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“In Broadway, you go under sand, and bang your knee under a rock,” Lear, who has been with the district 27 years, said. “That’s a lot of fun.” @SunsetEmpirePRD…
At Broadway Middle School, floors in the hallway are uneven after four different additions
Dry rot surrounds the south windows. Asbestos is stuffed inside walls, tunnels and encapsulated around pipes. Walls are unreinforced masonry of cinderblock.

Everywhere you look you’ll see where the building is basically cracking or leaking

He pointed to walls moist with water as a result of horizontal shearing and described spalling on the roof leading to corrosion & seepage.

Building inspectors monitor the schools for safety, he said, and could condemn the buildings if they become too dangerous

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This week marks 100 days since @POTUS & @VP took office. We’re looking back at the work we contributed during the first #100Days of the new @WhiteHouse administration.
@POTUS @VP @WhiteHouse Cybersecurity is a top priority for this administration. We've been helping public and private stakeholders protect their networks.

We issued two Emergency Directives and continue to help agencies and organizations detect, mitigate, remediate, and evict threat actors. #100Days Emergency Directive 21-03: Mitigate Pulse Connect Secure ProEmergency Directive 21-02: Mitigate Microsoft Exchange On-Pr
@POTUS @VP @WhiteHouse Our Computer Emergency Readiness Team - @USCERT_gov – continues to provide timely direction on Microsoft Exchange and Pulse Connect Secure vulnerabilities to federal civilian agencies and recommended urgent actions for public and private sector partners. #100Days
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Evidence online “#vaccine research” by @Illinois_Alma drives anti-#vaccine #SoMe
=prolong #pandemic

@KateClancy’s study: periods in perimenopause “after” vaccine
by 15-minute survey
= bad #data = #misinformation

American feminism has a long history of harming WOC Image
Best practices of #community engaged #research involves
to all important stakeholders

American feminism
frequently believes that it
✅box of the diversity
no need to listen to anybody else

Women & WOC deserve good, not bad #data.…
Theories of infertility “by” vaccine
Draw upon past government sterilization programs
Fears are never unfounded
even if not the case now

Being out of touch with these realities + poor #studydesign
= research that adds harm without adding knowledge…
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#MedTwitter influencers show hypocrisy (advice vs actions on masks). Agree:

“unpleasant comments are ‘the nature of social media’ and holding public figures accountable is critical when they are setting an example for their ‘millions of followers.’”…
#tweetiatrician have even gotten death threats for pro-#vaccine #SciComm - most #MedTwitter influencers did nothing to protect vs these personal safety threats to #clinician & #doctor colleagues

@ZDoggMD & @DrToddWo did step up to help @NicoleB_MD…
Compare above to Dr. Mike:
when medical influencers are “caught”

adds to public perception:
“doctors cannot be trusted”

“Another fan posted on Reddit: ‘I know it's your life and you can do what you want, but you have chosen to be a public figure.’”…
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In light of the Boston police Union leader child abuse, this is very plausible, even probable. I have 2x, on behalf of someone else, reported, via Title IX - the woman or gay man was not feeling safe enuf to report. Yes, there is blowback when one reports. But we can’t be silent.
I am a mandated reporter as a #pediatrician. I *must* report for my patients or face legal consequences. Am same for staff, students, trainees. But in #EmergencyMedicine who do I call if a child may be unsafe at home? Sometimes, cops. Are cops safe?…
I have seen #mentalhealth and entire life paths destroyed by abusers preying on children like: This happened to too many people I know. I have seen institutions intimidate, mislabel, bury stories of the victims. (Some predators wait until 18th birthday.)…
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I state, highlight, mark up, not insinuate
Why is someone who likely does not menstruate a sudden expert on #womenshealth to identify a WOC seeking #data #quality & #integrity as the women?
"Respecting" social science = using respectable methods, not online surveys.
What you see in the tweet and the "study" is ego, defensiveness & flagrant Dunning-Kruger effect for #womenshealth, #menstrualhealth, #COVID19, #vaccine #research.

