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The #progressive #policy #paradox: a thread for the day that’s in it

Or: why #popular #power comes from below

In honour of our “#left and progressive unity” friends and GP voters
Full disclosure: I was once in the Green Party.

In another century, I hasten to add.

I represented the Irish party at the European Federation of GPs and edited what we laughingly called its theoretical journal.
I also spent a year in the French party and, more interestingly, on the far left of the German party. I thought the Irish party had the potential to become a party of and for #SocialMovements. I found I was wrong, and left.
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Today while doing #prolife activism I met a couple, whom I asked what they thought about #abortion. The man answered they were just talking about it. She is 22 weeks pregnant, and their OB-GYN is recommending they abort in the next two weeks. I asked why. 1/
She said their baby has enlarged kidneys. I asked, “Bilateral hydronephrosis?” Shocked, she said, “Yes! How did you know?” I explained that my second child had been diagnosed with that in utero, that he still had it at birth and then at 9 months, it just vanished. 2/
She told me how they had tried for five years to conceive this child, that she felt in her gut that he was okay, that the doctor is making them feel hopeless and pressured. I asked if she had had a second or third opinion. She said no. I gave them resources to go about this. 3/
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(THREAD 1/12) These are my thoughts on #abortion. Full disclosure: I am a middle-aged, middle-class, straight, white, man. You don’t need my permission to ignore me.
(2/12) One cannot simply draw a line, an arbitrary moment when a mass of cells goes from a collection of chemicals to a living being. And yet laws are written with precise words so that judges and juries can send people to jail.
(3/12) But at any given time, two people in the exact same situation will get different judgments. This is where those precise lines, again, do not reflect reality.
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What is the "long game" Pelosi and Schumer are playing? What is the end result of their 7-dimensional chess game?

Will the kidnapped babies be reunited with their parents?

Will the misogynistic #abortion laws be repealed?

Will Trump and Barr resign?

#PELOSI: "Thomas Jefferson tasked his Secretary of the Treasury to put forth an infrastructure proposal ....Teddy Roosevelt did his infrastructure big initiative ... We had hoped that we could give this president an opportunity to have a signature infrastructure initiative."
PLEASE explain what kind of "long game" involves the Democratic Speaker wanting to give Donald Trump a chance to be like Jefferson and Roosevelt?

What purpose does that serve?

Whose interests does that represent?

Which constituency is it meant to appeal to?

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1. #News ~ IT’S HAPPENING: Trump to Start Declassifying Deep State Documents Including ‘Bucket 5’ in Next 7-8 Days — via John Solomon (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #TickTock
#ItsHAPPENING #JusticeComing #SOON #ReleaseTheDOCS
2. #News ~ Pelosi Calls for Special Caucus Meeting at 9AM Wed [THIS MORNING] on RIDICULOUS Impeachment of the Greatest President in US History!…

#Trump #Qanon #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #ReleaseDeclass
#ItsHAPPENING #JusticeComing #SOON #TickTock
3. #News ~ Loony AOC: Growing Cauliflower In A Community Garden Is “Taking A Colonial Approach To Environmentalism”…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #Walkaway
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Can I call y’all attention to the great Jane Elliott has to say about this abortion ban nonsense‼️

Y’all know her from the Blue Eyes Brown Eyes experiment but she’s still out there speaking her mind on the nonsense of today. Take a look
I have an IG and snap and all that but I don't wanna post it. I just want us to be more kind and patient with each other. Spread love and positive energy. Don't be so quick to anger, judgement, and dismissive-ness, hear each other, and support each other. We can all win! ✊🏾
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#pregnancyhelpline #thingsIhear
Abortion regret edition, 1

Do you know how many women contact me expressing #abortion regret?
A lot.
These women come to me usually at the end of their rope, completely desperate. They feel they cannot tell their family or friends or SO about
their feelings. In many cases, it was one or more of these people who encouraged them or even pressured them to have the abortion in the first place, or is encouraging them for doing the right thing afterwards. Sometimes they have told no one about the pregnancy or abortion.
In all these situations, it boils down to them keeping all the feelings of regret, guilt, shame, doubt, sadness, fear, anxiety, etc. inside because they are afraid of telling someone close them and getting judged and being made to feel worse, or being dismissed and not helped.
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@womensmarch Since you're still lying about women's concerns about the #EqualityAct, let me clarify: As currently written, Equality Act guts women's sex-based protections by redefining sex to include sex stereotypes, "mannerisms," and gender identity (aka "sex stereotypes 2.0").
@womensmarch When the law can't "see" sex--like when #EqualityAct equates sex, gender identity, sex stereotypes, and mannerisms--the law can't be used to fight sexism. What feminists are asking is that the law protect transgender people AS transgender people, AND protect women as a sex class
@womensmarch This is, FYI, what so-called "TERFs" get tarred and feathered for saying: We want trans people to be protected from violence, discrimination, and harassment. We also know that sex matters. We want to protect the rights of women and girls, too.
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1. #News ~ MEADOWS: ‘President Trump is Serious, Declassification is Right Around the Corner’ (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #ReleaseDeclass
#ItsHAPPENING #JusticeComing #SOON #ReleaseTheDOCS #TickTock
2. #News ~ BOOM! Former Deputy Ind. Counsel Sol Wisenberg Slammed Eric Holder Over Attack on AG Barr - Calling His Behavior CORRUPT While w/ Obama…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #ReleaseDeclass
#ItsHAPPENING #JusticeComing #SOON #TickTock
3. #News ~ Nunes Likely Sending ‘Obstruction’ Criminal Referral Over Steele Meeting with State Department Official Kathleen Kavalec (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #ReleaseDeclass
#ItsHAPPENING #JusticeComing #SOON #TickTock
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People blaming @realDonaldTrump for #AlabamaAbortionBan ,
Alabama's new bill banning #abortionists is how laws are made.
#TRUMP has nothing to do with state creating law.
Creating a law ALWAYS goes through the same process.

