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Not FDA but close enough we can micro swab them. 💥 Now with fucking swears 💥
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8 Jul
Vaccines! #Thread #Covid19

About mid August you’re going to start hearing 💩 talk about a vaccine buy this admin. 🍆 hole (note any hole, is a 🍆 hole if you’re brave enough 😬🙃) trump and his 💩 brigade are focused on a one and done vaccine & therapeutic.
We have been reviewing the data. And well, fuck! Fuckity fuck fuck! It’s not going to happen.
As far as a therapeutic goes, forget about it. Currently there are only 2-4 with “any” promise.
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24 Jun
Hello America! The current chatter and disinformation on testing and how the actual fuck it works is astounding. So let’s @BilNye the shit out of this. #Thread
First of all, what’s the statutes of testing in the US? Well, it’s Fuck All! trump is sending low quality, unusable supplies to states to test with. Not all states are testing at a level needed and the Gov. doesn’t care.
The biggest and most repeated lie about testing is “The more you test, the more you find” “that’s why there’s rising numbers” Let me explain why this is fucking wrong.
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20 May
Afternoon America, your fave disaster trained Funeral Director Chad here. #Thread

I want to talk to you about where we currently are in this disaster and the steps you need to be taking personally at this time.

Let’s start with the full recognition that this is a disaster.
Families are losing homes and shelter, there are mass food shortages for large portions of our population. 10’s of thousands of ppl have died. And millions have lost their jobs.
It may not seem like it though because there are no swaths of destroyed buildings. We have no dead in our streets. The stock market has not crashed and Gov will only refer to this as a pandemic not a national disaster.
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13 May
Yesterday, we got our answer to our thread below during the #COVID19 hearing from #DrFauci. #thread holding a #thread.
We asked @SteveFDA to release the study to prove us wrong. He didn’t because we were not. What we didn’t know was the full use guidance. This is what Dr. Fauci said.
Let’s break down exactly what he has said here. 1: The use guidance- This Drug is for pts that are in hospital w/ lung issues. Meaning, your sick enough to require a ventilator. Once you reach that point, you will get #Remdesivir.
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29 Apr
While the stock market is celebrating @ScottGottliebMD and his failed ebola drug #Remdesivir. Let’s take a scientific look at it and why it’s probably worthless.

Below is the Lancet report from China on the drug trial.

What’s of note to pull out of the Chinese Study is when the drug was given. Within 5-10 days of contracting the virus.
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3 Apr

Hello America, my name is Chad. I have been a licensed Funeral Director since 2001. Occasionally I help this account with items outside of their scope. I want to talk to you about death and being alone during it. #Thread #Covid19 #Death
Let me start by saying that in this great time of distress on many fronts, you are not alone. When this pandemic ends and it will end, no one will will be left that has not experienced a moment of mourning.
This is powerful as it connects us all like never before. All of us will know what to say to someone who has experienced loss because we all will have experienced it.
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29 Mar
With the help of a great artist @PBManning, we have put together a children’s book for the times. Welp, you found a dead guy Is based on basic disaster training where you assess, address and move forward.
#thread #Covid_19 #SundayMorning
In the book we have added the extra step of resource management by showing you how to mark and make areas safer. By doing this, you can reduce your exposure to danger points and increase your lifespan.
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19 Mar
🚨Dallas here with a message for Doctors🚨

My team and I believe we have developed a course of treatment for high risk patients that will lessen chances of ptn becoming sever.

What we need is for a or some front line Dr’s to try this and prove us right or wrong and tell the world your results. If it works, all we ask is that to call the method the “Dallas” thanks

Now as to why (Please note we will be keeping this understandable for everyone):
When the news of the outbreak started an Ebola drug showed promise in controlling the infection…
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27 Feb
Hello followers: let’s have a serious convo about #Covid-19 and the state of what will be our main go-to for addressing this virus, cold and flu medications.
A large percentage of these medications rely on 1 active ingredient, Ibuprofen #Thread
left the FDA to lobby for Big Pharma, we reached out to him after a whistle blower came to us. This is what we said.
Our whistleblower has informed us that the glassware situation is effectively addressed but nothing else.
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4 Feb
#Thread about the #coronaviruschina

There is starting to be a lot of BS regarding this and it’s coming from mainstream media so let’s take a look at some facts shall we?

We were dropped this article from @washingtonpost and we have some shaming to do.…
The article opens with some serious click bate and then drops into this.
The same ingredients that are in @PURELL are widely used in ALL antibacterial soaps! Antibacterial soaps have been known to be worthless since 2016. (Yes we know we quoted WedMD, it seemed fitting)
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12 Jun 19
How the FDA is sweeping PFAs under the rug. A #Thread of Anger, Disgust and Deep, Deep Worry.

