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Dice la bibliograf铆a q la #educaci贸ninclusiva es un proceso sin fin, y con @smart_open como director se nos ocurri贸 q con ese horizonte estar铆a bien investigar maneras de pisar el acelerador馃 @RedDivulga @CrueUniversidad @UniBarcelona @UBDivulga Abro #HiloTesis馃憞
Con el equipaje de a帽os de experiencia docente, en la administraci贸n y la universidad, observamos el sistema con #lentesinclusivas, en busca del impulso q acercara la #educaci贸ninclusiva a la #warpspeed q requieren los tiempos y la obligaci贸n profesional, social y moral
Empezamos por analizar la evoluci贸n del marco conceptual de la discapacidad, q no es poco, para reflejar c贸mo la manera de entenderla (y definirla) condiciona la intervenci贸n, respuesta educativa, organizaci贸n del sistema鈥 pq no es lo mismo la mirada individual q la social
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For those who REALLY would like the TRUTH...HERE IT IS

President Trump pushes "His vaccine" or as he calls it "my vaccine" that was developed by Eli Lilly under the #Warpspeed program

That vaccine is #REGENERON nothing else.

Remember, Trumps statement that...
He made oh so many times.....

"The cure can't be worse than the disease itself"

He knew that the other pharmaceutical were going to make a "poison cocktail"

Now....for those that will claim that if Trump knew other companies were making poison that kills or injures.....
I will point you in the direction...

"MAYBE we can Inject UV light into the body to kill the hidden virus" ---DJT

Inject = introduce light
Hidden virus =;vaccine

UV light kills nanobots ....[graphene oxide] within the body.
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1. I get why @TheDemocrats don't want to engage in a propaganda war, but by leaving the field to the #GQP, the disinformation will only get worse. Responding, to counter GQP falsehoods with truth is one tool that is being employed, but more subtle weapons can be employed that can
2. have a real impact on the propagandists.

Why is the #KochNetwork #propaganda machine attacking #Covid19 #vaccines when they're a product of TFG's one major achievement? Remember "#WarpSpeed?" TFG should be getting credit for vaccines, but the GQP #KochNetwort made vaccines
3. the boogieman. #TFG needs #KochNetwork cash, so he won't say anything, especially after being booed for suggesting people get vaccinated.

It's been apparent to me for many years that #Koch and #Putin are working together in many areas with the shared goal of retaining power.
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Finding new DeFi investment opportunities on Ethereum is difficult with the dominance of Blue Chip projects and farming explosion on EVM compatible Layer 1s. @warpfinance, an evolving money market, provides an exceptional risk/reward opportunity.

Let's start with the problem. Warp Finance has been slow to market with its V2 because they were waiting on a security audit from @trailofbits, and made the decision to shift from purely focusing on Uni V3 NFT compatability to incorporating @element_fi LP tokens as collateral.

The audit was completed, however, documentation leaves a lot to be desired. Warp has not updated their website docs, Discord server is dead, and everything is either on Twitter or Telegram 馃ぎ

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鈥淟a vacuna Covid de #AstraZeneca ha estado marcada por nobles intenciones, errores de comunicaci贸n, juicios complicados, pesadillas de fabricaci贸n y rivalidad pol铆tica y econ贸mica. 驴C贸mo fue que todo sali贸 tan mal? v铆a @BW #Bloomberg
鈥淢ene Pangalos, jefe de investigaci贸n biofarmac茅utica de #AstraZeneca Plc, se acost贸 el lunes 22 de marzo sinti茅ndose bien por primera vez en mucho tiempo. Despu茅s de trabajar las 24 hs del d铆a durante el fin de semana, acababa de anunciar mejor que los resultados intermedios鈥.
鈥淓ran resultados del gran ensayo de vacunaci贸n de la compa帽铆a en EEUU 馃嚭馃嚫: La inyecci贸n fue segura y 79% efectiva para prevenir casos de #Covid19 sintom谩tico. Noticias positivas, por fin, despu茅s de meses de preguntas sobre todo, incluida la seguridad y la escasez de suministros鈥.
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On #FaceTheNation, Trump's #WarpSpeed chief Moncef Slaoui now trying to claim credit for @POTUS @JoeBiden's success w/ #COVID19vaccinations.