Sad how ppl are fighting to kill babies
#AlabamaAbortionBill has zero to do with @POTUS
Why are ppl blaming @realDonaldTrump ?
The #President swears an OATH to up carry out the laws.

He could make an executive order to overturn #Alabama new abortion law, but still gets sent to Senate to be approved by 2/3 vote
#Alabama #abortion ban goes much further than #WomansRightsAreHumanRights because although YES a womans body is her own right to do whatever, I don't care.
Abortion is killing another humans right to EVERYTHING.
+ What rights do men get in protecting an baby he also made?
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1. #News ~ Obama’s Illegal Spying on Americans Labeled “OPERATION HAMMER” Soon Be Exposed - Will Show His Contempt for Americans & the Rule of Law.…

#Trump #Qanon #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump #ItsHAPPENING #JusticeComing #SOON #ReleaseTheDOCS #TickTock
2. #News ~ Republican Congressman Justin [RHINO] Amash breaks ranks with GOP, calls for President Trump to be impeached
- accuses AG of misleading public…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
3. #News ~ 2020 Mr. Touchy Feely Biden just can't stop! Woman has to yank his hands off her, at Philadelphia Campaign Event

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #PERV #Walkaway
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#ThreadReaderApp: “One Nation, Under God” so...let’s think about this for a moment. The #AntiAbortion position those of us take who are have incorruptible patriotism and believe in the Almighty Father. Whether OR not YOU believe in God, our Founding Fathers did and
our country was founded on the fact that God exists. I can guarantee He is #ProLIFE Period. No debate. All the lame arguments (@BernieSanders @SenSanders @Alyssa_Milano @krassenstein et al) about #abortion being a constitutional right is so ridiculous because it lacks merit.
TIME and again that is provable. The founding fathers and FIRST knew evil would seek to destroy. They knew it’s always #SpiritualWarfare and acknowledged everyone’s right and dare I say RESPONSIBILITY to protect their own.
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1. #News ~ Pres Trump ups ante in Twitter fight by seeking political bias complaints. "Very discriminatory," noting followers regularly disappear in large swaths. [TRUE.]…

#Trump #Qanon #WWG1WGA #SocialMedia #FreedomOfSpeech #1A
2. #News ~ President Trump Backs Bid To Strike Down New York City's Unconstitutional Gun Laws At Supreme Court…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#GunRights #2A #NRA
3. #News ~ AG Barr’s review of the origins of the Russia investigation is focused on intelligence gathering before the FBI opened its probe in July 2016…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #Spygate #ItsHAPPENING
#JusticeComing #SOON #ReleaseTheDOCS #TickTock
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If I were to become pregnant, my life would be at risk, and I would choose an #abortion. I lost two years of my life after the birth of my second son because the hormones it takes to create human life make me lose my mind.1/14

#ExForcedBirth #WomensRightsAreHumanRights #PPD
I became crippled with fear, and my thoughts were dark. The thoughts told me I needed to die. They told me this all day long. It took every bit of strength I had to fight them. I could barely leave my house. For. Two. Years. 2/14
I had 2 sons, ages 4 yrs. and newborn. I fought hard to stay alive for them. The energy it took to fight my own brain in order to stay alive took so much out of me; I didn't have much left over to give to them. I kept them alive. It was the best I could do. They deserved more.3/
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When I wrote, I did so knowing the brutal truth that we've entered a new phase in American politics, one where the far right has taken control of the GOP and is seizing more power by the day. The book explains the lay of the battlefield and what we can do.
As blue Americans, we are in a struggle for political survival. The usual Beltway strategies don't work. Within lawful and non-violent means, we need to join forces, be leaders, and defend our rights and our democracy.

The #abortion battle is a central part of that fight.
As @KristenClarkeJD said: "A coordinated attack on Roe v Wade and women’s reproductive freedom is well underway."

To the males who follow me, THIS IS OUR FIGHT TOO. The frontal assault on women's health and freedom affects ALL of us.

