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Meanwhile, we have been super busy over at @CroakeyNews this week, will thread a few things below 👇
“Rather than ask ‘Why are they disregarding the rules?’, this model asks ‘what will help you to comply with the rules?... an important learning to share with other states and territories who are trying to prevent outbreaks"

@mariemcinerney on #COVID19…
This week's #COVIDwrap from @AlisonSBarrett looks at #COVID19 drug trials, mental health impacts, asymptomatic spread & role of GPs in care…
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Dear #FridaysForFuture: u have rocked the world, & you continue to rock. But ur mobilisations (like those of the 'old' #climate-movement) have not led to structural changes. The other side digs in deeper, wins battles like #CAPReform.

Question: how will we step up the fight?
Let's turn this into a #thread on #climatejustice-strategy for the European movement(s).

1st thing to acknowledge is: there *is* no European #climate/CJ-movement. There are movements of hugely varying strength w/in different countries, & w/ the exception of the @gastivists
fighting the EU-Commission's project of switching Europe to #fossilgas - that's the commission w/ the "#greendeal", which e.g. #Greens continue to defend (…) - there's no movement player (yet) who's attempted significant EU-wide mobilisations since 2015.
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Frage: "Warum will ich nach jeder Diskussion mit NGOs über #schwarzgrün der Linken oder der SPD beitreten?"

Grüne & Union haben gemeinsam: sie sind dt. Bürgertum. #GrüKo = der 68ff. abgespaltene Teil des Klasse käme nach hause. Da wüchse zusammen, was zusammengehört.

Das ist aus mehreren Gründen ein strategisches (& oft emotionales) Problem:

a) *Fundamentaler* sozialer Wandel (z.B. #Klimagerechtigkeit) gelingt nie, wenn Elitenfraktionen geeint stehen. If elites are united, they can never (or hardly ever) be defeated. Das wäre die Rückkehr in
einen Zustand, den mein Kopf in ironischer Anlehnung an #Marx nicht aufhören kann, als "Diktatur der Bourgeoisie" zu bezeichnen. Das wäre ein fettes strategisches Problem.

b) Ich komme aus dem, was sich selbst als "gehobenes Bürgertum" bezeichnet (#selfhatingbourgeois), & es ist
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THREAD on content of what EPP-RE-S&D MEPs have negotiated on the #FutureofCAP and why this surrender to intensive agriculture interests must be stopped
"Maintenance", not protection, of #peatlands means taxpayers will still be paying for drained peatlands, currently 25% of ag GHG emissions Image
They delete the need for farmers to have a tool for more sustainable use of nutrients, as a condition for public support. Agriculture is the biggest source of nitrate pollution in watering the EU, responsible for dead zones and toxic algae Image
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[THREAD written w/ @YonaSilvy now translated after numerous requests from our english speaking colleagues]

On sept 29, our lab LOCEAN voted & adopted to a large majority 3 measures to ↘️ its carbon footprint by 50% by 2030, notably by ↘️✈️

How did we get here and why? ⬇️
A bit of context: researchers at LOCEAN have been contributing for years to the results that are feeding the IPCC reports, showing that climate change is a reality whose impacts are felt more and more strongly, here and elsewhere. 2/n
Recent flash floods in the Mediterranean region and the many heat waves are shattering proofs that France is not immune to the impacts of climate change and that the latter are perceptible and intensifying. 3/n
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Page 303 - logistics! AKA where most of the humans are - and where almost all of the Black and brown humans are, because racism.
#MonopolyIsNoGame From the report: "Amazon's ground shipping infrastructure consists of 'trucks, trailers, intermodal containers, and delivery vehicles.' Its truck fleet consists of more than 10,000 trailers." That is a lot - a lot a lot- of air pollution.
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: Protecting Native American Health & Protecting and Promoting Maternal Health
Only one party has a specific plan for ensuring EVERY American will be able to have high quality, affordable healthcare options.1/15
Native American tribes have for too long been forced to cope with insufficient access to health care and mental health services, nutrition services, and modern infrastructure. 2/12 #DemPartyPlatform #healthcare #Dreamcatcher
#Democrats are committed to pursuing environmental justice and climate justice, including for Indigenous peoples and communities 3/12 #DemPartyPlatform #ClimateJustice #EnvironmentalJustice #NativeAmerican
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"Was hat Dich nur, was hat Dich nur so ruiniert?"

.@gruenehessen und @talwazir:
Der Mensch oben kämpft unseren Kampf für #ClimateJustice.

