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@realhomerhickam In January 1958, my father realized that Soviet spy satellites would be quiet most of the time and a new tracking system was needed. He devised the Naval Space Surveillance System. When the Project Vanguard people transferred to #NASA, he was one of the few people who stayed 1/
@realhomerhickam at @USNRL. In 1964, the need to synchronize clocks in different space surveillance stations was an inspiration for him to start his Timation Navsat which led to #GPS. The space race resulted in many things besides Apollo 11. You can see a representation of space surveillance 2/
@realhomerhickam @USNRL above Mattingly in the attached photo. L-R Cernan, Mattingly, dad, Evans, Crippen and Kerwin. 3/
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The issue with #NP problems is Uncertainty. The greater amount of information about the problem, the less Uncertainty & therefore, the less Computational Complexity. In case of no Uncertainty, NP=P. #NPplusInformationEqualsP @ulisescortes @sierra_carles @vdignum @wooldridgemike
In practice, that's what #DeepLearning does: it gathers data of the problem but runtime is P.
In Research too: we publish about problems until we find a P solution and then we continue optimising the solution in case we need a trade-off PSPACE/PTIME. #AI #MachineLearning
Could we create a Problem Information System to reduce the complexity of Research in general?Could it be automated to the greatest extent? That would be a General Problem Solver. We can be greedy & blindly publish in words everything we might solve, or we could start making a PIS
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Got a ton of #constructionindustry #software product analysis cranking up to help #contractors make sense of the market. Check this stuff out ... lemme know if it seems on target for helping that selection team do due diligence ... Let's start w @SageERP…
And for folks in the #concrete or @asphalt industries, you probably know @CMDALKON ... Here, we look at their successful transition to a modern multi-tenant #SaaS with Connex product.…
This one is a bit close to my heart ... @ecobotapp digitizes and speeds up the process of #wetlands delineations. Feel free to forward this to the #environmental engineers you know.…
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After 6 years and billions of transaction, @NPCI_NPCI talks about 'consent' while collecting geo-coords for every #UPI txn & gives 6 more months time to make such data collection a choice based consent.

Is there a #GPS coord in India - where @NPCI_NPCI doesn't have txn data
#CashlessConsumer had noted about this geo-coord collection for every txn as a key surveillance concern back in 2017 -…
In the light of recent #CrPC91 request - it is valuable to revisit the privacy guarentees in the payment systems and #PaymentsPrivacy is key to having civil liberties and is no longer a niche digital rights problem.
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#PrivacyResearchDay C'est parti ! La CNIL accueille aujourd'hui des chercheurs internationaux pour présenter leurs travaux sur la #vieprivée et la protection des #données.
Suivez l'événement en direct en 🇬🇧 ou en 🇫🇷👉…
Suivez le thread ⬇️
La présidente de la CNIL Marie-Laure Denis accueille la communauté internationale au 1er #PrivacyResearchDay ! Des chercheurs qui travaillent et enseignent en Allemagne, Belgique, Espagne, Singapour, Suisse, Royaume-Uni, Luxembourg et France.
La CNIL utilise la #recherche de multiples façons :
👉 Lors de la rédaction de recommandations et de lignes directrices.
👉 Dans l'un des cas sur les #cookies, la CNIL s'est référée aux résultats de deux documents de recherche.
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Lieber Herr @MarcoBuschmann,

das nächste Mal, wenn Sie oder die @fdpbt eine längere Laufzeiten von #AKW oder gar den Neubau fordern, bestehen Sie bitte auf den Nachweis der Kernspaltung als auch der Einsteinschen Formel E=m*c^2. 1/
Ohne diese Evidenz wird ggf. kein AKW jemals rechtssicher Strom produzieren. Rechtssicherheit geht ganz klar vor Nutzung des Atoms. 2/
Bitte vergessen Sie nicht, die Karlsruher Nuklidkarte validieren zu lassen. Andernfalls ist ggf. kein rechtssicherer Betrieb von AKW in Deutschland möglich. Es gilt weiterhin: Rechtssicherheit geht klar vor Nutzung des Atoms. 3/
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This arrow points to the Singapore the Wall Street of Asia, the entrance to the South China Sea and the most important maritime “choke point” in the word. In black letters is the Chinese Navy’s #PLAN new base.…
A choke point is an area where traffic meets and a numerically inferior defending force can use as a force multiplier to thwart or ambush a much larger opponent or cripple the economy of large regions of the world.
This news is also important because Cambodia is chair of the 10-member regional Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) this year, Cambodia is keen to avoid the perception it is “a pawn” of Beijing.
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💈On the day the @ons report 26,000 CYP have symptoms for at least a year (⬆️ 3000 from last mth)
we received an email from @10DowningStreet in response to our visit on April 1st
It confirms the concerns of the children⬇️

