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THREAD: Time for another tasty thread with resources. No matter if you're a scholar, student, or general public, if you're #antiracist & #antifascist, here's a thread abt misappropriation of medieval symbols. Enjoy/ be disgusted. 1/19 #medievaltwitter #academictwitter #shakerace
The runic symbol (called the 'Odal'/'Othala') represented the "O" sound in Germanic languages before adoption of the Latin alphabet. It's reconstructed proto-Germanic name means "heritage." The far-right adopted this symbol (early 20th cent) to construct a mythic Aryan past. 2/19
The Tyr/Tir rune: another symbol misappropriated by the far-right in their attempt to idealize Nordic &/or Aryan heritage. It represents the letter "T" in the runic alphabet & the symbol also represented the Norse god Tyr, originally steming from proto-indo/euro god Dyeus. 3/19
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My alter-ego scholar cheat name is Ace Crime Jennifer--I don't think anyone will know it's me.
What's yours #academictwitter?
Super proud to discover that "mercieca" could also be "ace crime." Assuming now that this is the best part of my day.
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Students, when engaging with the peer review process, there are several do's and don'ts to be aware of. #AcademicTwitter
1. Read the style guide. If the cutoff is 30pgs, don't send in 52pg papers.
2. Don't send in 52pgs no matter what unless it is a law review.
3. Don't ask the editor to pre-review your paper for you.
4. And if you do, don't send in bullet points!
5. Make sure that the paper follows a standard structure. Theory, hypotheses, data, analysis, results discussion.
6. If the hypotheses or data section has a bunch of theory citations, that's a red flag. Esp. If they are new to the reader.
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Adventures in academic publishing... a thread about creating my master book proposal template #AcWri #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #ECRchat #postdoc
There are so many resources on writing academic book proposals, so I made a color coded spreadsheet with templates from sample presses and other resources (e.g. @katelyneknox @ProfessorIsIn @tanyaboza @chronicle) to create a master template.
Though different presses/individuals suggest various things, there are some definite trends:
1. Short overview of project (like an intro to a grant proposal)
2. Descriptive table of contents: list of proposed chapters with (sub)headings, and paragragh-length description of each
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#AcademicTwitter, if you’re in your 1st year (or 10th) on the job market, lemme just say: yes, writing about yourself and producing materials is incredibly emotionally draining, even before jobs start replying to you. I’m in my 3rd (😱😭) year, and it’s still exhausting. 1/5
I feel naked and exposed and vulnerable ALL THE TIME. It activates every kind of imposter syndrome and insidious feeling of comparing yourself to others. It makes you feel like you should have done more, published more, etc. It’s brutal and demoralizing. 2/5
If I feel like this, as a cis white dude, I cannot imagine how much worse it is for people without my privilege. It’s a vicious system that exacerbates every inequality and amplifies every little voice that says you don’t belong. 3/5
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1/ Strange find: NO-4033, NMT trial 8. SS Obersturmführer Neumann-Reppert traveled to Holland 14-19 Sept '44 to retrieve card index with names of half-Jewish citizens of Netherlands, in middle of #OperationMarketGarden, with troops dropping from the skies, fighting all around.
2/ Approx 107,000 Jews were deported from the Netherlands, the vast majority long before 9/44 (only 3700 in all of '44). The fact that the SS were still concerned with this card index, in the middle of Market Garden, says a lot about Nazi fanaticism. (Image: Westerbork camp)
3/ They had to bring cigarettes to buy petrol for this operation. "Situation became so critical, through the landing of parachutists, I decided to remove the Jewish files by car in order not to endanger them. . removal by train no longer possible. . all tracks were blown up."
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Since we are in the thick of the academic #jobmarket season, I thought it would be useful to offer advice for folks preparing for campus visits/virtual interviews. What are your tips #AcademicTwitter/#soctwitter? I'll start with planning for the visit
I made a binder of info that I reviewed before my included info about my dept (like the core curriculum for the UG concentrations), the university (like centers & initiatives), and the faculty I was meeting with. This helped me prepare for all one-on-ones...
I thought through specific questions I had for each individual I was meeting with & wrote those on notecards (with some general background info) that I carried with me so I could refresh just before walking into each mtg.
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I've given feedback on 3 grad school research statements so far this fall. I do this every year for folks in my fields, and every year, I see really similar patterns! Here are a few of them:
Good paragraphs but bad/no overall flow. I tend to think that an application is all about showing exactly why you're a great fit for a program. So every experience is a step in the story of "...and that brings us to right now, me perfectly set up to succeed in this program!"
When people aren't used to writing about their own work experience it often feels very disjointed, big blocks of paragraphs describing separate jobs and no helpful linkage. Make your points explicit: THIS set me up to be a scientist, THIS taught me THIS skill...!
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Look for Demagogue for President: The Rhetorical Genius of Donald Trump in February or March 2020.

