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uy uy uy... que líos ¡Varsovia, Budapest!?. DESDE EL OTRO LADO🤨

#TimKIRBY - Strategic Culture
"En el momento de escribir este artículo la guerra en Ucrania ha estado ocurriendo durante unos días y gracias al poder de los misiles hipersónicos y al hecho de que la mayoría de ⤵️
las poblaciones del suy este de Ucrania se ven a sí mismas como rusas, Kiev está completamente rota. Las fuerzas rusas y LPR/DPR están tomando y reteniendo muchos kilómetros por día y ahora Zelensky está dispuesto a ir a la mesa de negociaciones después de 8 años de súplicas de⤵️
Moscú rogando a Kievy Occidente que detuvieran el genocidio en el Donbass. Rusia está siendo eliminada de SWIFT y todos los bancos e individuos rusos están siendo sancionados. El divorcio de Rusia de Europa parece haber terminado y junto con él está el nacimiento de nuestro tan⤵️
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Can anyone oppose Wall Street’s and the City of London’s bankrupt system by supporting their wars? This woman acknowledges that she knows Ukraine is being used as a shield for desperate banking & corporate Western cartels to set their New World Order. Putin is the 1 fighting NWO.
Make no mistake, the same punks that r riling u up in hatred for the Russians or to divide us btwn Russia & Ukraine, r the same mutherfuck3rz that robbed us all on 2021Jan28, who r now seeking our support on their side of a war they’ve instigated. #FuckWallStreet #EndTheFed
Putin scares the evil forces in the West & so they’ve unleashed an all-out speculative attack on Russia’s banking & financial system. Those r the same people who r growing labs with deadly viruses in & around countries that represent a threat to their New World Order. #EndTheFed
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The sanctions’ regime on Russia are designed to take away the public’s focus on the bankruptcy of The Fed, the ECB & the BoE, which have reached desperate levels of unpayable debt. That’s what this confrontation is about via @YouTube
The unipolar world order is financially & morally bankrupt. It's insisting on its rights to dictate to nations that they must submit to the globalist demands of a pack of corporate cartels primarily insurance co., & hedge funds who dictate the terms of survival to the world.
Russia and China will never submit to that bankrupt globalist alliance. That's the basis of the current confrontation. The way out of the danger of WWIII is to set a new security & development architecture that advance the interest of every nation on the planet. #EndTheFed
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Caps no caps comma/period seperators PEDMAS
107 days from Trump card mailer
22 days after Fetty wap unsealed indictment.
LD = 16
Tracking events. Yes👆
And another Trump💧
Bill and McConnell
Discussions on death funeral of the Queen.
L D = Roths
Trumps talking about Debt. #EndTheFed
Now comes the pain
369 delta
1 off 1290 delta @WidowKhal
The 3 6 9 delta.
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🫂 The Fed, the Amer Worker, and Labor Day...

Labor Day is to honor the achievements of American workers, but the Fed has been screwing them over for decades

A short thread with some stats and numbers 👇
1/ it wasn't that long ago, retirement was possible if you saved some money...

From 1960s to 2007, the avg int paid on a 10yr gov bond was 7%. If you worked hard, saved in a bond portfolio, reinvested interest, $100k would grow to $750k in 30 yrs. Enough to have $52.5k per year
2/ But, when the Fed Res decided to wage a “war” against deflation during the 2008 Financial Crisis, it also waged war on Workers & Savers because to save the stock market, the Fed cut interest rates to near zero.

You and I, the American savers and retiree – got screwed. - How?
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Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell is holding a Q&A with students and teachers right now and are using #FedTownHall. Can we also flood it with #EndTheFed?
#EndTheFed - I think you can also maybe submit questions here:…
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The Taliban spokesman got a question about freedom of speech and he said the question should be asked to US companies like Facebook who claim to promote it while still censoring
I don’t buy that this is whataboutism. It’s valid to point out the hypocrisy of those who might judge you
Also, since this is blowing up: Ron Paul was right. Check out my pinned tweet, and #EndTheFed. #FedTownHall The failed war couldn’t have happened without the Federal Reserve inflating the money supply to support it.
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🚨 The American Dream is being stolen, turning the "land of opportunity" into a "Land of Serfdom" right in front of our eyes

It's happening with just a few policies and a money printer, BUT... we have a solution to stop this before it's too late!

time for another thread 👇
What was once the greatest driver of household wealth, has now turned into the:
Greatest "Wealth Heist" - This particular wealth transfer started with the 2008 Great Financial crash and has only picked up steam, but...
it really started back in 1994, so...
let's go back in time Image
It started with President Bill Clinton in the early '90s. 1st he legalized interstate bnkng, 2nd allowed commercial and invstmnt bnks to combine, but it really got started with our buddy Andrew Cuomo, then Sec of H.U.D, with what was known as the "National Homeownership Strategy"
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Few important points considering #Centralbanks . A thread.

