose of first interpretation of #NSL, what questions have arisen from his proposal, and what may be at stake as the matter continues to unfold.

It started with #JimmyLai hoping to engage veteran British lawyer Tim Owen KC for #NSL trial.
Jimmy Lai, founder of the now-shuttered #AppleDaily, is charged of 2 counts of "conspiracy to collude with foreign forces" under the #NSL and 1 count of "conspiracy to publish seditious publication" under HK's Crimes Ordinance. The former can lead to life in jail.
While all the other individuals involved in Lai's case have pleaded guilty, Lai and 3 #AppleDaily companies were originally scheduled to stand trial from 1 Dec. The date was fixed by 3 designated #NSL judges although Lai's HK lawyer made it clear he would not be available.
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Hong Kong's court of final appeal decided to allow UK barrister Tim Owen to defend Jimmy Lai in #AppleDaily's #NSL trial, dismissing DOJ's application for leave to appeal. Focus is now on potential Beijing's intervention as loyalists may call for NPC to amend the law. Verdict👇 ImageImage
Main reason of 3 top judges: SJ had fundamentally changed his case only at the stage of seeking leave to appeal to CFA, 'had raised undefined & unsubstantiated issues said to involve national security which were not mentioned or explored in the courts below...
...and no appropriate basis had been made out for the grant of leave to appeal'. The court didn't rule on the legitimacy of admissions of overseas counsel in this case, but noted that national security issues should be considered if they're 'properly raised & duly explored'.
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This #thread is about the first day of the trial of #StandNews and its two former chief editors Chung Pui-kuen and Patrick Lam, a case as my colleague @holmeschan_ described that "literally put press freedom on trial".

@AFP report up-picked by VOA:…
The 3 defendants, Best Pencil Ltd (#StandNews parent company) , Chung and Lam, were charged of "conspiracy to publish seditious publications", a British colonial offense the carries up to 24 months in jail.

But Chung and Lam has been in pre-trial detention for 10 months because
...sedition is now treated as a national security crime that's not in the #NSL Beijing imposed on HK in mid-2020 and hence bail is usually denied.

Both Chung and Lam have pleaded not guilty to the charge so they won't have 1/3 discount if they are convicted and facing sentence.
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What have #612Fund done to “collude with foreign forces”? State-associated Ta Kung Pao gave a list of six “evidence” today.

* before #NSL the fund was already suspected of colluding with foreign forces including funding local anti-China forces to ask for foreign sanctions
* during “black-clad violence”, it funded the Hong Kong Higher Institutions International Affairs Delegation to smear HK in London and Geneva. At a meeting with UK parliamentary members in Sep 2019, the delegation urged UK parliament to sanction HK officials.
* between 2019 and 2020, the fund provided legal and medical support for HKers in Canada and for Taiwan NGOs. It can be reasonably believed to be funding rioters who had fled there.
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🔴 Sous le règne du président Xi Jinping, le Parti communiste chinois a drastiquement accru son contrôle sur les journalistes. Lisez l''enquête RSF qui révèle l’ampleur de la répression du régime contre le droit à l'information.…
#1 ▶️ Les journalistes contraints à devenir des porte-voix du parti.
Pour obtenir leur carte de presse, les journalistes doivent télécharger l’appli "Étudier Xi, renforcer le pays" et devront bientôt suivre des cours sur la "pensée Xi". Lire le rapport :
#2 ▶️ La plus grande prison de journalistes au monde.
Le régime détient actuellement 127 #journalistes. Enquêter sur un sujet tabou peut valoir des années de détention dans des prisons insalubres, où les mauvais traitements peuvent entraîner la mort.
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🔴 Under President Xi Jinping’s rule, the Chinese Communist Party has drastically increased its control over journalists. Read RSF’s investigative report “The Great Leap Backwards of Journalism in #China”.…
#1 ▶️ Journalists forced to be the Party’s mouthpiece.
To receive their press cards, journalists already have to download the “Study Xi, Strengthen the Country” propaganda app that can collect their data, and will soon have an annual 90-hour training on “Xi Jinping Thought”.
#2 ▶️ The world’s biggest captor of journalists.
127 #journalists are currently detained by the regime. Investigating a “sensitive” topic can result in years of detention in unsanitary prisons, where ill-treatment can lead to death. Read the report here:
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BREAKING: The Financial Times reports that the Biden administration will this week warn US companies of the increasing risks of operating in Hong Kong as China asserts greater control over the financial hub, citing three people familiar with the matter.…
That the Biden admin is taking an official position means many US companies (i.e. American Chamber of Commerce, US I-Banks) are not taking the issue seriously enough.

