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so! let's talk about the #cryptocurrency phenomenon again. $BITC / @Bitcoin, $ETH / @ethereum, $USDT / @Tether_to, $BNB / @binance — there are a LOT of these #cryptocurrencies out there, maybe even millions of them. and that's a first clue about them and about #capitalism.

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it's gospel #capitalism that the activities of "the #markets"—capitalist propaganda i.e. #business and #finance and #investment #journalism, not to mention all the #science and #technology journalism that's chiefly #advertising for corporations—are supernaturally powerful.

the central lie is that "the markets" (i.e. the sum total of all monetary transactions by all money-seeking entities in #capitalism) are the best possible mechanism for fulfilling every conceivable human need.

if it's not "on the market", then you don't really need it.

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let's try again. I wanted to write more *specifically* about Mr. @elonmusk—speculating about why he's the catastrophic person he is, based on what's popularly known about him. everything I'm going to mention is something reported in the popular press (not by @mtaibbi.)

we know that Mr. Musk had an abusive father, whom @elonmusk has had little good to say about. the man was typical colonialist trash—a South African grifter and speculator who *got lucky*, making a lot of money quickly with a partial share in an apartheid-era emerald mine.

Mr. Musk (and certainly his #ElonMusk fan club) has tried as hard as possible to suppress any chatter about the emerald mine; Mr. @elonmusk himself, a prolific and habitual liar, has even tried to pretend that the press made it up. but it's too broadly reported to deny.

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Chara, at @KrisAtLarge, has been talking about @mtaibbi's #marketing and #branding; I'd like to talk about a *specific* aspect of Western society's obsession with "personal brands".

it's simply this: in marketing, _censorship is the norm_.

censorship is *expected*.

it's fully expected; #capitalism depends upon #marketing to censor the truth.

they've normalized the practice: corporations (and @elonmusk and @mtaibbi) never tell the truth about themselves, nor do they feel the slightest need for it—they need to maintain the *brand*.

the trivial nature of #marketing culture dictates that people like @elonmusk and @mtaibbi (and @pmarca and @ID_AA_Carmack and literally everyone else who has *marinated* in this culture) think of their own crimes and sins as trivial. "bad publicity", at worst.

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Un pullback del mercato di martedì si è trasformato in un ritorno di mercoledì quando il bitcoin è salito oltre i $ 23.700 prima di ritirarsi leggermente. Eth sale sopra i $1.618. Altre criptovalute come #APT,registrano guadagni del 48% nelle ultime 24 ore,

Bitcoin ed Ether sono rimbalzati nel trading di giovedì mattina in Asia dopo la correzione di ieri tra indicatori economici misti e earnings deboli di Microsoft che avevano fatto scendere i prezzi.
Solana, Polygon e Cardano hanno guidato i guadagni tra i primi 10 per capitalizzazione di mercato. Le azioni statunitensi sono state contrastanti durante la notte.
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let us follow up on this.

I don't know if it's possible easily to demonstrate that #capitalism requires trauma (although I am sure that it does) but it is certain, at least, that #marketing requires trauma.

"psychological #advertising" works on buried trauma.

American right-wing chat, dominated by "manly" persons of the @MattWalshBlog / @benshapiro / @JackPosobiec sort, pretends that only cops and soldiers suffer trauma—as if (say) child abuse victims, or marginalized persons enduring routine bıgotry, aren't also traumatized.

in reality, trauma is everywhere. Western society is harsh and cruel— "competitive", Mr. @dick_nixon and other defenders of #capitalism might say. life is hard, suck it up, etc.

we've had decades and *centuries* of indoctrination in the purported virtues of _austerity_.

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I've been cogitating a strange notion lately—an intuition, one that's a bit tricky to explain.

permit me to state my assumptions: I believe that it's possible to assign the general label of "Christian God" to something *concrete*, and which is in fact quite small.

this is where I've always differed from the atheists: I've always felt that "God" wasn't a nonexistent entity, but rather an entity that was something different, something smaller and more limited, than what #Christian doctrine (and Western culture) claims about their God.

Dr. @RichardDawkins supplied a hint: it's possible that "God" is memetic in nature.

Dawkins hasn't (to my knowledge) ever analyzed the matter further—maybe because it threatened the rigidity of his #atheism to admit that God had *some* sort of existence, even a weak one.