The best way to demonstrate the value of a field is to be consistent on #quality not…
Academic language on #online #survey #data:
"systematically assess carelessness in a crowdsourced sample" Denial that quick & dirty is poor #quality is an odd use of time & ineffective. One could better defend one's merit, by delivering #quality per best practices and standards.
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LOVE being faculty at @MIT this semester for a class on #dataanalytics & #datascience. I tend to PM my mentees, especially women and #blackexcellence to start to prepare questions to ask. Too often people stay silent. Speak up. Never be embarrassed to show #curiosity.
Listening right now to mid-semester progress reports from teams and am feeling like such a proud #datascience #BigData #bigdataanalytics momma. Bear cubs doing good (well AND good in world)

LOVE that this is a space within @MIT that focuses on #SDoH and #equity.
Literally right now, hearing about a study on #socialmedia chatter as a driver of vaccines hesitancy driven by #Twitter - start postulate "cause/effect" by an incident that happens within days after a vaccine - like ppl automatically assume a death is "caused" by vaccine
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Adding the word "experience" to an online survey of biological & immunological mechanisms does not make it anthropology. People who are spreading online rumors about vaccines need to take a hard look at what they are doing. There are valid ways to collect health data. Use them.
There are real, concerning, harmful gaps in knowledge in #womenshealth. Bad data of the GIGO method of data collection for quick and dirty "research" on "vaccine side effect" merely replaces one harm with another harm.…
If collecting data, overtly on "vaccine" and "side effect" claiming causation from temporal relation
for "after" on something as highly variable as menses, w/ deliberate inclusion of perimenopause (known menstrual variation)
=methodology used by anti-vaxx…
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When you want to know why
-women & minorities leave medicine
-why research lacks data to serve needs of anyone not white & male
-why different mortality rates in patients by gender, race, SES

this is why

This is #MedBikini#professionalism” again

Is insidious
but highly effective
-different access

As women, LGBTQ, minorities, disabled enter or advance in medicine, this professor’s public stance will be cited to mislabel having #ethics as “lacking #professionalism…
#medbikini is not one article
=attitude of many physicians
=drives this

We saw this happen with @ayshakhoury and @uche_blackstock and so many others. It especially happens at midcareer to WOC, especially black. Also if Muslim, LGBTQ, disabled, #mentalhealth

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This happens not uncommonly. Sadly, it means being Muslim-American means that you never know who has been targeted, "converted", especially via #mentalhealth targeting

Need to fulfill metrics of "terrorists caught" to report to superiors... meanwhile, Jan 6th happened....
If you work in refugee health, are an activist, seek to empower the marginalized or targeted, this has either happened to you directly or happens to people you know

The person you are supposed to pick up from the airport arrives hours or days later with no info where they are
"Go back to your country then" does not work if you are
1-born in the U.S. thus are in "own country"
2-drones kill grandmothers in their own homes across the world too

#Safety for whom?
Look at #CapitolRiot, etc
How's that #security going, America?…
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Those who:
do not touch patients & never have
who maintain no clinical licenses
who feel free of any commitment to #ethics

are put in charge, by administrators, to control, often via fear & shame, clinicians.

This harms on many levels.
It is anti-#safetyculture.
We have lost >500,000 Americans to #COVID19 alone. Preventable deaths. These are mostly the marginalized, vulnerable.

Either document measurable work to save lives, or get out of the way and out of budgets that could be used to save lives.
I’ve seen SO much over the years, in the name of #compliance consulting to siphon off money to block &, ultimately, harm.

No this does not save money.
It harms families.
It monetizes coded racism.