Reminder: Trump wanted much lower $$ for #vaccines R&D. Congress went higher with $8.3B/rejected Trump's $2.5B.鈥
Another reminder: Trump had no idea #NIH & $MRNA had started on a #COVID19 vaccine in mid-January 2020 based on research funded by the @BarackObama administration.鈥

Trump himself claims he first heard of #coronavirus in late January.

#FaceTheNation #FTN
Also, NIH & U.S. companies were long into #COVID19 #vaccines R&D before Moncef Slaoui came on the scene with Operation #WarpSpeed.

Slaoui doing a lot of rewriting of history on #FaceTheNation today.

#FTN #COVID19vaccines #COVID19 #COVIDvaccinations #OWS
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@Summers33456923 @2dedostesta @Public_Citizen @propublica @blowwhistleloud @AOC @SenSanders @ewarren @trayNTP @TheGrayzoneNews @HighWireTalk @BernieSanders @JayChance12 @POTUS @JoeBiden @VP @KamalaHarris @NIH @BarackObama @Baric_Lab 鈥淭he sequence for 1918 H1N1 influenza belongs to the main avian H1 cluster, which contains sequences from the avian reservoir for 2009 H1N1 influenza. Antigenic similarity between H1 HA from 1918 & 2009 although nearly a century apart, is well supported.鈥鈥
@Summers33456923 @2dedostesta @Public_Citizen @propublica @blowwhistleloud @AOC @SenSanders @ewarren @trayNTP @TheGrayzoneNews @HighWireTalk @BernieSanders @JayChance12 @POTUS @JoeBiden @VP @KamalaHarris @NIH @BarackObama @Baric_Lab 鈥淐DC researchers and their colleagues successfully reconstructed the influenza virus that caused the 1918-19 flu pandemic, which killed as many as 50 million people worldwide.鈥 馃憠1918-2009馃憞鈥
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Para los que quieren conocer mejor la vacuna proteica contra #COVID19 de @Novavax NVX-CoV2373, uno de los candidatos de vacunas en pruebas de Fase 3 en 馃嚥馃嚱y que esperemos reporte 鉁旓笍 resultados de efectividad y seguridad en los pr贸ximos meses, abro hilo para @WeTweetScienceM 1/ 11
Si bien esta peque帽a empresa de Maryland 馃嚭馃嚫 no tiene a煤n ning煤n producto aprobado en el mercado, la tecnolog铆a de nanopart铆culas馃摲cubiertas de prote铆nas sint茅ticas esta bien fundada y con a帽os de investigaci贸n (tienen vacuna de flu q ya report贸 fase3)2/鈥
La vacuna NVX-CoV2373 de @Novavax contiene nanopart铆culas de l铆pidos (esferas de 40nm) con 14 prote铆nas similares a las prote铆nas S (spike)del coronavirus馃junto con un adyuvante (q amplifica la respuesta inmunol贸gica) hecho de Quillaja saponaria Molina 3/鈥
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.@DrNancyM_CDC on #COVID19 vaccinations: It's the early stages of the complicated task but a task we're up for.
These are new vaccines & new platforms.
Storage/handling/administering slightly complicated.鈥
#STATPlusConversations #vaccines
#STATPlusConversations .@DrNancyM_CDC: Now that facilities/hospitals have experience with #COVID19 #vaccines & holidays over, expect pace of administration to go up massively in next couple of weeks.

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Here's #WarpSpeed's Slaoui again #gaslighting.
No, it wasn't just 20M #COVID19 #vaccines doses "available" or "allocated."

Watch how Slaoui squirms when clips replayed of him, Azar, Trump all saying 20M vaccinated by end of 2020.

And then Slaoui goes on to lie again here.
#WarpSpeed's Slaoui Dec. 2: "We will be able to distribute enough vaccine to immunize 20 million people in the U.S. in December 鈥 that's 40 million doses."

They failed. They've not distributed those #COVID19 #vaccines doses.

It's Jan 5 & only 15.4M delivered/4.5 administered.
Does #WarpSpeed's Moncef Slaoui have any credibility left?

After Slaoui lies on national TV & then is confronted with clips of him stating he said 20M people vaccinated/immunized by end of 2020, he brushes it off with "So," & then lies again.

#COVID19 #vaccines
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Here's Alex Azar #gaslighting on #COVID19 #vaccines & also appearing to shoot down Slaoui $MRNA half-dose idea.