Unten: Das sind Eure Vertreter! 😡

Respekt und Liebe für die Besetzer:innen! 💚✊🌳

#WaldStattAsphalt #DanniBleibt #1JahrPillepalle Image
Hier war heute morgen noch intakte Natur. Alles plattgewalzt. Image
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Typical. No talk of poverty despite the constant emphasis on "global". India consumes approx 4 kg annual per capita (old 2013(?) FAO, but cant find new), world average around 40, and US around 90-100. Our problem or your problem? @3rdworldnetwork #ClimateJustice
Solitary intervention on malnutrition. Acknowledges protein needs in low, medium income countries. But recommends protein from small fish, bivalve molluscs and insects!!
#SRCCL despite intense effort refused to consider differentiation in headline messaging. Only concession, even-handed statements of food loss & wastage, for South and North respectively. Plea was authors and references didn't have it. Poverty needs citations, thank you!!
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UN Secy General ratchets up the pressure. Wants India and China to reduce emissions by 45 percent by 2030. See press conf. of 9th Sept at…
@JMauskar @ambtstirumurti @3rdworldnetwork #ClimateJustice
Not a mention of US withdrawal from Paris Agreement. More critical of Europe than US on coal!! Wants no new coal plants in Asia and Africa. To stop them he wants banks and exporters not to help in setting up thermal power plants. #ClimateJustice
Especially banks from China, Japan and Korea. Do a search in the web page -- the words OIL and GAS do not appear!! Because thats where energy in the First World is going to come from. #ClimateJustice
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BREAKING: Extinction Rebellion blocks News Corps Printworks and demands they FREE THE TRUTH

As the printing presses crank up, #ExtinctionRebellion groups in North London and Liverpool are taking on the titans of the media industry.

#FreeTheTruth #WeWantToLive #ChangeIsNow
Nearly 80 people are currently blocking the roads leading to two printworks owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp – Broxbourne outside of London and Knowsley near Liverpool. #FreeTheTruth #WeWantToLive #TellTheTruth…
Broxbourne and Knowsley are home to News Corp titles @TheSun @thetimes @thesundaytimes @Telegraph @DailyMailUK @TheMailOnSunday @EveningStandard and others. The plan is to maintain the block and prevent these papers reaching newsstands on Saturday.
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Not only "environmentalists" but hydrologists, and others have argued for this. Unfortunately such choice of words subtly privileges positions not on floods but on other issues. #environment #ClimateJustice
Environmentalists suppose that such integrated approaches are a matter of will. Truth is that the first two have to do with property rights & economic and social relations. Transforming these is much harder.
Goes against established privilege and hierarchy and the power of dominant classes over land-ownership. Unfortunately below the radar for environmentalists. Environmentalism's hand-wringing and floods will continue in parallel.
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Things to do in a world that is burning / flooding / storming / melting...

Start a conversation about climate change with your spouse, parents, children, friends, neighbors, barber, teacher, coach, etc. Not sure how? @KHayhoe has good advice.…
Tell your story. Check out Climate Stories Project.
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Thread zu Kritik/Selbstkritik in der Bewegung für #Klimagerechtigkeit:

In den vergangenen Tagen habe ich mehrfach die Entscheidung einiger unserer besten Genossinnen kritisiert, #Merkel, der besten Polittaktikerin Nachkriegseuropas eine Photoop zu verschaffen, ohne dafür
einen offensichtlichen Payoff zu erhalten, oder eine offensichtliche Drohung zu artikulieren (as in: "if you don't do x, we'll do y"). Meine Analyse war, dass dies ein unforced error war, in dem wir - die gesamte Bewegung für #Klimagerechtigkeit - Drohpotenzial verspielen,
ohne dafür politische Konzessionen jenseits luftiger Absichtserklärungen zu mehr Mut & Mercosur zu erhalten.

Für diese (teils sicherlich hitzig formulierten) Kritiken wurde ich wiederum kritisiert. Tenor war: Alter, lass doch die Genossinnen mal machen, die haben in den...
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Thread: #Klimastrategie
Seit dem Auftauchen von #FridaysForFuture auf der politischen Bühne der BRD glaube ich, dass wir nur unter Führung der jungen #GenerationKlima den Kampf für #Klimagerechtigkeit gewinnen können: nur sie hat das Interesse & die Fähigkeit dazu. In theory.
Praktisch sieht die Situation aber anders aus. 2019 hat die FFF-Bundesorga auf diese Strategie gesetzt: immer größere Demos mit immer mehr gesellschaftlichem Rückhalt, gepaart mit knackigen Aktionen radikalerer Verbündeter (@Ende__Gelaende etc), verändern gesellschaftliche...
Mehrheiten, was zu veränderter Policy führt (vgl. #Atomausstieg). Diese Strategie (übrigens auch die von EG, XR et al) ist mit dem #FCK2038-Kohlegesetz gescheitert. Passiert. Aufstehen, Krone richten, weitermachen. Die Frage ist: *wie* weitermachen? Die bisherigen Machtmittel
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Species most effective at absorbing CO₂: tropical trees

Species most at risk of extinction: tropical trees
What can we do about the Ecological-Climate Catastrophe?

Learn about the principles of #ClimateJustice, and then take action.

14 threads which explain everything you need to know:
'the world’s forests absorb around one-third of human-caused CO2 emissions.. And tropical trees tend to be even thirstier for CO2 than their counterparts in temperate regions

Human activity*, however, is undercutting that natural potential.'

