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#COVID19 #VariantDashboard - #UnitedStates

BA.2.12.1 is the top circulating lineage in the USA

Its not the dominating strain yet by looks like it will get there in 2-3 weeks!

Tracker (by State):

#OmicronUpdates 04/29/22
#COVID19 #VariantDashboard

TOP lineages (15-DAY TRENDS) - #UnitedStates:

23.76% BA.2.12.1, <-S:L452Q
19.22% BA.2,
15.47% BA.2.9,
11.81% BA.2.10,
10.45% BA.2.12,
9.31% BA.2.3 and
2.64% BA.1.1

Tracker (by State):

#OmicronUpdates 04/28/22 Image
*Typo corrected: Its not the dominating strain yet *but* looks like it will get there in 2-3 weeks!
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#Indiana #COVID19 update. I've tried to be cautious interpreting data lately, but I think it's clear enough now to say we're very likely in a new/next wave of cases. Average daily cases have risen from 170/day to 237/day (+39%) in the last 11 days. /1
In addition to cases rising consistently, the positivity rate of #COVID19 tests in #Indiana has more than DOUBLED from 2.2% to 4.6% over the same period. We're close to that 5% level which (as a rule of thumb) I take as a sign we're probably not doing enough testing. /2
Here's average daily #COVID19 cases and positivity rate in #Indiana since March 1st, which makes the trends a bit easier to follow. /3
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I'm getting asked a lot lately what's going on with #COVID19 in #Indiana right now and... I'm not sure. Are we at the start of a new wave of cases? Maybe? Let's look at what we do know.🧵
First, let's look at cases. Average daily new #COVID19 cases in #Indiana have been ridiculously flat since the start of April, holding at between 168/day and 172/day. These are also pandemic record low levels of cases, which is great. /2
The positivity rate of #COVID19 tests administered in #Indiana has risen since the start of April, from 2.2% to 3.3%. This is the first rise since the start of the year, but 3.3% is still insanely low. I'm not sure we should really worry much about anything under 5.0%. /3
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Did you know Daylight Savings Time is bad for your health?

💔Spring forward increases heart attack risk
✈️DST induces "social jet lag"
😰Social jet lag worsens depression
🧭Westward living in a time zone (Indiana) is worst

So why do we do it and what should we do now?

A 🧵
DST was created by an Entomologist 🐞 (George Hudson)

He did this because he wanted more time to collect insects after his shift-work job at the post office!

Similar to needing more time to mow my lawn after work...but what about the health considerations?
Several countries implemented DST during WW1 including 🇬🇧 and 🇩🇪

The practice aimed to cut artificial lighting use so troops could conserve fuel for the war. But the 🇺🇸 didn't standardize the system until 1966, when it passed the Uniform Time Act.
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Sigue el ciclo temático #DiscosConArte para #TwitterCultural, con portadas de discos de #música creadas por grandes artistas.

¿Juntamos al gigante del #renacimiento Sandro #Botticelli, a la estrella de la música @ladygaga y el gran artista contemporáneo Jeff #Koons?

Sigue⬇️ Image
El artista contemporáneo vivo más cotizado del mundo, Jeff #Koons, creo todo el arte para el disco #ArtPop.
En la portada está @ladygaga posando desnuda con una de las esculturas de #Koons (la esfera metalica de color azul) y de fondo una composición sobre #Botticelli.

Sigue⬇️ Image
Jeff Koons (1955-?) es un escultor y pintor estadounidense, que ha tocado muchos palos, mezclándolos, como el arte conceptual, minimalista y #PopArt (#NeoPop) y principal valedor del arte #kitsch. Seguro que conocéis muchos de sus trabajos, especialmente sus esculturas.

