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You believe the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms, is inviolable. Yet, you know very well that some of your fellow citizens will abuse this right. Some will use it to kill family, friends, neighbors. But that a woman might use her bodily autonomy to kill her unborn child 1/
is a bridge too far?
Women deserve to be in control of their bodies as much as you deserve your guns. Thousands of souls are lost each year due to the 2nd Amendment. Where is the outrage? Oh wait, it's not your fault they gunned down school children? Then why is it your fault 2/
if a woman decides to end the life growing in her womb? Why do you take it upon yourself to stop this but not the other? A soul is a soul.
Furthur, you believe in the right to liberty but you are denying this very thing to women? It is her body. How can you tell them what do 3/
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for kicks … I keep a day count. For example, May10.d237+~283
iCloud is off for all apps in all my devices. Thus, I ponder and ask, dear @Apple, please explain what is stored in the 2.8GB in GREY? As evidence in the images, my
backup for this account is 0KB. What are you storing without my permission? I am logged in the web for the account, and there is no explanation for the 2.8GB

Messages 4
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#Apple #iCloud #abuse
#liberty #freedom #privacy #pii
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Good afternoon TMobile and TDBank,
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I am baffled. I have a DEFAULT bank account set up to process today's scheduled payment. However, you are not allowing me to pay using TDBank? Why? On May 4, I was able to pay with the same account. Why am I receiving
a message about being unable to process payment from this account today, May 10? The bank account has funds. If I don't pay as agreed today, you will disconnect my service. TDBank has funds to cover the payment. Please process again TODAY. Thank you!

#TMobile @TMobile #TDBank
see screenshots attached.

I will SPEAK UP! STAND UP! and defend and protect The Constitution of The Unites States of America and The Bill of Rights. I am a US Citizen, and my right, Amendment IV, was violated twice, on March 1, 2022
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#ElonMusk isn't evil, BUT
👇A thread 🧵

His #libertarian ideology can be cartoonishly evil, bcs its amoral. That makes him a threat to #liberty, #prosperity & 250 years of American #democracy

#Twitter #ElonMuskTwitter #ElonMuskBuyTwitter #DemocracyUnderThreat
There are a few dots to connect, so stick with me...

1️⃣ #PeterThiel wants a #Monarchy
2️⃣ The #KochBrothers are creating an #Oligarchy
3️⃣ #Putin's Russia is the grand vision
4️⃣ #Libertarians are amoral
5️⃣ #Ideology is blindingly dangerous
First, check out this remarkable @Techcrunch article called "Geeks for Monarchy".

Long before the 2016 election brought us a #Trump/#Putin/#Theil/#AltRight mashup of craziness, @klintron laid out this #antidemocracy ideology waaaaaay back in 2013.
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Diyatha Uyana… happening now.

#SriLankaProtests #ProtestLK
රාජයක්ෂ පන්නනට!

#Seance #ProtestLK #GoHomeRajapaksas
'හොරා කාපු සල්ලි දියව්'

At Liberty

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If you followed #FreedomConvoy, even supported it, did you really understand danger it poses to Canada? Maybe you waved away extremist elements, saying just a few "bad apples". You'd be deluding yourself. It's time to scratch below the surface, start here:
Those various flags seen throughout the protest. They weren't one-offs or bad apples, they were embedded in the protest from the start. You saw them:
#Trump flags, Confederate flags, 3% flags, &, yes, Swastika flags (if you have one Nazi in a crowd, you've got a crowd of Nazis).
Think this is an exaggeration? Maybe start to examine what's actually driving these groups. Organizers of #TruckConvoy have a history of extremist views, from #Wexit to disgusting racist bigotry and hatred. It wasn't hidden, you just ignored it.
Start with #CanadaUnity
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@tedcruz Large numbers of people were screaming; of victory Ted was still dreaming, but his campaign fell short. Now no one can support this senator seen to be scheming, our Democracy to undermine; it’s the Republican #partyline.
🙏🏼 @scuds57

@tedcruz @scuds57 Bob & Eric went to #ParkwayWest to wish Senator Ted Cruz the best for his ’16 campaign. (Eric’s lawsuits insane 6 years later proved to be a pest.) With so many disgruntled #Longhorns, Cruz’s lost reputation he mourns — a gathering in #Chesterfield no Cruz nomination would yield.
@tedcruz @scuds57 Schmitt was proud to introduce Ted Cruz; he against Donald later would lose. Their March ’16 rally was not up folks’ alley. Eric too has the primary blues with a campaign strategy that fails; by a large gap he Greitens still trails.