Azar/Slaoui vowed 40M doses - enough to vaccinate 20M - by end of 2020. #Christmas was always part of their schedule. They failed but want to make excuse after excuse.
How much confidence should Americans have when Alex Azar says he's surprised there haven't been more glitches with #COVID19 vaccinations & brushes off everything that's gone wrong as expected? Really?鈥 #vaccines $PFE $MRNA
The commitment was to have 40 million #COVID19 #vaccines doses - enough to vaccinate 20 million people -"distributed" by the end of 2020, not "available" as Azar is #gaslighting today & Slaoui/Perna tried to do same at last week's #WarpSpeed briefing. Azar failed on delivery.
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The U.S. surpassed 350,000 reported deaths from #COVID19 last night.鈥

And Trump, Pence & Alex Azar are doing what about it today?

Where is the accountability for these deaths?

As of yesterday #CDC says 13,071,925 doses of #COVID19 #vaccines distributed but only 4,225,756 administered.鈥

Recall, Alex Azar pushed back against any additional funds for states to administer vaccines. #HHS was also slow to distribute #CARESAct funds.
Fauci on #ThisWeek: "There's no running away from the numbers."
"The deaths are real deaths."

Meanwhile, Trump remains in denial & continues to undermine #CDC's #publichealth experts.

#COVID19 #pandemic #vaccines
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Azar on @CBSThisMorning insisting it's important for him to get $MRNA #COVID19 vax today b/c he's a "leader."
Azar's wife tested positive & he's refusing to quarantine & he's been at photo ops/briefings.
Today, he'll be at #NIH, putting Fauci, @NIHDirector, others at risk
Is it leadership to refuse to quarantine, claim you're an "essential worker" to get around that quarantine, hold photo ops putting others potentially at risk, not to mention stepping in front of health care workers at #NIH to get $MRNA #COVID19 vaccine?
1 month left Azar at #HHS
Would it have shown better leadership to follow #CDC's advice, #stayhome & #quarantine after being exposed to #COVID19 & wait your turn to get $MRNA vaccine rather than stepping in front of critical health care workers?

Azar claimed he gets the shot today b/c he's a "leader."
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There's another #WarpSpeed briefing today at 11:30amET鈥

While officials declare victory with #COVID19 #vaccines, keep in mind nearly 318,000 Americans have lost their lives -- lives lost Trump & Azar refuse to acknowledge.

Reminder: 318,000 Americans have died of #COVID19.

Alex Azar refuses to acknowledge that at his briefings.鈥

#COVID19 #vaccines $MRNA $PFE $BNTX
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@pat_laffreuse 馃毃Harry #Truman dont le surnom 茅tait "Conduis-les en enfer" pr么ne dans l'escalier de la Maison Blanche et #DonaldTrump et son 茅pouse posent pour la photo de fin d'ann茅e ! Un R茅publicain appr茅ciant un D茅mocrate ? Vous voyez bien que c'est "blanc bonnet et bonnet blanc," -Suite-
@pat_laffreuse tous des franc-ma莽ons. La c茅l猫bre photo apr猫s l'茅lection de 1948 sur la manchette du journal de Chicago qu'il nous montre, est une erreur et il la brandit avec le sourire d茅moniaque du criminel qui vient de commettre deux crimes contre l'humanit茅 au #Japon. -Suite-
@pat_laffreuse D茅mocrate Baptiste, 33猫me Pr茅sident 茅videmment ! Quelle place de choix pour le Grand Ma卯tre de la loge ma莽onnique du Missouri qui a l芒ch茅 deux bombes atomiques sur #Nagasaki et #Hiroshima en ao没t 1945. Hiroshima n'茅tait pas qu'une simple base militaire. -Suite-
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#FDA's #VRBPAC doesn't meet until Dec. 10 on $PFE/ $BNTX & Dec. 17 for $MRNA/#NIH vaccines. Does Meadows think he can really push FDA to move the dates up sooner?
What is Meadows & Trump doing to ensure states have enough funding to actually distribute #COVID19 #vaccines?
Maybe Topol needs to ask his friend @SteveFDA if that meeting went so well yesterday & Hahn stood up for #FDA then, why is Meadows & Hahn doing it all over again today?

