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19 Jun 20
classless system in which the means of production are owned communally and private property is nonexistent or severely curtailed

Communism is the end goal of socialism and entails the eradication of #capitalism

Communism is the end goal for #BLM, NOT SOCIAL JUSTICE
We are trained Marxists

#BLM founder
People think when they donate to #BLM they are helping to end racism

In actuality, they are donating $ to help end #Capitalism

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19 May 20
1. Hayek

I find it interesting that many who study F.A. Hayek, like to point out that he “favored universal healthcare.”
2. Hayek -

Road to Serfdom:

“Where, as in the case of sickness and accident, neither the desire to avoid such calamities nor the efforts to overcome their consequences are as a rule weakened by the provision of assistance – ...”
3. Hayek

“...where, in short, we deal with genuinely insurable risks – the case for the state's helping to organize a comprehensive system of social insurance is very strong.”
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6 May 20

I’m starting a repository of cases against the State Governors’ Executive Orders across the Country

We must put the pressure on the states to end the madness

With 2 years left of a pandemic, we must regain control of the Constitution

add to this any cases u find
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17 Apr 20
Will Jacobson v Massachusetts, 1905, be used to force vaccinations upon citizens to fend off a pandemic?

Massachusetts used it to beat down smallpox, which had begun to ravage that state…
So in the 1905 case Jacobsen could only be fined... NOT forcibly vaccinated...

But state governors may indeed have more power than imagined during a pandemic

Individual #Liberty vs “common good”…
The “Model State Emergency Health Powers Act (MSEHPA), which was formulated in response to the September 11, 2001, attacks, are more consequential because of the legislation's potential to further expand governmental police powers during public health emergencies...”
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9 Feb 20
1. Dear #WeThePeople of the LEFT

U have correctly identified the problem - that a 1% ELITE controls our government

But your solution of SOCIALISM is misguided

Let’s work TOGETHER to destroy this ELITE class

ONE ISSUE POLITICS - Destroy the Elite

2A. From @noamchomskyT
Requiem for the American Dream

“If u look at wealth distribution, the (income) inequality mostly comes from super-wealth -.. the top 1/10th of a %... If u check u find that over the course of these years the govt policy has been modified ...
2B. “.. AGAINST THE WILL OF THE POPULATION to provide enormous benefits to the very rich... Real incomes have stagnated for over 30 years. The MIDDLE CLASS in that sense.. is under severe attack. A significant part of the AMERICAN DREAM is class mobility... It’s all collapsed.”
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19 Jan 20
1. Trump Presidency Over -

Hypothesis & A Thread

This will likely be my last thread regarding the #USMCA - I’m done

Once Trump signs the USMCA his Presidency will conclude

The passing of the USMCA is WHY he is here
2. Trump Presidency Over - Thread

I know you are sick of hearing my ranting about how the #USMCA is #Globalism

Recall I am a Trump supporter. I am a Constitutionalist (I know - those 2 don’t equate but I’ve been believing he is our last hope)

3. Trump Done

Once Trump signs the #USMCA his Presidency is DONE

He will have fulfilled his mission (knowingly or not) for the #NewWorldOrder cabal

The NWO will have NO NEED for him after it is signed

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4 Jan 20
1. This letter really pisses me off

This is from @tedcruz and 11 other Senators to #Trump Nov 2018 urging Trump 2 get the #USMCA in their hands by 11/30/18 so the lame duck Republican Congress could approve the USMCA before the Dems got the House 1/1/19…
2. Had the Republicans gotten the USMCA approved by 12/31/18 we would already be under the USMCA

The REASON it pisses me off is because it is Ted Cruz specifically.


But it is being called a Congressional Executive Agreement
3. A TREATY requires 2/3 approval of the Senate as per the #Constitution

There is NO SUCH THING as a Congressional Executive Agreement in the Constitution

Congress made that up - and it only requires simple majority of House + Senate to approve
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31 Dec 19
1. Satan Worship

Did you know?

Lucis Trust is the publishing arm of the #UnitedNations

Alice Bailey, founder of Lucis Trust, was a disciple of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the founder of the “Religion” of #Theosophy

Lucis Trust 👇…
2. Blavatsky’s teachings are expressed in the book, The Secret Doctrine, which centers on the belief that Satan is “The God of our planet and our only God”

“Lucifer is divine and terrestrial light, the ‘Holy Ghost’ & ‘Satan’ at one & the same time.”


Great book 👇
3. Cecil Rhodes was a Freemason and also a disciple of Blavatsky

He is the father of the push 4 the #NewWorldOrder ,the creator of the Society of the Elect (the British Secret Society of elites/ central bankers, united for the formation of a #NWO)

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22 Oct 19
1. The #WTO World Trade Organization, established during the #Clintons Presidency 1994

Sacrificing our Sovereignty, marching USA into the #NewWorldOrder

Approved by the likes of @senatemajldr / @SpeakerPelosi


2. The #USMCA

Think it’s about FREE TRADE with our neighbors ?


It’s about linking us into the #NewWorldOrder , tying us to world regulations and the UN

We desperately need #TermLimits to thwart attacks like this on American Sovereignty 👉


Free Trade agreement? Think again

#Congress is supposed to be responsible for immigration, right?


This “Treaty subordinates the United States’ sovereign power over immigration to global and multi-national bodies. USMCA Art. 16.2”…
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20 Oct 19
1. It’s time for a #USMCA thread.

This one based on great lesson from Constitutionalist / Constitution Professor @KrisAnneHall

Warning: Trump would not be pleased with the review


Disclaimer: I am a Trump supporter and believe he is saving America

But I am a Constitutionalist and recognize that Trump is not... He tries... But unconstitutional policies need to be called out

3. Trump stood before the UN and said the future is not for globalists, it is for Patriots...

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2 Sep 19
1. TAPS ACT - what it is and why it should scare you

Great instruction by Constitutional Lawyer KrisAnne Hall 👇

Constitutional America Episode 2 (T.A.P.S. Act) via @YouTube
2. #TAPS Act HR 838

Threat Assessment, Prevention and Safety Act of 2019

The “solution to the gun violence problem.”…

A. The TAPS act will create a brand new bureaucracy under the authority of the Department of Homeland Security

B. The purpose of this bureaucracy will be to create State & federal policing bodies ruling over the perceived behavior of the American people- KGB-style
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6 Jul 19
The professional politicians have done an excellent job of splitting up the issues to keep the citizens fighting with each other so we don’t focus on the fact that they are the problem, not us.
The professional wrestling promoters know that good fighting evil and prompting the audience to be involved in the action will keep people engaged. Our career politicians know it, too.

Without a crisis to engage the public, the career politician is less significant.

#ManufacturedCrisis are common in politics - They provide another more sinister advantage to the professional politician: misdirection and sleight of hand.

Both sides do it

They do it because there are no #TermLimits

#WeThePeople can put an end to it


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28 Feb 18
1. What if Obama DOES go after and become head of the United Nations? If this occurs during Trump era, Trump would remove US from the UN for sure. If so, what if UN aligns with a force like China or Russia? US would tighten OTHER allies. I can’t imagine a stronger set up for WW3
2. Obama as head of UN. Pope Frances pushing for a World Government. Progressives aligning with Pope. Democrats in US setting themselves up to be part of this elite political world governing class while America withers away under socialism and egalitarianism.
3. We are losing this country. We almost let it get away from us. Horowitz was right. Trump is saving America.
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