Here is a video of me talking about Trump’s rhetoric:
Who wants to write a blurb?
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What kind of relationship should an organization representing religion journalism have with religious institutions and leaders? However we answer that question, RNA is past the point of being ethically compromised:…

#SundayThoughts #RNA2019 #EmptyThePews
To be fair, RNA is far from alone in having crossed what I believe should be bright lines. For example, @nytimes and @washingtonpost largely let evangelicals cover themselves, without including critical perspectives, which is wildly irresponsible.

#SundayMorning #EmptyThePews
And the U.S. flagship organization for the academic study of religion, the American Academy of Religion, like @ReligionReport accepts sponsorship from religious organizations, incl. highly problematic ones, and falls to draw a clear line between theology and secular scholarship.
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*thread* While helpful in some ways, this piece by @IvyLeagueLady is discomfiting in others, particularly with regard to public-facing writing. In my experience this kind of work has myriad knock-on effects for an academic career:
— it builds your reputation;

— it gets you speaking to an audience larger than, quite frankly, 99% of “academic” publications ever will;
— it can help you synthesize complex ideas that can then be worked up into larger peer-reviewed pieces;
— it builds community, especially when you co-write;
— it gets you speaking, contribution & interview invites;
— it gives young anxious academics a feeling of accomplishment due to relatively quick turn-around times;
— it counts as “knwoledge mobilization,” “community engagement” and “research impact” on an academic CV;
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A journal is threatening to take me personally to collections for an unpaid balance on a manuscript I wasn't the corresponding author on. Really? Threaten my personal credit history for unpaid work which you charge me to publish (a journal also for which I referee for free)? 😡
Not going to name the journal (as @evolscientist pointed out, it's the publisher not the journal doing this). Not going to name publisher just yet. Mostly wanted to point out how broken the academic publishing system is, and how awful it feels to be in a situation like this.
@evolscientist Thanks to everyone for the support. It makes me feel a little less sick to know there's a community out there that's just as outraged as I am.
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Ever wondered how poster sessions at conference could be done better? @IFPRI conference in Delhi implemented an awesome idea – (its possibly been done earlier elsewhere): Poster presenters had 90 seconds and 1 slide to give the audience a teaser. It was just fantastic. 1/4
Would love to see this implemented at more conferences. A lot of poster sessions end up being poorly attended otherwise. @assameeting @ashecon @healtheconomics @PopAssocAmerica #AcademicTwitter #PAA2020
This is doable at larger conferences:
1.Organize posters that are (thematically) tied to organized / panel sessions.
2.Physically locate these posters close to the rooms (or even at the back of the room).
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THREAD: How do you plan for BIG projects? I just planned out my writing schedule for my dissertation proposal and thought I'd share.

#AcademicTwitter #PhDTwitter #EpiTwitter
Step 1: What's your weekly schedule look like in terms of PRODUCTIVITY BLOCKS? (shoutout to @CharlieGilkey for introducing me to these - check out his free block planner!) 1/n
Bailey, what's with all the shade? Light gray = potential time off (hello weekend 😎) or may not always be able to write (hello walk-in stats consultant job! 🤓) Dark gray = when I can't write because of journal club, peer led, etc. but those don't occur weekly. Or gym time! 2/n
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My online #researchstudy was recently infiltrated by bots. I haven't shared this story publicly because I felt a bit like it was my fault. I'm putting my pride aside because I think #dataintegrity is and will be a growing issue in survey data and is not discussed enough (1/n)
Bots have been a huge threat data integrity in recent years, and I can't believe that bot protection is not yet a standard part of the data integrity section of IRB submissions. Gone are the days where "checking the quality of the data every few days" will suffice (2/n)
Adding protections INTO your survey may take time and energy spent coding & creating advanced branch logic but it will save you hundreds of hours (and LOTS of money) if you do it right! (3/n)
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I've been reflecting a lot on research productivity and time management this semester, and reflecting on what has and hasn't worked for me over the past 5 years. Here are my thoughts for anyone who is interested: 1/ #acwrichat #academictwitter
Tip #1: Take some time to find what time of the day you are most able to focus. Whenever that is for you, carve that space out and protect it! 2/
Tip #2: Teaching will take up as much time as you give it. Protect your research time and downtime. I shut my door when I am writing and don't answer it. Students can wait and colleagues can send an email or call if it is urgent. 3/
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A tweetstorm by a frustrated epidemiologist

I was disappointed to see an "obesity paradox" article in @AmJEpi

Instead writing a letter to the editor, I decided that Twitter is a better way to reach ppl on #epitwitter #medtwitter

Before I begin: I have the utmost respect for @easchisterman and the @AmJEpi team. But, I have a particularly strong reaction to articles claiming to have evidence of a “true” obesity paradox.

