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Wtaf @AustralianLabor. In a meeting on Thurs to elect the Chair of the #NDIS Joint Standing Committee, Labor overlooked the only disabled member in favour of their own party, so Libby Coker was nominated as chair. Okay, politics.

2/ How many ways can I tell you how wrong this is? This woman has had numerous complaints lodged against her by autistics during her last Chair position and should not be anywhere near disability policy. She has been at the centre of a vaping corruption scandal very recently.
3/ They will make the decision early next week about the co chair position and I know that some disabled commentators would not be as unequivocal if this was not about Hollie. But let’s make this clear. @billshortenmp, can you intervene? This would be a DISASTER for the NDIS.
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So many American and Canadian parents of autistic children are being given no options but ABA. If they refuse direct ABA, people in charge slip the ABA methods into speech therapy, classroom practices or anywhere they can.

I'm seeing parents ask in Facebook groups how they...
...can get their children out of this, but they are being blocked all over. Even when officials agree not to use ABA, things happen that lead them to investigate what's going on, and you find out ABA-based approaches were used anyway, they just didn't call it that.
While all these people have this odd idea about 'evidence-based practice', they are unable to face the evidence playing out in front of them.
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Polls of Autistic people giving their expert opinion on their lifetime experience with Autism and their own parents.
Due to the limitations of the system used to collect the data, these calculations were done with the Mother and Father being considered as independent probabilities, though it is well known and established that it an ND person is disproportionately likely to pair with an ND.
The probability may seem shockingly high but people often overlook the impact of multiple chances.

A single flip of a coin is only a 50% chance of being Heads.

But if you have two flips, you have a 75% chance of getting Heads.

The possible combinations are:

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🔴The 15th Session of the Conference of States Parties to the #CRPD is now live.

📺Watch the the Opening of the Conference here:…

🧐Look out for our President, @sdswenson, who will be delivering a statement shortly! #COSP15
Our network is following in-person and online! #COSP15 #CRPD #NothingAboutUsWithoutUs #CRPDNow @IDA_CRPD_Forum @DSiupdate Our in-person delegation tu...Screenshot of Prof Gerard Q...
Watch @sdswenson deliver her statement now LIVE from the United Nations:…
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Hello @EmilieWigdor.

Regarding your tweets, can you please explain what "ASD liability" is and "protected against" ASD in the context of ableism.

Ableims being "discrimination in favor of able-bodied people."

The evidence provided implies you are a bigot.
We are willing to hear you out on this topic but you provide astonishing amouts of evidence that you feel that there is an issue with being Autistic.

The community is already talking about your views on the Autistic.

This is your opportunity to clairify where you stand.
Here is the tweet where you are talking about people being "protected against" Autism.

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What #ABA professionals are telling us is, "We're not bad! Let us tell you how we help! We'll even listen to you a bit."

What we're saying is, "Forget what you know. Listen from scratch as though you know nothing."


A few of the enlightened ones have memorised how to placate us.

I'd actually want to give them a questionnaire, though, to see how much relevant knowledge they really have, considering they're supposed to be PROFESSIONALS.
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1/ 👇👇 THREAD 👇👇
Are vape shops important? Do they help consumers switch from deadly cigarettes to a safer alternative? That's the topic we're going to explore for #WorldNoTobaccoDay #WNTD22 #WVD22
2/ #WNTD22
Among those smoking 12 months prior to the survey, smoking cessation rates were higher for vape shop and internet customers than for retail customers, even though retail customers were more likely to use FDA-approved smoking cessation aids.…
3/ #WNTD22
...vape shops have emerged to provide e-cigarette users access to products not usually available at gas stations or retail stores. Mod use and intention to use e-cigs as a cessation device were significantly associated with vape shop spending……
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/tw assisted suicide

We are sharing the following article regarding Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) to raise awareness of an important topic for the disabled community and take no "offical" stance.
In March 2023, Canada will expand the qualifying conditions under which MAiD can be requested from "dying" to “grievous and irremediable medical condition” whether it’s physical or mental.
"Canada will join Belgium and the Netherlands as one of the few countries that permits MAiD to those with schizophrenia, depression, PTSD or another form of mental illness as a primary diagnosis."…
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The lack of legitimate studies into the REAL lives of Autsitic people is obnoxiusly stupid on every level, extremely problematic, discriminatory, and prevents the world for seeing what is so BLUNTLY sitting there waiting to be "discovered"

