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1. Universal Mask Wearing, the Next Step in the Battle Against Coronavirus?

#Masks4All #COVID2019 #CoronavirusIreland @jeremyphoward
2. In Mongolia, a country which shares a land border with China, mask wearing, on top of other measures, was enforced by the government in January. There are currently 11 cases and 0 deaths, demonstrating mask wearings clear effectiveness #Mongolia
3. A University of Michigan study found that, in relation to the common flu, a combination of good hand washing etiquette and mask wearing could slow transmission of the disease by up to 75%. And the masks used need not be the most expensive ones available. @UniversityofMic
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inspired by @jeremyphoward:

#Masks4All is a must in #Pakistan to fight #COVID19.

cc: @ansukhera

#Czech Republic with community effort got to 100% mask usage in 10 days all thru local DIY effort
They have only 2 deaths with NO growth in daily new #COVID2019 cases.

We can learn from president of #Taiwan who led a nationwide effort to mass produce in-demand PPE Personal Protection Equipment, leading to capability to manufacturer 10mil surgical #masks per day.

They invested massively & brought down Taiwan’s cases to lowest in the world.

#Pakistan manufacturers over $24bil of textile products per month & this capacity could easily be directed towards producing PPE especially #Masks.

Graphs with light turquoise lines in these charts show flat curves because in these countries everyone wears a mask in public!

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🆘NOW @realDonaldTrump—ACTIVATE Defense Production Act—DPA—NOW!

🆘ORDER firms make med supplies—#Masks #PPE #Ventilators—NOW!

🆘MANDATE NO hoarding or price gouging NOW!

🆘Put trusted expert @RonaldKlain in charge to manage US #COVID19 response NOW!

Philanthropy won't cut it!
🗽NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is the leader filling the chasm of incompetence under Trump.

Today’s briefing provided facts, reality, wisdom, hope.
—young ppl get & transfer #COVID19
—15168 cases in NY—4812 new—13% hospitalized
—29192 in US
—America will overcome & be greater for it
This is Trump’s level of competence: A sharpie crossing out “corona” and writing in “Chinese” virus.

All he knows is demagoguery & disinformation. Media must stop giving him airtime—oxygen for both. Do it to save lives. #coronavirus #COVID19 #QuarantineTrumpsPropaganda
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MAR 16 #COVID19 MD THREAD 1: REMEMBER these are just NUMBER of POS #Tests and we can't TEST in US Right @VP #Pence and local transmission is on the rise in many places, especially Europe and US.
#China's @JackMa sent FLIGHT off to #US 3 hours ago with #TestKits see next tweet.
MAR 16 #COVID19 MD THREAD 2: A HUGE TY to @JackMa. .TWEETED 8:09PM SUN PM The first shipment of #masks and #coronavirus #testkits to the #US is taking off from #Shanghai.
All the best to our friends in America.
PLS Tell us when you get one.
MAR 16 #COVID19 MD THREAD 3: “When you look at the projections, there’s every chance that we could be #Italy,” @Surgeon_General warned Mon. Widespread #socialdistancing could help change that trajectory, he said.
SEE @MartyMakary ARTICLE @maddow @CNN
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This is the real truth about #facemasks, I've been an insider. Hospitals and health departments were all warned repeatedly over the last 20 years that they had to stockpile large amounts of #PPE including respirator #masks well before any #pandemic 1/9
because large amounts couldn't be made at short notice as these are high tech products and need high tech factories (lead time for a new factory is two years). Despite these warnings governments and health providers mostly ignored the advice, and now a pandemic has arrived 2/9
and they have been caught out just as predicted. Health providers and governments are now blaming some of this shortfall on panic buying by the public, but actually it is mostly panic buying by hospitals coupled with high demand from hospitals and no spare capacity in supply. 3/9
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Summary of #coronavirus #COVID19 webinar by @JohnsHopkinsIH yesterday:
🔹 No country is fully prepared for an epidemic
🔹 during Ebola outbreak, 10% of tweets had bad info
🔹 Others were rumors about govt conspiracies
🔹 Others were chaos inducing tweets
🔹Propaganda blames various different populations, give rise to discrimination
🔹 There is NO CURE for #COVIDー19
🔹 There is no foolproof preventative
🔹 Surgical masks are NOT EFFECTIVE
🔹N95 #Masks are needed by medical staff. We need them to stay healthy. DON'T stockpile
🔹Community transmission - identify (testing), isolate (hospital), inform (community, health authorities)
🔹Long term care facilities have older, less heathy populations. DON'T visit them if sick. When visiting, use good #hand hygiene
🔹Facility workers should use masks
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The numbers of the #Wuhan #Coronavirus infected, recovered & died, have been updated this morning.

They are admitting an overnight increase of 15,000 new cases in 24 hrs!

It's been edging up consistently at a much lower rate.
See graphic:…
2) The reported militarization of #Wuhan's #P4Lab has raised new questions about the origin of the #Covid19Virus & the apparent cover-up that has occurred since it was 1st made public.
3) #Japan reports their 1st #Wuhan death.

Then they let out that there are 44 sick on cruise liner offshore...

🤔They're doing the same thing off the #NewJersey coast. They've got a cruise ship, w/people infected w/the virus, docked or moored offshore . They brought 4 sick ....
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Scattered picture emerging out of #China manufacturing sector on when factories reopen. Key points: don’t expect them to open on Feb 10 - initial date set by authorities. Expect inconsistency, overzealous local officials, & mask shortage to drag out restart in #globalsupplychain.
In #Guangdong Province, there is no official notice on when factories should reopen. However, many localities urging companies to stay shut until Mar 1. For eg., Lecong county in city of #Foshan encourages all companies not to resume work until Mar 1.
Police of Huangpu district in city of #Zhongshan posted on their social media WeChat account companies shouldn’t resume work before Mar 1 without permission.
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FEB 1 #coronavirus Updates THREAD 2 .. begins below at 12,000 cases. Here was #coronavirus UPDATES THREAD 1
Began here. TWEETS 1-44
FEB 1#coronavirus UPDATES Thread 2 :
SUMMARY from Case 1 to 12,000 ... 76 yo Pan Chuntao was one of millions of Chinese who mingled, traveled and carried on with daily life during the critical period from mid-DEC to mid-JAN. PUBLIC NOT WARNED @CDC @NIH
FEB 1 #coronavirus THREAD2 3: #chinaoutbreak that 13,957 has killed at 304 people in China, spread to more than 20 countries, disrupted the global economy and left 55 million people in China’s #Hubei province under #quarantine lockdown @AMSA_News TY @FirstMainDesign #maddow
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This weekend, demonstrators attempted to tear down some of the city's 50 newly-installed "smart lamp posts" - which have #cameras & #sensors - in a #protest against perceived government #surveillance.

#HKprotests #FacialRecognition #AntiSurveillance
Smart lamp posts facing residential areas will not have video cameras installed to protect the privacy of citizens. <br />
<br />
Photo: Felix WongLeft to right: Dantes Tang, senior systems manager, Innovation and Technology Bureau and Cheng Chung-shan, senior engineer, Highways Department with one of the new smart lamp posts. <br />
<br />
Photo: Felix Wong
As state #surveillance becomes more advanced - Activists, designers & artists around the world are inventing creative ways to avoid detection. #HKprotests #HongKongProtesters #AntiSurveillance
Hoping to raise awareness about the hyper-militarization of #police and all this technology being using against protesters, #PedroOliveira and #XuediChen created a slick-looking #protest kit.

👉🏻 @BackslashCc #HKprotests #AntiSurveillance
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