"We feel ignored"


April 1st - 12 #children living with #LongCovid traveled
to #london to deliver their own letters documenting their #pain, loss of #sight, #mobility, organ damage, diagnosis of #PANS #MECFS #FND #POTS #MCAS and the detrimental impact it has had on their lives.

100+ page guide providing evidence-based information on #LongCovid in CYP from industry experts, research, and statistics from @GOVUK @ONS.
Did anyone read it?
We were assured @BorisJohnson would receive it.

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1859 kam es zu starken #Sonneneruptionen, die zu den stärktsten, bisher gemessenen #magnetischenStürmen auf der Erde führten. #Polarlichter waren bis Cuba und Rom zu sehen.
Würde das sogenannte #CarringtonEreignis heute stattfinden, würden unsere #Stromnetze zusammenberechen. Dieser Thread ist ein fiktives #CarringtonEreignis2 und soll aufzeigen, mit welchen Folgen wir zu rechnen hätten. #CarringtonEvent2
Bilderquellen: #Pixabay und #Pexels
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❓ Live now: #LordsQs on food security and Ukraine, #GPS disruption or damage, ministers of religion at scenes of serious injury and reducing reliance on Russian energy.

🔴 Watch live…
Votes may take place today. Here’s how to follow live:

💬 See what is currently being discussed in the #HouseofLords on Parliament Now

🔴 Watch live on Parliament TV…

✔️ See results of votes
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❓ In #LordsQs from 2.30pm: 

@AnneCMcIntosh questions the government on food security in the UK as a result of the war in Ukraine.

📺 Watch #HouseofLords online…
Global Positioning System #GPS in #LordsQs at 2.45pm as Lord West of Spithead quizzes government on the UK’s fallback should services be disrupted or damaged.

📺 Watch online…
The attendance of ministers of religion at the scenes of serious injury in #LordsQs spotlight as @danielmgmoylan presses government for an emergency services strategy.

📺 Watch online from 2.55pm…
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Drones, Fitbits and AI, oh my: Happy #WorldPenguinDay! Come learn about how #NSFfunded researchers from @PointBlueConSci study Adélie penguins at one of the windiest locations on Earth. #takeoverNSF

📸: @ae_schmidty
Can you guess what an Adélie penguin 🐧 and a salmon 🐟 have in common? #WorldPenguinDay

📷Matthias Breiter

Both of these charismatic species exhibit what scientists call “natal philopatry,” which means they return to their birthplaces to breed!

