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2 Dec
When Tata was removed from Tata… 🤯

In 1978 when JRD Tata was the chairman, he was fired from his own company.

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This was around the time when a feud between the Tatas and the government reached its height. It was for Air India (Tata Airlines).

Govt. wanted to nationalize it. JRD didn’t.
The govt. went ahead and did it anyway without even consulting JRD.

Since then, khatti mithi nok jhok started between the two.

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1 Dec
STAR Health - a rockSTAR or a flopSTAR? 🤔

Ace Investor #RakeshJhunjhunwala has made a stellar 500% returns from his investment in Star Health in just over two yrs!

Should u invest in #starhealthipo ? 🛡️

Read ths interesting thread to find out 🧐
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Star Health is India's oldest and largest standalone health insurer (SAHI) with a 15.8% market share.

Its Gross Written Premium for FY21 was ~ 60% more than the GWPs of all the four other standalone health insurers combined - CARE, Max Bupa, Manipal Cigna, Aditya Birla!

Star Health’s agent network of 4.5 L+ agents is nearly 50% more than the other four SAHIs combined! 😮

These agents bring in about 80% of the business for Star (in contrast to 60% for other SAHIs).

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30 Nov
Here's an interesting thread about our beloved comedian 🧵


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In 2011, Rowan Atkinson, whom we know as Mr. Bean, met with an accident while driving his McLaren F1 supercar 🏎️, which he bought in 1997 for £640,000.

To repair the car, Mr. Bean received an auto insurance payment of £910,000 (Rs. 9 Crores as of today), making it the most expensive luxury auto insurance claim ever! 😲

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24 Nov
Competing in an industry crowded with leading global brands is tough!

But how did #Mankind carve out a market-leading position in d Pharma #OTCMarkets ? 💊

- here's an interesting thread👇 (1/8 ) 🧵

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One of the fastest-growing pharma companies in India, #Mankind was actually born due to the rift in the family.

After splitting with one of his brothers, Ramesh Juneja started Mankind with a mere capital of Rs 50 lakh and generated 600% #ROI in the very first year! 💹

Being a relatively late entrant, #Mankind adopted an unconventional strategy to gain success in the business -

While most of the players targeted tier 1 cities and export opportunities, Ramesh decided to tap rural areas with affordable #medicine 💊

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23 Nov
Have you earned any profits this IPO Season?

If yes, don't miss this thread!


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Did you know?🧐

Profit earned from shares is taxable based on your holding period!

- Short Term
- Long Term

Kya socha tha; poora paisa jeb mei jaayega? 😏

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21 Nov
What if stocks could talk to each other? 🤔
- but, only through memes 😉

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#SBI to #YesBank - Image
#AdaniGroup to #ITC -
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11 Sep
When traders made a profit out of the 9/11 Attack
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Days before the attack, a surprisingly high number of ‘put’ options were purchased on United Airlines and American Airlines stocks (that were hijacked during 9/11).
*Put option: The prices would fall *Call option the prices would rise
On 6th & 7th September 2001, the Chicago exchange handled 4,744 put options for UAL stock compared with just 396 call options. The put-to-call ratio would normally be 1:1 but on that day, it was 12:1.
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6 May
We all have wondered how DMART gives us such heavy discounts. Do you think Radhakishan Damani, the 4th richest man in India would do something unviable? How is DMART different from others?
This thread will clear all your doubts! (1/10)
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DMART’s business model (2/10)

Operates on a B2C (Business to Consumer) model, where goods are directly sold from the manufacturers to the end-user. It is focused on high inventory turnover and chooses high demand products that are readily available at low-cost margins.

A payment made by the manufacturer of goods to the superstore to keep its products on the shelf for sale. Also known as an entry fee for the products.
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4 May
Indices have beaten the majority of the equity funds in the market. Due to this, it has been difficult for fund managers to justify their remunerations. But, this SEBI rule has changed everything for the managers! (1/8)
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On April 28, SEBI issued a circular regulating fund manager compensation. The new rule makes it compulsory for top officials of mutual funds to invest 20% of their salaries in their own schemes.

One of the reasons is that some fund houses take excessive risks while chasing returns thereby jeopardizing the investors in the schemes. So this rule aligns fund managers to investors.
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