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31 May
Merge history of @SetuAarogya in last 3 days. Is the app dead? Or is this a toy / fake repo like @asdofindia claims? Also, note that the developers have not responded to multiple CVE reports on issues. #AarogyaSetuApp - Dumping code on @github alone isn't OSS.
@matthan - There is an issue which you would be best placed to reply to -… #Consent
Thread, read the reference to toy phone that children are given.
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17 May
#ReadingSession - #Thread on "Report of the Task Force on an IT Strategy for PDS and an implementable solution for the direct transfer of subsidy for Food and Kerosene" - Oct 2011 aka #NandanPDSTaskForce which first mooted the idea of #PDSN. It is important to understand #ONORC
The report is here -…

Before dwelling in - Note the title - Czar didn't like 'commitees' and hence called whatever he was part of, as - task force - Though no task was done!
Members of committee - All ex-officio secretaries, except 2 from the illegal executive body UIDAI. This was basically done by "#Aadhaar lobby".

May 2020 -… - Nandan funded media calling 'Anti Aadhaar lobby' in NAC stalled it in UPA era.
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31 Mar
In the light on #PMCARES fund, it is important to know / understand how is #PMNRF governed before choosing it as alternative.

There was a case in Delhi HC on applicability of RTI to #PMNRF and the arguments are so revealing about the governance #Thread
The petition asked details about institutional donors (This can then be mapped / linked to lobbying fund / political lobbying)

The contestant - #PMNRF replied -- It is a *private* fund
#PMNRF - No questions in parliament, private fund, no RTI, no CAG audit -- Submissions made by PMNRF in Delhi HC
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28 Mar
Why is not used and a personal branding named fund being used for this? PMNRF has receipt generation, in existance for ages. PM-CARES attempts at profiting out of disaster. #DisasterPayments
But there is more. masks PAN of the fund to XXXXXX 637Q. What is the need for masking a PAN of a fund? Privacy for PM fund?
#CashlessConsumer studied #DisasterPayments and AACTP 4637 Q is the PAN of PMNRF. PMNRF also allows people to download receipts. PM-CARES doesn't have neither, didn't give a PAN for claiming 80G exemption.…
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2 Mar
#CashlessConsumer Following up on consent-less auto fetch privacy violations in #BBPS

#NPCI's own data shows the practice of building credit profiles continue rampantly completely disregarding user consent & NPCI notice.…
In Oct 2018, #CashlessConsumer complained to RBI/NPCI and top fintechs/banks about the privacy abuse in #BBPS for building credit profile database without the consent of individual…
NPCI responded on Nov 1, 2018 with a circular mandating all BBPS ecosystem participants to ensure customer consent for bill fetch and provide opt out of auto fetch provisions and comply with circular in 60 days…
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1 Mar
#CashlessConsumer is at #AadhaarTribunal and is talking on intersection of #Aadhaar and #DigitalPayments / #Fintech.

#CashlessConsumer makes the following demands to seek a reform in #DBT / payments infrastructure
1. A thorough #CAG audit on #DBT infra to officially document the reasons for exclusions (untraceable payments referred in #NITIAayog Poshan report) and detailed report on #APB, compensate the beneficiaries who are denied welfare benefits with interest
2. Policy decision to gradually migrate #DBT to use #NEFT (run free of cost by RBI wef 1.1.2020) instead of NPCI owned #APB infrastructure which charges ministries implementing #DBT delivery.
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28 Feb
#CAA_NRC_NPR Need more evidence UID / #Aadhaar, NPR and NRC are linked? This is from - an opensource Civil Registration and Vital Statistics system. OpenCRVS is already piloted in Bangladesh, on its way to be implemented in Zambia
The Reference architecture from OpenCRVS
The root of these all point back to @UN and @WorldBank Different systems are just different implementations by different set of software vendors / nation states
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29 Jan…

Just read about #Paranur toll plaza violence that happened over weekend. The issue is mainstream debate in Tamil media. #Thread
The incident allegedly sparked off after SETC bus entered over the extreme left lane meant for 2 wheeler / emergency vehicles and there was a verbal tussle between driver and toll staff.