“The move will mark the first time a US administration has issued a business advisory in relation to Hong Kong.”
From a US official: “If you do not exit these supply chains you run a risk of violating US law. We want to make clear to the business community that they need to be aware of reputational, economic and legal risk of their involvement with entities involved in human rights abuses.”
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THREAD: Mr Tang: Wrong!

Your quisling government & its #CCP puppet masters are to blame

You, your police officers, your fellow quisling proxy zombies & the dictatorship you slavishly work for are covered in blood, Mr Tang

And in the next tweet in this thread I'll explain why/
Point by point:

1. If #CCP had kept its promise to allow "one country, two systems" & "#HongKong people running HongKong" & upheld basic freedoms, human rights & rule of law, we would not see the tragedy we see today/
2. If your quisling regime had not introduced the idiotic extradition bill in 2019, we might not be where we are today

3. If your quisling regime had listened to the millions of totally peaceful #HongKongers in 2019, we would not be where we are today
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Latest for @dwnews: On the one-year anniversary of the #NSL, I talk to scholars and activists about the impact that the law on #HongKong. Following the closure of #AppleDaily and the promotion of former police, many say the city has become a police…
Since the law came into effect on June 30,2020, authorities have removed all opposition lawmakers in the legislative council and detained dozens of high-profile pro-democracy activists, including Joshua Wong, Agnes Chow and Jimmy Lai.
"The national security law is targeting the freedom of dissent. It’s about taking advantage of what happened in 2019 to impose blanket silence," said Victoria Hui.
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A former #AppleDaily translator's reflection on the impact of the paper's forced closure: "I’m afraid because I’ve been an accomplice. Since May 2020, I have led a small team that translated Apple Daily’s editorials and opinions from Chinese to English..."…
"These arrests hit close to home, even though I live in the U.S. As a translator, I came to know Apple Daily’s journalists so intimately that I could identify the author of an editorial piece solely from the cadence and rhythm of the writing."
"Mr. Yeung was the last one to make it on Apple Daily’s English-language website before it went dark. Of the five editorial writers, he wrote in the style that would be most accessible to a mainland audience, and was often dead-on with his criticisms of mainland politics."
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Important piece from @xinwenxiaojie on the state of #PressFreedom in #HongKong following the series of arrests of journalists and the forced closure of #AppleDaily over the last few days.…
"The end of Apple Daily on June 24 wasn’t a surprise. But that it came at such short notice, following dramatic raids, the arrest of senior journalists and the freezing of its assets has already had a chilling effect on the rest of Hong Kong’s media."
"Apple’s demise and the wiping of Stand News archive are the latest in a series of developments that have eroded Hong Kong’s press freedom and undermined editorial independence at the city’s news outlets."
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The President of #HongKong Journalist Association said on Monday that he fears the @hkpoliceforce has a list of journalists that they may want to target following the arrest of another former #AppleDaily editor at the airport last night.…
"They hoped to protect more staff, to protect their safety, since we supposed that if Apple Daily was still running, more staff would be arrested. But we can still see many well-known journalists or commentary writers being arrested," he said.
"We are afraid that they have a list and still many journalists or commentary writers will be targeted by the police. So I'm afraid that the arrests will continue."
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"For once, there was no more news for us to work on; we embraced each other and took farewell photos in an almost graduation day-like mood," wrote an #AppleDaily reporter on the final day of the paper's operation. #HongKong #PressFreedom…
"After the police left about five hours later, we rushed back to count our losses: at least 44 journalists’ computers were seized. Hardware can be replaced, but they also froze bank accounts, threatening operations and payment of wages.
For the first time, the prospect of shutting down felt very real."
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In #HongKong: @StandNewsHK, one of the pro-democracy online media named as one of the next targets of HK police's crackdown under the #NSL, announced that they will delete all the opinion pieces published in May and prior to that and they will also stop receiving sponsorship.
Additionally, six members on the board of directors of Stand News' parent company have resigned from their positions. This is yet another sign that #pressfreedom in #HongKong under the #NSL is facing huge threat.
Just a few days ago, #HongKong government forced #AppleDaily, #HK's largest pro-democracy newspaper, to shut down after freezing its assets, arrested five top executives and one opinion writer, and raided its newsroom in the name of violation of #NSL.
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Latest for @dwnews with colleague Joyce: Yesterday, #HongKong bid farewell to #AppleDaily in the rain. Reporters at the publication shared their sentiments with us.

