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29 Jun
ive noticed over the past months that there is a common lack of knowledge amongst my non-disabled friends around the protocols immunocompromised people are taught to manage infection risk. so i thought id lay some of them out again, incase its useful for other ppl right now
1) masks: every time we leave the house and will be near people we wear masks. either cloth masks that get washed/ boiled after every use, or disposable masks. before we put on the mask we wash our hands. the mask then only gets touched after we wash our hands or sanitize
the mask is only touched on the straps. so if i need to drink water while wearing a mask i wash/ sanitize, hold the mask at one strap, drink water, then replace the strap. i am aware of every single time i touch my face. i make sure not to touch my eyes, unless i wash/sanitize
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15 Mar
for any folks who are chest binding, here’s some great advice on chest binding and COVID-19 #transhealth #translove #nonbinary #transmasc
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13 Oct 18
this is a long thread on #nauru, where i spent last week. nauru is currently most visible as a site for australia’s offshore detention of asylum seekers and refugees. it is also the location of a longstanding #phosphate mine which covers over 2/3 of the island 1/22
#nauru is experiencing considerable #climatechange. im going to outline some of the social-environmental stresses i observed that nauruans, refugees and asylum seekers are facing, and why we need to talk about #colonialism and #environmental racism for #climatejustice 2/22
#nauru is a beautiful island. its main resource is #phosphate. germany colonised nauru in the late 1800s and in the early 1900s the british found phosphate and started to exploit it for fertiliser and munitions with australia and nz, who became nauru’s trustees in the 1920s 3/22
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