Adélies often end up building their pebble nests very close to where they hatched. #takeoverNSF
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Russian #Strikes Hit Outskirts of Ukrainian Capital and #Lviv | 4h ago
- Russian forces pressed their assault on Ukrainian cities Friday, with new missile strikes and shelling on the edges of the capital Kyiv and the western city of Lviv, ~its mayor…
Russian #missiles hit military #aircraft #repairfacility in Ukraine's #Lviv | Mar 18
- three explosions in quick succession rocked the training facility around 6 am. A nearby resident described his building vibrating from the explosions…
Russian strikes hit Ukrainian #capital and outskirts of #Lviv | Mar 18
- The early morning barrage of missiles - was the closest strike yet to the center of the city, which has become a #crossroads for people #fleeing from other parts of Ukraine…
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Local media reports that the UAF troops from the territory of Ukraine launched a rocket at #Belgorod, which is a Russian city near the border with Ukr. It was reportedly shot down
Captured UAF Manpad and #NLAW in the #Kiev area ImageImageImageImage
The Rus Army captured a large UAF field camp in the #Kherson region with large quantities of supplies and equipment
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On compare souvent la taille du miroir de @ESA_Webb avec celle de @NASAHubble, mais la taille ne fait pas tout. L'orbite de #JWST autour de L2 dont je vous ai déjà parlé fait une énorme différence. Je vous explique pourquoi dans ce #thread
#Hubble (HST) se trouve en orbite basse, à environ 540km d'altitude. @NASAHubble fait le tour de la Terre en 1h30. Pour comparaison, l'@Space_Station se trouve à environ 420km et les satellites #GPS et #Galileo sont à plus de 20 000km d'altitude.
Cette orbite basse a été très pratique pour y effectuer des missions de maintenance sur le télescope. 5 missions de service ont été effectués par les astronautes de @NASA entre 1993 et 2009. Plus aucune mission de service n'est programmée à l'avenir.
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Ce tweet a eu son petit succès, je crois qu'il est temps d'en dire un peu plus sur le pourquoi du comment
#lièvre @OFBiodiversite @OSURennes #FDC35
je me lance dans mon 1er #thread👇
cette semaine, c'était donc #captures de #lièvres d'Europe en Ille-et-Vilaine en collaboration avec la FDC 35, une FDC tjs très intéressée dès qu'il s'agit de travailler avec nous sur le lièvre
Comment on capture un lièvre ? soit en utilisant une cage-piège, soit à l'aide de filets et de beaucoup de bénévoles. pour des captures tôt en saison, avec une faible végétation => capture au filet
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Happy first day of #BlackHistoryMonth! To celebrate, we'll periodically take time to honor the brilliant Black minds that have contributed to our field over the years. A thread: Image
First up in our series: @6Gems, who founded @BlackGirlsCode after noticing the severe underrepresentation of minorities in the startup world. Bryant's nonprofit has enabled many young black girls to create meaningful work & go on to become leaders in their communities. #BHM2022 Image
@6Gems @BlackGirlsCode Katherine Johnson was a human computer whose calculations were essential to @NASA's Project Mercury, Apollo 11, and more. When the space program switched to digital computers, Johnson helped confirm the accuracy of their calculations. Image
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Direct Hit! NASA, NOAA & MetOffice predictions agree the #solarstorm launched Jan 29 will hit Earth by early Feb 2! This one is slow so expect #aurora only as far south as Netherlands, north USA, & up to north New Zealand & Tasmania. #GPS & HF #radio issues on Earth's nightside!
The earlier post showed NOAA/SWPC prediction. This one shows the NASA prediction, which indicated the #solarstorm could hit as early as 18:00 UTC on February 1.
The final post is the MetOffice/MOSWOC prediction. This model shows the #solarstorm hitting by 05:00 UTC February 2. So we have a range from 18:00 UTC on February 1 to 05:00 UTC Feb 2. If the #solarstorm hits early, it will be faster and stronger; if hits late, slower & weaker!
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1/#Web3 สรุป ครบ จบ #โพสต์เดียว พร้อมตัวเด็ด มาแรง!
Web3 เทรนด์มาแรง 2022!
มันคือการเปลี่ยนแปลงสู่ #democratized #Internet หรือการคืนผลประโยชน์ให้ #users มากขึ้น
🔥1. ต้นกำเนิด Web3
🔥2. Web3โอกาสใหม่สำหรับผู้ใช้งาน
🔥3. แล้วนำมาใช้จริงยังไง? ตัวอย่าง Web 3 เด็ดๆ
By #MetaMild
#WEB3 เกิดตั้งแต่ปี 2014 โดยผู้ร่วมก่อตั้ง #Ethereum &Gavin Woodผู้ก่อตั้ง #Polkadot

