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Viajar con #Cryptos?
les traigo uno de los dos proyectos que me parecen interesantes para seguir. Uno ya lo mencione hace un tiempo #travala #AVA pero hoy les traigo su token es #LOC
La industria de viajes está revolucionando es un mercado de viajes basado en #blockchain. Al eliminar los intermediarios y las comisiones, los usuarios pueden ahorrar hasta un 60% en las tarifas de reserva.
Se puede elejir entre una variedad de métodos de pago, como tarjetas de crédito, #criptomonedas populares y #tokens LOC locales para evitar tarifas de pago.
como por ej: #Electroneum (#ETN), #Bitcoin (#BTC), #Ethereum (#ETH), #USDCoin (#USDC) y #Litecoin (#LTC).
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What our crypto trading desk observed in the last week?
Some color on the most recent market movements and life 🧵
There were no significant changes in basis during the week, funding on perpetual swaps is still low, even negative in some cases.

Historically negative funding is associated with an excess of shorts which is a good signal for short term plays.
ATM IV has been trending lower as no major events impacted bitcoin, and price movements were smooth. However, it is good to be vigilant going toward the end of September as it is a derivatives expiration with significant Open Interest, both in Future contracts and Options. Image
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#Litecoin tends to have two huge bursts:
Once during early #Bitcoin Bull Run year,
The second at the end of the #BTC Bull Run year.

The fractal of each cycle is remarkably similar.
Note the timing of the recovery attempts in relation to the halvings.

When also comparing RSI and MACD, the cyclical nature of #Litecoin becomes even more apparent.
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My current weekly view on #Bitcoin: potential bullish engulfing candle forming after testing the 1.618 Golden Ratio of the 2018 decline. Watch this as the weekend closes on Sunday. If proves to be a bullish engulfing, this is an indication of trend reversal
Long-term logarithmic growth line intact since March '20, potential support as we move on.
Weekly resistance level at about $39k; $30-39k being the same price range we have been in since late May.
Weekly RSI remains mildly overbought and approaching a descending resistance
(3/?) Some context: 1.618 Golden Ratio forms a support level during a mid-summer 4th wave correction in each #Bitcoin cycle.
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Why I stacked #Bitcoin all of 2020 but started stacking #Litecoin in January 2021: 👇A thread: 👇
What is #Litecoin
#LTC was created in Oct 2011 by computer scientist Charlie Lee, an ex-Googler.
$LTC is based on Bitcoin protocol but it has a different hashing algorithm, and the total supply is capped like Bitcoin, but a higher number of total tokens (84M vs 21M).
Gold vs Silver
#Litecoin is scarce in the same way #Bitcoin is, but it is cheaper and faster to transact in on the base chain (Layer 1). This leads to the narrative that #LTC is the "silver" currency to #BTC's "gold" store of value.
Its network is 10 years old with 100$ uptime.
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As much as they are technologies, #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, and other #cryptocurrencies are communities of users and developers. What is the profile and the motivation of cryptocurrency owners? Do they really #hodl? How does education etc. differ across cryptocurrencies? ⬇️[1/7] Image
Answers based on work with @David_III_L:…

#Cryptocurrency investors tend to be young, educated and high-income, are likely to have experience of using digital finance but do not seem motivated by distrust in fiat currencies or regulated finance. [2/7] Image
We look into the role of knowledge acquisition about the technology, finding it has limited impact. For example, in recent years a #GenderGap in crypto ownership has emerged, while knowledge has actually converged. #Cryptocurrencies #Banking #Bitcoin [3/7] Image
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On the Daily, #Litecoin looks like it's already broken above the downtrend line and is testing it for support.
I see a sell wall on Kraken at ~$182.50 $LTC, need to see that removed or eaten away by new bids.
#LTC momentum in next days likely relies on #Bitcoin, and Fed on Weds
Someone asked why the daily angle hits a different area than the lower time frames - it's because I am using a logarithmic view of the price; I find that trends tend to line up more often on log than linear for most of the digital assets I look at.
Here's how it looks on linear
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Red descending resistance line is single most important line in #Litecoin chart right now.
Lines up from the top two points after recent peak directly down to the current touch of the smaller descending channel.
Breaking red resistance lines $LTC #LTC 🚀 ImageImage
Without Heikin Ashi candles since I forgot to turn that off for the screenshot
#LTC Image
#Litecoin - Faint ascending trend failed to break out above descending red line. Pretty clear HnS formed.
Likely buying opportunities at $162 #LTC area before another attempt.
I wouldn't long $LTC below that level Image
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I made quick calculations comparing Crypto Reddit growth vs price variation.