Under @SGottliebFDA watch the FDA embarked on their first ever PFAs testing of food in our daily supply. @CNN @bpolitics @DonnaYoungDC
We are contending this is Why Scott left so abruptly. He knew the results. And did nothing. Not a single fucking food product was recalled or held for future testing. In fact these producers are still supplying our food at the same or higher levels of Cancer Causing Agents.
The EPA has a safe limit of PFAs in drinking water set at 70ppt (Parts Per Trillion)! That’s from the Fucking EPA!!!! The EPA that said Asbestos was ok to import again. The EPA that’s rolling back air quality limits. That Fucking EPA!
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14 May 19
Good evening America! #Thread on the issues with ibuprofen & generic drugs in the U.S. (long)
Earlier this afternoon, we dropped a thread on the above topic that was very industry centric. Tonight we are going back through that thread and break it down for everyone.
This thread started with this opinion piece on foreign Pharma factories and what happens in them. The opinion piece is equal parts truth, common industry knowledge and a hard sell on the book.
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13 May 19
The state of America's drugs and what we have done to keep you safe #thread.

Over this weekend, this opinion piece dropped:

It is equal parts truth, industry knowledge,and a shill to sell the book.
All in all its a great piece and exposed a lot of truth and what really happens in foreign plants. This article also bought the CAR way off guard such is showing in their frantic tweet sessions today.
Now on to what we have done. We have had a discussion with Scott G. About the largest manufacturer of ibuprofen in the world, such also happens to be based in the US. The CoA data that has been compiled for years shows a blatant attempt st Dry Labbing.
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7 May 19
More and more people are resorting to buying their prescriptions from less than reputable 3rd party sources. #Thread
Due to this, we thought it would be a good idea to instruct you on how to home identify your purchase and prevent an adverse reaction.
You are going to need a few things to help you with your identification.
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24 Jan 19
#DallasThoughts #Thread There has been a lot of talk about how the FDA has been keeping up with import inspection. The have and haven’t been doing a great job. Let me explain.
The port staff has been doing a good job keeping up but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a growing back log. The FDA is mostly (computer) automated in this area as are many other agencys.
These agencys are now experiencing computer issues that due to the #TrumpShutdown, are not being fixed (As a side note, the FDA’s systems are not any newer or being supported).
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4 Jan 19
#SixClicks #Thread SixClicks, what is it? SixClicks is a fast growing, grass roots, people driven twitter campaign directed at Donald Trump and the bots on his twitter account.
The idea behind #SixClicks is that with six clicks you can remove 2 twitter bots from trumps follower count. There by reducing trump’s message reach and influence. It’s also really satisfying to take something from trump that he really values, his twitter followers.
The original idea came from as a way to troll trump. The AltFDA saw this thread and thought it was a great idea, it just needed some flashy advertising and a polished message behind it.
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27 Dec 18
#DallasForPrez #Thoughts #Thread Our military is facing an ongoing enlistment problem and it boils down to one thing, how we treat our vets. If elected, I will be addressing this with an innovative plan that will pay for itself in savings and protect our Vets.
As a nation, we have programs on top of programs to assist our vets. They do a great job and would be more effective if they had less to do. Currently though, we’re addressing the issues facing our vets at the wrong moment in time.
Our vets need to be taken care of before they become a vet. They need to be helped before they fully transition out of the military itself. This is going to take a culture change and a reorganization of resources.
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20 Nov 18
Press release:

FaceBook @AltFda
Instagram @Alt_Fda
Snapchat @alt_fda
YouTube DallasForPrez

@altfda For immediate release:

The Alt FDA is announcing that one of our founding members is officially running for President.
@altfda They may officially be called Dallas. Dallas will be running a moneyless campaign and will be remaining annon until such time as support dictates that Dallas self doxxes to be officially placed on a ballot.
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16 Oct 18
Late yesterday @secAzar went on state run media to tout a new law that would require manufacturers to list the price of drugs advertised on TV. Sounds so great; Right? #Thread
Here’s the link to the HHS mouth piece on what they were talking about.

Let’s break down what’s wrong with all of this propaganda. First off this is a proposal not a law. Meaning it would have to be voted on & we all know that won’t happen.
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21 Sep 18
#DallasThread #Thread #Hurricane #HurricaneFlorence #Flood #Cleanup As the flood waters recede, I want to talk to you about cleaning up. I have received training in disaster relief and sadly have had to use this training.
While this thread is not in-depth, it will be most useful info in one place that I think you will find. It’s also a bit long. Sorry not sorry 😬
Let’s start out by stating the obvious, unless you are saving another human, nothing is worth risking personal sickness or your life for. You must protect yourself first in disaster areas. If it takes another day to get the right gear, wait that day.
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17 Jul 18
Happy Tuesday ppl, #thread we have a message for you today. As it became clear yesterday that trump is either compromised or unwilling to uphold the duties of his office due to greed.
There is a question that has been placed before all of us; not why but how do we as a nation address this? Not since WWII have we faced such a threat to our union as we are now.
This is not an own the libs issue, nor is it a trumpkin maga issue, this is an us, as in U.S., as in a U. S. A. issue.
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