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In ongoing #KarnatakaHijabRow let's see things from neutral perspective.
Let's analyze the judgement given by Justice A.Muhamed Mustaque (Kerala High Court) in Fathima Thasneem & Hafzah Parveen vs State of Kerala
WPC 35293/2018
@thehawkeyex @bhootnath @rahulroushan
Petitioner wanted to wear a head scarf & full sleeved dress which school authorities found inconsistent with prescribed dress code.
Religious dress in a private educational institution was the issue in the petition.
#karnatakahijab #Hijab
Court made a distinction between absolute fundamental right & relative fundamental right. Absolute rights are non-negotiable. Relative rights are subject to restriction imposed by the Constitution.
The religious rights fall into the category of relative rights (Art 25).
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This may become quite the showdown👇🤔. Few things to note. A thread.

We know by now that the 'agenda', in many countries, has been the suppression of rights through series of disproportionate measures (e.g., mandates and lockdowns). 1/12
#CanadaConvoy #GreatReset
We also know that science quite loudly speaks against mandatory vaxes and lockdowns.

What worries me is the systematic nature of the actions especially in countries run by leaders closely tied to the @wef .

To analyze this threat, we did an extensive analysis on #GreatReset .2/
We had to do it, because if there would be a globally driven agenda to suppress our rights and liberty that would be the gravest threat our societies and economies had ever faced.

The special report was published in our Q-Review late December. 3/…
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The Govt's draconian Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill is authoritarian, antidemocratic, anti-free speech, & anti-British.

It is an insult to all the brave people who gave their lives in WWII to protect our freedoms.

It MUST be resisted.

#KillTheBill #PoliceBill
Former Director of Policy for PM David Cameron, Camilla Cavendish, today stated that Britain is "sleepwalking into a police state."

She said that MPs claiming facemasks "is an imposition on civil liberties, have waved through these provisions" effectively criminalising protest.
Since the 296 page #PoliceBill passed through the House of Commons, Priti Patel has brought in an ADDITIONAL 18 pages at the last second (effectively an additional Bill) which has had ZERO scrutiny from MPs, & which bring in further draconian provisions.

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@SkyDance62 @ACTBrigitte I didn't say they did

I pointed out that the #FirstAmendment isn't the issue

i. It is or should be a Self-Evident Truth

ii. That Americans are born equal (eg to @jack)

iii. Are endowed with certain #InalienableRights

iv. *AMONG* those are #LIBERTY & #PURSUITofHAPPINESS.... ImageImageImageImage
@SkyDance62 @ACTBrigitte @jack v. Communicating with society is a basic #Liberty which provides #Happiness

vi. Whole #Twitter model & algorithms based on not just satisfying but promoting & encouraging those to addictive levels

v. So censoring banning or cancelling people causes EXTREME withdrawal symptoms ImageImageImageImage
@SkyDance62 @ACTBrigitte @jack vi. So Twitter is not just denying #Liberty & #PursuitOfHappiness but actively CREATING UNhappiness

vii. But #FirstAmendment doesn't JUST say "Congress shall make no law.. abridging #FreedomOfSpeech"


"#THEFreedomOfSpeech" ImageImageImageImage
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Last night, I was arrested for the first time in my life for going to a Brooklyn @BurgerKing with no vaxpass.

None of this would be happening without government force.

#resist #mandates #medicalfreedom #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
I can't believe we're at a point in history in which we're arrested just for being in public without covering our faces or divulging our legally private medical information.

#resist #mandates #medicalfreedom #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
Stand up for what's right, regardless of your vax status. We need more New Yorkers, Americans, and all other humans across the world to remember that we can't exist in perpetual fear. It's time to live again.

