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oh I had some riff on "#money as the root of all evil" but I'm not sure that I can reconstruct it.

the general idea: #capitalism has created a society in which *all entities* no matter what they are—animal, vegetable, mineral, abstract, other—are given a numerical value.

"everything has a price", you could say.

remember how there used to be all those Twitter bots, or Twitter web applications, that would give you the purported #money value of your account based on some crude algorithm or other?

I've just described much of #capitalism.

there's myriads of people out there who have no other job than pretending that they're good at assigning monetary values to entities.

most of them work in #insurance, but there's many other professions that host people whose sole function is assigning values to things.

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Pro US Border Patrol Comic Censored ⁉️

Conservative Comics creators shadow banned on Indiegogo en masse??

Reason why will shock U🤯… #comics #comicfiesta2022 @BoundingComics @kabutoridermav @BleedingFool @EthanVanSciver @Wes_from_TC @realchrisrufo @Kneon
@BoundingComics @kabutoridermav @BleedingFool @EthanVanSciver @Wes_from_TC @realchrisrufo @Kneon Indiegogo is falling apart due to bad investments in China & desperate to attract a new buyer

Its why theyre Shadow Banning comics

Try to make Indiegogo look more appetizing to a megacompany like Black Rock or Amazon… #comics @Perpetualmaniac @neontaster
Indiegogo Censorship mostly aimed at Conservative Comics Creators but not just

Anyone outside a progressive worldview or mainstream comics

From @EthanVanSciver to @Frog_G_ to @BloodyRedBaron to @shanedavisart🥴

@richjohnston @EricDJuly @FayeBlackWrites…
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okay, we are on a train. perfect thread writing time.

to recap: @elonmusk, like Donald Trump, is a habitual liar; the popular media, now dominated by "opinion" pieces from a club of sycophantic nabobs like @mtaibbi and @walterkirn, rewards Trump and #ElonMusk for lying.

this brings me to a larger point: #capitalism itself rewards deceit. the pressure-cooker culture of #business and #entrepreneur life values only a few simple things, and none of those things is honesty.

#money? yes. #confidence? yes. #success? yes.

honestly? not hardly.

any poor sap who's tried to get a job or a promotion knows the truth: the *expectation* is that winning job candidates are supposed to lie about themselves.

there's various euphemisms for this. it's "selling yourself", it's #marketing, it's "building your personal brand".

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1. BUY GIFTS EARLY: Global supply shortages are delaying deliveries so order early. More tips:…

#CyberMondayAmazon #CyberMonday #finance #Blog #MONEY #mondaythoughts #holiday #shoppingstar #Investor 1. BUY GIFTS EARLY: Global ...
2. SET A CHRISTMAS DAY BUDGET: Plan ahead & ask family to bring supplies. More tips:…

#tuesdayvibe #finance #blog #blogger #WritingCommunity #christmas #holiday #budget #MONEY #Investor #timidbee 2. SET A CHRISTMAS DAY BUDG...
3. PUT MONEY ASIDE FOR HOLIDAYS: Save for the holidays in a separate account. More tips:…

#wednesdaythought #Wednesday #holiday #MONEY #finance #blog #WritingCommunity #christmas PUT MONEY ASIDE FOR HOLIDAY...
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we inhabit an age where any celebrity can get their own faction—their own loud and noisy and abusive gang of #Internet supporters and boosters. Dr. @jordanbpeterson has one. @VP @KamalaHarris has one (it even has a name, #KHive). and of course Mr. @elonmusk has one.

if you're a b!goted political columnist (say @bariweiss or @EliLake) then you call this "tribalism", even though it's got nothing to do with Indigenous tribes, which have a far deeper and enduring substance than a mere faction or fanclub like the #ElonMusk fan club.

#Internet #SocialMedia, and the resulting "viral" #marketingstrategies inherent in such a swift and information-dense medium for mass communication, has greatly amplified Western civilization's habitual sectarianism. but this has always been in the West's character.

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So, here's the first "monster thread" on #money .

In this one I will explain, how money is/should be created and why all credit (money) created by the #CentralBanks corrupts our monetary system.

A brief history of central banking to start with. 👇 1/24
How is #money created in the modern #economy ?

Most money is created by commercial banks through standard loan issuance (bank deposits).
Here's an excellent study explaining and empirically showing the process by @scientificecon . 👇 2/…
In short:

When a person or a company takes a loan, a bank creates a double entry to its balance sheet. One adds the loan to the asset side of the borrower and the other credits the deposits of the borrower's account.
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BREAKING: #BNNNetherlands Reports.

