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Subsequent to a COAG ( meeting, the state government of Victoria is doubling down on #nicotine #vaping.
Some quotes from @VicHealth in "#ElectronicCigarettes containing #nicotine" (…)

"The Poisons Code lists #nicotine (for human use when it is a Schedule 7 poison) as a substance that is not for general sale by retail. ..
.. This decision was made on the basis that #nicotine for human use is a dangerous poison, and electronic cigarettes have not been assessed for safety, quality or efficacy."

So .. obviously #NRT has been assessed. #Cigarettes? Oh, my bad - they're EXEMPT from the SUSMP!
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After hearing what @joegrogan45, Director of Domestic Policy Council, said last week about @FDATobacco regulating ecigs, it seems he may be interested in a way to split #ecigs and #vaping into a few categories. THREAD
Correct me if I’m wrong, but @FDATobacco could ammend the deeming rule and exempt certain types of products. This would also take a lot of work off their plate. They could exempt components sold separately like e-liquid, atomizers, mods, etc.
Products sold with strict age verification at adult only vape shops and online stores. They could decide to only apply the PMTA to a finished e-cigarette product that is sold all together. For example a prefilled cartridge system that includes an e-liquid, battery, atomizer.
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Hi, @FrankPallone

I was one of the alleged bots #NotABot defamed for that @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ report.

Shall I expect an invite to @EnergyCommerce offices to sign in, in person, to my account?

We can also discuss manipulation of #data.
@FrankPallone @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce 👈#NotABot we can discuss allegations as to why I and other's data has been used to accuse innocent people of committing what I consider crimes @JoeSmyser @DrArturoNJ @NicholsonForNJ @PublicGoodProj @WSJ @EnergyCommerce like marketing to children.
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@realDonaldTrump @SecAzar @FDACommissioner @CDCDirector @Surgeon_General
After all the sensational stories, #smokers of #America need assurance that it is safer to #vape.
Please implement something like described in "#THR messages targeted to smokers".
(And please excuse the parts about #GraphicWarnings & the British accent narration, I had very little budget & made it for an international audience.)
Of course, a message for #American #smokers would feature different messages. Here are some messages suitable for inclusion as inserts in #cigarette packs. 1/
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Why is Trump banning flavored #ecigs when other developed first world countries are embracing them and even placing #vape shops inside hospitals (UK)?

What motive does the USA have to not embrace #vaping despite the fact that #vapingsaveslives ? /1
In this country there is a profit motive in healthcare. Those profits are largely made in the insurance & pharmaceutical sector. All current available and FDA approved smoking cessation products are pharmaceuticals manufactured. 2/
When #vaping showed up. It was a small business grass roots industry with a single mission to provide tobacco harm reduction solutions to smokers and to disrupt the scourge that #BigTobacco has left on our country. 3/
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@SarahWhisar says about #vaping 'The 95% factoid was a consensus OPINION reached by a small panel, some of whom had conflicts of interest - it is not at all evidence-based'

My response in the thread below
1/8 With respect Sarah, that is a misleading response which omits the full story. The 95% figure was first developed by leading experts based on the best available evidence at the time in a validated MCDA process. @ProfDavidNutt replied to the criticism
2/8 It was then independently confirmed by @PHE_uk in 2015 and 2018 based on
The toxins in smoke
1. are most absent from vapour
2. Those present are mostly <1% of smoke
The main chemicals that are in #ecigs-only are not associated with any serious risk
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College students will soon move into their dorms or apartments to get ready for fall semester.

There are many challenges to independent living & teens w #asthma #foodallergy or other allergic conditions have to incorporate self management as well. Thread ⬇️ #WednesdayWisdom
A few things adolescents w #asthma #foodallergy need to learn how to manage:
- Communication
- Access to meds at all times
- Prescription refills
- Doctor appointments
- Environmental assessment/avoidance
- Recognition of symptoms
- Treatment if symptoms occur
- Risky situations
Adolescents living independently who have #asthma #foodallergy also must balance:
- Class/work schedules
- Sleep
- Exercise
- Diet
- Social interactions
- Normal expected risk taking behaviors (college = ⬆️ opportunities for sex, alcohol, and drugs)
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The Public Protection and General Government #nybudget bill was amended. Does this mean the finish line is in sight?
Now let's scroll through the updated #nybudget text...
As expected, the PPGG #nybudget bill includes language "Protecting the Personal Privacy of Union Members." This is in response to the #Janus decision.
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Unacceptable on what ethical basis? @fdatobacco surely recognises the reality-based world of youth doing risky things, whatever FDA wants? When kids who would otherwise have smoked take to #vaping instead, there is a clear public health benefit. Preventing that causes harm. 1/7
There is something disturbing about this argument, beyond the obvious indifference to the health and wellbeing of young people from more disadvantaged backgrounds. It’s an attempt to simplify the world by declaring a moral posture rather than deal with the world as it is. 2/7
And why do this? Because @FDATobacco’s favoured #vaping policies - e.g. banning e-liquid flavors and bullying @JUULvapor - are impossible to justify if #ecigs are reducing youth smoking. So that potential benefit can’t be recognised. 3/7
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