"I just want to be a competent journalist, why do I have to suffer like this?"…
"Hours before Hong Kong's largest pro-democracy newspaper, Apple Daily, announced Wednesday it would cease operations once and for all, dozens of its journalists arrived at the printing plant early Thursday morning to observe the last edition roll off the press."
Emily, who joined the paper in 2019, said she had been on the front lines of the 2019 pro-democracy protests that shook Hong Kong for months, and led to a crackdown from Beijing on the semi-autonomous city's civil liberties.
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Hong Kong’s Apple Daily newspaper will cease publication and shut down as of tomorrow, June 24.

Last year, #HongKong journalists told @CPJAsia that Apple Daily would be the first target of Hong Kong's new national security law.

Here's what's happened ⤵️…
Today, June 23, #HongKong police arrested #AppleDaily editorial writer Yeung Ching-kee on suspicion of “conspiring to collude with foreign countries or foreign forces,” a crime under the national security law.…
On June 16, the #HongKong police force raided #AppleDaily's office and arrested five of its executives.

The five are under investigation for alleged conspiracy to collude with foreign forces, a crime under Hong Kong’s National Security Law.…
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#HongKong Education Bureau introduced the “professional consultancy services” under which publishers may “voluntarily” submit their #Liberal_Studies textbooks for review. Only reviewed books could be included in the bureau’s recommended book list.

Photos from #AppleDaily Image
#HongKong government officials and members from the pro-establishment camp always accused the #Liberal_Studies subject of making students more radical. That’s why the Government censors the textbooks.
After review, a textbook describes that Lee Bo, the Hong Kong bookseller who was abducted from #HongKong and taken to mainland China, went to #China voluntarily. Image
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#国境なき記者団 は、先週の土曜日に再び逮捕された民主主義支持新聞 #AppleDaily の創設者である #ジミー・ライ 氏に対する香港当局の継続的な加害行為を非難します。
@appledaily_hk @HongKongFP @YahooNewsTopics @afpbbcom @ReutersJapan @nikkei
@47news @amnesty_or_jp
「ジミー・ライ氏の公衆の面前に晒された自宅逮捕は不当であり、彼の評判を傷つけようとする露骨な意図によるものだ。」と 東アジア局長、セドリック・アルビアニは言います。「香港当局は、メディアの民主主義デモ報道を萎縮させることを目的とする、この加害キャンペーンを直ちにやめるべきだ。」
#香港 では #報道の自由 が攻撃を受けています。 昨年の民主主義デモの際のジャーナリストへの脅迫と暴力は、2020年 #世界報道自由度ランキング で80位という、アジアで最大級の7位の落下をもたらしました。
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