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Purch It has several market opportunities that can be leveraged to drive growth and success:

(video too big for twitter so here's the link)
#Ecommerce: The e-commerce market is rapidly growing, with more and more consumers turning to online shopping. Purch It can tap into this trend by providing a convenient and easy-to-use platform for users to discover and purchase products they see on TV shows and movies.
#affiliatemarketing : Purch It can generate revenue through affiliate marketing by partnering with retailers and brands. When a user purchases a product through Purch It, the company earns a commission.
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1/ Alkimi Exchange is a decentralised advertising exchange that utilises blockchain technology for secure ad transactions.
2/ It utilises a distributed node network, which reduces costs and makes transactions faster, fewer emissions and more reliable.
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Why are Meta & Google moving away from digital attribution as a way of measuring marketing effectiveness?
Data issues are part of the story, but it’s bigger than that. This Google report gives some insight into their thinking. 1/9…
The big problem is that digital attribution models struggle to measure “incrementality”. If 1m people see your ad, and 1k buy your product, how many sales are genuinely incremental? The answer might be anywhere between 0 and 1k. Attribution models on their own can’t tell. 2/9
As Google pointed out over 5 years ago, controlled experiments and rigorous econometrics are much better for measuring incrementality. And those techniques reveal that digital attribution models are often WILDLY inaccurate. 3/9
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Have you heard about the recent EU ruling about Meta that could have major implications for the advertising industry?

Take a look at our thread below to learn more 👇

#advertising #meta #facebook
The EU has ruled that Mark Zuckerberg's Meta broke EU data laws.

This is because of the legal justification they had claiming they were able to use people's personal data to target invasive ads.
Meta claimed that users entered into a 'contract' when signing up allowing them to use their data as they pleased, but the EU disagreed.
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Elon Musk, who claims he does no advertising for Tesla, is on Twitter Spaces talking about *impression* advertising & getting schooled by a host.

He's still excited to talk about the stars in the upper right corner. We all know it changes the tweets.

He's insufferable.
Musk does not understand Twitter microtargeting ads & Musk demanded the speaker be turned off when schooled.

Musk explains ROI to users. Seriously, he's a moron.

Musk wants to talk AT people pretending he understands advertising, he does not.
Why isn't anyone asking Musk WHY he's qualified to speak on Twitter Advertising when he doesn't do $TSLA advertising?

Answer: Musk is not qualified.

#TwitterSpaces #ElonMusk #Advertising
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New research from Meta highlights the importance of long term advertising effects. Econometric analysis of over 3,500 campaigns reveals that 60% of the payback comes from long term effects, and only 40% from the short term.

This means that short term measurement measurement systems (which include most digital attribution models) probably underestimate ROI by a factor of ~2.5.
Short term measurement approaches tend to favour direct response channels, but this study shows that brand-building channels actually generate more sales in the long term.
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two best-selling books, both decades old, warned us what #marketing would do to #politics. (I'm sure that many others books did the same—maybe better—but these are the two we know.)

the first was Vance Packard's "The Hidden Persuaders" from 1957.…

Packard's text is a popular treatise on "psychological advertising"—inducing people to buy products for *irrational* reasons, by appealing to their buried fears and traumas.

Packard writes about many aspects of this new #marketing method of exploiting human weaknesses.

the insidious thing about the "psychological" method of #marketing is that the advertising method, i.e. manipulation of human fears, is completely dissociated from the product itself. one may use fears and traumas to sell *literally anything*, even @bariweiss or @elonmusk.

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Les 100 meilleurs #livres marketing de tous les temps. 📚

De la psychologie, copywriting, business, influence, story-telling, finances, au growth hacking, voici les livres à lire absolument pour toute personne intéressée à devenir meilleure en marketing. 🚀

📚100. Influence : Science & Practice est une examination de la psychologie de la conformité (c'est-à-dire la découverte des facteurs qui poussent une personne à dire "oui" à la demande d'une autre personne).

#influence #psychology #marketing Image
📚99. Le best-seller du New York Times qui explique pourquoi certains produits et idées deviennent populaires.

#marketing #contentmarketing #newyorktimes #book #livre Image
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I would not hire you if you posses this traits…

For the past five years I have hired several contractors to work for my Ad agency.

Some good, some bad!

Here are a 4 turn-offs I've experienced lately hiring a few roles for our Ad Agency.

When someone shows you who they are during the interview process, believe them the first time…

In the past, during my less seasoned, less experienced, hiring days in business, I would only see the potential in candidates.
On the surface level, it sounds like a good quality to have.

As time goes on, you realize how strict you need to be on who you let into your team.

They can either drag you down, set you back 30, 60, 90 days, or take you to new heights (the goal).
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... attending the #advertisements #workshop at the #BHC2022MidYear w/ @susmitadrc @AnneHummert look out for post-conference proceedings for great resources on #archives for #advertising #history #bizhis
With these images, @susmitadrc @AnneHummert and the audience discussed how #advertising created new #anxieties #bodyodour #Fear 1920-1950 Perhaps @AiHisano and @sevenofnein can say more! #senses Image
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ICYMI: FTC looks to modernize its guidance on preventing digital deception. As companies wrongly invoke the guide to justify deception, agency seeks public input on possible revisions around #DarkPatterns & other deceptive tactics: #marketing #advertising
FTC staff is seeking comment on the following:
- use of sponsored and promoted advertising on social media;
- advertising embedded in games and virtual reality and microtargeted advertisements; /2
- ubiquitous use of dark patterns, manipulative user interface designs used on websites and mobile apps, and in digital advertising that pose unique risks to consumers;
- whether current guidance adequately addresses advertising on mobile devices; /3
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(1/5) I moved into the #Web3 #advertising industry a few months ago when I joined @PermissionIO 🚀

Coming from a #Facebook Ads background, I thought I'd share a few trends I'm observing that will change the #AdTech industry as a whole.

