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States and individuals can stop the #pistolbrace rule – without waiting for the feds to magically do something they almost never do – limit their own power.

It'll take hard work and good strategy. The latter, we’ve got from James Madison. @michaelboldin

@michaelboldin Writing in Federalist 46, James Madison gave us a 4-step blueprint to stop federal programs - without waiting on the federal government to stop itself.

Implementing this plan, he wrote, "would oppose, in any State, difficulties not to be despised; would form, in a large State,……
Step 1: "The Disquietude of the people" – Madison expected the people to throw a fit when the feds usurped power or tried to implement unpopular policies.

That's happening now in response to the #PistolBrace rule - and it needs to ramp up - online and off.

That leads to the……
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Law of Nature and natures God. Image
Laws of Nature and natures God.

…but where can those be found?


Reliance of the Laws of Nature and natures God is the bedrock underneath the “shinning city on the hill.”

DIG! Take back Dominion!

Gen 1: 26-28

“A Republic, if YOU can keep it.”

Declare your truth.

A man, created by God, child of God.

If one doesn’t know who they are someone else will tell them through their adventures of confusion. #slavery

“All Men (Wo-men) were created equal, endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights…”

#liberty Image
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#DESANTISvsTRUMP #MegaUpdate1 #Part1Update

Given the scale of arguments (usually overt lies) I’ve seen leveled against @RonDeSantisFL since originally writing this thread, I’ve decided to add a MASSIVE update to counter *any and all* new and ongoing arguments against DeSantis…… Image
To people claiming “DeSantis is a RINO, Globalist, Neocon!” (Or any other similar argument) : Trump is *far more* “guilty” of this charge than #FreedomCaucus founding member @GovRonDeSantis will ever be. (The freedom caucus is by far the most #MAGA, #Liberty, and… ImageImageImageImage
Honorable mention - this is very old, but #Cult45 love bringing up random extremely old positions so here’s Trump also voicing his support for Hillary Clinton when he was still a democrat. Image
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re-watching "All the President's Men" reminded me sharply of something that honestly should have been more *obvious* to me—it's a simple but telling thing.

the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @bariweiss fascist crowd don't champion *liberty* or *freedom*. only "#FreeSpeech".

of course one can't say that the @mtaibbi / @elonmusk crowd meaningfully believe in "free speech" as more than a convenient badge, a flag they wave, a message they wear on signboards—for that is how fascists see *all political language*. to them, it's all mere branding.

but it's telling all the same that it's just the one very particular sort of #freedom that the @elonmusk / @mtaibbi / @ShellenbergerMD crowd pretend to admire (even though they don't, really.)

that's very typical of Western thinking, unfortunately. they're not alone.

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1) While many listening to #Putin today will nod and agree with what he’s saying, you have to remember that the situation is far more complicated than it seems. You may even think that he is making a great deal more sense than any ‘leader’ in the West. And he no doubt is.
2) But then you have to ask yourself, why is he doing that? What is the motive? It appears that Russia, China, Israel and others are rearranging the world into a multi-polar one, which will likely lead to a serious weakening at best, and destruction at worse, of the West.
3) Now it’s important to note that the aforementioned entities have been fomented, established, financed, influenced and directed by certain elements of the cabal and certain banking interests. These are the same interests who want to turn the world into a technocratic serfdom.
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@Eric_Schmitt New Zealand /1 M Pop. : 440 556 cases, 750 deaths.
USA /1M Pop. : 309 736 cases, 3 366 deaths.
Just shut up! You don't care about THE People = #Democracy!
Stupid selfish #Kleon, what you're calling "authoritarian and tyrant", it's take care of THE People.
@Eric_Schmitt Total cases in New Zealand.
Before Feb 2022 : with her politic.
After Feb 2022 : after international libertarians/corporatists/lobbyists lobbying (to KILL THE PEOPLE, sell vaccines & drugs)... Image
@Eric_Schmitt YOU are a the tyrant & authoritarian. Democracy is not to be naive!
When an elected politician take care of THE People, he/she is called authoritarian/tyrant by others obsessed by their corporation, lobby, political party... #Idiocracy #Traitors
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As a society, we must ensure that the #AI systems we are building are #inclusive and #equitable. This will only happen through increased transparency and #diversity in the field. Using already "dirty data" is not the way

Using biased data to train AI has serious consequences, particularly when data is controlled by large corporations with little #transparency in their training methods

For fair & #equitable AI we need Web3 democratized & agendaless data for AI training