#Paranur toll is highly saturated, gets 2.5x traffic than designed capacity of the highway.
It must also be noted the concession period has ended and there is a case pending in Madras HC. Voices in media suggest bouncers being used to collect toll (and there are allegations of dwindling0
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26 Jan
Putting 12 stage roadmap to cashless economy presented in mid 2015 in #ThanjavurKalvettu
More, this one on #FASTag . In 2015, FASTag + EWB integration was 'imagined'. I will leave it to you on who is ruling the country.

As for their execution skills, we all no better now.
This is awesome. VoterID linking with #Aadhaar was too imagined in the book
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10 Jan

Increasing outreach of banking outlets of Scheduled Commercial Banks /Payments
Banks/ Small Finance Banks, to provide banking access to every village within a 5 KM
radius/ hamlet of 500 households in hilly areas by March 2020.
Reco Move towards an increasingly digital and consent-based architecture for customer onboarding by March 2024
Reco Every willing and eligible adult who has been enrolled under the PMJDY (including the young adults who have recently taken up employment) to be nrolled under an insurance scheme (PMJJBY, PMSBY, etc.), Pension scheme (NPS, APY, etc.) by March 2020.
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3 Jan
#CashlessConsumer Much has been talked about #ZeroMDR amidst lot of panic based misinformation, half truths.

1.1.2020 marked 3 significant changes to payment industry all of which have deep implications. #Thread
Facts first and opinions later.

On 30 Dec, FinMin clarified provisions in Finance Act relating to digital payments

1. 269SU meant for large companies > 50 Crores, mandating to accept "prescribed modes"

2. 271DB - Penalty for violating 269SU… - Link to notification.

269SU makes #ZeroMDR, but important to note its applicable only for large businesses and only for "prescribed modes"

Prescribed modes came via…
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4 Oct 19…
India took 3 big productivity leaps: Nilekani

Lets do a statement by statement break down the PR lies that never get questioned. (Oh livemint didn't note that he is their minority shareholder)
Nilekani said that Aadhaar-based identification gave a boost to the government’s financial inclusion plan

Fact Check :- Besides exclusion, fraud, Reliance on #Aadhaar and #AePS instead of cards is actually denying poor their DBT money put by govt
"The roll-out of Aadhaar, the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), and account aggregators"

AA is not yet rolled out, because we don't have a privacy law in place.
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13 May 19
QR code option may be must for shops via @TOIBusiness | This take over of cash by a lobby is suicidal for the economy. #Thread time #CashlessConsumer
The above story starts from 29th @GST_Council meeting where GoM on digital payments discussed incentivising digital payments. The minutes are at…

Start at Page 29.
The incentive is restricted to @NPCI_BHIM and @RuPay_npci cards - casually mentioned in 8.13 as "Government·oflndia owned cards i.e. RuPay (Debit card) and tlle BHIM application"

Plain lies being used to divert sovereign tax to a private company. If this is not scam, what is?
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15 Mar 19
Dear @rssharma3 This is NOT about #Aadhaar, but your data is being leaked by @PayUmoney I just had to enter your email ID to get your stored card. I don't know how you see this. #Privacy #DataProtection

1. Please Delete your stored card from…
The issue was reported to PayU months back, but the company seems to not understand the issue of tokenized card information exposing last 4 digits as a privacy issue.…
This was what @PayUmoney had to say when @jaivardhan88 of @entrackr asked them about it few months back.
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2 Jan 19
Modi's Plan To Turn Rural Women Into Entrepreneurs Is Putting Them In Debt Instead…
Muruganathan : Muhammad Yunus :: Sanitary Pads : Microfinance.

