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Activist historian; @Georgetown Ph.D. student; @Demosisto chief researcher; huge @PeteButtigieg fan; postmodernist. Ich bin ein #HongKonger πŸ’ͺ
7 Jun 20
These blatant lies from the far left who depicts #China as a socialist utopia aim to drive a wedge between oppressed peoples fighting, respectively, against U.S. and Chinese police brutality. Don’t fall for it; don’t diminish the pain and struggle of others.
Thankful for comments like this that set the record straight.
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2 Jun 20
1. The past week hasn’t been easy. β€œThe fires of frustration and discord,” once again, β€œare burning in every city, North and South.” As a Hong Konger deeply disturbed by the death of #GeorgeFloyd in #Minnesota, I stand with those who march for #BlackLivesMatter.
2. Systematic racism in the U.S. is real. The present moment has deep historical roots stretching back to before the country’s founding. I can only try my best to empathize with the pain this has inflicted on so many, even as I’ll never fully understand the plight.
3. For those of us watching the events unfold, scenes of confrontation and bloodshed can be traumatic: State violence feels all too familiar ever since the anti-extradition demonstrations broke out around this time last year in #HongKong.
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25 May 20
1. Half a world away, my heart is heavy. Two @demosisto colleagues β€” Standing Committee Member Tobias Leung and Vice Chairman @IsaacChengCKL β€” have been arrested (and now released on bail) in the last few days alone, since Beijing announced the #HongKong national-security law.
2. What happened? In light of Carrie Lamβ€˜s politically-motivated inaction early on in the pandemic, we imported 1.3 million masks for Hong Kongers from the Americas. We soon also started selling our own, branded as β€œNot Made in Chinaβ€œ on the package to obscure their origin.
3. So the customs agency indicts the duo, who head this project, for violating the Trade Descriptions Ordinance. It has deduced (correctly) that our masks were produced either in Hong Kong or #Taiwan. Its logic, then, is that they couldnβ€˜t possibly have been β€œNot Made in China.β€œ
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2 Mar 20
1. What a journey it’s been, @PeteButtigieg: a 38-year-old, gay, former mayor of a midsized, Midwestern city in #Indiana who rose from obscurity to presidential frontrunner in less than one year, before winning the Iowa caucuses.
@PeteButtigieg 2. He’s personified the optimism of youth politics, the urgency of defending democracy, the possibility of unity. Thank you for championing the kind of progressivism that recognizes the nuances of issues without resorting to populism and for trying to restore U.S. leadership.
@PeteButtigieg 3. His improbable candidacy caught my attention last May when he and his loving husband, @Chas10Buttigieg, were featured on the cover of TIME magazine under the heading, β€œFirst Family.” Like many, I couldn’t even pronounce his name and thought he didn’t stand a chance.
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23 Nov 19
1. THREAD: Today is #HongKong’s Election Day. The polls will open momentarily through 10:30 p.m. local time. Across 18 districts, 452 seats are contested under the first-past-the-post system. (27 ex officio members represent rural areas.) The opposition needs 240 for a majority.
2. The 18 District Councils focus on local issues, so traditionally, these elections are far less politicized than the territory-wide Legislative Council, which makes laws and is much more powerful. However, against the backdrop of the ongoing protests, the mood is different.
3. Until disqualified last month for advocating self-determination, my friend @joshuawongcf had intended to run in the South Horizons West constituency. The incident has made international headlines and reminded us not to depoliticize the elections.…
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17 Oct 19
1. THREAD: The Senate Minority Leader just publicly urged his Republican counterpart to give the landmark Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act, which passed the House unanimously yesterday, a vote. Minority Whip @SenatorDurbin also did the same earlier today.
@SenatorDurbin 2. As of now, the bill, introduced by @marcorubio, has 25 co-sponsors: 12 Republicans, 12 Democrats, and an Independent. The support for Hong Kong in the Senate is decidedly bipartisan, just as it has been in the House.…
@SenatorDurbin @marcorubio 3. Over the two-week recess, three Senators even traveled all the way to Hong Kong to observe the protests firsthand. We thank @SenRickScott, @tedcruz, and @HawleyMO for this commitment. Since then, they’ve spoken out even more strongly for our rights and freedoms.
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