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5 Aug
(γ₯q◕‿‿◕q)γ₯ πŸŒŠΡ‚Π½Ρ” 5Ρ‚Π½ ωανє ΞΉΡ• Β’ΟƒΠΌΞΉΞ·g 🌊
β€· And the Ξ¦ #GoldenRatio Ξ¦ plays a key role πŸ‘€

The #Bitcoin bull run is missing its 5th wave.
This final push will send #BTC and the $TOTAL #cryptocurrency market into πŸš€MANIAπŸš€ mode.

Zooms and full analysis in following tweets Image
#Bitcoin bull runs are composed of ↝ 5 Waves ↝
➚ Wave 1: finds resistance at 0.618 #GoldenRatio
➘ Wave 2: finds support near #BTC halving
➚ Wave 3: breaches above 2.618 Golden Fib level
➘ Wave 4: finds support at 1.618 #GoldenRatio
➚ Wave 5: tops out multiples above Wave 4 ImageImageImageImage
When you compare these to the psychological stages of a bubble applied to the long-term #Bitcoin chart, you can see that Wave 1

➚ ➘ Waves 1 and 2: Occur during STEALTH Phase
➚ ➘ Waves 3 and 4: Initiate and concludes the AWARENESS Phase
➚ Wave 5: is the MANIA Phase Image
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2 Aug
#Litecoin tends to have two huge bursts:
Once during early #Bitcoin Bull Run year,
The second at the end of the #BTC Bull Run year.

The fractal of each cycle is remarkably similar.
Note the timing of the recovery attempts in relation to the halvings.

When also comparing RSI and MACD, the cyclical nature of #Litecoin becomes even more apparent.
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24 Jul
My current weekly view on #Bitcoin: potential bullish engulfing candle forming after testing the 1.618 Golden Ratio of the 2018 decline. Watch this as the weekend closes on Sunday. If proves to be a bullish engulfing, this is an indication of trend reversal
Long-term logarithmic growth line intact since March '20, potential support as we move on.
Weekly resistance level at about $39k; $30-39k being the same price range we have been in since late May.
Weekly RSI remains mildly overbought and approaching a descending resistance
(3/?) Some context: 1.618 Golden Ratio forms a support level during a mid-summer 4th wave correction in each #Bitcoin cycle.
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22 Jul
- NOW -❔What was this all about❔
πŸ‘‡Put your best explanation below πŸ‘‡ Image
I find it interesting that a lot of you think this is specific to Bitcoin.
You're not wrong, but it's a broader concept I'm touching upon.
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22 Jul
Why I stacked #Bitcoin all of 2020 but started stacking #Litecoin in January 2021: πŸ‘‡A thread: πŸ‘‡
What is #Litecoin
#LTC was created in Oct 2011 by computer scientist Charlie Lee, an ex-Googler.
$LTC is based on Bitcoin protocol but it has a different hashing algorithm, and the total supply is capped like Bitcoin, but a higher number of total tokens (84M vs 21M).
Gold vs Silver
#Litecoin is scarce in the same way #Bitcoin is, but it is cheaper and faster to transact in on the base chain (Layer 1). This leads to the narrative that #LTC is the "silver" currency to #BTC's "gold" store of value.
Its network is 10 years old with 100$ uptime.
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22 Jul
Are you guys kidding, come on. I'm 64, I have two adult kids and my mortgage is mostly paid off.
I peaked over 30 years ago
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21 Jul
"What is your hope for #Bitcoin - how it can impact the world?" #TheBWord #Bitcoin
@elonmusk @CathieDWood @jack
[answers below]
@elonmusk @CathieDWood @jack @elonmusk "For #crypto in general, that it can improve the efficiency of the information system we call 'money'. And more power to the individual which I very much agree with."
@elonmusk @CathieDWood @jack @CathieDWood " ... convergence of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence from a technology point of view.
Think about Internet in the earliest days. Impetus to grow was pretty incredible.
[It will] change the world in ways we cannot even imagine right now."
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21 Jul
@elonmusk : "I own #Bitcoin . @Tesla owns #Bitcoin.
@SpaceX owns Bitcoin."
@Jack Dorsey
"We are still fairly early" in #Bitcoin
"I want a currency that is standard and sound - for (use on) the Internet"
@CathieDWood @ARKInvest
"#Bitcoin is a global rules-based system. [Scarcity and store of value means] purchasing power WILL go up globally around the world" with Bitcoin
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21 Jul
It's so funny to watch people openly demonstrate their ignorance.
Just because you don't understand something, doesn't mean it's "stupid".
Humble yourself and maybe you'll learn.
If not, that's fine, there's always next cycle.
You know that a critic is convicted of their perspective when you highlight it and immediately:
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21 Jul
Some of you doubt me.
But I'm writing a book right now.
It's already in process.
I've told you how it's going to end.
We're just writing the chapters right now.
#GoldenRatio #Bitcoin
I told you this line is significant.
#GoldenRatio #Bitcoin
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16 Jun
The "magic" of the Golden Ratio: Phi.
Every cycle, #Bitcoin recovers from its previous bear market (0 to 1.0 as marked), then exceeds the recovery by 61.8% of the downside (marked at 1.618).
EVERY CYCLE, after exceeding above 1.618 #BTC has tested this level for support beforeπŸš€
Zooms per each #BTC cycle so it's easy to see.
This #Bitcoin #YearofTheBULL is not over.
Much more to come - and the $BTC price will go much higher.
Watch this video to learn more! All explained
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16 Jun
On the Daily, #Litecoin looks like it's already broken above the downtrend line and is testing it for support.
I see a sell wall on Kraken at ~$182.50 $LTC, need to see that removed or eaten away by new bids.
#LTC momentum in next days likely relies on #Bitcoin, and Fed on Weds
Someone asked why the daily angle hits a different area than the lower time frames - it's because I am using a logarithmic view of the price; I find that trends tend to line up more often on log than linear for most of the digital assets I look at.
Here's how it looks on linear
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15 Jun
Red descending resistance line is single most important line in #Litecoin chart right now.
Lines up from the top two points after recent peak directly down to the current touch of the smaller descending channel.
Breaking red resistance lines $LTC #LTC πŸš€ ImageImage
Without Heikin Ashi candles since I forgot to turn that off for the screenshot
#LTC Image
#Litecoin - Faint ascending trend failed to break out above descending red line. Pretty clear HnS formed.
Likely buying opportunities at $162 #LTC area before another attempt.
I wouldn't long $LTC below that level Image
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15 Jun
"Isn’t this just the kind of article our biomechanical overlords would simulate in order to keep us compliant in our pods?"
Some intriguing responses here...
What do you think? How do we know we're not living in a simulation?
@elonmusk thinks it's likely.

"Michio Kaku has an answer to this – basically because the smallest size of 'computer' needed to run a simulation of the universe is … the universe, it’s more logical that we are not living in a simulation."
... But the PC that plays GTA is not bigger than the game world. ...
Yeah this is a proper response
"All that’s needed is to run something that looks like the universe from where you (or I) sit. You might think there’s an awfully big universe out there, but [it's just] images on a screen, then all you need is enough power to [display images]
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