#COVID19 #vaccines
It was just last week when @SecAzar insisted the "proof was in the pudding" about Trump & pressuring #FDA.

So, two trips in two days to the White House for @SteveFDA.

What kind of pudding are they making at the White House @SecAzar?

#COVID19 #vaccines
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Last week, @SecAzar said the "proof was in the pudding" about Trump's political pressure on #FDA .

Yes, yes it is.

Reminder: Trump said he wasn't aware of #coronavirus until late January. $MRNA /#NIH launched their R&D mid-Jan.

#COVID19 #vaccines $PFE
#WarpSpeed Slaoui today at #PostLive on any tensions between Trump/White House & #FDA: "I don't know."
"I wouldn't think there would be."

And later Slaoui distanced himself from Trump, saying he's more aligned with #BidenHarris administration.

#COVID19 #vaccines
And if the #pharma #biotech, pharmacy & distributor execs are "irritated at pressure from the White House to attend an event they perceive to be largely political," they certainly don't have to attend. So, will they anyway?
$PFE $MRNA $FDX $UPS $MCK $WBA $CVS #COVID19 #vaccines
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#WarpSpeed Slaoui says he just learned about @SteveFDA at White House today on #COVID19 #vaccines.
What we need is good science, good focus.
Says "don't know" of the tensions between FDA/White House.

#WarpSpeed Slaoui: #FDA should be doing a thorough job to ensure review of #COVID19 #vaccines are complete/scientifically driven.
Then #VRBPAC & come to appropriate decision.
Says nothing in his interactions that it was sped up or slowed down.
#WarpSpeed Slaoui: #FDA has always been on outside of this integrated coalition [Warp Speed]
Our interactions have been very few/from time to time sought advice on trial design or if placebo recipients should be immunized.

[Note @DrWoodcockFDA on Warp Speed]
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U臒ur 艦ahin and 脰zlem T眉reci: German 'dream team' behind vaccine

Next yaer鈥檚 鈦@NobelPrize鈦 for Medicine?!!鈥
Honestly @NobelPrize, please consider their achievement seriously for an award. Two aspects represent truly giant leaps for vaccine & drug development: 1) use of nucleic acids as a source of immunogen production; 2) safe parallelisation of aspects of development & clinical trials
1) is important because nucleic acid chemistry and enzymatic expansion are much easier and more predictable & reproducible than for conventional proteins, be they recombinant or inactivated virus. This means that once conversion of production lines is achieved, producing billions
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A #WarpSpeed press conf starting momentarily @CDCgov w @HHSGov Sec. #Azar and @CDCDirector #Redfield & Dep Dir Jay Butler.
The @FDA vaccine advisory comm meets tomorrow. And a volunteer in @AstraZeneca trial in Brazil died. Waiting for the presser....will thread from here.
Starting. Redfield: "#COVID19 is the most significant public health challenge our nation has faced in 100 years."
"It's been a difficult year for Americans, but we are going to through this on the other side."
"remain diligent...protect ourselves"
3/ Dep Dir @CDCgov Jay Butler:
Speaks wearing 馃樂
"we're seeing a distressing trend"
220,000 deaths
>75% of country has ^ed cases
National ^ 60,000/day, "in all parts of the country"
"we get tired of wearing masks, but it's more important than ever"
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Day one today of @OversightDems #drugprices hearing at 10amET: $BMY & its Celgene unit & $TEVA.鈥

Also, at 11:30amET, @EnergyCommerce #COVID19 #vaccines hearing:鈥
.@RepMaloney notes that anyone in the @OversightDems room not wearing #masks will not be recognized at today's #drugpricing hearing.

#drugprices $BMY $TEVA
.@RepMaloney starts out playing clip of @RepCummings, who died last year before he could convene today's #drugpricing hearing.

He notes #pharma one of most powerful/profitable industries in the world.

#DrugPrices #pharma #biotech
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#SCOTUS up first.

What does Trump mean Democrats didn't have the election with #MerrickGarland?

@BarackObama was in the White House!

#2020Debates #2020Debate #RBG #RuthBaderGinsburg
.@JoeBiden insists should wait on #SCOTUS confirmation & see the outcome of #2020election.

If #Obamacare / #ACA struck down, what happens? Women's rights fundamentally changed.

Not appropriate before election.

#2020Debates #2020Debate #RBG #RuthBaderGinsburg
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