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1/ I asked GPT-4 to write 10 tweets about Tesla for me to post on twitter.

So, here they are.

2/ 🔌 Just charged my #Tesla for the first time at a V4 Supercharger! ⚡️ The future is here, and it's electrifying! 🚗💨 #ZeroEmissions #ElectricVehicles
3/ 💡 Fun fact: Did you know that #Tesla's regenerative braking system helps extend the life of your brakes and saves energy? Talk about smart driving! 🌍🍃 #EcoFriendly #DriveElectric
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the unseemly rush to shove @sama / @OpenAI / #ChatGPT "artificial general intelligence" into all our products—whether we want #AGI or not, but capitalists don't really care about our desires, only *their* desires—is put into some perspective: it's rebound from @Meta.

with its uncanny instinct for choosing only *stale* ideas to monetize, the #technology / #programming industry decided—for a while—that the next big high-tech thing that EVERYBODY would be forced to love would be "the #metaverse", which already exists in video games.

it also exists in @SecondLife, and in @nealstephenson and who knows how much other science fiction. people have been running around in computer-animated "avatars", of varying degrees of complexity and detail, for decades. @Meta and #MarkZuckerberg were wheel-reinventing.

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1/ Energy Fuels $UUUU closed the sale of Alta Mesa today for $120M ($60M cash + $60M conv. note). We now believe our current #uranium & #RareEarths plans are fully-funded thru 2024, including Energy Fuels' investing in 4 mines to boost uranium production.…
2/ You may have missed it, but $UUUU also resumed #uranium production in Q4-2022. 162,000 lbs. of U3O8, or over 90% of US production. We're hiring/investing at our mines/mill to boost production & we plan to keep our position as the #1 US #uranium miner. #nuclear #carbonfree
3/ Today's sale also provides the CAPEX needed to install 'light' #rareerths separation at our mill in #Utah. We plan to be in production of refined #NdPr oxide by the end of this year or early next. In high demand by #ElectricVehicles, #RenewableEnergy & #defense companies.
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We are here at #AutoExpo2023! We are expecting a lot of exciting announcements around #ElectricVehicles, SUVs and more. Stay tuned…

@MrAhmedSays | @Nishmanya | @Nandiniwhy | #AutoExpoOnTV9
We are starting with @Maruti_Corp that is about to unveil a new SUV concept, and from what we hear it’s all electric!

#AutoExpo2023 | #AutoExpoOnTV9…
The name of Maruti's all-electric SUV - making its world premiere today is Concept EVX, which is part of Suzuki's global EV strategy and will go on sale by 2025

#AutoExpo2023 | #AutoExpoOnTV9 | #EVX | @Maruti_Corp
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Share of EV sales in Auto sales was 4.7% in 2022 🚗

• Jan 50158
• Feb 50562
• Mar 80848
• Apr 75829
• May 68122
• Jun 74110
• Jul 79228
• Aug 87547
• Sep 92996
• Oct 115994
• Nov 119419
• Dec 102208

What will be impact of use of EV? 🤔
The sale of more electric vehicles (EVs) has a number of implications, both positive and negative.
Positive implications:

1. Reducing reliance on fossil fuels
2. Lower operating costs

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The Ultimate Thread 🧵for China’s EVs December 2022 & Year 2022 Delivery Numbers!

Stay up to date with EV delivery numbers coming out from China.

#EV #ElectricVehicles #China $TSLA $XPEV $LI $NIO $BYDDF $GELYF
🧵 1/ GAC’s AION
December 2022 & 2022 EV Delivery Numbers in China.

GAC’s AION delivered 30,007 units in December 2022.

The cumulative sales from January to December 2022 were 271,156 units.

@GAC_MOTOR #AION #DeliveryNumbers #EV
🧵 2/ Li Auto
December 2022 & 2022 EV Delivery Numbers in China.

Li Auto delivered 21,233 units in December 2022.

The cumulative sales from January to December 2022 were 133,246 units.

@Li_Auto_ #LiAuto #DeliveryNumbers #EV #China
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A low #CPI triggered a 114-point jump that took it above the dominant trendline. At the open, sell orders above that level initiated a pullback that took it 126 points down to the 20DMA

Not what we would call a 1-day reversal, more upside to come
Same picture for #DIA, sell orders above Dec 1 high pushed the #DJI lower

It went down after an impressive initial rally
Bounced from 20DMA

#DJIA will continue to lead the rally

Not a pretty candle, but not exactly a 1-day reversal

#DowJones #trading #options #trading

Same story

Perhaps an uglier candle, closer to a 1-day reversal than $DIA and $SPX.

$RTY looking much better

Bounced from important support in the trading channel

Big volume today.