A thread 👇
(2/5) #DataOwnership. Users know their data is VALUABLE. With decentralized tech like #blockchain that support data autonomy, they will share in its value. This transfer of power's already happening, with progressive brands seeking ways to reward consumers for their data 🔥
(3/5) Consumer Data Platforms (#CDPs) We're moving away from 3rd-party data. With CDPs, marketers & advertisers can micro-focus on user experiences across the customer engagement cycle, utilizing 1st-party data, lowering reliance on #3rdparty brokers who've dominated the market.
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According to the state-run @BakhtarNA, the #Taliban's Ministry for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice will tomorrow (Saturday, May 7), make an important #decree, about #Hijab ruling, public.
While not released from the official addresses of the IEA yet, the #Taliban's new plan for the implementation of Sharia #Hijab in Afghanistan is a document prepared in two pages and signed by the seven senior officials of the Taliban, including the Minister for the Propagation...
...of Virtue&Prevention of Vice, Chief Justice, Minister of Hajj, Education Minister...
The key contents of the #guideline:
- #Hijab is compulsory on all Muslim women who have reached the age of puberty.
- Any clothing that covers body is Hijab but it should not be transparent...
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It deals with specific #machinelearning problem, namely how to classify a given website into specific categories, also called #taxonomy.
the most common #taxonomies are those of IAB and Google Products Taxonomy. But there others, e.g. one from Facebook for products.
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"Criticism/rejection become commonplace as competitive parents continue to push their children toward higher levels of accomplishment.
As a result,kids can’t find the time, literal/psychological,to linger in internal exploration; a precursor to a well-developed sense of self."
"Kids can present as models of competence and still lack a fundamental sense of who they are. Psychologists call this the “false self,” and it is highly correlated with a number of emotional problems, most notably depression."
"Working primarily to please others and to gain their approval takes time and energy away from children’s real job of figuring out their authentic talents, skills, and interests. The “false self” becomes particularly problematic in adolescence..."
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because nothing appeals more to the majority comics buying audience, middle-income 50 year old straight white males, than Tennis 🤦
#comics #dccomics #tennis #directtvstream
this ad has been in my feed constantly since September,

I'm sorry, its ridiculous, this is done to make Williams & media people happy, not the comics buying audience
#comics #dccomics #marvel #mcu #tennis #manga #advertising #news #DCAboveAll #WonderWoman
Just think this ad through for half a second:

"I wasn't going to get another justice-league issue but i just had to have that one with @serenawilliams"…
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Given the #metaverse announcements today, I've published a timely article to share with you, from the new Stanford Journal of Online #Trust & #Safety: The Problems with #immersive #advertising : In #AR/#VR, Nobody Knows You Are an Ad.….
You've already experienced #AugmentedReality ads if you watch sports. The billboards behind the players in the stadium are different from the billboards that your family, watching from home in another state, will see. (2)
XR hardware pioneer @avibarzeev and I discuss what immersive advertising looks like, and trace its evolution through techniques used in film, sports, and gaming. My favorite is @CocaCola Cola's "Pepsi Invaders" -- like space invaders, but the enemy robots spelled out @pepsi. (3)
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۱- توضیح: پیش از این بارها اشاره کرده‌ام که #گرافیست نبوده و نیستم، اما به ضرورت زمانی برای انجام امور #جنگ_تبلیغاتی بر علیه #رژیم_منفور_جمهوری_اسلامی مجبور به یاد گرفتن مواردی شده‌ام که خلاصه و ترجمه نکات مهم آنها را با شما درمیان می گذارم.
بدیهی است که این مطالب کامل
۲- نبوده و احتمالا اشکالاتی در آن است. به همین دلیل از دوستانی که دانش آموخته و وارد به مسایل #تکنیکی هستند #دعوت می‌کنم در اصلاح این نوشتار کوشش نمایند.
با سپاس فراوان
۳- به باور من دلیل اصلی طراحی و استفاده #پوستر در شبکه‌های مجازی انتقال خبر و تاثیرگذاری و در نهایت ترغیب به مخاطب به #مشارکت در رویدادی می‌باشد.
در مورد تقسیم گونه‌های پوسترها شیوه‌ای متفاوتی وجود دارد، برای سهولت کار من با کمک دوستی در #دانشکده_هنر_برلین پوسترها را به
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