#mandates #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
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Ready for more abuses by the @ArizonaIRC? Their next meeting starts soon. Watch here:…
Comment here:…
Question of the day: How many opinions regarding competitiveness will @ErikaNeuberg share today?
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NCRB - National #Crime Records Bureau releases data on crimes every year. The data tells a dark tale of crimes against #women. The dignity of women is non negotiable. The #Constitution of #India guarantees Right to #Life and Personal #Liberty to all #Indians. Image
Recently released figures by the National Crime Records Bureau show that an average of 93 rapes takes place every single day. #RaiseVoiceAgainstRapes Image
Our hon'ble Courts have held that Rape is a crime against the basic postulates of human rights and is an unlawful intrusion onto the right to privacy and sanctity of a female as guaranteed under Article 21 of the #ConstitutionofIndia Image
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@axios @juliet_bartz @HawleyMO @HBO @hbomax #HawleyLies thru his pearly white teeth; #LIBERTY’s enemy’s found beneath. Hawley lifted his fist but his crew its goal missed; put-in rule to no one they’ll bequeath. Only 10 months ago yesterday, Hawley chose our nation to betray.

@axios @juliet_bartz @HawleyMO @HBO @hbomax @mikeparson @PressSec @J_Hancock @michelemunz @tonymess @RepCori @MayorLucasKC @tishaura @DrSamPage @Patty4MO @EricTeetsel @VP @KCMO @fema @whca @COVIDOversight 1/ #WeRemember January 6. #JustinHill was up to dirty tricks when he met #JasonSmith January the 5th as seditionists came from the sticks. Neither managed their goal to attain, so they offboarded 45’s train.

@BigElad @jasonsmithmo @MGwin46 @January6thCmte
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‘The Trojan Horse Scandal and the Problem of Equalities in Britain Today’.

The event examined the scandal from a broad range of perspectives, engaging with debates on #equalities, #liberalism, and #Britishness.…
It also provided an opportunity to discuss and generate a dialogue about the significance of the 'Trojan Horse’ scandal and the duty placed on schools after the scandal to promote Fundamental British Values (FBV) in the promotion of #democracy.
Speakers analysed how both are reproducing narratives of racial discrimination & inequalities in a context that is informed by minoritising communities, #problematising specific religious #values, & essentialising the signification of social, religious, & cultural identities.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 09/19/2021…
The latest chapter in a 100-year study says AI’s promises and perils are getting real…

#ArtificialIntelligence #robotics #automation #HumansVersusMachines #consequences
Chipmakers to carmakers: Time to get out of the semiconductor Stone Age…

#SemiconductorChips #automobiles #TechnologyDevelopment #applications
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Colonial ecosystem have deep #HinduHatred exactly how the invaders & coloniser of foreign Supremacist & Exclusivist ideology

They attacked, killed & robbed all #Indigenous around the world

#Bharat survived despite millenniums but colonial ecosystem is still empowered in India ImageImageImageImage
Racist Invaders & Colonisers created colonial ecosystem, discriminating #Indigenous based on colour #WhitePrivilege

Like #Apartheid ApartHood segregational policy

Dark Skinned & NonCompliant-Slave
Dark & Compliant-Colonised
Fair & Compliant-Anglicised

#Indigenous #Bharat #Hindus were called Uncivilised,Savages,Naked, Heathens,Pagans,Untrained,Unruly, Kaafirs,Idolaters,Superstitious, Unclean & Myth believing irreligious

Called Heathens by Germanic, Pagans by Latin & Kaafir by Arabic but not worthy of even life by all

#heal ImageImageImageImage
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On the 68th anniversary of #JohnDewey's death, here's a nice read about the pragmatist's legacy. Among other ways, Dewey's thought was influential internationally through his students, #Ambedkar and #HuShih #pragmatism #jaibhim @saap @DeweySociety…
#Ambedkar took inspiration from Dewey, and others, and created a unique version of non-foundationalist #pragmatism in India, one that used #equality, #liberty, and #fraternity as ends-in-view or ideals. He also owned more books by or about Dewey than any other contemporary author
If you're interested in the relationship between #Dewey and #Ambedkar, here's a place to start. My research and conclusions have grown since this post, but it's a helpful beginning. #jaibhim…
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Confession: I’ve lost patience with govt’s unending excuses to boss us around. If zero risk is the goal, then there will ALWAYS be something.

I’ve also lost patience w/ state legislators who have forgotten their role in our system of checks and balances.

#America #Liberty /1
For years, I’ve been saying that our presidential elections are angry, divided, and a general mess because states have forgotten their duties in our system.

#ElectoralCollege #America #Liberty /2
Well, now add pretty much everything else in your life to that assessment. State legislators are not subsidiaries of the federal government. It is their entire job to push back when fed govt out of control.

#America #Liberty #Covid #masks #lockdowns /3
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