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Are the public aware that after 2020 the EU will make all its citizens eat their own pets? On toast?
and that Juncker will personally strangle them first, every single one, while trolleyed on single malt
as he sings Ode to Joy in a weird falsetto
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Happy International Women's Day! This #IWD2019 we'd like to encourage our followers to check out the profiles of some of the wonderful women we are lucky to work with at CTPSR!

(check out… for a full list of CTPSR Twitter users!)
First up - @heavencrawley. Heaven is Research Professor at CTPSR & Director of the UKRI GCRF Hub on South-South Migration, Inequality & Development. Follow Heaven for great insights based on her vast knowledge of a range of #migration & #development issues #IWD2019
.@drkristinaune is the head of our Faith & Peaceful Relations Research Group, and has recently been appointed Professor. Follow Kristin for commentary on issues of faith, community, Higher Education and gender #IWD2019 #FollowFriday
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THE SOUL OF DISCRETION | I would like to share a few lessons a mentor taught me about confidentiality and discretion. #Confidentiality #Trust #Business
1. Share your secrets with your friends and spouse but DO NOT share other people's secrets with them.
2. When rich and powerful people introduce you to a circle of trust, they will set a test. They will share something. If they hear it outside, they will know you are the only one who could have told people.
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They were removed.
When was Page removed from the investigation?
What month?
July 2017? (Early)
When was Scaramucci hired?
July 2017? (Late)
Re: the ‘Scaramucci’ model

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🕵💻QArmy Thread💻🕵

🕵This is for every one of the #DigitalSoldiers in this fight!

💻I saw this Chan #post and it got me #motivated. I just want to share the feeling.

(I use #QArmy to describe all #QAnons. #QAnon said we are part of the #Army)👥👥👥👥

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First, I would like to say #ThanQ you for taking on this fight. We are writing history. Without [YOU], there wouldn't be a #fight. And #trust me, #TheWorldIsWatching.

Not only are we taking our #country back, but we are setting an #example for the #world. #Patriots around the
world are #standing up against the #evil that controls this world. This is the most #important time of our lives.

I am so #proud to be in this #fight with you. This is our time! We are the #TruthKeepers.

#ThePlan is playing out perfectly. #Patriots are doing an #awesome #job.⬇
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#Effort & #Understanding

There is no meaningful effort without an understanding
There is no understanding without a #meaningful effort
We #achieve meaningful effort only by #failing and #trying again
#Effort teaches you to be #practical

#Understanding will bring #trust and #patience
#Understanding is needed to examine WHY and WHAT

#Effort is needed to achieve WHAT by doing HOW in accordance with WHY
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#Faith happens only when the #duality has fallen; it is not a #belief against #doubt.

When belief and doubts both have disappeared, then something happens which is faith, which is #trust.
When desiring disappears there is trust!

#Trust means moving with #life without any #expectations, #desires, demands of your own. Not #asking, not #complaining. Whatsoever happens, #accepting it with deepest #gratitude and #awareness.
Simply seeing the #reality, that the #opposite is implied everywhere, #trust happens.

It is not in any #helplessness that you #accept. It is simply the nature of #life that the opposite is implied.

Looking at the #fact, #truth, deep inside you, gives you trust..
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Now for Q 2019 New drops...

*Sorry Q, just played on my keyboard first ♡
Oh & for those who haven't figured it out. There are pillars in #Qanon that cannot be undone! Assurance #Qanon could NOT be co-opted! #Trust
#WeHaveItAll It is gorgeous for #WeThePeople for the global criminal elite? Not so much ;)
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You are all well prepared & ready, for your Ceremony of Life! #Trust

I love you all!
Honor response ability! #BeBest
Golden hearts receiving entitlements! #GiftLove
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Penguasa yg paranoid dengan hoax adalah rezim yang memang tidak dipercaya oleh publik. Harusnya, tidak perlu takut karena punya semua alat pengungkap fakta. Sebuah catatan kecil perjalanan ke Dapil Kab. Bogor hari ini, setelah membaca buku "Trust" karya Francis Fukuyama #Trust
Apakah perlu sebuah negara menjaga seluruh daerah perbatasannya dengan tembok yg maha tebal atau perlengkapan militer super canggih dengan spy drone antiradar? Tentunya, tidak semua negara bida menyediakan itu untuk seluruh wilayahnya, apalagi Indonesia. #Trust
Untuk memastikan adanya gerakan separatis di teritorinya, tidak ada negara yang meletakan tentara di depan rumah warganya satu per satu, bahkan di negara ultraotoriter sekalipun. Kita bahkan harusnya memang tidak pernah butuh itu. Bukan itu hakekat negara. #Trust
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This will be my THREAD on [TRUST] the Plan. This will be part 2 of the #Payseur Thread. Are you READY?