#IWM needs to catch up with $DJI for accompanying leadership

$RUT #RUT #RTY_F #trading
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Why we liked Amara Raja Batteries but never recommended it?

✅ India's 2nd largest mfg. of lead-acid batteries, mostly used in vehicles; but...

❌ No usage in electric 2w & 3w and rising env. concerns regarding lead batteries

More reasons in this thread ⤵️
✅ With $1Bn capex, expanding to Li-ion batteries that are preferred for EVs

❌ Li-ion batteries require much more techno-chemical expertise and new ways of mfg., unclear if Amara can imbibe

#ElectricVehicles #vehicles
❌ Li-ion batteries amount to > 50% of the cost of EVs, so auto cos. may produce it in-house (Tata, M&M, Ola already exploring)

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Fully electric products have the potential to emit close to zero greenhouse gases when used. We want to enable our customers to meet their targets. Here are some of our newest additions that can help in cities. A thread of 6 🧵
#COP27 #ElectricVehicles Image
1/6. Contributing to a clean, silent and efficient public transport, with @VolvoBusGlobal 7900 Electric bus range.…
2/6. Zero exhaust emissions – with @VolvoTrucks electric vehicles.…
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"The 21st Century Question: Emergently Engineering the Future"

Follow this 🧵 today and tomorrow for highlights from our 2022 #AppliedComplexity Network and Board of Trustees Symposium:…

#Web3 #Cities #Polarization #EmergentEngineering #Decentralization
We start with a talk by SFI President David Krakauer:

"Would anyone care to guess why we're so GOOD at building transistors and so CRAP at designing drugs?"

"This thing [points to transistor] lives in a centralized system. This thing [points to cancer drug] lives in US."
"I'm going to pick on economics, because we like to do that at SFI. 'Ooh, look at that cover! So techy. Global, heat maps...' But here's 'Networks' [in the textbook]. THAT'S IT. Here's '#ComplexityEconomics.' NOTHING."
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A thread on #ElectricVehicles 👇

Since it's generally perceived that using a Diesel generator to charge an EV is ridiculous, I was wondering how the running cost of an electric scooter compare against a ICE scooter, if the EV was charged from a petrol/diesel generator.
To understand this, we need to look at the fuel requirements of a PG/DG set. Unfortunately, very few sellers directly mentions the fuel required per kWh, so I had to calculate it myself using the parameters like tank capacity, duration of running, load, etc.
What I found was a small domestic 3kW Petrol generator uses about 0.4-0.5 liter petrol per kWh, & Industrial DGs (500kW) use about 0.25 liter diesel per kWh of electricity generated.

So, bigger the generator, better is the fuel efficiency, & PGs use about twice the fuel as DGs.
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This Friday, EU energy ministers aim to decide on measures to soften the impact of the escalating #gas and #electricity bills on households and businesses. The decisions should be guided by the following principles. A 🧵 1/10
Direct, timely & targeted payments to households & companies that need support are better than general public spending to lower energy prices for all consumers. The latter is very costly & can undermine the crucial need to save as much energy as possible before winter. 2/10
Current pricing mechanisms in #electricity market work and must be maintained. Marginal pricing is central to the integration of renewables and necessary to incentivise uptake of #heatpumps and #electricvehicles. Read more in our new paper (in German) 3/10
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Thread on the national security implications of #ElectricVehicles

1- Graphite Production
Not in Europe! Not in the US! Image
2- Lithium Production
Not in Europe! Not in the US! Image
3- Cobalt Production
Not in Europe! Not in the US! Image
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#Technology: "One way to reduce #transport emissions relatively quickly, and potentially globally, is to swap cars for #cycling, e-#biking and #walking – active travel, as it’s called."… #solutions
"Tackling the #climate and air #pollution #crises requires curbing all motorised #transport, particularly private cars, as quickly as possible. Focusing solely on #ElectricVehicles is slowing down the race to zero emissions."
"We also estimate that urban residents who switched from driving to cycling for just one trip per day reduced their carbon footprint by about half a tonne of CO₂ over the course of a year, and save the equivalent emissions of a one-way flight from London to New York."
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#EV #ElectricVehicles #batteries #manufacturing #BILL #PASS #INCENTIVES


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Thread for AAP Ka News #E101 - 28th July 2022