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A thread
Twitter is full of comments such as “What will it take for people to take to the streets?” or “Just wait until the Brexit food shortages, then people will protest”.
The government relies on this. #3Point5Percent
Creeping normalisation of one appalling tragedy after another is a real thing. We shout and rage on here then, inevitably, another gross violation or calamity occurs and it starts again.
The government relies on this. #resist #revolt
With the #AlevelResults fiasco they’ve messed up and ruined too many lives too quickly. This is too big a disaster to go away. Result; instant street protest and huge, sustained anger. No need to wait for worse to come: it will arrive soon enough. #protest
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IMPORTANT: @KamalaHarris is legit on climate! This is a climate election. So so so much hangs in the balance. 💚🌎 Here's a thread of climate/environment groups' statements on Sen. Harris as @JoeBiden's VP pick. Spoiler: They are very positive!! #VoteClimate #BidenHarris2020
Statement from @sunrisemvmt's @VarshPrakash
on @KamalaHarris as @JoeBiden's VP pick. #VoteClimate #BidenHarris2020

"She took our No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge, ran on the #GreenNewDeal, ... took on Big Oil as AG," and has "a strong record on ensuring #EnvironmentalJustice."
Statement by @350action's @Tamaraity on @KamalaHarris
as @JoeBiden's VP pick. #VoteClimate #BidenHarris2020

"Her stance on polluter accountability and stopping handouts to the fossil fuel industry are at the top of the list for the climate voter."…
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Thread on Kamala's pre-VP nominee Climate Plan.

Plan highlights:
Climate Equity Act to enact #ClimateJustice
Net-zero economy by 2045
#carbonneutral electric grid, vehicles, new buildings by 2030
End to fossil fuel subsidies
$10 Trillion investment…
End to FF extraction in public lands
Rollback Trump environmental deregulation
Science-based agricultural conservation practices by 2040
Seek at least 75% of zero-waste
Mfg Jobs, and job (re)training
Reinvigorate national lab R&D & STEM jobs
$60 B to Black universities & colleges
"Leading the world in the technologies and innovations that will help us achieve a clean economy starts with fully funding our federal science and research agencies, national labs, and partnerships. ...
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It's normal to fly on holiday in the summer, isn't it? ☀️🛫

Globally, it's anything but standard. While it may seem normal for Western Europeans and Americans to fly, this "normality" has only existed in recent decades and is still rare worldwide:… Image
It is difficult to find exact figures, but estimates suggest that about 10% or between 5% and 20% of the world's population has ever flown. Many people cannot afford to fly or are not allowed to do so because of restrictive migration policies. #ClimateJustice #FlyLess
What we need is freedom of movement for all people - and a mobility system that is just and climate-friendly!

Know your privileges and use them to change things for the better. Find out here what you can do:… Image
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We can keep flying if we just offset the emissions, right? 💸➡️🌳

No, because so-called carbon offsets pose many problems and in most cases do not compensate emissions - on the contrary. #CarbonOffset #ClimateJustice

Let us explain. Thread. ⬇️ Image
What are offsets?
#Offsets are projects meant to reduce emissions that occur elsewhere. #Offsetting projects are mostly located in countries of the Global South. Many of them are hydroelectric projects, claiming to prevent production of energy from fossil fuels.
Also forest conservation projects, operators of tree plantations, or organisations that distribute climate-friendly cooking stoves to women in rural parts can sell offset credits.
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#Flying and #ClimateJustice: a contradiction. ✈️🌍⚖️

To keep the global temperature rise below 1.5 degrees, emissions must be reduced to 2.5 tonnes CO2eq per person per year by 2030.

One long-haul flight alone can exceed this budget – per person! Image
Air traffic is a major obstacle to climate justice. While it may seem normal for Western Europeans or Americans to fly, this "normality" has only existed for the last few decades and is still rare worldwide. Only about 10% to 20% of the global population have ever taken a flight.
But everyone suffers from the consequences of flying and the climate crisis, especially those in countries of the global south.
And not all flights are equally necessary. Particularly, privileged people should question their choices take sustainable ones and call for change.
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On Tues @JoeBiden announced his plan to create millions of jobs, redevelop America's infrastructure & rebuild our economy after the devastation of Trump's #COVID19 mismanagement.

His speech launched new campaign messaging. Here I'll break it down & (ahem) offer some notes.

First of all, let me say it's a great speech—optimistic and inspiring.

It has the rhetorical fingerprints of @EvergreenAction (which is to say the climate staff of @JayInslee and @ewarren) all over it.

For example, as others have noted, @JoeBiden nods to @ewarren in promising not to "tinker around the edges" but seize this moment in history to create big structural change.

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🆕 Pressemitteilung #ParentsForFuture

Parents for Future Germany reicht Beschwerde über Kohleausstiegsgesetz bei EU-Kommission ein


⏬ Thread ⏬

Gegen das Gesetz zur Reduzierung und zur Beendigung der Kohleverstromung und zur Änderung weiterer Gesetze, das der Deutsche Bundestag am 03.07.2020 beschlossen hat, hat Parents for Future Germany aus einer For-Future-weiten Task Force heraus Beschwerde eingelegt.

Das Kohleausstiegsgesetz verstößt nach Auffassung von Parents for Future Germany in wesentlichen Teilen gegen EU-Werte, Normen, Gesetze und Verordnungen, insbesondere gegen Artikel 107 AEUV (Vertrag über die Arbeitsweise der Europäischen Union).

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