Let's Go!

Who is [P] Thread here:
@WarDrummer1 Preso:

Q uses the word TRUST and trust many many times. Got me thinking... TRUSTS?

When #Q started Patriots Fight they dropped this image.

@POTUS #QAnon #QArmy #WWG1WGA #TRUST #PatriotsUnited
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Full house on #CognitiveDiversity tonight!! #ServLab
Christine and Tom from Open Inclusion kicks off tonight #ServLab
How we think is shaped by many factors #CognitiveDiversity #ServLab
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Oh well ...

Found the #Qanon Clip #WeaponOfChoice #Voice

Halfway between the gutter and the stars...

Q has the best rogue dance moves! #WWG1WGA #GreatAwakening #WeThePeople #Trust
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Just had quite an interesting experience with @verisart's #blockchain for securing authenticity certificate, provenance, and other metadata around a recent purchase of art that I made, and now have a few thoughts to document for later reflection. 1/
First, while my honest initial impression was "huh, shame that someone's gone and blockchained something as pure as art as part of this DAPP money grab," it is in the end quite nice to have a cert ostensibly locked in, & useful if I ever decide to sell it, give as a gift, etc. 2/
That said, there are some hiccups along the way that need to be kept in mind when trying to convince people to flow with this "Don't want to trust humans? Easy, just trust #blockchain and peripheral technology [that was developed by humans]!" cognitive dissonance. 3/
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1) If customers are to trust you and commit to your brand, your brand needs to be professional. Hire that graphic designer to create your logo, business cards, website so that you have a consistent look. Hire a marketing guru and/or a business coach to help you plan strategy.
2) Research business systems so invoicing, proposals and communications are complete, organized and automated. How you treat your business is how you’ll be perceived to treat a client’s business. #Influencer #LinkedInMarketing #OnlineMarketing #DigitalMarketing #Marketing #Sales
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Do not give up on a relationship unless you have exhausted all of your options.**

If you have harmed trust, do the work to rebuild it by sincerely asking the person/hearing how you can rebuild the trust; then do the work they asked of you.
If there is a breach of trust, it is on the person who has breached it to show care & respect in action to repair before their hurts can be addressed - most relationships can be saved.

**excluding domestic violence, sexual abuse, etc. (2/10)
There are many reasons you were attracted to this person, committed to them, (and they to you) honor it. Honor the precious time of your lives you have dedicated to one another. Understand how you experienced yourself with them in the beginning & use that as a source. (3/10)
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Why am I here? Why are you here?
In this #GreatAwakening would you rather have more fear or more love? There is a beautiful solution to our current paradigm. #WeThePeople have a choice! The world is crying for more feminine wisdom: compassion, nurturing, kindness, care #LoveWins
Never blindly follow. Nature gifted us all a barometer, measure everything in the gut then weigh it with the heart. Take back your own brain domain. Longest bridge to gap is the 12" between heart & head. The mind is a tool, not your master. Stick with the heart, a greater force!
If you are suffering, pain is nature's way of getting our attention. Listen, within, the solution is not 'out there' everything begins within: as above so below. Where am I out of integrity (wholeness)? Where/how/when to love more... is how suffering ends, new paradigm manifests!
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1/ #THREAD Ah, teeny tiny demographical instance of something, hastily wound up to a coy, careful kind of un-endorsement of something else, even uses paper in a medical / scientific journal to try substantiate this un-endorsement placement #Beware #BullAtWork How 'well-connected'
2/ and how reminiscent of a certain type of anti-vaccination trolling / disinformation.😬 #Questions such as: A/what percentage of the population actually use the product B/ what percentage of that specific demographic have been injured seriously, in a clinical sense or in the --
3/ particular mode described in the, eh, 'article' ? C/ So even if as seems likely this only verifiably happened to a tiny % of users,& even if the argument that it is all just public knowledge/public info. is applied so it appears to be, lets say for the heck of it, 'authentic',
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