Sigue⬇️ ImageImageImageImage
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US Remodeler Index is out, 4 big themes this qtr: 1) Projects getting BIGGER. 2) Product/material lead times, labor shortages got worse. 3) Remodelers FLEXING pricing power to protect margin. 4) No homes to buy=more whole-home remodels. Commentary from remodelers here… 🧵 1/11
#Missouri Full-service Remodeler: "Delivery times are 32 weeks for my windows and 50 weeks for doors. Delivery delays have brought my projects to a halt and it will be early Q2 before we'll be able to start work again on substantial projects.” 2/11
#Illinois Home Improvement Pro: "We have shifted to other brands that kept lead times and pricing under control." 3/11
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A thread for #Indiana. I've spent a lot of time talking to different towns, cities, and counties across the country over the last four years -- analyzing population growth, economic issues, social issues. Thinking about what makes people stay, go, move back, choose a community.
When I'm working in the Midwest, I often point out that most of our regional growth is from foreign-born neighbors and growth among non-white populations. And even with that occasional growth, more rural places shrink and the region still struggles with net out-migration.
Folks talk about how to make a place attractive. Exalt lower costs of living, breaks for business, backyards. Half-ish of the folks I meet talk about making historically homogenous places welcoming and safe for non-white, foreign-born, LGBTQIA, women needing reproductive health.
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#Indiana #COVID19 update. Average daily new cases in continue to plummet. Statewide we're down to 2,760 new cases/day or less than a fifth of the Omciron peak and continuing to fall fast. /1
The positivity rate of #COVID19 tests in #Indiana also continue to drop, down to 16.0% of tests positive. This is still high, but based on what we're seeing in Lake County (see below) I think positivity will likely drop below 10% within a week or so. /2
The number of people currently hospitalized for #COVID19 in #Indiana is also falling fast. Down to 2,036, or the lowest since November 28th 2021. /3
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I'm extremely happy to say that there are now *very clear signs* that the Omicron #COVID19 wave in #Indiana has peaked and cases are falling. Average daily cases down 5% in the last three days from a peak of 13,549/day. /1
#COVID19 test positivity rate in #Indiana is still at a whopping 30.3% and may still creep up a bit more but I'm confident we've hit the peak of infections for now. /2
Even more exciting, if you look at Lake Co. (which was one of the first counties in #Indiana to be hit with Omicron) average daily cases have been absolutely plummeting and are down 48% in 12 days. In fact, cases are now *back below the peak* of the winter 2020 wave. /2
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While we've been focused mostly on the spread of Omicron, we shouldn't lose sight of #COVID19 vaccinations in #Indiana. Since Nov. 2021 we've newly vaccinated around 4,300 residents/day, and this rate has been fairly stable. [1/5]
Here's the breakdown of the % of age groups that have received different numbers of #COVID19 vaccine doses in #Indiana. Older age groups are more likely to have received more doses. 57% of those age 65+ have had three doses compared with just 16% of those <65. [2/5]