I think it would be possible for BitDNS to be a completely separate network & separate blockchain, yet share CPU power with Bitcoin. -Satoshi (2010)…
3/องค์กรให้บริการ #domainnames อย่างBitDNS สามารถเป็น #Decentralized Domain Name System(DNS)ที่ใช้เทคโนโลยี #บล็อกเชน จึงไม่รวมศูนย์อีกต่อไปได้
เนื่องจาก #เว็บไซต์ ต่างๆ มักถูกดูแล ควบคุม จำกัดสิทธิเสรีภาพ(#Centralized สูงมาก)ในการแสดงความคิดจากคนกลุ่มเดียว (unilateral control)
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#Espace - Les bonnes raisons d'y aller
🌿À l'heure de la #COP26, pourquoi dépenser de l'énergie et des finances pour aller dans l'espace. #Thread de quelques éléments de réponses du côté optimiste de la force 🤞
#espace #écologie #spacegeek Space final frontier - illustration Elite Dangerous
1. Pour trouver notre place dans l'#univers, #explorer, #rêver.
Historiquement, l'observation des étoiles a interrogé, fait rêver. Domaine des dieux, sphère céleste, on étudie le ciel nocturne et l'évolution de soleil en journée qui rythme les vies.
#astronomie #histoire #Science
🔭Les #philosophes déblayant les principes de la mécanique céleste posent les bases de l'#astronomie moderne, s'égarant parfois dans des interprétations erronées. Les briques sont posées et ainsi naîtra les #science, #physique, #astrologie, ...
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🔴Info @Valeurs. En juillet à Nantes, un mineur avait agressé un automobiliste avec une extrême violence, avant d'être interpellé. La police confirme qu'il s'agit du même mineur soupçonné davoir poignardé à mort un père de famille ce 10novembre, à Nantes⤵️…
Voici les photos de l'automobiliste agressé en juillet, à Nantes, dans un parking, à coups de démonte-pneu, alors qu'il venait de garer sa voiture. Tabassé, trainé au sol puis étranglé sur la banquette arrière, il avait pu s'échapper et prévenir la police 👮‍♂️ nantaise ⤵️
➡️ Selon le PV de plainte que @Valeurs a pu consulter, l'un des deux agresseurs aurait dit à l'automobiliste après l'avoir tabassé dans le parking (son crâne conserve l'emprunte de la bar de fer): « Là où on t’emmène, t’es mort. Tu n’aurais pas dû te débattre, tu vas mourir »
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"Lass mal alte Sneaker tracken, um zu zeigen, wo die landen", sagte @FelixRohrbeck bei nem🍺 vor 1 Jahr.
Ich: "Hm, ganz geil, aber geiler wären Promi-Sneaker."
"Ernsthaft? Promi-#GPS-Sneaker tracken?"🤔
"Logisch! Wir nennen es #Sneakerjagd!"🤩
Und jetzt so
Zum Team #Sneakerjagd gehören 11 Promis mit 22 Sneakern. Es geht um 1 Frage - Was passiert mit unseren alten Schuhen? Eine globale #GPS-Recherche zu einem der größten Müllprobleme unserer Zeit, erzählt als crossmediale Serie, ab heute auf
Der Trailer zur #Sneakerjagd 🙌
Die Auftaktvideos aller 11 Promis und die Einspeisepunkte ihrer GPS-Sneaker gibt es auf
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Wenn wir euch in unseren Reihen "Apps gecheckt" und "Frisch getestet" Apps empfehlen oder vor ihnen warnen, geben wir auch den App-Anbietern Bescheid. Vor kurzem haben wir euch hier vor der #McDonalds-App gewarnt - und können jetzt Entwarnung geben. 1/6 @UlrichKelber @KastropC
Die #McDonalds-App hatte in unserem Test die eindeutige Router-Adresse (#BSSID) an Dritte weitergegeben. Mit der kann man hinter eurem Rücken euren Standort ermitteln. Anders als die zustimmungspflichtigen #GPS-Standorte sollte eure BSSID deshalb absolut niemand bekommen. 2/6
#McDonalds reagierte prompt. Man bedankte sich für unsere Meldung und leitete sie an die entsprechende Fachabteilung weiter. Die teilte uns dann letzte Woche mit, dass man unseren Hinweis sehr ernst genommen und umgehend geprüft habe. 3/6
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It’s September - time for the annual run to raise/close out #VC funds before the end of the year. For many #GPs - this means reaching out to an LP who passed on a previous fund.
This thread deep dives into what to keep in mind as you circle back and reach out to #LPs that passed in the past (which I *do* recommend doing btw)👇

(Note: Drawing inspiration from this wonderful thread by @dunkhippo33 on a similar dynamic when entrepreneurs are turned down by #VCs:)
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