Science moves forward through scholarly debate. Let’s keep the discussion courteous!
Also, PLEASE RT and share with colleagues on #epitwitter #medtwitter #statstwitter #academictwitter

I'd love to engage and answer any questions you may have!

Here's the article I'm tweeting about:
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So there has been some discussion about bullying and harassment. We have a history of having academic bullies and by "we" I mean established, senior and even ECR scholars (like the one who did that Beowulf compilation). 1/10 #medievaltwitter #academictwitter
But this starts from the top. Maybe these individuals were bullied and abused and this is cyclical behavior. Maybe they too are also scarred by this abuse, but it's time to stop this. Your students and other scholars fear you and don't respect you. 2/10
You have created an atmosphere of fear. And we have the perfect illustration of how this works. The established "greatest historian in his field under the age of 60" was calling grad students 'twats', calling me an Imperialist and advising people not to listen to @erik_kaars . 3/
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If you are moderating a focus group, please be aware of the introvert participants. Extroverts would dominate the discussion and... #phdchat #qualitativeresearch #AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #epitwitter #meded /1
is your duty as the moderator to verbalize any nonverbal cue of the introverts to invite them to participate. Example: “Mike I noticed you smiling when Karen mentioned … What do you think about it?”. #phdchat #qualitativeresearch #AcademicChatter /2
“I noticed that you put a surprise face when … was mentioned. What are your thoughts?” Everyone should be involved in the discussion as early as possible. #phdchat #qualitativeresearch #AcademicChatter /3
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1/ What follows is the story of why I will not be attending #MPSA2020. Here, I discuss the aftermath of my #MeTooPoliSci disclosure, which I discussed last year: The #thread is long, so please bear with me. #MPSAfail
2/ When I first saw the editorial statement on the @AJPS_Editor website in April 2018, I was devastated. In that statement, my harasser told the #polisci community that what I said about him harassing me was untrue.
3/ He also indicated that his cooperation with the ongoing investigations with the @MPSAnet, @michiganstateu, and @UMich was an attempt to clear his name.
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It's September 1st, for many students and faculty it's Back-To-School Week and a flurry of pieces of advice on #AcademicTwitter are flowing. Since I founded #ScholarSunday I vowed not to tweet or promote my blog posts on Sundays (for obvious reasons).

HOWEVER.. not today, Satan
Because it's September 1st, I'm going to break my vow of not tweeting my own blog posts on Sunday to focus on something that I think is missing from much of the advice I'm seeing on #AcademicTwitter for Back-To-School:

<thread opened two tweets ago> I've seen people recommend that they treat school like a 9-5 job, particularly PhD programmes. I actually agree with this view, provided that 9-5 represents the kind of routine that fits YOU.

Since I wake up at 4 am in the morning, I can't do that
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#PhD students trying to move out of #academia often struggle with what to put on their non-academic CVs. So here's a list of 6 sets of TRANSFERABLE SKILLS (THREAD)
#AcademicChatter #AcademicTwitter #phdchat #JobSearch
Here's a link to the full article this thread is based on:…
1.Communication - You are extensively trained in oral presentation & writing. Data visualisation and condensing information with all the details is a valued skill set! And also at listening & improving based on feedback.
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Hi, #AcademicTwitter! I just finished reading "How to Write a Lot" by Paul J. Silvia, PhD, and found it had a lot of tips that might be handy to others in the academic Twitterverse. So here you go: WRITING TIPS, A THREAD
@AcademicChatter @GradWriteSlack #AcademicChatter #phdchat
1. Set aside a specific time to write. Try starting with 4 hours a week of writing time - you'll be amazed at how much you get done!
2. Writing is not just the typing of words - Silvia says “any action that is instrumental in completing a writing project counts as writing”, so get your journal-reading or number-crunching done in that time you’ve set aside for writing.
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