"When central bank accrues a loss beyond its stream of net interest rate income (gross interest income minus expenses) and seigniorage, it starts to eat through its capital." 1/12
@GnSEconomics Image
"A central bank thus follows normal accounting practice.

But, because the central bank has a control over the monetary base, it can create demand for its liabilities (currency) by buying government securities and earn seigniorage." 2/
"This is the crucial difference between a central bank and a commercial bank.

The central bank can claim to be solvent, based on its future income stream from seigniorage, even with negative net worth." 3/
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Want to know why the cost of living continues to go up, year after year?

Want to know how the government can "afford" to pay for endless wars, the war on drugs, the militarized #policestate, and so many other destructive policies? Image
Want to know why the US government is over $26 trillion in debt, and rapidly rising, or why our #economy bounces between boom and bust cycles, leaving the poor and middle class further and further behind?

The answer to these is very simple: it's because of the Federal Reserve.
The #FederalReserve, or Fed for short, is the central banking system of the US. It controls how much, or how little, money is being printed.

Its main purpose is to lend money to government-approved banks at low-interest rates, so they can lend it to you at higher rates.
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Cabal ; ONE government that they control, of course, and ONE currency, which they control its supply and value. They orchestrated #WW1 and #WW2. They created Nazism and Zionism. They created #communism and #capitalism. They fund each side of every war for profit and power. Image
They masterminded every crisis because they know that nothing works better than terrorism and extortion to control the masses. Because absolutely NOTHING materializes as swiftly and as effectively as policies enacted in the wake of a crisis. And that's why this banking class
creates a crisis every now and then to fulfill their agendas against the priorities and the will of citizens. Every crisis is a step in the ladder to achieve their goal. COVID19 is just another planned crisis like 9/11 on a long list of planned crises that are coming up in the
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To the bears (a thread) —

“feels like early Jan/Feb” bears :

Unknown-unknowns (Covid hitting Italy, 3GDam burst, etc) and not Known-unknowns (fiscal cliff, FED, blah blah). Unless you’re that special ‘Sven-like’ cat who celebrates -250bps as victory after being offside by 250%.
To the “feels like ‘99” bears :

Where were bond yields in 99 again? This isn’t a voodoo ERP snark, but the reality of TINA. When Stan felt the tech froth in ‘99 he had the option of parking cash in T-bills at 5-6% ffs.
So if it’s not CASH that it’s (=Tech) competing with, what is it, XLI ?!? Really? If “yes” then be honest and admit you’re long vaccines, fair play.
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So the fed creates reserves for the banks who then lend out these reserves which were created from nothing to banks. Banks lend it to you the average Joe and charge you interest. Banks lend like crazy because the interest is their drug & like every addict they get reckless.
Their addiction causes them to create more loans, putting the country awash with fabricated dollars & crushing the purchasing power of the same average Joe who is busting his hump making a living. When it collapses every decade or so good ole Uncle Sam bails out these reckless
white collar crooks using taxpayer dollars while not requiring the banks to pay for their mess out of their profits. Uncle Sam does this under the guise of capitalism by using socialism, creating even more money, crushing the purchasing power of average Joe even more by flooding
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How the Emergency of 1929 and its Aftermath Revolutionized America. #EndtheFed Thread 1/15

"The stock market crash in 1929 provides an excellent example of how an emergency or crisis can be used to revolutionize a society permanently and destroy liberty and well-being in the process." @JacobforLiberty

The Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act of June 1930, raised American tariffs to unprecedented levels, which practically closed our borders to foreign goods. This was the crowning folly of the whole period from 1920 to 1933 and the beginning of the real depression - Hans F. Sennholz

