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1. Thread on Omicron - Doctor who first noticed Omicron says symptoms "extremely mild"… omicron variant… #Omicron #OmicronVariant
2. First thing to note is the hysteria is being promoted by Imperial College UK where the disgraced modeller Neil Ferguson first created hysteria with extremist models that he refused to open source...… #ImperialCollege #NeilFeguson #Omicron
3. Then a year ago Erik Volz of Imperial College London hysteria on new variant, and now Tom Peacock of Imperial College, same playbook hysteria on new variant.… #Hysteria #ImperialCollege #OmicronVariant #Omicron #TomPeacock
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A #finance professional must sell products which have strong foundation not because of high returns. Though on high return & risk basis #crypto can be considered may be 2% to 5% money of #portfolio which one is fine to take the chance or gamble. (1/n) #cryptocurrency #CryptoNews
#Crypto is, was & will always be 'A Zero Foundation Product'

One should not speak or #invest blindly in crypto already 3 crypto scams have happened, wherein people lost 'Real #Money' at the 'Cost of Virtual Money'
(2/n) @OutlookMoney @ETNOWlive @monikahalan @livemint @ActusDei
If one is so bullish on #Crypto, one can recommend his or her clients to a greater extent instead of preaching a lot on crypto. Too much of crypto debate is not right as in our country its neither legal or illegal as on today. (3/n) @cafemutual @kaul_vivek @latha_venkatesh
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Tiens, je vais vous raconter comme je suis arrivée dans le secteur agricole ! Ces dernières années, on m’a souvent demandé si j’avais fait une école d’agronomie et la réponse est non 😬

En fait, c’est au fur et à mesure des expériences pro que j’ai connu et apprécié ce secteur !
Ado, je travaillais l’été et les vacances scolaires dans une pépinière, au rempotage 💸 #money
Pour mon stage de Master 1 LEA Marketing & Management International, j'ai rejoint le service communication de Vilmorin. Je ne connaissais rien du tout aux semences potagères 🙃
Ce stage a d’ailleurs été une révélation puisque j’ai décidé de me spécialiser en stratégies de communication pour le Master 2 🙌
Après ce stage, je pars 8 mois en Angleterre puis je fais mon M2 en Stratégies de Communication et un stage dans un autre secteur ➡️ Rien à voir
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1. Each sector of Solana has been filled up with money lately. And you guys want to have an overview of the next destination of money in Solana. Let’s check this thread.

#Solanaszn #money #next Image

2. In theory, the money flow would be described: $ -> Layer 1 -> DEX -> L&B -> Yield Farming/ Staking -> Infrastructure -> Oracle -> Other trend -> $

#Solanaszn #money #next

3. However, the practical is not the same as the theory.
After filling out our layer 1 - $SOL, the money flow continued to find a new destination.

#Solanaszn #money #next Image
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Why gold should be the asset to focus on for the next few years?

#gold #investing #wealthcreation

A Thread!

M2 which is a broad measure of money supply, has grown 81% in the last 7yrs to nearly $20Trn. An increase in the supply of money typically lowers interest rates, which generates more investment and puts more money in the hands of consumers. Hence stimulating spending.

Bonds struggled during the last major stagflationary period, in the late 1960s. Rise in oil prices,unemployment, loose monetary policy pushed the core CPI Index to a high of 13.5%. The Fed had to raise interest rates by nearly 20%.

#gold #bonds #interestrates

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#FARA filing for Ben Barnes Group…
#FARA Filing for Washington African Consulting Group…
WikiLeaks Shows Clinton Decision To Accept All Foreign Govt Money

#FaraStarter @ClintonFdn
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Hear me out and legal knowledge welcome …. If you live in social housing paid for by the gov. You move out of that house and rent it out, pocketing the cash……that’s against the law right????

So if your an MP your rented accommodation is paid for by the gov. 1/
You then rent it out and pocket the cash….. is that therefor against the law!!!!! If not why not???? What’s the difference???? 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
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I started with 3k/month and now I earn more than 3L/month and I'm still in college getting done with my masters. Here's a thread of the learning i had in the 3 years.