We have written many times on who Autsitic Twitter is the most advanced analysis system for decoding a mystery in the history of human existance and that cannot be overstated. It is in no way hyperbole.
Every Autistic person is:
- An expert in at least one manifestionation of Autism
- A scientifically proven low bias system
- Uses Autistic empathy showing a high propensity for analsis, honest disagreement, low boundaries
- Propensity for deep thought, high analysis, logic drive
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🚨 EMERGENCY PLS RT: My dear friend and sister Aasiya @Ecohesian is w/o power needed to live. Without a generator every disabled person who requires power for life sustaining equipment in #ONStorm is at risk. It’s not hyperbole—legislated disability poverty in canada kills. #LNOB
Though to be clear poverty and disability poverty is deadly in a myriad of ways. It’s not always such an acute situation. Poverty is traumatic. #Poverty is violence. #Ableism is deadly. Ableism is traumatic. Ableism is violence. The same can be said of the #ClimateCrisis. #NAUWU
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A lot of what we write about is taking discoveries from a large selection of articles, papers, thesis, presentations, podcasts, etc... and integrating it with the crowd wisdom of the Autistic community and then putting it together in one place for the people who need it.
We have to be creative when it comes to unravelling a lot of the mysteries that the Autistic encounter because reasearch that truely helps the Autistic is, as we know, almost non-existant.

A lot of what we do to circumvent the lack of good research is researching the Allistic and finding those tiny nuggest of gold where someone said "Oh, the Autistic brain does not do that"
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🧵 I had my first day in #Edinburgh City Chambers today as a councillor. Let’s talk about access ♿️👇🏻 Kayleigh sitting outside the City Chambers
(There are the barriers of getting into politics, getting into campaigning, getting elected.. but that is for another day! (Should I make a video or blog? let me know! 🎥) )
I had to get two buses and roll 15 mins to the City Chambers today over SO many cobblestones which is quite a difficulty as a wheelchair user with pain issues ✊🏼
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A certain autism service organisation I've dealt with for 12+ years tends to have staff and leadership churn, causing them to lose all their institutional knowledge.

This has lately resulted in me dealing with a nice, new, freshly gratuated appointee, who knows very little.
So every few staff-churn cycles, it seems that they go, "Oh dear, we've been doing mainly children, we'd better chat to some adults to find out what services they need."
I think this one is also becoming as perplexed as the last two were who were sent to talk to that difficult activist in their jurisdiction (me).
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In my late 40's, seeing nothing in #NovaScotia for #ActuallyAustistic women, I started a group which has become a program.

The program expanded to the creation of a teen group as well.

Yesterday our teen group did a scavenger hunt in the Camp Hill Cemetery.

I developed the ++
activity. I provided a history, etiquette for while we were there, and the questions of what we were looking for.

One of the graves that I wanted them to find was Viola Desmond.

We did and talked about her activism and reflected on the changes she made.

We found many ++
interesting headstones. Ones made of iron! Ones from the 1800's, Norwegian Merchant Marines, etc.

We had an amazing time!

I made them all giggle when I found this stone and covered the L 🤭
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This is a recent tweet from an "Autism Mom". I agree with her - I DON'T speak "for" non-speaking Autistic people. But neither does she.

Why? Because through #AAC, they can speak for themselves.

Here's a thread of quotes EXCLUSIVELY from non-speaking Autistic people. Heed them. A screenshot of a tweet by @ RachGalarneau White font on a d
"I am the autistic you insist on calling 'severe', 'trapped', 'a burden'. ... You love talking about me but you don’t want me to be part of the conversation. ... I am the autistic supposedly too 'low-functioning' to deserve to be heard." - Amy Sequenzia
"I can never understand how someone can profess how important it is that my voice is heard while also doing everything in their power to silence it." - Cole Sorensen
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Infoserie Sexarbeit & Medien, Folge 5:
Logikfehler & Unerfüllbare Erwartungen.
Außerdem geht's um die Frage der journalistischen Neutralität, den Begriff der Ko-Orientierung, 5 Jahre #ProstSchG sowie ein Positivbeispiel aus der aktuellen Berichterstattung.
Ein Thread.🧵
Logikfehler & Unerfüllbare Erwartungen stelle ich als Teil von #PLURV vor. Schaut mal in die Grafik, da steht, was PLURV umfasst und bedeutet. In Folge 4 ging es auch schon um Pseudo-Expertise.
Logikfehler ist ein Sammelbegriff für Scheinargumente.
2/x HYDRA eV: Beratungsstelle und Treffpunkt für Sexarbeitende
Dazu gehören
- Vereinfachungen
- Verzerrungen
- bewusst in-Kauf-genommene Mehrdeutigkeit
- Strohmann - Argument
- ad hominem Argument*
*ad hominem: auf die Person gerichtetes Scheinargument, das bewusst angreift.

