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Technology + Human Rights + Law. Stanford Cyber Policy Center & Yale ISP. AtlanticCouncil DFR Lab. WEF Metaverse governance. AI & VR/AR/XR privacy & safety
Oct 28, 2021 13 tweets 10 min read
Given the #metaverse announcements today, I've published a timely article to share with you, from the new Stanford Journal of Online #Trust & #Safety: The Problems with #immersive #advertising : In #AR/#VR, Nobody Knows You Are an Ad.…. You've already experienced #AugmentedReality ads if you watch sports. The billboards behind the players in the stadium are different from the billboards that your family, watching from home in another state, will see. (2)
Feb 6, 2021 15 tweets 4 min read
What is the connection between State-sponsored disinformation and online harassment? Well, closer than you'd think. See how this works and get 3 suggestions for how to fix it in my latest article in the Colorado Journal of Law and Technology. Many works discuss online harassment harms; few discuss harassment's influence on elections/democracy. Online harassment has created serious policy, technical, and structural vulnerabilities that are exploited by malign actors & go largely unnoticed—or unprioritized—by companies.