This year alone, the police have shut down 328 fraudulent webshops. The police reported on Tuesday that victims of fake web shops spend an average of 357 euros. Image
According to the police, the number of fake webshops removed from the internet has more than doubled this year.

New fraudulent webshops typically appear around the holidays. As a result, the police expect to shut down even more of these websites.
According to reports, fake webshops have already caused more than 3.3 million euros in damage this year.

This is nearly a million euros more than the previous year. But because not all victims report the crime, the total amount of damage is likely to be even greater.
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Chapter 20 is titled

“Only the Game Remains:

“Religion of Capitalism — The Game Is the One Truth Faith; The Game Is to Lie and Manipulate Without Consequence”

of *Culture War, Class War 2022: Truth & Generations*

by Michael Adzema


CW22 20/1
“[*Chapter 20 text begins:*] ”Well since they believe a loving God would condemn them to endless suffering, don’t see why we can’t convince them their own biggest enemy is to be found in a mirror.”

READ BOOK… #Blue #TheGame #bankers #politics

CW22 20/2
“…since they believe a loving God would condemn them to endless suffering, don’t see why we can’t convince them their own biggest enemy is to be found in a mirror.” [What Republicans Wealthies must think about their “deplorable” followers.]”


CW22 20/3
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Components for making money from market

Mind-The importance of Discipline, How people think, how to manage risk, how greed and fear affects our decision making, it is important than entry exit because trading is 1 man job we are investor, analyst, risk manager all in one
and managing all things at same time takes experience but to speed up we can divide activities in steps for each part of trading system, this is biggest hurdle those struggling in this field face, it is 60% part for being successful in trading as per Dr. Alexander Elder
Position size-whatever basis we choose to trade there will be times when trades won't go as expected & get us in loosing streak, every successful trader goes through this phase, its position size that will help you overcome this phase, staying in game is must to win the game
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To all of you who are new to the workforce… Congratulations!!! You have secured your first job.

But are you confused about how to best use your current salary? (1/n)

#salary #cashflow #payday #money
Most people complicate things. It is only natural when there are so many investment products to choose from. That need not be the case.

Here are some simple tips for someone just starting! (2/n)

#equity #fixedincome #gold #realestate
#1 Start Building an Emergency Fund

This should be your first priority. In case of emergencies, you shouldn't be left empty-handed.

Having 3-6 months of expenses set aside will be optimal. (3/n)

#emergencyfund #savings
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Why the FTX drama is not the end of crypto, but rather a beginning. 🧵

(1/21) For those who don't know me, I guess I should start by just saying I've been in this space for a while. I was here before #MtGox imploded. I met Vitalik before #Eth was a thing. I remember exactly..
(2/21) exactly where I was when #Bitcoin hit $100 & $1000. I remember when the engine driving Bitcoin was a philosophical and ideological one, when the space was a bizarre hybrid of gold bugs, libertarians, anarchists, hackers & OG #cryptography evangelists.
(3/21) I've been here for a while & the recent/ongoing drama involving FTX & #SBF is probably the worst I've seen to date.

Lately we've all heard the same question. "Do you think the FTX debacle is the end of #crypto?". I understand the question, but as somebody who knows...
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Ms. @HillaryClinton, who personifies the current state of @TheDemocrats more than anyone else--far more so than the sitting President, Mr. @JoeBiden, who was nominated and elected to be Mr. @BarackObama's echo--may in fact be, by some measure, "good at #politics".

"politics" is a huge concept.

the word itself derives from ancient Greek: πόλις, _polis_, means "city"--hence politics and civilization go together, for "civilization" is a word that pertains to the city, whose Latin word is _civis_.

#conservatives have forgotten this.

but I return to the subject of Ms. @HillaryClinton, who may or may not be good at #politics.

it's well understood that American politics requires a lot of back-room dealing and arm-twisting--patiently lining up alliances and promises of funding and other such things.

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typical of #management under #capitalism and its tyranny of #time: managers and bosses and #entrepreneurs, from @elonmusk on down, lay enormous emphasis on speed and punctuality—yet none of them give a crap about showing up on time. appointments are for the plebes.

it's a way of flexing social status: if you have *more* social credit in Western society, you have the privilege of making other people wait on you.

#business and #finance propaganda—that is, business #journalism—will *praise* executives who blow off appointment times.

it's a "#power move", an #Alpha Male thing, and all the rest of it—you showed up to an appointment at your leisure, making the underlings wait for hours—that *proves* you're a superheroic, genetically gifted Übermensch like @elonmusk.

everyone else is held to the clock.