Wie wird verzerrt und vereinfacht?
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March to #EndAutismSpeaks

Each day we will add a person to this thread and ask them to stand with the Autistic Community against the Autism hate group disguised as a charity.
March to #EndAutismSpeaks

Hello Joseph Kahn @nycscribe, Managing Editor of the @NyTimes

Please have the @NYTimes about A$ being a hate group.

Google “Autism Speaks Hate Group” if you don’t believe us.
March to #EndAutismSpeaks

Hello Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @AOC

You are one of the most followed US politicians by the Autistic community.

Please do not allow the fraudulent Autism hate group called Autism Speaks lobby for chances to Autism policy.

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The Autumn 2020 data is hugely unreliable. Remember, at that time, schools were setting up Covid test centres in their sports halls, managing bubbles, delivering remote learning whilst in person teaching + deciding whether to code an absence as Covid 'X' or not?!
Pre-pandemic, Autumn 2019, those missing 50% of the term was 60,244. 40% of those absences have no recorded reason.
Autumn 2020 data is even more patchy because: C19, not fit for purpose registration codes (subjective + nebulous + variable depending on school culture).
What evidence do you have that these kids are the same as those on school to prison pipeline? Pls don't conflate exclusions research with persistent absence, which is misunderstood and woefully under-researched. Why? Because they're truants of course or parents are complicit.
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OK #Covid_19 #COVID19 #Covid #uspoli #canpoli #ukpolitics #EU #worldpoli are you or one of your family members one of the 1/100 predicted to get severely ill from #Omicron the #COVID19 #Covid_19 #Variant despite being 3-4X vaccinated and following public health advice?
And so it seems world leaders around the globe have finally come together - to declare that 1/100 people with #Omicron experiencing severe disease and/or death is an acceptable number for "a productive economy" - what does that mean if YOU or an at-risk family member is 1/100?
First you must accept the cold hard fact that nobody any longer gives a single solitary flying shit that you or your family member(s) are now after 2 years of "we're all in this together" staring down the very short barrel of a rapidly increased mortality risk from #Omicron.
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While we wait for the hearing of the next court application to stop @Shell from doing seismic testing ahead of exploration for fossil fuels on South Africa's Wild Coast, let's look at some of the reasons why it is important to #StopShell. A thread.
1. Coastal communities on the Wild Coast and along South Africa's coastline strenuously object to the risks the seismic testing and exploration pose to their livelihoods, and their spiritual connection with the ocean ecosystem. #nothingaboutuswithoutus…
2. Seismic testing would threaten major fish migration and important marine ecosystems on the Wild Coast #sardinerun… via @WWFSouthAfrica #StopShell
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If you agree with most, if not all, of the following issues, please follow @Au_Rights.

By following that account you show the world that you support these #AutisticRights and validate them.
- Autistic people are equal to Allistic people
- Autism is part of Neurodiversity. It is #NotADisease and attempts to "cure" or "treat" autism are unethical and stigmatizing.
- People with disabilities should be accommodated
- All conversion therapies are unacceptable.
- The autistic are the authority on the autistic experience.
- Any policy regarding autism that does not include openly autistic people, of sufficient number to represent our diversity, at the highest levels, is inherently prejudiced.#NothingAboutUsWithoutUs
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"Autistics are Human Beings Campaign"

December 3rd, International Day of Persons with Disabilities

The goal of this campaign it to ask people to use their platform to state clearly that autistics are human beings and, if they can afford it, share the stance of the autistic community regarding autism issues on a non-autism focused platform on December 3rd, 2021
Please note that this is "International Day of Persons with Disabilities" so ANYONE ANYWHERE can participate!
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These 'experts' want autistic children to be accepted in society someday, but they cannot even accept what thousands of speaking and nonspeaking autistic people say about what what works best for them.
Based on what they are modeling for parents and for society as a whole, how on earth do they expect to succeed in reaching their magnanimous lofty goal?

Here's the challenge, O Magnanimous Autism Experts! This is for you!
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The core element needed for anyone to adopt ABA for use on vulnerable autistic people is #ableism. The cult of ABA believes that ABA helps autistic children. To provide this 'help', it is important to strip the subject of their agency and to get them into self-preservation mode.
While most ABA practitioners no longer use slaps and electric shocks, all ABA regards the work of Rekers & Lovaas as part of the evidence base in support of ABA. Rekers went on to use behaviour modification against gay and trans people, while Lovaas continued with autistics.
Today there is an international movement to #BanConversionTherapy and #BanABA.
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