Add your #news articles & links to the last post in this thread

#aapKaNews #aap #News #spaceshost #spaces

@phani_nath @Randhr602 @Gokul_kool @RupamCh81732018 @BhartiRajbir

#thread : post 1 / n
#thread 2/n
#AAP CM #ArvindKejriwal inaugurated 7 best-in-class #ElectricVehicles (EV) charging stations across #Delhi. These charging stations will be open to all EV owners & aimed at providing low-cost slow as well as fast charging setups…
#thread 3/n
The New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) will conduct skill training workshops for 25,000 people over the next six months, in collaboration with the National Skill Development Corporation…
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🚨🚨New Study🚨🚨
Average new #ElectricVehicles today produce more than 50 percent less global warming pollution than a comparable gasoline or diesel vehicle.… FIGURE ES-1. Driving Emissions: The Miles per Gallon Equival
2/ Electric cars and trucks are much cleaner than gasoline vehicles even when you account for battery manufacturing. #ClimateAction #ClimateCrisis FIGURE ES-2. Life Cycle Global Warming Emissions, EVs vs. Ga
3/ The extra emissions from EV manufacturing are erased after less than 21,000 miles for cars, and 17,500 miles for trucks. That's less than two years of average driving. FIGURE 6. Breakeven Points for EV Car and Truck Emissions  T
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Lithium oversupply? Not likely.

Here's @benchmarkmin 5 reasons why not, their response to @GoldmanSachs, in one handy thread. Minor edits for brevity.
@benchmarkmin @GoldmanSachs 1) The industry cannot rely on China feedstock meeting the market

Goldman sees the most “significant” new lithium supply coming from China. Despite progress, Chinese hard rock resources are of low quality. This has led Chinese converters to rely on Australia for supply instead.
@benchmarkmin @GoldmanSachs Chinese brine resources are also low quality and have struggled to produce meaningful volumes of lithium, let alone battery-grade quality.

Production of lithium from China’s Qinghai province has struggled to ramp up, despite over a decade of efforts.
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"Despite deteriorating health and widening inequalities across the country...there is scope for local areas to make a real difference. Changes in approach, allocation of resources and strengthened partnerships are essential." Michael Marmot @MichaelMarmot…
These are the top 10 cities for work-life balance, according to an analysis — and there isn't a single US city among them…
#WorkLifeBalance, #CitySurvey, #AnalysisResults
Study explores the concept of artificial consciousness in the context of the film 'Being John Malkovich'…
#ArtificialIntelligence, #ArtificialConsciousness, #CinematicSymbols
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Our new modelling report from @DavidSuzukiFDN shows that 100% zero-emissions electricity across Canada by 2035 is possible, reliable and affordable.

Buckle up for a #CleanElectricity thread 🧵…

#Climate #energytwitter #cdnpoli
This is the first modelling report of its kind in Canada. It goes beyond #NetZero to reach #ZeroEmissions by 2035, primarily by relying on:

☀️#Renewables like wind & solar
🌊Existing #Hydropower
🔌More grid connections between regions
Overall, Canada's electricity capacity grows by 2.8x by 2050, and the amount of electrical energy we use grows by 1.8x

All #FossilFuels on the grid are phased out by 2035, including all #NaturalGas. And no nuclear or fossils with #CCUS are needed.
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"Humanity's shared destiny as a species is coming into ever greater focus through compounding crises and tremendous societal advances, yet our current institutional structures are struggling to meet the demands of this moment." --26th IEF Int'l Conference…
New technique can safely guide an autonomous robot through a highly uncertain environment…
#AutonomousVehicles, #SpaceExploration, #TrajectoryPlanningSystem, #SafeLandings
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Electrification is not going to save us from the energy crisis that we’ve entered. Several factors point to prolonged tightness in crude oil markets that can only be solved by increasing supply. A 🧵. 1/n
Oil price levels and volatility have increased dramatically in 2022, reaching heights over $140/bbl before settling back to levels in the low $100s. For comparison, 2015-2019 saw prices generally in the $40-60/bbl range. So (captain obvious!) they are much higher now. 2/
Why? First, demand. Relaxed covid restrictions and residual effects of gov't stimmies have unleashed pent up travel activity, along with a return to normal. Global oil consumption is back to pre-COVID levels, and we haven't yet entered the high demand (summer) season. 3/
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#Thread about EV Bikes & why @ather is solid?

The biggest lesson that @OlaElectric taught to all aspirational startups is that if you wanna disrupt the market come with a solid foolproof product rather than dumping the garbage. ⬇️ (1/14)

It was in the year 2017 I read about a passionate product incubated in IIT Madras. A group of engineers trying to build a world-class eScooter naming the company Ather Energy. EVs are not new to South India. (2/14)
*Below image is the first newsletter I received from Ather
↗️Reva 1994 - a pioneer & first functional EV car started in #Bengaluru later sold to @MahindraRise
↗️@ampere_ev bikes started 2007 in #Coimbatore later invested by @RNTata2000 himself & now sold to Greaves.
They're way ahead of their time when India is not ready for EVs (3/14)
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