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Older academics on Twitter this last week be like "just move around for postdoc positions like I did and stop complaining"; Here are some of my experiences in today's world as a prestigiously NSF-funded postdoc; a 🧵
(2 🧵) First of all; housing! I moved across the country sight unseen. This is the state of trying to rent near @UConn - now imagine doing this from far away during the pandemic like I did. I luckily found a place and now commute 1.5 hours 7 days a week for my research Image
(3🧵) I am externally funded on a prestigious fellowship (#NSFPRFB) and as a #disabledscientist had to go months without insurance and almost ran out of my life-saving medications. I am not included in our postdoctoral union and thus can't access certain on campus resources
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Things I wish I had known before my thesis defence: A thread 🧵

#AcademicTwitter @OpenAcademics
Take a few days to read your thesis carefully. After so many years it is natural that you will not remember all the details. You should know better than anyone what you have done and how, so thinking about it quietly can be very useful.
Write your speech, from the greetings to the farewell. Rehearse it as often as you can, so that on the day of the defence you are as fluent as possible.
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Here's the format for “Literature Review Structure” which I used for two of my thesis.

Hope it's useful!

A 🧵

@PhDVoice @AcademicChatter @ThePhDPlace @PhD_Genie @PhDForum @PhDspeaks @OpenAcademics #AcademicTwitter #researcher #scicomm
Honestly, I don't remember where I got it from since it's been a while now. So if it's similar to what you have or know then, please skip the tweet.
I. Introduction

Describes the topic as a whole, and its relevance to the field

Developments and themes in research questions, technique and process, and findings should be highlighted in the introduction.
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📢 Tips for Responding to Peer Reviewer Recommendations (or, join me on my🧼box), a🧵 by the Editor-in-Chief @JHospMedicine

#SagewisdomSecretsbySamirShah (this one's for you @DoctorVig)
1⃣ Do you have to address every comment?
💛 Yes, absolutely
💛 No need for excessive praise. No need to thank the reviewer for each comment. However, no snark either. Respond in a neutral tone. Convey how thoughtful you are in your response to each comment.
2⃣ Can you disagree w/ a reviewer or say no to a suggestion?
💛 Yes. There is no need to blindly incorporate every comment. However, provide a rationale for why not.
💛 Help the editor understand your thought process.
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Attention #AAPOR & #AcademicTwitter: With 19 days left to apply to join the #PRRIPublicFellows 2022-2023 cohort, take a look at some of our fellow's work over the past year. Articles in @RNS, @washingtonpost, @TheConversation and more.

In the @ConversationUS, @profkmichalka, @janehongphd, @laura_e_alex & Luis Romero state that the treatment of Ukrainian vs. other asylum seekers has prompted criticism that the Biden admin is favoring white, European, mostly Christian refugees over others.…
A @PRRIpoll spotlight by @jcoleysociology found that many Christian colleges discriminate against LGBTQ students, and govt policies allow them to do so.

A recent study found that over 1/3 of LGBTQ students had been bullied or harassed in school.
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The new Spring 2022 issue is online!

Read articles by I. Kardon and W. Leutert, Renanah Miles Joyce, Steven Ward, A. Calcara, A. Gilli, M. Gilli, R. Marchetti, and I. Zaccagnini, and David Logan.

Articles from Vol. 46, No. 4, include:

“Pier Competitor: China’s Power Position in Global Ports,” by @IBKardon and @wendyleutert.…

This article is *ungated* (free) through May 26 thanks to @mitpress!

“Soldiers’ Dilemma: Foreign Military Training and Liberal Norm Conflict,” by @RenanahJoyce.…

This article is *ungated* (free) thanks to @mitpress!

#IHL #WomenAlsoKnowStuff
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Apply today to be a part of our #PRRIPublicFellows Program! The program convenes 16 diverse scholars across the 4 major areas of PRRI’s work, including religious, racial, & ethnic pluralism; racial justice & white supremacy; immigration & migration studies; & LGBTQ rights.
The PRRI Public Fellows program includes a $5,000 annual stipend and annual microgrants of $12,000 in each area of research. #academictwitter

Application closes in 20 days!
PRRI Public Fellows will work alongside the organization’s research and communications staff during the 2022-2023 academic year (August to July).