#developer #lifeadvice #android #growth #learning #engineering #internship #money #work
1. Stick onto things that you like, don't start chasing around stuff because of the FOMO. I started with android and i still do android. I never learned DSA. I never made an account on CodeChef, leetcode or any other platform. I can still work on backend, frontend, DevOps, and
other sorts of things but i invested 6 months learning all of the above and invested 3 years and still counting learning android. I hope you get the idea.
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👀I noticed that a lot of #FUD in #blockchain #community comes from a lack of #knowledge so here I am to help everyone interested in #technology and #money, not #FUD, accusations and fear.
1. Knowing the #smartcontract address of the token before listing means almost nothing, it's just another contract on the #blockchain without any functionality,

I can make thousands of those every day #shitcoin 😅
2. To make such #smartcontract tradeable it has to be added to decentralized exchange - #DEX which is implementation of #AMM #algorithm, most of dexes are working based on pairs... so we need to have #pair to be tradeable on DEX 🥰
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1. Globalist Puppet Boris pretending to care about Climate Change whilst giving out programming signals #Cop26 #WizardofOz ImageImageImage
2. Previous climate comm was code red, now they have followed the yellow brick road to Green. Expect programmed individuals to be triggered by this... #trafficlights… #climatechange #insulatebritain #XR
3. What a coincidence, just 9 hours ago Rihanna in green... #climatecomms #climatechange Image
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Being able to identify the signals for price trends in #market is a key component of any #trading strategy, and using Technical Analysis is a popular way to do so.

Here’s a thread on Technical Analysis and how to use it effectively.
#Market Analysis is broadly categorized into two main methods.

~Fundamental Analysis
~Technical Analysis

Fundamental analysts need to look at the financial statements, business model, management & many more things to come up with a fair estimate of a company's value.
On the contrary, technical analysis is not at all concerned with the detailed study of #Fundamental factors.

For technical analysts #Price is supreme and they see price as a manifestation of every #Fundamental reality.
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As a former fan of Coach’s Corner I lost my fire when the #Libtards at the #CBC fired Don Cherry @CoachsCornerDC for being a proud #Canadian who #respects the ultimate #sacrifice our #WarDead made and wears a Poppy like I and all respectful Canadians do…
Then the #BLM B.S. came in 2020 and I seen something happening that made me angry enough to shut off the game I’ve loved my whole life. I seen the true colours of racism being forced into each and every home in Canada. We were being told in clear messaging that said…
if you’re a white Canadian you need to know that you’re the racist. You need to bend your knee. You must listen. You must watch. You must hear this. You must change your racist ways.

Well that was more than enough for me. Nobody…
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When I see this tweet, I get a sick feeling I’m the pit of my stomach. The way I read this, is, “Kids are killing themselves in #AISD,” and if Meagan, the counseling coordinator for secondary education is sending up #flares like this in #ATX it must be bad, because she’s polished
Does anyone realize that #Suicides in the schools are not reported in the news? They are very #confidential Why? They are #minors AND school officials are trying to prevent #copycat #suicides.
Yep, when kids hear about #Suicide they think about doing it too. Kids in the #ATX are in trouble. This isn’t Meagan talking. This is me. I know what #mentalhealth crisis means.
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#UnpopularOpinion: Some product teams like to prioritize their budgets for the solution rather than researching more into the problem. However without proper UX research, any solutions will be incomplete.

Let us talk about some ways to master "UX Research On Budget" in 3 steps!
Step 1 - List out assumptions and confirm them!

Whatever assumptions you may have about the users, list them out. Your assumptions may not be necessarily true, but it is safer to write them down on paper and get a better understanding of your assumptions of the user.
#koruux #ux
Step 2 - Make use of customer support data

Customer support teams have way more insights than you would imagine. They are the ones interacting with the users regularly and if this is documented, you have your raw user data ready to analyze.
#koruux #ux #Customer
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Whilst the future of money and #crypto is very exciting, the history of money is equally interesting.

For example, cattle played a very important role as a form of #money throughout history.

Time for a thread.
A good example of its impact is its use today in modern European languages.

The word pecuniary, which means "related to money," is derived from the Latin pecuniarias, meaning "wealth in cattle."
Chattel—any item of movable personal property—comes from the same source.

Cattle as a form of exchange ultimately remained in use in many parts of the world for many years so did other forms of livestock.
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I find this to be Very interesting and meaningful message.


