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14 Jan
Good morning, loves! ❤️ Here are a few wisdom droplets for you: To state the obvious, every member of congress who aided & abetted last Wednesday's attack is a traitor to this country. #NatSec
If you've seen photos & listened to reports from congresspeople who were inside the Capitol during the attack, you know certain Republicans gave rioters pre-attack recognizance tours.
They also first-pumped to cheer attackers on as they trashed the Capitol, tweeted out the location of the fellow congress members' hiding spaces & one literally said (about the mob) "those are my people." Watch this entire video. #NatSec…
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11 Jan
If you need a mental / #SelfCare break, tune in to something uplifting ... We're staaaaarting! First up, @USChamber Pres. Suzanne Clark is interviewing @NEAArtsChair @MACartsDC & Annette Bening. #StarringRole…
LOVE @NEAArtsChair @MACartsDC comment about how the arts unite us. It's true!! ♥️ #StarringRole
By definition, they require imagination and expanding one's mind. For example, when you see an actor, you're picturing them as the person they're depicting — not solely thinking: "Hey, that's ____!" #StarringRole
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22 Sep 20
Keep this on your radar, folks. Especially watch the language used to describe what's happening. @businessInsider #ForcedSterilizations…
Usually, "unwanted" is a dated term to describe an untimed, or unexpected, pregnancy. #SRHR #SexualHealth
Usually, it covers a lot of agency on the part of the person who became pregnant. In other words, someone who is able to become pregnant had a consensual sexual encounter, and that encounter resulted in an unexpected — or "unwanted" — pregnancy.
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20 Sep 20
Fascinating experiment! We need more diversity in tech. Here's what the experiment shows ... THREAD.
Not all photos are uploaded to Twitter using the correct specs to optimize display on Twitter. For example ...
Twitter apparently taught its algorithm to find the most interesting / relevant parts of of photos, then display a cropped version of those pics such that the most relevant part shows up as a thumbnail.
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19 Sep 20
We have to stay up. Stay focused. Stay happy. Stay optimistic.
Thank you, @silverbranchus for hosting an outdoor, physically distanced #Oktoberfest event. Spirits need lifting right now, and you're providing that service. #RIPRBG
Tonight I restore my soul. 🍻 Tomorrow, I get back to work.
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17 Sep 20
The New York Times did this, back in 2016. Though, with Trump supporters and Duck Dynasty (vis-a-vis shows like Modern Family & Empire).…
It's the premise of #BigData. To riff off Aristotle's "give me a child until he is 7, and I will show you the man", in modern times, it's: "Give me your data, and I will show you who I believe you are, and push you in the direction of who I want you to be."
As an example, if you're getting election-related calls, texts, Facebook ads, etc., you're getting them because you're on a list. Data decided which list(s) you should be on.
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11 Sep 20
How quickly some forget. Journal articles, research reports, oral histories, and crimes stats all document upticks in anti-Muslim sentiment and violence in the aftermath of 9/11.
We must tell our stories — because others attempt to tell them (incorrectly) about us. It's one of the many reasons why I love oral histories. Talk, and listen, to people who've actually lived the experience. #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #September11
If you're interested in oral accounts of 9/11 — from folks who were there — you can read stuff like Chief Robert Gray (from Arlington County Fire Department) talk about leading a rescue team in search of people trapped at the Pentagon. Image
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10 Sep 20
Agreed. Shortly after moving to NYC in 2005, the first one-woman show I ever saw was @staceyannchin's Border/Clash down on Bleecker Street at the old Culture Project. The arts make cities, and the people living inside them, alive and connected.
@staceyannchin When arts spaces close, it's like when a language dies — we lose a way of expressing ourselves & understanding the world around us.
In Chicago, I lived at @mcachicago & @SteppenwolfThtr. In NYC, @MuseumModernArt & off-Broadway shows. In Amsterdam, @rijksmuseum. In DC, @woollymammothtc, @Studio_Theatre & @smithsoniannpg. Without the arts, the world would be more dreary.
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23 Aug 20
I walked for 2 hours & nearly six miles of physical activity before 10 am. Not bad. 💪 ❤ Image
I've dropped 10+ lbs since COVID-19 quarantines started in March.
Given the amount of T2 diabetes in my family, I have an elevated risk for developing it. I'm not comfortable being sedentary for long periods of time. So I've been hiking, trekking, walking, doing at-home workouts, etc. more frequently than usual.
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22 Aug 20
I'm so horny it's ridiculous. I reaaaally should've arranged to have a fuck buddy in my COVID-19 physically distancing pod. Had NO CLUE this covid shit would linger around as long as it has. As a result, I've been in force abstinence for 5+ months.
Today's a writing day, so I'm cooped up inside all day. Just re-watched Y tu mamá también in the background. Its sex scenes are so hot. What's better than a younger man & older woman pairing? TWO younger men + an older woman. 😂
Tomorrow, three friends & I are having a virtual group party to watch soft porn together. Yay, Netflix Party! 🎉
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22 Aug 20
Interesting @ForeignPolicy read: "Perhaps no other sectors have been hit as hard by the coronavirus pandemic as those that enrich and entertain us, from culture and the arts to sports and entertainment." #popculture #TheArts…
#FACTS! "While I can’t predict the future, I do know that when audiences return, the pandemic's legacy will likely be that it accelerated #TheArts' ability to connect with audiences through technology." — Mark C. Hanson, CEO of @SFSymphony… Image
@EdgeofSports Have you seen this @ForeignPolicy piece? It's mostly specifically about the arts, but there's quite a bit of reflection re: sports thrown in. Curious to hear your thoughts.…
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22 Aug 20
I wonder if his wife was one of the women who commented on this TikTok.
This TikToker is a "woman-loving woman" who has never been with a guy". She asks straight & bi women what it's like. My god, the comments!!
Comments show there are A LOT of women who aren't along for and getting the great sex they deserve. And some cis straight dudes aren't steppingup to the plate to deliver.
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20 Aug 20
Tonight's #DemConvention filled me with so much hope. Now, I'm back to writing for another hour or so before heading to bed.
I remember, after Trump "won" in 2016, I worried writing about sex & pleasure might feel like a frivolous pursuit. Then I realized that it is EXACTLY at times when we feel our lowest that we need laughter, joy, pleasure, happiness, etc. to pick us back up.
I think there's a reason Audre Lorde, bell hooks, Nikki Giovanni and so many other folks I desire write about changing the world AND expressing love (for ourselves, for each other): We need both.…
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16 Aug 20
Yes. And, since most editors are/were writers, read their work, too.
I've been writing magazine and newspaper articles about sex & gender for 15+ years. My advice and reminder to all new writers: The people you're pitching are people. Get to know them.
I remember a PR agency once pitched me on a children's book about frogs. Not about sex. Not about gender. Just a general children's book.
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14 Aug 20
I don't know who needs to hear this ... actually, I know EXACTLY who needs to hear this b/c I just blocked him ...
Sliding into my DMs to send me an unsolicited dick pic is a surefire way to get me to block you.
I love dick.