The use of flawed #AI training datasets propagates #bias, particularly in #GPT-type models which are now widely hyped but are controlled by compromised #Web2 MNCs who have a poor track record in #privacy, protecting civil #liberty & preserving free speech…
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There is no libertarian party of America. I don’t care what these fascists tell you dear friends. Don’t ever pick their candidates. Don’t fund them. Don’t support them. They are lie. Defining principle of libertarianism is non aggression followed by property rights.
Russian libertarians, actual libertarians, sit in jail for opposing Russian aggression. They ran to exile screaming to West to stop Russian aggression. They have been disappeared to stand for freedom. Same with every libertarian group across Eastern Europe. In Belarus
Half of opposition is dead or in jail. In Ukraine, birth place of libertarianism, our libertarians are dying to defend property and fight Russian genocide. Mises who founded this movement, is Ukrainian and born in Lviv
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1) When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth,
2) the separate and equal station to which the Laws of #Nature and of Nature's #God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.
3) We hold these #truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are #Life, #Liberty and the pursuit of #Happiness.
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.@billmaher starts off with Colorado Governor @jaredpolis who espouses more #freedom and lower #taxes, a winning combination in my mind and a massive outlier in the Democratic Party. He was also more hands-off during #COVID than other leaders...

On @RealTimers
.@jaredpolis believes parents, not government, should be making the decisions for how closely to monitor your children. Refreshing! On @RealTimers w/@billmaher...
.@jaredpolis explains how his beliefs are similar to #libertarianism and gives a nod to his former colleague in the #Liberty Caucus, @justinamash.

On @RealTimers w/@billmaher
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This Twitter thread is about @JakartaEE 10.

Quick recap: #JavaEE was renamed #Jakarta EE; it transitioned from JCP to Eclipse foundation. It opened the door to open governess, open compatibly testing (open TCK), and of course, open-source.

Follow the threads 🧵👇👇👇
@JakartaEE is an integral part of the Java ecosystem. 25-35% of java application runs on JakartaEE application servers, e.g. #WildFly, #JBoss EAP, #Payara, #WebSphere/#Liberty, #WebLogic etc.

70-80% of java applications use JakartaEE APIs one way or another. e.g. Tomcat, Hibernate, ActiveMQ, Jetty, CXF, Jersey, RESTEasy, Quarkus, Microprofile, Spring. Dig a little deeper, and you will find @JakartaEE APIs.

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You believe the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms, is inviolable. Yet, you know very well that some of your fellow citizens will abuse this right. Some will use it to kill family, friends, neighbors. But that a woman might use her bodily autonomy to kill her unborn child 1/
is a bridge too far?
Women deserve to be in control of their bodies as much as you deserve your guns. Thousands of souls are lost each year due to the 2nd Amendment. Where is the outrage? Oh wait, it's not your fault they gunned down school children? Then why is it your fault 2/
if a woman decides to end the life growing in her womb? Why do you take it upon yourself to stop this but not the other? A soul is a soul.
Furthur, you believe in the right to liberty but you are denying this very thing to women? It is her body. How can you tell them what do 3/
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#ElonMusk isn't evil, BUT
👇A thread 🧵

His #libertarian ideology can be cartoonishly evil, bcs its amoral. That makes him a threat to #liberty, #prosperity & 250 years of American #democracy

#Twitter #ElonMuskTwitter #ElonMuskBuyTwitter #DemocracyUnderThreat
There are a few dots to connect, so stick with me...

1️⃣ #PeterThiel wants a #Monarchy
2️⃣ The #KochBrothers are creating an #Oligarchy
3️⃣ #Putin's Russia is the grand vision
4️⃣ #Libertarians are amoral
5️⃣ #Ideology is blindingly dangerous
First, check out this remarkable @Techcrunch article called "Geeks for Monarchy".

Long before the 2016 election brought us a #Trump/#Putin/#Theil/#AltRight mashup of craziness, @klintron laid out this #antidemocracy ideology waaaaaay back in 2013.
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Diyatha Uyana… happening now.

#SriLankaProtests #ProtestLK
රාජයක්ෂ පන්නනට!

#Seance #ProtestLK #GoHomeRajapaksas
'හොරා කාපු සල්ලි දියව්'

At Liberty

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If you followed #FreedomConvoy, even supported it, did you really understand danger it poses to Canada? Maybe you waved away extremist elements, saying just a few "bad apples". You'd be deluding yourself. It's time to scratch below the surface, start here:
Those various flags seen throughout the protest. They weren't one-offs or bad apples, they were embedded in the protest from the start. You saw them:
#Trump flags, Confederate flags, 3% flags, &, yes, Swastika flags (if you have one Nazi in a crowd, you've got a crowd of Nazis).
Think this is an exaggeration? Maybe start to examine what's actually driving these groups. Organizers of #TruckConvoy have a history of extremist views, from #Wexit to disgusting racist bigotry and hatred. It wasn't hidden, you just ignored it.
Start with #CanadaUnity
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@tedcruz Large numbers of people were screaming; of victory Ted was still dreaming, but his campaign fell short. Now no one can support this senator seen to be scheming, our Democracy to undermine; it’s the Republican #partyline.
🙏🏼 @scuds57