This 11-month fellowship includes a stipend, support for a course release & access to microgrants.
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Best News of the day! 🥳
Ja, selbst als Prof. Thomas kann man sich krankschreiben. Verrückt!
Und ja, zur Not auch mal sehr lange.
Niemand ist unersetzbar. Image
Und hey - nein, ihr müsst euch keine Sorgen machen.
Und ja, natürlich werde ich in kleinen Dosen arbeiten und freue mich schon super darauf, hoffentlich schon ab nächste Woche ausgefallene Vorlesungstermine zumindest als Video-Konserve nachzuliefern.
Und auf die nächsten...
... Forschungsaustausch-Termine mit meinen Doktoranden freue ich mich auch. Aber ich werde halt nur von zu Hause und nur in sehr kleinem Umfang meiner Forachungs- und Lehrtätigkeit nachkommen.
Warum ich das eigentlich poste?
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I see a lot of threads on #academictwitter with tips/advice for ECRs on the job market. I’m an ECR who just got my first ongoing job, I don’t have any tips for my fellow ECRs, I have some tips for the senior staff who sit on interview panels. A thread 🧵
Communicate with your candidates. The hiring process I went through to get my new job was such an anomaly compared to my other experiences on the market, I kept thinking: why can’t it always be like this? 😍😭
I had plenty of notice for the interview, expectations were clear, I always knew what stage of the recruitment I was at and what would happen next. It’s a beautiful thing. It should be the norm. It's not. Confusion and relying on rumours is more the norm in my experience 👎
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Conference organizers planning inaccessible events - really hope you know what message you send by doing this. You send the message that ableism in the academy is permissible. And you send the message that disabled ppl are not welcome and will not be in the future. 1/9
You send the message that it's easier to gaslight us than to invest labor in creating equity. You lash out at us and make us feel like we're asking for TOO MUCH when we asked for what should've already been built into everyday practices. 2/9
You make us question you as colleagues in the profession. If you can't create an accessible event, then how do you approach other professional tasks? Are you equally ableist when it comes to our grant/fellowship apps? Our publications? Our job apps? Our tenure apps? 3/9
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I like to think of PhD programs as the different stages of air travel.

Make sure your seat belt is fastened and your tray table is in the upright and locked position.

All clear for take-off into this 🧵
1. Choosing a Destination ✈️

𝘾𝙝𝙤𝙤𝙨𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙖 𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙜𝙧𝙖𝙢. Perhaps it’s a place you’ve never been before, or a place which you’re excited to return. You talked to those who’ve been where you’re headed. Whatever the case, decisions are surveyed, weighed, and made.
2. Uber to the Airport 🚙

𝙏𝙧𝙖𝙣𝙨𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣. You’re headed in what feels like the right direction, but you’re not in the driver’s seat. You check your belongings to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything—chances are, you probably have.
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I'm so tired of watching people plan inaccessible events. When you choose to ignore accessible event planning guidelines you basically tell me... 1/6
1. Your time is more valuable than my potential inclusion
2. You don't follow disabled people who talk about this all the time
3. You don't want to take responsibility for doing the ethical and legal thing required of you 2/6
It also makes me wonder:
1. If you don't think it's your job to provide access to major events, how does that translate to your classroom and to your disabled students?
2. What would actually compel you to learn from the many streamlined resources we already have? 3/6
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I have to take a break from rage tweeting about *waves hands wildly* ALL OF THIS to invite you to join my summer academic journal article writing workshop! Pls RT widely! #acwri #AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter… Image
If you've been struggling (and really, who hasn't?) to get your article written and submitted, this workshop can help! How? I create structure, accountability, and community to keep you moving forward.
I also help you learn all of the unspoken rules and weird secret handshakes of academic article publishing (and boy howdy, are there ever a lot). The idea is to increase your chances of getting an R and R decision rather than a desk reject or the looooong rejection.
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I’ve been training people in how to peer review today.

Here are the top things they didn’t know before the class that they thought you might find helpful 🧵 #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #gradschool #PhDChat #HigherEd #ResearchTip
1. Peer reviewing is an essential research skill. And as with any skill it takes tuition, time, practice, respect and accountability to get right. The more you do it the better you’ll be.

