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Aircoins Community Update Mega Thread:
1) Hello Everybody, we wanted to take a moment and acknowledge our recent influx of users/investors. For anyone who is new and for people who have been around I have some exciting stats and news to go over.
2) be prepared:
This is going to be a lil bit of a long thread but should be action packed with some juicy details at the end. $airx #AugmentedReality
3)1st of all Aircoins is a mobile app where players can collect digital assets in AR based on geolocation. Using a proof of effort algorithm players are rewarded for their effort while staying active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.PokemonGo but instead you are finding crypto
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Was machen bei steigenden Zahlen und bei wachsendem Anteil von VoC (Variants of Concern - besorgniserregende Varianten) wie #B117?
#ECDC gibt dazu klare Empfehlungen. Ob Hannovers OB @BelitOnay das gelesen hat vor Öffnungs-Forderungs-Paper Unterschrift?
H: Inz 115 & #B117 40-50%
Hier nochmal zum im Thread bleiben die "Options for Response" der @ECDC_EU .
3/ Die Öffnungsforderung von 17 Oberbürgermeistern, darunter #Onay will das Gegenteil.➡️… via @HAZ
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THREAD: I’m going to demo the steps for making #emotionalrobots that come to life with #animation through #AugmentedReality

Learn more here:…

Download all six posters here:
#edtech #sel #socialemotionallearning #artsed #Steam
Step #1: Create art.
Connect color, emotion, and art concepts to design a monochromatic robot that expresses emotion.
Turn shapes into forms for depth.
Choose a fitting color.
Mix and apply tints and shades to enhance depth.
Use features of the robot’s face to convey emotion.
Step #2
When done with the physical art, take a clean, undistorted photograph with good lighting.
Crop it exactly to the original’s proportions.
This will become the “trigger image” for the #augmentedreality Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 10/30/2020…
Scalable learning vs. scalable efficiency in the automation age…

#automation #learning #efficiency
Revising the Future of the Platform Economy…

#platforms #economy
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Technology enables us to connect and communicate with anyone anywhere in the world. Advances in #AugmentedReality and #VirtualReality give us the capability to experience, vicariously the lives of one another without risk of discounting or misappropriating our cultural realities.
Additionally, through developments in #MachineLearning and #ArtificialIntelligence we can incorporate #gamification techniques to facilitate learning.
And by giving ready access to what we’re learning through approaches like #OpenScience and platforms such as #KnowledgeCommons, we can influence our social systems so they better reflect those basic benchmarks of truth, unity, love, and justice.
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$TTCM ✅👀🔥👉🏼I took the weekend to put a strong thread loaded with DD to explore, learn, follow & share. If you like it & find new info please feel free to add. Have fun digging. 😎 @MyArknet
$TTCM ✅👀👉🏼😎What is Arknet? ARknet! ARknet is a patented geo spatial, augmented reality privacy first social media engagement platform by Tautachrome, Inc which will transform the way we interact with the world!
$TTCM ✅👀👉🏼Who’s Who & who to follow. Many thanks to the list of game changers who’s name show in the tweets & contributed to this thread. I invite you to add your name to this list along with your work. 😎Follow thread ✅👀🔥👇🏼@MyArKnet many more here👇🏼
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நிறைய பேருக்கு இந்த
VR & AR ன்னா என்ன? ங்கற சந்தேகம் +குழப்பம்🤔

முதல்ல இதோட Abbreviation
VR ன்னா Virtual Reality
AR ன்னா Augmented Reality

#VirtualReality ங்கறது கணினி மூலமாக உருவாக்கப்படுற நிஜம் மாதிரியான ஒரு கற்பனை உலகம். நம் கற்பனைகளுக்கு உயிர் கொடுக்கும் ஒரு Technology😳 Image
உதாரணமாக - அமேசான் காட்டுக்குள்ள இருக்குற ஒரு அருவி பக்கம் நீங்க இருந்தா எப்படி இருக்கும் ன்னு நீங்க இந்த VR Technology மூலமா அனுபவிக்கலாம்.🙄
அது சாத்தியமாக்க உங்க கண்ணுல மாட்ட ஒரு VR Glass & காதுக்கு HeadPhone, உங்க பக்கத்துல கணினியோட இணைக்கப்பட்ட Fan or Blower, அப்புறமா Image
ஒரு Water Sprayer System இருந்தா போதும். நம்ம Feeling Experience அ Improve பண்றதுக்கு இன்னும் நிறைய சாதனங்கள் இருக்கு.

இப்போ நம்ம VR Glass மூலமா அமோசான்காட்டுல இருக்கிற அருவி உங்க கண்களுக்கு 3D ல தெரியும்.Head Phoneல அங்கு உள்ள விலங்குகள்,பறவைகள் மற்றும் அருவி சத்தம் கேட்கும்
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[Thread: Book review] If you work in, are interested in, or want to know where technology is headed next you MUST READ Infinite Retina by @Scobleizer and @IrenaCronin /1 #spatialcomputing #augmentedreality #AR #VR #XR…
So first, I should say I intended to blog a review but there's WAY too much good stuff in the book for one post. Instead, I'll review it by way of a few posts that lift off key sections of the book. Stay tuned. /2
I honestly believe Infinite Retina will be the book that all the other books will refer back to. It lays a marker in the sand. It says: here's where we've been, here's where we are, and here's where we're going. It will be the definitive snapshot of this time... /3
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Apple Doesn't Care About Augmented Reality: Here's Why #augmentedreality #AR #VR #MagicLeap #spatialcomputing #MixedReality…
A post by @Scobleizer tipped me off to a key point: Apple will want to disrupt glasses.
But think about this further: Apple sold $10B of wearables, disrupting 13% of watch market. The eye glass market is $138B. If Apple grabs 13% of that, they have wearables revenue that's double their current haul. /3
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1/6 How are 3D city models used by the industry? 5 City models User Case Studies (videos) using our 3D London and 3D Dublin models.
Avison Young's Digital Dublin

#Dublin #planning #UE4Study #UE4
Anstey Horne uses Unreal Engine 4 app to develop custom planning tools

#London #3D #rtpi #UE4Study #UE4 #placemaking
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#SmashingApps is professional development for teachers, by teachers.

