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Professor / health economist. @MizzouEcon, @iza_bonn, formerly @GSU_Economics. Director of @TobPolicy. #tobacco, #PaidSickDays, #audiology, #healthinsurance.
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Dec 9, 2021 21 tweets 13 min read
At last count, #COVID19 has killed nearly 800k Americans over approximately 2 years, or approximately 400k a year. Less well known is that smoking is estimated to kill nearly 480k per year. 1/21 There has been significant media focus on a minority of people with inaccurate beliefs about #masks and #vaccines. Finding ways to persuasively communicate accurate health information to these individuals remains a public health priority. @selenasd @CassSunstein 2/21
Aug 31, 2021 13 tweets 16 min read
🚨New working paper🚨estimating the effect of #ecig taxes on teens authored with @JCMecon, @Courtemanche_CJ, @AboukRahi, @sammsafford, @AFriedmanPhD Dhaval Dave, Joe Sabia, and Bo Feng. #EconTwitter🧵

Paper: cheps.sdsu.edu/docs/e-cig-tax…
Press Release: bit.ly/38rm9B1

1/13 Most scientists believe #ecigs are safer than #cigarettes.

Regulating #ecigs such as with taxes therefore restricts access to a reduced-risk consumer product.

#Ecig taxes may reduce #ecig use, but they could also increase the use of more lethal forms of #nicotine.