The (World) Banks (commercial) interest in selling loans by using social good as a cushion for marketing. Reality bites, It was micro finance suicides in AP, unsustainable debt here.
Stree Swabhiman had free marketing costs through #Padman But it could only take it that far. As elections are around and enough time for benefit of doubts are given, non starter scams will come out.
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31 Aug 18
Repeat after me: #FASTag is an asset monitoring technology for the lenders (highway traffic measurement for infrastructure assets & vehicle control -- toll block / geo-fence -- for vehicle loans) masquerading as toll collection technology providing convenience.
Repeat after me: #BBPS is an investment lead generation technology for the lenders (consumption data of utilities for infrastructure for equity investments & family consumption/scoring for household finance) masquerading as bill collection technology providing convenience.
Repeat after me: #GSTN is a trade surveillance technology masquerading as simplified(!!) tax collection technology.
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5 Jun 18
Another story on #PayTech from @TheKenWeb, this time on @BharatBillPay #BBPS and NPCI being a behemoth…. Time for thread again, full disclosure I haven't read @tam_arund piece since I dont subscribe.
First up some fact checking on email, tweets. Then some commentary about BBPS, then the larger idea of NPCI being the behemoth, what it means to industry, @CashlessConsumr and the whole data game.
First, commentary on the email from @r0h1n

// Because there’s just no telling when it will decide to become a competitor. //

They are in for it to super control the market, not compete. Even on BHIM in UPI, technically, NPCI is operator, the banks are the players market wise.
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25 May 18
A thread on #UPI PSPs who come in all shapes and sizes, Some history from 2016, some thoughts on bank led model, API gatekeeping, unbundling of #UPI, hierarchy of players, business impact.
#UPI hit the market with ~18 banks going live in July 2016. All of them released an app, had their own PSP backends, were issuers. A week later @PhonePe_ became the first non-bank PSP with an YesBank partnership operating its own PSP backend.
Days later few more apps built by startups hit. All of them with YesBank partnership, using Yesbank PSP backend. SBI and HDFC were largely holdouts to UPI, did not have choice but to launch post #DeMo
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11 May 18
Now that the lawyers have run their marathon and we wait for the top court to rule, a small personal diary note thread on #Aadhaar & me.

Huge thanks to community of people who have widened my wisdom of how society works. Fellow helpless people helping each other.
It started sometime in 2011, when I knew nothing, enrolled along with family.But our enrollment packets were lost, EID wasnt even searchable. I did write some emails to support, but yielded nothing more than, please enroll again. As the need wasn't real, did not enroll.
Parents gave up at a later date, enrolled, got UID successfully generated. I resisted, mostly because of laziness, but did not have developed trust enough to enroll. On random browsing sessions, have heard Usha Ramanathan on YouTube, but never took deep dive into issues.
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4 May 18
Thread on Billgates connection to #Aadhaar. Does he know enough to comment (of course he knows a lot more, deep intentions, interests). Now that he himself has repeated the fact that, his "charity",WB are interested in it, like to fund the initiatives, lets look at larger picture
Read "Digital Poverty Stack". I will summarize these posts

Part 1…

Part 2…

and add additional context on players.
Note that @India_Stack and Level One Project are parallel initiatives in India and Africa respectively? Why only these two geographies? Why not elsewhere?

Besides the usual guinea pig theory, the other common thing is, these are geographies where "Development finance"
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15 Mar 18
I dont have any soft spots for @NandanNilekani, but this needs demystifying for people to see larger picture and not get personal, potshot happy and forget, but its important to understand what ROHINI is, what the healthcare agenda is, so Thread.
IIB is registered society, promoted by insurance industry as an agency to provide sector level cooperation. Regulators : Industry bodies :: RBI-TRAI-IRDA : IBA / NPCI-COAI-IIB. These industry organizations exist to shape larger policy around industry to safeguard themselves
IIB was formed in *2009* and ROHINI is health insurance market analyzing product which the insurance industry needs. That they have effectively lobbied regulator IRDA to make it mandatory is another thing, all these before *Modi care*
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