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@bigredwavenow Is there more to Corona than meets the eye, or rather a blind eye? What is the real "invisible enemy" @realDonaldTrump often refers to?
@bigredwavenow @realDonaldTrump If you look further into Q references of Corona to post 2017, Q responds with "BLIND EYES IN THE SKY".
@bigredwavenow @realDonaldTrump Was Q poking the C_A in the eyes?
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1. The amount of propaganda oozing from this article is insane. The MSM sound desperate to prevent her from being approved. #EndTheFed
2. The Fed’s independence is always spun by establishment elites, MSM, and economists as necessary to create a functioning economy, but I have news for you. The current economy does NOT function for most of the population. The Fed’s independence is a huge part of the problem.
3. The Fed are the ones who control the money spigot. They are the ones who make sure the banks and too big to fail corporations get huge bail-outs. They are the ones who pump money into the stock market to enrich their friends.
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1. Dear #WeThePeople of the LEFT

U have correctly identified the problem - that a 1% ELITE controls our government

But your solution of SOCIALISM is misguided

Let’s work TOGETHER to destroy this ELITE class

ONE ISSUE POLITICS - Destroy the Elite

2A. From @noamchomskyT
Requiem for the American Dream

“If u look at wealth distribution, the (income) inequality mostly comes from super-wealth -.. the top 1/10th of a %... If u check u find that over the course of these years the govt policy has been modified ...
2B. “.. AGAINST THE WILL OF THE POPULATION to provide enormous benefits to the very rich... Real incomes have stagnated for over 30 years. The MIDDLE CLASS in that sense.. is under severe attack. A significant part of the AMERICAN DREAM is class mobility... It’s all collapsed.”
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1. This letter really pisses me off

This is from @tedcruz and 11 other Senators to #Trump Nov 2018 urging Trump 2 get the #USMCA in their hands by 11/30/18 so the lame duck Republican Congress could approve the USMCA before the Dems got the House 1/1/19…
2. Had the Republicans gotten the USMCA approved by 12/31/18 we would already be under the USMCA

The REASON it pisses me off is because it is Ted Cruz specifically.


But it is being called a Congressional Executive Agreement
3. A TREATY requires 2/3 approval of the Senate as per the #Constitution

There is NO SUCH THING as a Congressional Executive Agreement in the Constitution

Congress made that up - and it only requires simple majority of House + Senate to approve
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While we have been DISTRACTED by the #ImpeachmentScam, there have been many meetings going on re: the urgent restructuring /digitization of our financial system.
Eyes On @Ripple's #XRP, when he says "Its Here"
..they have met with Lagarde, IMF/ ECB, SBI- MAJOR bank deals made. 👀
@Ripple P.S. I am NOT yet convinced of its overall benefit to humanity with all the bank deals being made, nevertheless they are being onboarded, very rapidly replacing #SWIFT.
Many are saying this (#XRP) will somehow be used as a gold bridge asset that will #EndtheFed?
Time will tell!
@Ripple 3/
Very interesting video,
Will XRP help end the fed?
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In 2014, the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (The Federal Reserve’s clearing house), netted 1.6 Quadrillion dollars.

Total number of American Citizens is currently 330 Million.

Due to the illegality and criminality of this non government relationship...
The federal reserve owes each American approximately
$ 4,848,484.85 per annum, (adjusted) since it’s inception in 1913, until present day.
(*)This amount does not factor penalties & interest, due & owing.

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.@realDonaldTrump is looking at cutting more taxes. The word recession is inappropriate. [They] and the media is hoping for a recession.
I really wish @realDonaldTrump would #EndTheFed and put us back on the gold standard.
It was the G8 for a long time. Until President Putin outsmarted President Obama and Obama wanted him out. 😂
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Love him or hate him you’ve got to vote for him. The #FakeNews that hates him is praying for a recession and trying to push a fake recession in the media.
Let’s take a look at the real economy.
President Trump’s pro job policy has the real economy booming. The #FakeNews media is pushing for a recession using a fake economy ran by algorithms.
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President Trump comes out talking about how phenomenal last night was. Then he starts hammering the Fed. #EndTheFed
President Trump is working on a new executive order to lower drug prices. This could be huge!!
They are working hard on the 2020 Census including an executive order.
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This is a message to us.
"Our economy, right now, is the Gold Standard"
Could it mean this objective of the FED reformation has been completed, and we are back on the gold standard, right now?
This would be an essential & major step in the reformation process.
I have said for months that the stock market fluctuations were happening because 'old' $$ was being replaced, with the 'new' $$. When in history has Wall Street had 600pt swings? Never. But, WS has had the same percentage losses before.
Before the huge gains since @realDonaldTrump took office, a 300pt loss/gain was equivalent. So, ask yourself this, because the market is at 25K, does a 600+pt loss scare you? What about a 3Kpt loss in a month? Not nearly as much as losing 2K from a 12K market right?
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