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Hello my name is Tash and my pronouns are they/them. It’s International Pronouns Day next Weds (21st Oct) and here’s a thread about why that’s important.
A few months ago I had Covid and one night I was really struggling to breathe. The NHS website said to go to A&E and my partner was urging me to. But fear of transphobia stopped me. I didn’t want to be a spectacle or a debate. I was afraid of people I knew finding out.
I later recovered from Covid but the experience scared me. Not just because I couldn’t breathe and that was terrifying, but because in that moment I made a choice to avoid healthcare out of fear.
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Interesting links on transhealth, transcrime, transmoney, detransitioning etc. By category attached to this tweet.
On crimes by trans identified men (and by a few trans identified women) #transcrime
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It's the Banniversary today.

It's been a year since the policy went into place that bans any new diagnosis of gender dysphoria (and as a result any gender affirming medical or surgical therapies) for U.S. service members.
It also forces Trans service members to adhere to their gender as it was in the system on 4/12/2019. This policy is disgusting, not evidence-based, and harmful, personally and nationally.
If I were to push for a gender dysphoria diagnosis right now with the ban in place, I would risk my place in residency as well as my military career. So I don't, and I wait, hoping for change.
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for any folks who are chest binding, here’s some great advice on chest binding and COVID-19 #transhealth #translove #nonbinary #transmasc
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Looks like UCP is coming after #abortionrights #transhealth #MAiD #dyingwithdignity by supporting patient abandonment

Today. #Bill207 sponsored by #gynotician MLA Dan Williams
of Peace River.

#ableg #abpoli…
Here is the position paper on conscience rights aka patient abandonment via @AbortionRights…

#ableg #abpoli
Dan Williams, UCP MLA Peace River attended the annual anti-choice March for Lies to publicly oppose bodily autonomy for women, gender divers people and the terminally ill.

#Secular #healthcare…
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I want to take a moment to attempt to dispel another case of bad science that is leveraged against the trans community by TERFs, ROGD parent groups, and some physicians that gender dysphoria naturally resolves in 85% of children #MedTwitter #LGBTQHealth #TransHealth 1/
At face value, this sounds like a scary statistic. I mean, if 85% of all children who experience gender dysphoria naturally resolve their feelings without medical or surgical interventions, it would seem like we are unnecessarily harming children. 2/
This statistic is used to support the idea of rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD) and "desistance" - the narrative that children realize that they are trans by virtue of social pressures and come to realize that they have made a mistake, often when it is "too late." 3/
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Here's another doozy. I want to dissect this tweet a little bit. If you are interested in the health disparities facing the transgender community, you should read this. 1/ #MedTwitter #MedStudentTwitter #Transgender #TransHealth #TransgenderHealth #LGBTQ #LGBTQHealth
Endocrinologist, @will_malone, has a history of cherry-picking data to support his idea of rapid-onset gender dysphoria (ROGD); a contentious idea based on one questionable publication with poor methodology:… 2/
This article has been cited by many as a means to discredit the trans community and speak against the current standard of care set forth by @wpath and many other professional medical societies - claiming it is child abuse 3/
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