Results below 👇👇👇👇
1/n Reddit Followers Growth since 31/12/2020 :

#Ethereum grew from 510k to 921k
#Cardano grew from 94k to 433k

#Dogecoin grew from 172k to 1.8M
#Pancakeswap grew from 50 to 32k
#Tezos grew from 31k to 45k
#Litecoin grew from 218kt to 323k
2/n Price growth since 31/12/2020

#Ethereum grew 422%
#Cardano grew 1204%

#Dogecoin grew 11334%
#Pancakeswap grew 5087%
#Tezos grew 205%
#Litecoin grew 144%

Do do you see a pattern ?
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Been right on all these mentioned $ALTS with 50-200% moves 🔥


$EOS #EOS Image
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A metaphorical mapping between cryptocurrencies and legacy assets:


(1) #Bitcoin = Gold

Bitcoin doesn't do anything but it is scarce and Lindy. It has amazing brand recognition. Bitcoin will preserve wealth in bad times.
(2) #Litecoin = Silver/platinum

More exotic precious metal, copycat of gold. Less brand recognition.
(3) #Dogecoin = Food/grain

A store of value that perishes over time. Good for parties, good for the good times. Dogecoin inflation is about 5% per year, but taking lost coins into account it might actually be more than that as a percentage.
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1/ Proof-of-Work vs. Proof-of-Stake

Today: decentralization of miners/validators.

The number of entities that control >50% of block production in Proof-of-Work is frighteningly low:

#Bitcoin: ≤ 4
#Ethereum: ≤ 3
#Litecoin: ≤ 4
2/ This number only gives an upper bound. We can be sure it is not more, but it could be less.

Remember: Back in 2014, a single pool (Ghash) briefly controlled a majority BTC hash rate.
3/ In any case, it is relatively certain that >50% of Bitcoin miners must obey one single jurisdiction.
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• Bitcoin Nedir?
• Token nedir?
• Erc-20 & Erc-721 Token nedir?
• Arasındaki fark nedir?
• Token Swap Nedir?
• Coin nedir?
• Altcoin Nedir?
• Coin ile Token'ın arasındaki fark nedir?

#Bitcoin Image
• Bitcoin nedir?

#Bitcoin 2009 yılında Satoshi Nakamoto tarafından deneysel olarak başlatılmış, P2P yani kişiden kişiye elektronik para sistemi olarak tanımlanmış, merkezi otoriteden bağımsız bir dijital paradır.

Bitcoin’in sembolü ฿, kısaltma ise $Btc ‘dir. Image
#Token Nedir?

Kendi #BlockChain sistemi olmayan, başka bir coinin ağı üzerine yerleştirilen bir dijital varlıktır.

Token'lar yardımcı bir aracı veya bir varlığı, bazen de ikisini birden temsil eder. Coinlerde olduğu gibi, Token'lar da bir proje ürünüdür. Image
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Nuevo #HiloInstintoFinanciero 36

📅 | 27/04/2021 | #MundoCrypto

🔸@echave_nicolas = $ADA
🔸@AgusMartinezBH = $OCEAN
🔸@JuanAranguez1 = $MATIC
🔸@LibertarianLoki = $BNB
🔸@flmealla = $MITH
🔸@gabisantillans = $XRP
🔸@GusiSarich = $ANK
🔸@mxgxe = $LTC
🔸@VdeValentino = $WIN
🚀 | $ADA | Cardano

🔸 Es el rival directo de #Ethereum

¡OJO! a tener cuidado, no es lo mismo Cardano que Ada

🔸 Cardano es una cadena de bloques de código abierto, así como una plataforma para ejecutar contratos inteligentes
🔸 ADA es la criptomoneda de Cardano
Pero, ¿en qué se diferencia #Ethereum de #Cardano?