I just don't want to see YOUR dick.

Not out of the blue — and I especially don't want to see if it I don't know you and I haven't asked you to show it to me.
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12 Aug 20
"This is precisely the time when artists go to work. There is no time for despair, no place for self-pity, no need for silence, no room for fear. We speak, we write, we do language. That is how civilizations heal." — Toni Morrison. (🎥 : @theebillyporter)
"Turns out #BayardRustin was silenced by the movement because he was homosexual. Some of the leaders of the movement felt it wasn't appropriate to have what they labeled 'a sexual deviant' in their midst. So, they put him out." — @theebillyporter
"#BayardRustin gave his life
over to the greater good
to the bigger picture
and bowed out gracefully,
leaving his legacy at
the feet of those who
would deny his humanity
so hypocritically.

I ain't so grateful."

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8 Aug 20
Alright, lovebugs! 🐞 Baby Girl Twanna is going to bed soon because she drank too much whiskey. 🥃 😂
I will leave you with this Dutch phrase: Tot het volgende keer! (Translation: Until the next time / See ya next time!)
Btw, I learned the phrase during my language training courses sponsored by the Dutch government. The rationale: learn the language the way people actually speak it. That phrase is from a song by @thomasacda & @pauldemunnik, together / sammen : Acda en De Munnik.
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5 Aug 20
Oooh, lookie ... another goofy study!! :) The title of this one? "Attractiveness of women with rectovaginal endometriosis: a case-control study."…
"The study's conclusion was: 'Women with rectovaginal #endometriosis were judged to be more attractive than those in the two control groups.'" — @gabriellecj for The @guardian. #SexualHealth
The fact that this study — and the study at the center of #MedBikini — were both published in peer-reviewed journals says a lot about academia. The space has a dearth of women and BIPOC in it, and it shows. (I've already shared my views about that here:
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1 Aug 20
Was off twitter earlier today because I needed to get outside. I love nature because I'm Midwestern that way. 🌳 🐝 🌼
I went for a quick 4+ mile hike along @NatlParkService Turkey Run and Potomac Heritage Trail in #Virginia. Posting a photos thread because it was gorgeous. Image
Picked that particular trail because I searched @AllTrails for: 1) "moderate" / medium difficulty level hikes, 2) near me, with 3) waterfalls. @NatlParkService Turkey Run and Potomac Heritage Trail had the strongest reviews.
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27 Jul 20
Lovebugs!! ❤️ While I'm waiting for my delayed 10 am mtg to start, I'll share a little secret ...
I'm going to be on stage THIS FRIDAY!! You, my sweet, can be part of the virtual audience. Grab a ticket. 🎟️…
Sex Panic and the Pandemic is my new one-woman sex storytelling show, debuting at @keegantheatre.… #DCTheatre #202Creatives #BYThings #ACreativeDC
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26 Jul 20
Ah, yes, academia. 😃 Three men doctors created fake social media accounts to spy on other doctors. They published "scholarly" research to explain how unprofessional the doctors were for posting bikini photos. #MedKini #MedBikini…
Excerpt from the @CNN piece: "As a female doctor, I'm incredibly aware of how sexist the medical world is. Unless women are regarded as equals, we cannot achieve full progress not just in medicine, but in any other field of occupation."
If snacking on research is your idea of fun (it is for me), here's another article for you. #MedKini #MedBikini…
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