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I've heard it rumored that @elonmusk has been attempting to keep @Twitter staffed with people from his @boringcompany grifting operation, and that's a bad sign: The Boring Company was created and sustained almost entirely for the purpose of starving out public transport.

the idea was: @elonmusk, fortified by the noise made by the #ElonMusk fans and by the celebrity status which Elon enjoys thanks to relentless marketing and product placement (e.g. Musk's "Iron Man" cameo), would convince gullible politicians to *defund public transport*.

@elonmusk hates public transport for many reasons. chiefly he hates it because #ElonMusk's temporary wealth depends upon America's addiction to isolationism and to the *car*, which facilitates isolationism. Americans like to think of their cars as homes away from home.

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Chara, the Pnictogen Wing's sibyl and guardian angel, who has been pouring their energies over the last few years into Twitter commentary on politics and society, has written ably on the subject of #fear and how it's been exploited in political propaganda.

I would like to spend some tweets talking about #fear from a different angle, and comment on the physiological and emotional experience of fear.

fear is a natural human emotion, one that humans share with a broad range of living creatures. it's like a biochemical *alert*.

living creatures, especially creatures as complex and far-ranging as human beings, face an enormous array of different perceptions and circumstances. animals need some method of discriminating between these perceptions and deciding how to act upon them.

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one reason that I love Darren Aronofsky's π so much is that, while there's outlandish aspects of the film, moments difficult to accept (like Max Cohen's improbable computer rig), most of the scientific and mathematics insights on offer in the film seem quite sound to me.

there's a particular detail from π that's on my mind now: Max's film belief that the stock market can be modelled like a _single organism_, a coherent unit. I think Max is spot on with that one.

that may seem *dehumanizing* perhaps. where's the room for individuality?

people have been talking about "mass psychology" for many decades now, and ideas about mass psychology are no doubt heavily researched in #marketing and #business circles.

there's one thing business people want to do more than anything else: *predict the future*.

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@D_M_Clark_ In the 1960’s there were many dark and gruesome experiments as it were as you would know. But #psychology #psychiatry had significant standing. The standards across #publichealth have dropped. It’s important to note to the advisory body for Victoria (OCP) (Coventry)has no power.
@D_M_Clark_ 2/to act in favour or dissent over practices or possible new practices - even basic Jungian thought — or Freud frankly. @Headspace one of the few that are not coveting money and meds over patient health.
But back to OCP. Why have an Office Of Chief Psychiatrist without teeth?3/
@D_M_Clark_ @Headspace 3/ As you would also know, there is accountability of practice and practices by #law.
So advice via an OCP sounds fine?
Unfortunately like all areas of #Health someone has to supervise accountability and usefulness of treatments within those laws. @DanielAndrewsMP /4
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If you want to better educate yourself on banking, money, economics, and payments, I highly recommend watching the documentaries below.
#banking #money payments #economy #economics #cryptcorrency

A 🧵 on the best-related documentaries...

Four Part Series. This is Part I.
97% Owned - Economic Truth documentary - How is Money Created
How The Economic Machine Works by Ray Dalio
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#Powerball $1.9 billion. Powerball: your odds of winning are greater NOT playing. Per…, the AVERAGE American man, woman, and child spend $230/year on the Lottery. But so many DO NOT play the lottery. So do players spend double? #Lottery #Money #Scam 1/
2/ "people with a household income of less than $10,000 a year who play the lottery spend $597 a year on tickets,” says the above article, citing the New York Times. What's the buy in to pay out $1.9 billion? 50% more than that?
3/ The real lump sum payout is far less than the advertised $1.9 billion. And you'll have to pay a fortune in taxes. Putting it another way, the ratio of pay in to pay out after taxes might be something like 3:1. That's 1/3 is also what the lottery tickets are worth on average.
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all of modern #computing, all modern #programming culture, at least the way it's practiced among the privileged—among @JeffDean / @jack / @ID_AA_Carmack stemlords of the world—centers round one daydream.

it's a simple dream: make a machine that magically _prints money_.

this is a dream with many forms and variations. @ID_AA_Carmack realized the dream by making a video game about Hell. (John...I hate to be the bearer of bad spiritual news, should have thought about the implications of that decision just a _little bit better_.)

the #NFT bros loosely glue #NFTs to procedurally generated images and throw them up into the air for #cryptocurrency and #blockchain and #programming nerds (#conservative nerds, too) to gamble on. it's amazing, really—technology has given us this nullity of an "industry".

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#COP27 Your #CarbonTax is rising.
#UN '#climatechange' conference delegates to stay at five-star hotels and luxury resorts | Nov 4
- #SharmElSheikh was built up by the Egyptian govt to become a luxury tourist destination for the world’s richest.…
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