🔸 El creador de Cardano, Charles Hoskinson, era uno de los creadores de #Ethereum pero su objetivo para el proyecto era que sea rentable, pero a los otros dos creadores no les parecía correcto. Por ende, crea su propio proyecto
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1/4 DigiByte Price Thread. I’ve Seen a few people getting annoyed that there's been no $DGB price movement these last few days and commenting that the #DigiByte price is being artificially suppressed…

On this date 1 year ago:
$BTC = $6920
$ETH = $159
$LTC = $40
$DGB = $0.0055
3/4 Today:
$BTC = $63466
$ETH = $2286
$LTC = $272
$DGB = $0.082

That’s an increase of:
$BTC = 817%
$ETH = 1329%
$LTC = 573%
$DGB = 1391%
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-- #Crypto 101 - Beginners guide (Part 1) /1 --

Content in Part 1:
🔹What is a #Cryptocurrency?
🔹How many Cryptocurrencies are there?
🔹Types of Cryptocurrency
🔹What are real world applications of Crypto?
🔹Pros and Cons of Crypto?
🔹Crypto, the future of Finance?
-- What is a #Cryptocurrency? /3 --

🔹A cryptocurrency is a form of digital asset based on a network that is distributed across a large number of computers
🔹Decentralization allows them to exist outside the control of governments and central authorities

-- What is a #Cryptocurrency? Cont'd /4 --

🔹Cryptocurrencies have many real word applications, i.e. secure payments online
🔹"Crypto" refers to the various encryption algorithms and cryptographic techniques that safeguard the entries
🔹The most widely known Crypto is #Bitcoin
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1. $LTC has only just begun a new Four Year Cycle

There is still so much more upside yet to come

Here's a thread on why...

#Litecoin Image
2. The $LTC Four Year Cycle is a mirror image of the Bitcoin Four Year Cycle

Of course, #BTC is a little further along in its new 4-Year Cycle

But that's because $LTC is lagging behind BTC in its own 4-Year Cycle…

(More on the BTC 4-Year Cycle here:…) Image
3. Let's dissect the #LTC Four Year Cycle:

• Candle 1 represents the most explosive growth in the cycle

• Candle 2 is a Bear Market retrace (-92% each time)

• Candle 3 showcases bottoming out

• Candle 4 highlights price recovery

#Litecoin Image
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Someone convince me I'm wrong:

Both #Litecoin $LTC and #Dogecoin $DOGE are literally "bigger-fool" coins where the only main utility is hoping some bigger sucker than you will pay you more than you bought them for in the future. E.g., gambling.

0 Utility
Personally, if I wanted to play those games, I'd still be in the US options market, and I would be in a mindset of battle.

I made off with someone's stupid money in $GME last month; I could do that all day if I wanted your weak hands money.

More interested in changing the world
Whomever wrote those $300 call contracts on $GME exp Jan 29, i sure thank you, Sir (99% odds you're a man).

I collected $20k off your $500. sucks :-/ Thanks for being solvent enough to pay me. Helps when the Fed Reserve's got your back, huh?

I assure you, I threw it into $ETH.
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"Attacker got away with 2.8m, dai vault lost 11.1m.”
lol ImageImageImage
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1/ Wrote an article here about an exchanger that allows you to swap several different cryptocurrencies for Monero without KYC or logins at all…
2/ Being the eternal skeptic, wanted to test if this website was actually legitimate (there are a lot of crypto scams out there; way too many)..

So we start off visiting the main website and set up a LTC:XMR conversion.
3/ The Monero address that you see in the picture above was created using this "mindwallet" altered tool created by Pactito (
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1/ Important macro outlook thread on #Bitcoin 2020 in retrospect, & going forward in 2021 and beyond.

The biggest xfer of $BTC into few institutional hands occurred in 2020, a time of economic uncertainty, mostly in the March dump & at expected $20k sell wall by whales.
2/ It seems as if the orchestrated takedown of Bitmex, the primary volume leader + market manipulator, finally catalyzed the institutional confidence to push past the prior $BTC ATH of 20k from 2017.
3/ Lack of an expected fade when $BTC 20k was broken testifies to this, almost strategically calculated knowing market will have insufficient sell pressure vs institutional buy support RR now that Arthur is out of the picture.
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1/12 Regardless of how the SEC's claim against @Ripple plays out, note that the worst case scenario right now is that #XRP trading will only stop in the US.

#xrpcommmunity #xrparmy #xrpthestandard #Bitcoin #Ethereum #Litecoin #BTC #ETH #LTC
2/12 Most trading of #XRP already happens outside the US. The rest of the planet sees XRP as a currency. Trading overseas will go on. Even if on the off chance the SEC is able to get a ruling that says XRP is still a security, a BD/ATS can offer XRP for trading to everyone.
3/12 Also at some point, ownership of #XRP will be decentralized enough that there will be no question that it is not a security. It appears node ownership is already decentralized enough around the globe.
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