There are a multitude of such vendors & consultants.…
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The field of #psychology has MANY problems. SO many levels of wrong:

1-clinicians designing torture
2-a strategy to exploit the lack of ethics by APA leadership to gain scope of practice
3-monetizing harm
4-validating minority distrust of #mentalhealth…
The details are damning. It was clearly about expanding turf/scope of practice with a “deal with the devil” to bypass civilian regulations & go after DoD💰💰💰

There was not any commitment to human rights but manipulating words to craft unethical policy…
There have been reputation repair attempts, to distance self from torture, however professional societies tend to fixate on gaining or protecting turf & scope of practice. They use patients for “stories” but in reality show little care about patients.…
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When people who seek control
and who monetize fear

are faced with evidence their narrative of control is false

rather than embrace reality
(or develop courage)
they double down

At times of high stress you see bizarre overpolicing & bullying increase over petty non-issues.
There is a gender difference in bullying tactics.
Men: physical
Women: social (exclusion)

Later looks/sounds like
“Don’t talk to her”
“No one likes you”

(Yes, really adults resort to grade school tactics)

Faculty/teachers need to stay aware:…
Whereas adults are taught “just shake it off” or “ignore it”, students or children are especially vulnerable to faculty or teacher over-policing.

This over-policing starts not just in preschool but in the cradle.

“The police” in schools: teachers.…
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The folks who are anti-diversity need to update their tired playbook.

Sharing space for win-wins is not the same as hating people in a space.

Violating professional ethics by trying to diagnose via Twitter only damages own professional reputation by displaying poor judgment.
The time to have diagnosed by Twitter was here - instead of holding leadership accountable, people scrambled to put guardrails and install people to be "adults" in the room to reassure the public.

Actually don't be reassured.
Do something.…
This was time to raise alarm, not "reassure"

All of you who distribute pacifiers and those eager to be pacified killed Americans

Plus, there was utterly bad and WRONG advice from a #physician and #publichealth #leader that "no need" to think about DNRs.

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@Uber shame on you!!!
I had a bad enough morning yesterday dealing with an injury therefore unable to drive. I later ordered an Uber to get home from the doctors, driver was at the wrong pick up location, I kindly informed the driver of this. @threadreaderapp “unroll”
I then endured nasty comments via message as well as racist comments from the Uber Driver, whilst he was driving away from my location unwilling to cancel the trip, also trying call me on the phone, most likely to verbally abuse me! @threadreaderapp “unroll”
I was obviously upset, worried as the person had my home address and the fact he may have staked me online as my profile isn’t on the app.
Emotional and scared I TRY to contact someone at Uber, which isn’t that easy especially when upset. @threadreaderapp unroll
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While the Australian Parliament debates an online safety bill, an Australian MP Andrew Laming is accused of cyber-bullying women online #auspol #auslaw
Federal MP Andrew Laming has issued an apology for the online abuse… #auspol #auslaw He acknowledges that there have been other concerns about his online comments.
Under the criminal code, it is an offence to use a carriage service to menace, harass or cause offence… (s.474.17).
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Covid-19 treatment protocol of the Government of West Bengal, India

Hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in 1st line.

WHO's recommendations put on ignore.…
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When I look at the news today, the violence, as much as missing my mom today was super painful, I am glad she is in a better place, at peace. I thought of her constantly. So many things I wanted to discuss with her. But she was too good for this world. Now nothing can hurt her.
My mom and I used to often chat about the state of the world. She was both progressive and conservative. Many immigrant and South Asian women lack self compassion in order to manage the lack of support, the biases while still needing to get it all done. Mommy was a perfectionist.
In recent years we talked of racism. She was starting to recognize her internalized so-called “model minority” biases as I had needed to do myself. We talked at length on #DrSusanMoore when she read my LinkedIn repost of this 🧵 @TamorahLewisMD

“I never thought of it that way”
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Both these cases and others from institutions where I have been educated or trained hit close to home.