Each month I'm joined by 3 fantastic educators & we share our favourite apps.

It's fast, fun & hopefully informative.

Each episode is released monthly & you'll find them all in this thread.

⭐ Episode 1:

🇿🇦 @emmafourie shared the @Plotagon animation app,
🇬🇧 @mr_stevenson_IT shared @Socrative for assessment,
🇬🇧 @tinytechtalk shared @GetKahoot for classroom quizzes,
🇬🇧@JacobWoolcock shared @numbots for speedy number bonds.


⭐ Episode 2:

🇦🇪 @MrDigiTechSabe shared @AdobeSpark and @pixabay for animation + photo,
🇿🇦 @mrsoxleysimpson shared #SimpleLearningTime,
🇬🇧 @MattWarne shared #VideoDelay for PE reflections,
🇬🇧Woolcock shared @poppletny for mind mapping.


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We're hiring creative programmers to create AR experiences and effects at the TikTok AI Lab in Mountain View or Los Angeles

#AR #ARKit #ARCore #AugmentedReality #GLSL
This one is for a tech lead for the TikTok AR effects team

#AR #ARKit #ARCore #AugmentedReality #GLSL
Also looking for software engineers for the TikTok platform (C++/iOS/Android/Backend)

#iOS #AR #ARKit #Android #ARCore #AugmentedReality
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The trick is to use OpenCV (SIFT + findHomography) to find where the camera is looking at the screen
Also works as an #AR party trick - thanks to my wife & @IronMaiden (turn the sound on!) 🤟🙃🤟

#StayHome #AIUX #WebXR #MixedReality #AR #AugmentedReality #TensorFlowJS #MachineLearning #Interactive #openframeworks
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"Qui l’arrivo di VR e di AR compiono come mai immaginato prima, né sognato prima, il sogno di Edward Bernays"

Researchers at the Samsung #AI Center have produced a system that can recreate realistic motion from just a single image of a person

"We believe that telepresence technologies in AR, VR and other media are to transform the world"
Graphene could soon make your computer 1000 times faster

“If you want to continue to push technology forward, we need faster computers to be able to run bigger and better simulations for climate science, for space exploration, for Wall Street”
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I've began looking for a full time position creating AR, VR or installation prototypes and experiences (also still accepting contract work). DMs open! #AugmentedReality #VirtualReality #UE4 #UnrealEngine #ARKit
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Arrancando el programa "Leading in the Exponential Age" de @singularityu en @IAE_Austral #SingularityIAE
Disrupción en espacios inusuales. Había escuchado sobre el impacto de los autos autónomos en la donación de organos, pero las bebidas energéticas? @singularityu @IAE_Austral #SingularityIAE
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10 #Enterprise prediction about #Google #Stadia.

1) Stadia will seamlessly integrate technically with Android Platform.

2) Stadia will make it easy & fast to develop and deploy AR & VR enterprise applications.

3) It's a SaaS platform for AR & VR.

4) Like any SaaS platform
it will cultivate third party tools marketplace.

5) It will enable script writer and non coders to develop world class AR & VR applications.

6) It is not competing with Playstation. Launching it in GDC is just a temporary market positioning to pull relevant
developers and experts. It is targeting AR & VR enterprise revenue.

7) Gamification EduTech will have huge benefit from this platform.

8) Supply Chain, Healthcare & Food Processing will have the major market impact. Virtuality will change the way we see the unseen to plan!
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1/ The world is changing right in front of us; never before has change been as palpable. Most if it is being driven by technology which seems to be disrupting each and every domain. The obsession with technology driving progress to the exclusion of everything else is a bane.
2/ While it isn't a good idea to ignore technology, especially those that actually improve human life and condition, including those that make decisions faster and more accurate and those that make life safer and longer, one-sided technology growth will do more harm than good.
3/ Applying technology in context of people and environment must take precedence over speed and scale. Holistic design of solutions and services in individualized moulds is the path. Because the age of average is done and dusted. The factory model of #education must be disrupted.
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1/ Here’s how I built the iconic first level of #SuperMarioBros as a life-size first person AR game that I played in @CentralParkNYC . Read on below!
2/ Ideas can come from anywhere. It all began with a simple cube. While learning @HoloLens dev I mistakenly placed a cube above my head, walked under it and looked up. The image of a #Mario brick flashed through my head
3/ Unable to find 3D assets in the style I wanted, I decided to recreate them myself. Used @adskFusion360 & had to consider things like how will bricks & characters I’ve only ever seen in 2D appear from the various angles that #AR enables.
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#AugmentedReality #VirtualReality #MixedReality are extending our reality. It's better to call them as extended reality. Their ability to extend reality varies and defines the class. AR extends in very limited way, MR extends it further and VR extends up to imagination.
@magicleap immersive computing is a challenger to @microsoftholo lens. The battle of immersive hardware supplier is going to heat up. #AugmentedReality #VirtualReality #MixedReality
#AugmentedReality will dwarf the #VirtualReality market by 4 times. Mobile availability, affordable computing power, affordable connectivity, computer vision algorithm, #AI and reducing size of HMD are providing needed technology push
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