56.4% of the #Indiana population (all ages) has received at least a first dose of a #COVID19 vaccine (does not include data from some Federal programs). Only 22.7% have received their third dose. [3/5]
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Okay, first attempt at calculating average length of stay (LOS) of patients hospitalized for #COVID19 in #Indiana. Based on this, average LOS has (generally) fallen since Oct. 2020 and has been falling more since mid/late November (around the time of Omicron's arrival). /1 Image
The main caveat with this graph is that it's imputed from aggregate statewide daily census and admissions data, not from individual patient-level data. So think of it as a very rough approximation. /2
The Regenstrief dashboard *does* use patient-level to calculate their LOS and shows an average LOS of 11.8 days since March 2020, but they don't provide breakdowns over time. So my estimate (which only goes back to Oct. 2020) seems to be in roughly the same ballpark. /3 Image
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On Saturday I posted a thread hypothesizing that #COVID19 cases *might* be peaking in Lake County, #Indiana, which was the first county in the state to be really hit with Omicron. It ended with "we need to wait for Monday's data update." Monday's data is here, so let's see. /1
Before we look at Lake County, I want to make clear that things are definitely still worsening statewide. Here's a thread on today's #COVID19 data update for #Indiana. /2
In Lake County, however, things are looking more and more promising. We have the first "blue" on the graph since October, with average daily new #COVID19 cases plummeting from 1,035/day to 769/day (-26%) in just five days. /3
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Daily new #COVID19 cases in #Indiana continue to rise. Today we surpassed a 7-day average of 10,000 new cases/day for the first time ever. [1/5]
In addition to daily cases continuing to rocket up, so has the #COVID19 test positivity rate in #Indiana. We're now up to 29.1% of tests coming back positive and are about to cross over the boundary into the range of "whopping" positivity rates. [2/5]
The number of people hospitalized for #COVID19 in #Indiana also continues to rise. We did not quite (as I had expected) set a new record over the weekend but came close with 3,399 people hospitalized for the disease, or just 61 patients below a record. [3/5]
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The proportion of #COVID19 cases in #Indiana among younger kids (age 0-11) has more than DOUBLED compared with one year ago:
10.7% of cases were aged 0-11 during Nov/Dec of 2021.
4.6% of cases were aged 0-11 during Nov/Dec of 2020.
During all of 2020, there were FOUR (4) deaths from #COVID19 in #Indiana aged 0-19.
During all of 2021, there were 26.
During 2020, the average age of a #COVID19 case in #Indiana was 42.6 years old.
During 2021 it was 37.9 years old.
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The number of people hospitalized for #COVID19 in #Indiana rose again today to 3,207. That's 7% below the highest level we've ever seen. /1
There are 206 ICU beds available in #Indiana, which is close to an all time low (the record is 178 available beds on 12/29). You can find a breakdown by Health District here: /2
We also set a new record (yet again) today with 80% of *all inpatient hospital beds* in use in #Indiana (in use for any reason, #COVID19 or otherwise). /3
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OK let's talk about hospital admissions (with a focus on #Indiana) and what we can maybe expect with Omicron