I had become a fan of Cuomo when in NYC

There *is* racism & implicit bias

while there *does* need to be accountability & due process on sexual harassment regardless of race
When we always report, encourage reporting & consistently invoke due process within the system, we can create a safe system that counters bias. It should not be about who went to med school with whom, race, gender, age. It should not be about vigilante justice outside the system
A woman leader can experience gender bias yet also align with patriarchal structures that tend to silence female victims. Both can be true at the same time. A Black man can be harassed or overpoliced based on race in one domain and be correctly identified as a harasser in another
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My @TransportDems testimony on Equity in Transportation #Safety Enforcement🚶🏽‍♂️👩🏿‍🦯👩🏾‍🦽👨🏼‍🦯🏃🚴🏽🚗🚛 #TranspoSafetyEquity THREAD⤵️
1/8 @NSCsafety has been America’s leading nonprofit #safety advocate for over💯years. Our mission is to save lives, from the workplace to any place, and that includes on our roads.
2/8 Our roadways🛣️became⚠️MORE dangerous⚠️last year, even as the number of miles driven DECREASED 📉dramatically due to the pandemic.😷 For more…
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@FBI - I have been marked as a target by alt right already - my #GOTV work is what #MarjorieTaylorGreene spreads hate on - citizen rights of minorities. The violence that smashed the skull of #OfficerSicknick on Jan 6 was about effective #votingrights work of @staceyabrams
(Deleted tweets cuz the posted link was wrong - gah. I hate deleting tweets but the meaning totally changed.)
What I threaten is the power differential in #healthcare -by my identity & work - all bullying is about power first & foremost. Yes, I threaten bullies & their sidekicks. I open, expand, include vs paranoia to exclude, block.

Other Muslims like me, shot:…
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Important to keep in mind that #AI is made by humans. Our flaws and biases get encoded and amplified. We need the right diversity of people at the table to design and implement #ArtificialIntelliegence and #ML. #humancentereddesign for all of humanity. #design
Who determines definitions, labels of #data cut offs? Too often we get all nerdy on which variables & factors in the model. But are we even using the right data? #tech #technology types might consider reading Maya Angelou & Toni Morrison and others to think outside the box
Example: many people are interested in #SDoH #socialdeterminantsofhealth & #data for it.
Who has existing large #databases?
Banks are traditionally risk averse, block/exclude those who are labeled high risk
So can their data improve health equity?…
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@MinPres @hugodejonge 👆 #Rutte🚑kaart💉*
💉Geen exit strategie
Sprint🏃 werd🐨 marathon
*eindigt met💉 en daarna wat?

Dat👆zag ik op @OmroepWNL

Het kon anders👇 #HCQworks

1/2, zie CBG @MedicijnNL
over HCQ in 2/2 hieronder

cc @WybrenvanHaga @hapelensrob @DeBlauweTijger

@MinPres @hugodejonge @OmroepWNL @MedicijnNL @WybrenvanHaga @hapelensrob @DeBlauweTijger 2/2👆CBG 🕛8 Dec👇

#HCQworks #ZelenkoProtocol

Hoe🕛lang weten we de waarheid over @TheLancet🚩? Op 8 Dec adviseert CBG liever💉*

Lees mijn alarm⚠over💉onbekend impact op #fertility* het staat boven hun antwoord. Ze snappen er niets van of ze down mee🚩
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Keep in mind the phrase “shattering” the glass ceiling is a violent phrase associated with riots or “anti-social” activities. #womeninleadership conferences or books don’t prepare you for reality of how perceived/treated when “smashing” the patriarchy, especially as a WOC.
There are two ways past the barrier: 1-align with/serve patriarchy and have the door opened.
= mere optics of change while perpetuating status quo & structural inequity
2-shatter it the glass ceiling. The latter will cause you to be a threat to the system & leadership
On rare occasions, the person opening the door past the barrier is truly seeking progress at scale rather than tokenizing you.

More often than not, your role when on the other side is to be token and sign off on perpetuation of inequity while providing the right look/optics.
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