If each alphabet has a numeric value &
A is 1
B is 2
C is 3
D is 4
E is 5
F is 6
G is 7
H is 8
I is 9
J is 10
K is 11
L is 12
M is 13
N is 14
O is 15
P is 16
Q is 17
R is 18
S is 19
T is 20
U is 21
V is 22
W is 23
X is 24
Y is 25 &
Z is 26


#Hardwork is 8+1+18+4+23+15+18+11

#Knowledge is 11+14+15+23+12+5+4+7+5

#Love is 12+15+22+5 = 54%

#Luck is 12+21+3+11 = 47%

None of them makes 100%

Then what makes 100%?
Is it Money?

#Money is 13+15+14+5+25 = 72%


#Leadership is 12+5+1+4+5+18+19+8+9+16

Every problem has a solution, only if we perhaps change our … #Attitude

#Attitude is 1+20+20+9+20+21+4+5 = 100%
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12 Trend Tweets : 12 Life Hacks !

#wealth #money #wisdom !!

Short 🧵 ...
1. @BrianFeroldi 💫

"In the beginning, the savings rate is all that matters.
After a few decades, investing returns are all that matters".
2. @WealthInc247 💫

"If it is important to you, you will find a way.
If not, you'll find an excuse."
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Como saber que tienes feminidad fragil✨

Abro hilo ⤵️
Si te sientes acomplejada porque un hombre gane mas dinero que tu, TIENES FEMINIDAD FRAGIL✨
Si te incomoda e incluso molesta el echo de que una mujer "quiera seguir los roles de género establecidos por el heteropatriarcado" al querer casarse, ser ama de casa y tener hijos, TIENES FEMINIDAD FRAGIL✨
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The "benign neglect" of many centrist-to-liberal people in the #USA towards what is going on outside of it's borders is glaringly evident in this query and it's replies.
🚫 the lack of vision (what could be done in a functional political milieu) to set up functional and humane #immigration practices in the tweets aren't surprising yet disappointing.
The #USA needs a guest worker program. People come to #work, save #money to live off when they quit in their nation of origin. Laws need to let foreign nationals come-and-go without means testing
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Educational thread: Investment mistakes you can make in your 20s:
1. Not a having a plan: 20s is the perfect time to start thinking about finances. There are less responsibilities, expenditure and the scope of savings is huge. Now is the time to think long-term.
2. Not knowing what to do with your earnings: In this knowledge-driven world, there is no shortage of data needed for research kn investments. Find out the investment options, the risks associated and make an investment plan.
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Educational thread: 6 Bad Financial Habits you should Avoid at all costs! Read and share:
1. Biting off more than you chew: While loans, credit cards ease your financial burden at the moment, piling them up is never a great idea. If this is your case, investing will be a distant dream.
2. Bad credit score: Most Indians are unaware of how credit scores are calculated. Even simple things like not paying bills, late payments can reflect adversely on your credit score. This can backfire in your future, if you apply for loans.
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How to Become a #Programmer: The Timeless Guide

(With No Degrees or Experience)

PART 1: Learn the #Trade
In two years I went from unemployed sociology graduate to well-paid programmer at a unicorn startup. I started from zero. I didn't have to get a degree, do an internship or pay for expensive certifications. Here’s how you can do it too 👇
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“With each investment you make, you should have the courage and the conviction to place at least 10% of your net worth in that stock.” - Warren buffett.
Thread on Capital Allocation(1/6)
Lets take a example.If you put 2-3% of your portfolio to a stock you think is multibagger you won't have impact on your portfolio.(2/6)
Scenario 1 :If your networth is 1000 . If u put 10, that is 1% of your networth , in a stock you have researched and have conviction to be a multibagger even if that 10 goes 5X , your networth will be 1050 , nearly just 5% increase in your networth(3/6)
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Did you know you can get FREE health check-ups from your insurer?


☀️It's a lazy Saturday afternoon. You've been waiting for almost an hour now and you can't help but look at the receptionist intently hoping he will call your name.

And then suddenly when you least expect it, you hear your name called out loud. (2/8)
😷You walk into the doctor's room. He directs you to a certain spot and measures your height. He then checks your weight.

He makes you sit straight and then takes your blood pressure. He listens to your heart & lungs and orders a blood test for cholesterol & blood sugar. (3/8)
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