Last week I talked about ICU beds, but what about hospitalizations overall?

A new report out of the United Kingdom suggests several things:
1. Omicron seems to hospitalize at about half the rate of Delta
2. Vaccination is protective against hospitalization, and boosters are important to extend this risk


These data is based on a relatively small number of hospitalizations (815), so take it with a grain of salt.

These data suggest for Omicron, unvaccinated folks are 5 TIMES as likely to be admitted to the hospital as fully vaxxed folks (3 doses)

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Happy new year! Here's our first #Indiana #COVID19 data for 2022 and it's not good. Average daily new cases have risen to 7,414/day, surpassing our previous record high from Dec. 2020 by over 10%. We're now undoubtedly seeing the effects of Omicron statewide. [THREAD]
The three days with the highest number of new #COVID19 cases in #Indiana (based on when specimen collected, not "when entered") were...
12/28/2021: 12,137 cases
12/29/2021: 11,456 cases
12/27/2021: 11,165 cases
This guarantees the 7-day average will rise further. [2/11]
The #COVID19 test positivity rate for #Indiana has also hit a new record high of 24.5% (this is with a 3-day embargo vs the ISDH's 7-day). One out of every four tests is now coming back positive. Home tests results are not included here or in cases. [3/11]
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While the #Indiana #COVID19 State Dashboard and Data Hub have no data more recent than Wednesday (and won't be updated again until Monday), hospitals are still reporting to HHS. Let's see what we can glean from that data. /1
First, the number of people hospitalized for #COVID19 in #Indiana was 3,012 on 12/30. That's the highest number (per this data) for 2021, but ~13% below our record level from Nov. 2020. HOWEVER, despite this, things are actually much worse in hospitals right now. /2
While fewer people are hospitalized for #COVID19 in #Indiana now than the worst point last year, we're using a much higher proportion of our total inpatient beds (for any use, not just Covid) now. The last two years have crushed our healthcare workers and we've lost many. /3
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#Indiana #COVID19 update thread. With the largest single-day reported new cases ever (by a large margin) today I'm going to do a thread on some graphs and thoughts. It's going to be less organized than usual an if there's thing's you'd like to see, let me know. /1
First, while 12,020 new cases is a record for newly reported cases in a single day, with delays in holiday reporting, a high proportion of these cases occurred earlier. Let's start by looking at cases based on "when test specimen was collected" rather then "when reported." /2
Here's daily new #COVID19 cases in #Indiana based on "when test specimen was collected." You can see on 12/27/21 there were 9,568 positive cases from the test specimens collected on that day. Not quite a record, BUT it's still in the embargo period and will likely still go up. /3
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In #Indiana and the rest of the U.S. we hear a lot of talk about "personal freedom" when it comes to #COVID19, but little acknowledgement of the "personal responsibility" that goes part and parcel with that freedom. /1
2/ "Freedom" ALWAYS comes with "responsibility," especially during a global health crisis. You cannot have personal freedom unless you also embrace the responsibilities that come with it, responsibilities like:
- The responsibility to avoid spreading #COVID19 to others (includes following mitigations like distancing, masking, testing and isolating if necessary even if you don't believe/like them). Others have personal freedom to not breath the potentially infectious air you exhale.
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#Indiana public health emergency extended.
Dr. Weaver: "Currently #Indiana's hospital census is higher than any point in the last five year."
"More than 80% of the people we're seeing in the hospital for Covid have not been vaccinated."
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As we approach the new year, only 12.8% of all ICU beds in #Indiana don't already have a person in them (a month ago it was 27%). Many health districts, some of which which serve more than half a dozen counties, are down to low single digits in available ICU beds. /1
Here's the current (as of 12/28) availability of ICU beds by #Indiana Health District:
Dist 1: 12 (!)
Dist 2: 14 (!)
Dist 3: 102
Dist 4: 3 (!!)
Dist 5: 49
Dist 6: 5 (!!)
Dist 7: 19 (!)
Dist 8: 11 (!)
Dist 9: 5 (!!)
Dist 10: 40
And here's district population per available ICU bed.
Statewide: 25.9k/bed
Dist 1: 67.8k/bed
Dist 2: 47.1k/bed
Dist 3: 7.3k/bed
Dist 4: 127.3k/bed
Dist 5: 38.6k/bed
Dist 6: 124.9k/bed
Dist 7: 14.6k/bed
Dist 8: 35.0k/bed
Dist 9: 93.0k/bed
Dist 10: 12.2k/bed
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After testing positive for #COVID19, someone not fully vaccinated was 14.5 TIMES more likely to be hospitalized than someone fully vaccinated during the month of November nationally (source:…). /1
Right now #Indiana is averaging ~350 hospital admissions/day for #COVID19. Based on the data above, if in the state:
➡️ NO ONE was vaccinated then hospitals would be admitting >600 people/day.
➡️ EVERYONE was vaccinated then hospitals would be admitting ~44 people/day (!!!).
The calculation above assumes spread remains the same, but obviously if EVERYONE was vaccinated spread would be quite low and if NO ONE was vaccinated spread would be a lot worse. So the difference in hospitalizations is likely even larger than this. /3
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#Indiana released it's first #COVID19 data update in almost a week today and... it's not good. You might look at this graph and say "Hey, that doesn't look too bad!" but it is. Here's why. [THREAD] Image
Data reporting is VERY laggy this time of year. Even with a 3-day embargo (in the graph above) we're going to see a significant number of cases added in for recent days over the next week or so. The latest 4,313 cases/day will likely rise (maybe a lot). /2
In the last 7 days (with a 3-day embargo) here's how key metrics have changed (12/16 to 12/23):

Daily new cases? +1.1%
Daily tests? -9.0%
7-day positivity rate? 13.4% to 14.9%.

We're doing way less testing but finding MORE cases. And this data only goes to 12/23.
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