#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #gradschool #PhDChat #HigherEd #ResearchTip
2. Peer reviewing doesn’t just benefit the person who’s work you’re checking. The more research proposals and publications you review the better your research will become.
#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #gradschool #PhDChat #HigherEd #ResearchTip
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Today’s #ResearchTip is if you’re applying for grants remember many funders include on their websites
- instructions for applicants
- details of existing funded projects
- FAQs
- contact person
All of these are for you to use! 😀
#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter #gradschool
Also if you’re seeking funding and aren’t sure what to do, seek out
- training in your uni/organisation
- support from professional bodies
- videos/guides others have shared online
- library services
- reading other people’s successful applications
- grant planning workshops
Sometimes people who’ve successfully applied for funds you are seeking will explain how they managed to get their cash and/or show you their applications. Don’t assume all have the time/energy to do this and ensure you can reciprocate in some way.
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Just me, a disabled scholar, spending another night crying after learning that there are no meaningful remote options for yet another conference I was accepted to. How can I make it in academia when you slam every single door right in my fucking face? 1/8
I am so tired. Everyone wants my intellectual labor. Med schools want me to present on anti-ableist practice, but they won't build disability into their coursework or hire disabled people to design ethical coursework. 2/8
Conferences loooove panels on "disability" or "diversity" but organizers won't actually help disabled scholars network or present their research outside of in-person events. 3/8
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Looking over all the access measure at #DisGaze22 and imagining what it would be like to apply for a conference and just not need to request accommodations, because meaningful access measures were already planned, by design, into the conference from it's outset. 1/3
There are many many moments where I feel like I cannot safely stay in academia. The rampant ableism makes me feel distanced in so, so many spaces. But scholars like @jaivirdi and conferences like #DisGaze22 give me hope. 2/3
Maybe colleagues can plan for me to be here. Maybe it doesn't have to be me performing access labor every single moment I engage with the academy. Maybe we can normalize best practices by just listening and following models set by disabled scholars. 3/3 #AcademicChatter
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Sharing “April” tweets and threads regarding PhD resources that I wrote. So that it's all in one place. I think it will help me too to find everything together.

A 🧵

@AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics @PhD_Genie @ThePhDPlace @PhDVoice #AcademicTwitter #scicomm #phdchat
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PhD students: Check these points in your CV when you apply for any awards.

You may be already familiar with some points but still, it's worth reading (I guess)!


@AcademicChatter @OpenAcademics @PhD_Genie @ThePhDPlace @PhDVoice #AcademicTwitter #scicomm #phdchat
I recently had a chance to review some applications for a certain type of award and here are some points I hope can be helpful to you.

The selection process for any awards still depends on many factors but if you think these points may improve your chance then best wishes.
1. Make it simple: A simple and easy to follow CV will provide more insights, stick to one colour and make use of “BOLD” or “italics” wherever necessary.
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It's that time of the year when I cry happy tears because students write stuff like this. 😭😭😭

This cohort, this covid cohort, it's going to be special. Forever. ♥️♥️♥️

I'm gonna cry buckets at this graduation.

#AcademicTwitter #AcademicChatter ImageImageImage
You know the ultimate irony? The most memorable class of my career so far, these young folks I was bonded to through these rough times, I mostly knew as black rectangles and then hair and eyes with masks. I can recognize most of them of course. Currently. But still, I wonder...
I wonder, when I run into them years later and they say "Professor Sabnis! Remember me?", will I still remember their faces, given that I hardly saw their faces in the last 2.5 years?

And yet I feel like I know them better than any students I've known.
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Today, I was thinking about my first encounter with fellow graduate students in the department where I got my Ph.D.

One of the first things I heard at this top tier university:

“So, um, when you’re excited about something? Well, like — why do you talk like you’re Black?”
That shitty introduction to, and memory of, my first baby steps into the hallowed ivy covered [racist, sexist, and classist] halls of *angels singing here* Higher Education —

— it got me thinking some thoughts

juuuuuust for you

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#AcademicTwitter How do you manage academic writing, especially when English is not ur native language? Feel free to share your methods. You may help others in ways you cannot imagine.

@dissertology @PartoutProf @career_re @MasterAcademia_ @ThePhDPlace #academicWriting
Following @PartoutProf's post on bias against non-natives and @Misspoetry5's struggles regarding academic writing, I share my methods of managing academic writing. Hope some find them helpful.

#academicadvice #academicWriting
I don't feel ashamed of using help, of course not paid ones, when I don't have any funding. But the following methods and tools helped me a lot.

#academicadvice #academicWriting
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Hey, Early Medieval folks in all disciplines and fields, some upcoming publication opportunities! See the calls below and consider submitting, feel free to ask me any questions you may have! (thread):
The Heroic Age: A Journal of Early Medieval Northwestern Europe invites submissions to 3 upcoming themed sections:
1. A themed section on Teaching the Early Middle Ages, broadly defined.
1, cont.: We seek essays focused on pedagogical approaches and advice to introducing students to the languages, literatures, histories, and cultures from both discipline-specific and inter-disciplinary perspectives.
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If this is a productive time for you - for research or conferences or publications - that's great. But it's not a productive time for me or other high risk people. So what's going to happen in the coming years? 1/6
What will happen when I'm on the job market and someone says "well they didn't publish much" or "they should've used that time to go to archives" or "they didn't present at the top conferences"? 2/6
Who on any hiring committee or external review board is going to say "I think that's an unfair standard to hold them to, because they were high risk and could not go to all of these in-person events with a pandemic still raging on"? 3/6
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