@tedcruz @scuds57 Bob & Eric went to #ParkwayWest to wish Senator Ted Cruz the best for his ’16 campaign. (Eric’s lawsuits insane 6 years later proved to be a pest.) With so many disgruntled #Longhorns, Cruz’s lost reputation he mourns — a gathering in #Chesterfield no Cruz nomination would yield.
@tedcruz @scuds57 Schmitt was proud to introduce Ted Cruz; he against Donald later would lose. Their March ’16 rally was not up folks’ alley. Eric too has the primary blues with a campaign strategy that fails; by a large gap he Greitens still trails.

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In ongoing #KarnatakaHijabRow let's see things from neutral perspective.
Let's analyze the judgement given by Justice A.Muhamed Mustaque (Kerala High Court) in Fathima Thasneem & Hafzah Parveen vs State of Kerala
WPC 35293/2018
@thehawkeyex @bhootnath @rahulroushan
Petitioner wanted to wear a head scarf & full sleeved dress which school authorities found inconsistent with prescribed dress code.
Religious dress in a private educational institution was the issue in the petition.
#karnatakahijab #Hijab
Court made a distinction between absolute fundamental right & relative fundamental right. Absolute rights are non-negotiable. Relative rights are subject to restriction imposed by the Constitution.
The religious rights fall into the category of relative rights (Art 25).
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The Govt's draconian Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Bill is authoritarian, antidemocratic, anti-free speech, & anti-British.

It is an insult to all the brave people who gave their lives in WWII to protect our freedoms.

It MUST be resisted.

#KillTheBill #PoliceBill
Former Director of Policy for PM David Cameron, Camilla Cavendish, today stated that Britain is "sleepwalking into a police state."

She said that MPs claiming facemasks "is an imposition on civil liberties, have waved through these provisions" effectively criminalising protest.
Since the 296 page #PoliceBill passed through the House of Commons, Priti Patel has brought in an ADDITIONAL 18 pages at the last second (effectively an additional Bill) which has had ZERO scrutiny from MPs, & which bring in further draconian provisions.

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Last night, I was arrested for the first time in my life for going to a Brooklyn @BurgerKing with no vaxpass.

None of this would be happening without government force.

#resist #mandates #medicalfreedom #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
I can't believe we're at a point in history in which we're arrested just for being in public without covering our faces or divulging our legally private medical information.

#resist #mandates #medicalfreedom #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
Stand up for what's right, regardless of your vax status. We need more New Yorkers, Americans, and all other humans across the world to remember that we can't exist in perpetual fear. It's time to live again.

#mandates #liberty #freedom #civilrights #NYPD #police #BurgerKing
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Ready for more abuses by the @ArizonaIRC? Their next meeting starts soon. Watch here:…
Comment here:…
Question of the day: How many opinions regarding competitiveness will @ErikaNeuberg share today?
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NCRB - National #Crime Records Bureau releases data on crimes every year. The data tells a dark tale of crimes against #women. The dignity of women is non negotiable. The #Constitution of #India guarantees Right to #Life and Personal #Liberty to all #Indians. Image
Recently released figures by the National Crime Records Bureau show that an average of 93 rapes takes place every single day. #RaiseVoiceAgainstRapes Image
Our hon'ble Courts have held that Rape is a crime against the basic postulates of human rights and is an unlawful intrusion onto the right to privacy and sanctity of a female as guaranteed under Article 21 of the #ConstitutionofIndia Image
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@axios @juliet_bartz @HawleyMO @HBO @hbomax #HawleyLies thru his pearly white teeth; #LIBERTY’s enemy’s found beneath. Hawley lifted his fist but his crew its goal missed; put-in rule to no one they’ll bequeath. Only 10 months ago yesterday, Hawley chose our nation to betray.

@axios @juliet_bartz @HawleyMO @HBO @hbomax @mikeparson @PressSec @J_Hancock @michelemunz @tonymess @RepCori @MayorLucasKC @tishaura @DrSamPage @Patty4MO @EricTeetsel @VP @KCMO @fema @whca @COVIDOversight 1/ #WeRemember January 6. #JustinHill was up to dirty tricks when he met #JasonSmith January the 5th as seditionists came from the sticks. Neither managed their goal to attain, so they offboarded 45’s train.

@BigElad @jasonsmithmo @MGwin46 @January6thCmte
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