#AbortionBan #Choice #RoeVWade
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Let’s talk about #endometriosis in light of these new abortion laws and what it means for those of us with endo:
Endometriosis is a reproductive disease that affects 1 in 10 women nationally. Some believe these numbers to be much higher, as surgery is still necessary for a true diagnosis at this point. Many researchers and doctors believe this number could be as high as 1/4 women.
Endo causes the lining of the uterus (the endometrium) to grow outside of the uterus in other parts of the body. It has been found in the lungs and even the brain. What does this mean for women with regular menstrual cycles?
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1. #News ~ IT’S HAPPENING: President Trump Plans to Invoke Insurrection Act to Remove Illegal Aliens From United States…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA #BuildTheWall
#CRISIS #NationalEmergency #SecurityThreat #ImmigrationReform
2. #News ~ HUGE! Nellie Ohr Deleted Emails Exchanged With DOJ Husband Bruce Ohr, “I’m Deleting These Emails Now”…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#ItsHappening #JusticeComing #SOON #TheStorm #TickTock
3. #News ~ IT’S HAPPENING: Italian Prime Minister Fires Several Intel Ministers — Linked to Spygate and “Trump Sabotage”…

#Trump #Qanon @realDonaldTrump #WWG1WGA
#ItsHappening #JusticeComing #SOON #TheStorm #TickTock
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Someone called me a hypocrite for being #Prolife since I had an abortion. I understand why she would view me this way. I’ve often thought that about myself but that belief is not from God, but the evil one who wants nothing more than to drive us into despair and self loathing (1)
My story is not unlike many other #postabortive women. I was sexually abused as a young girl, raped repeatedly by a child abuser and never learned the proper order of love and sexuality. Being sexually active seemed normal. All of this was kept secret for many, many years. (2)
I went to a very progressive all girls school. Getting pregnant only left me with one option; abortion, or so I thought. Abortion only added more trauma to an already harsh childhood. I wanted to die or drown somehow. Since dying wasn’t an option ( I tried twice) (3)
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The central tenet of the pro-life movement is that an unborn child — from conception — should have the same protections as a person who has already been born; no more, no less. That is why #EqualityForAll is inconsistent with the notion that #AbortionIsAWomansRight /1
If so, no unborn child should be killed absent a legal justification that would otherwise apply to the killings of persons already born. /2
For example, I would be legally justified to kill another person who is an immediate threat to my life. That would be self-defense. Similarly, a mother who has an ectopic pregnancy, for example, would be justified in aborting her pregnancy since her very life depends upon it. /3
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To me the push back against #BigPharma #Vaccines #GunControl #Police #Prisons #Abortion #GMO #Monsanto et al and the other top level conspiracy debates are about government control! Think about the polarised sides that these debates take and who is on which side!
Do Democrats want overarching control in a socialist state? They support abortion choices which conservatives say ‘kills’ millions each year! Which can be spun as controlling the reproductive capabilities of some sections of society.
They support Gun Control which would leave the people defenceless against a tyrannical government. The support open borders and mass migration which would undoubtedly create a class of uneducated workers that would be taken advantage of.
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With the #abortion bills in the US effectively banning abortion in all circumstances, it is time we remember Henry #Morgentaler, a Canadian physician who challenged the #criminalization of abortion in Canada and went to prison for it.


#law #medicine #obgyn
Dr. Morgentaler was born in Poland in 1923. He was imprisoned in Nazi concentration camps during World War II. After the war, he immigrated to Canada to study and practice medicine. 2/25
From the beginning he had an interest in reproductive health, becoming one of the first physicians to perform vasectomies, place intrauterine devices (IUD, a form of birth control), and provide birth control pills to unmarried women. 3/25
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(1) #Abortion is not an easy or harmless decision. No woman plans or likes it. Legal, safe abortions are far less traumatic.…
(2) Women seek induced abortion due to hardship, not recklessness. The social determinants of induced abortions are far more complex than the average politician knows.…
(3) Unsafe induced abortions, usually the result of it being illegal in the area or country, is associated to serious health consequences including death.…
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Who on earth would EVER be fine with a "baby being murdered and dismembered for profit"?? But of course you know that's a straw man.

If you're arguing abortion = murder and a pregnant woman says it's not, who gets to make that judgment? A bunch of male politicians?

And here are my thoughts in greater detail in my book, which has an entire chapter on the #abortion battle.

Furthermore, if you truly believe innocent life must be protected, how do you justify the GOP taking health care away from sick children, in some cases condemning them to death?

A sin of omission (letting someone die) is no less a travesty than a sin of commission.
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Homicide always requires a certain hubris: a pride that vaunts the "wants" or "needs" of the killer over the life of the killed.

That hubris is now on display with a posting from "Auntie Lynn."
That posting directs itself to the women of Georgia (and other States adopting "#heartbeat" #abortion restrictions).

The posting pretends to be an invitational note from an old Auntie who lives in New York. Well, no, it is an invitation so it isn't a pretense in that respect.
The pretense is that it comes from one's Aunt rather than from folks involved in #murdering #uterine #children for hire. Auntie Lynn wants poor repressed mothers in #Georgia and elsewhere to know that #abortions will still be available to them in #NewYork.
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