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During today's US Senate HELP hearing on #retirementsavings and #emergencysavings, we'll hear testimony from @AspenFSP’s @idarademacher, @WISERwomen’s Cindy Hounsell, @GROUPIRA’s Petros Koumantaros and @TIAA’s Doug Chittenden.…
The US House is also scheduled today to vote and pass on bipartisan HR 2954 - Securing a Strong Retirement Act of 2021 - also known at #SECURE2.0 - sponsored by Reps Neal (D-MA) and Brady (R-TX).…
#SECURE2.0 builds on the 2019 SECURE Act - which enabled (a) pooled employer plans #PEPs that enable smallbiz to pool their purchasing power for workers retirement and (b) lifetime income solutions.
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1. One wrong decision in life can extend your retirement age by many years. A small thread
A 40+ gentleman ended up buying an under construction apartment from a once reputed builder who went bankrupt. #personalfinance #retirement
2. Stuck with a builder who doesn't exist, banks which are charging EMI anyway & virtually getting choked on both ends apart from paying a rent.
a. Rent
b. EMI for a house that's not there
c. No income from the property because it doesn't exist
#personalfinance #retirement
The thought of reaching retirement at say 55 has now been shattered & there's no guarantee that the gent is unsure whether he can reach his retirement target. The worst decision happened to be purchasing an "under-construction" property. #personalfinance #retirement
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How can I buy a house of 50 Lakhs & retire with a corpus of 1 Crore, both by the age of 45?

well, invest just Rs 15K per month! 😱
Don't believe? See, our experts have chalked out a way for you👇👇


#retirementplanning #personalfinance #FinancialFreedom #investing
Owning ur dream house & early retirement are two most important milestones for any individual. However, one often gets compromised for the other! 😕

People hv dreams, but haven't really planned for it! This was evident in a research we did based on millions of inputs ⤵️

⚠️ 83% Indians haven't planned for #retirement !
⚠️ 77% Indians haven't planned for dream house!

(Find more shocking facts in d full report for FREE:…)

Anyway, if u r one of those who haven't planned, worry not. We'll help u👇


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The @OECD Economic Survey of 🇸🇰 #Slovakia has been released!

Preparing for rapid population ageing, boosting productivity & greening the #recovery from #COVID19 represent key policy priorities going forward.
After a deep economic contraction in 2020, #Slovakia’s economy is recovering.
Risks surrounding the outlook remain high. Supply disruptions are leading to volatile production and surging #inflation in #Slovakia.
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Wild #crypto #bull and #bear market idea thread:

There won’t be much bear market anymore like we saw back in 2010-2019; why?

1. Too many people know this #digital #asset now; with 1% high net worth will do anything in their power to buy the dip (ask their fin. advisor)
2. #Bitcoin become real reserve in many companies and few small countries now, ok, it can dip down even to 20-30k still in the future with bad news and regulations
3. With 2. if #BTC drawdown a lot from now (45-50k range), #altcoin will take hits too; of course, with bad #shitcoin they will likely drop 40-99%. pick your asset carefully! but the winner will retain value; 20-50% drop may happen; #HODL! if it's good #fundamental!
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LAOT brings to you a comprehensive reading list about all that has been said after the #retirement of Justice Rohinton Nariman from the SC on August 12 '21. Many acknowledge his contribution to Human Rights jurisprudence, others say his track record is not unblemished. Read more:
1. The overview: Mihir R writing for @scobserver presents a statistical overview of J. Nariman’s tenure. This shows…
2. "Nariman: A Legacy" @IJaising writing for @TheLeaflet_in, giving an overview of J. Nariman’s ‘stellar’ career, focusing on his landmark judgments and his commitment to liberty, while also touching upon the controversies.…
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I took a Twitter break after teaching finished. I’m back now and thinking about one of my favorite topics, #decumulation in #retirement. Prompted by some conference talks I gave last month, plus some recent articles, here’s a thread. 🧵 (1/15)
What is decumulation? In a nutshell, the drawdown of retirement savings, along with other sources of income such as pensions and SSA retirement benefits (OASI). While there’s a long economics literature on decumulation, I’m especially interested in the psychology of it. (2/15)
It’s a highly complex problem psychologically: large stakes, every individual is different, no chance to learn (decisions often irrevocable) and much uncertainty & emotion. (3/15)…
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 05/18/2021…
To make particles flow more efficiently, put an obstacle in their way…

Researchers find order in a process previously assumed to be random…

#order #randomness
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@timmins316 #Occupy: Thank you.
Follow more from our Research in this thread:
@timmins316 #Occupy: March 23 2020:

Was #COVID19 released by the US Army team during the Wuhan Military World Games in 17-27 October 2019, which team is said to have eaten at the fish market in Wuhan & stayed in a hotel close to that market ?… via @NeoJohnBrown
@timmins316 @NeoJohnBrown #Occupy: Jan. 23 2020 #China started a large #Lockdown around #Wuhan, after 18 affirmed #COVID19-deaths and several hundreds of infected patients.
Later, searching for "#Patient #Zero", they found the earliest infection in November 17 2019, in Wuhan.
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Let’s talk about the pitfalls of past performance, when credit risk works, and beating #inflation in #retirement.
Which #mutualfunds did well last year? One year Mutual Fund return...
Would you #invest in long duration/ gilt funds?
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The new wage rules come into effect in April 2021. In this thread, we break down
•How this could impact you
•How a financial adviser can help
The government is seeking feedback on these rules and is yet to publish the final rules.

What: Basic component of #salary to be at least 50%
Impact for Individuals: Contribution to #PF increases, Take home reduces.
Impact for Corporates: Employee costs go up
Should you be worried that your take-home is less? No, because you’re not losing money. In Richard Thaler’s book Nudge,he highlights the importance of automatic contributions to #retirement accounts. You’ll end up saving more money towards retirement without any additional effort
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As you plan for #retirement, consider taking these steps which could help you maximize your #retirement earnings. Make note of these 7 key deadlines. 1/8
Age 50. At this age, you can make “catch-up” contributions to your 401(k), IRA and a few other types of plans. (Click for the 2020- 2021 contribution limits.) 2/8
Age 59.5. At this point, you’re freed from the early withdrawal additional 10% federal tax—although, early withdrawals could still sacrifice potential growth, so use caution. Merrill does not provide tax advice. 3/8
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A senior member of SANS acting *on his own* raised a concern over the tweet below.

I'm the computer security industry's first full-time salaried #critic and I've >20yrs experience dealing with concerns like this.

I assembled a panel of three to judge the tweet...
One is a computer security #critic in their own right who long ago judged Vmyths' works at my request.

Another is a respected member of the #cybersecurity community who has not before judged my works.

The third is a longtime reader.

Each judged the tweet independently.
I told the complainant the panel's majority would "guide my action... I offered them no defense; the tweet must live or die on its own merits."

The complaint was that my tweet tied SANS to #racist police when in truth they've run a mature "LE" program for over a decade.
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My Bi-weekly Newsletter on Personal Finance and Investing.

Overview of this initiative in the attached file. First newsletter from tomorrow.

Newsletter - 1

Welcome to my first newsletter!

Topic: 5 priorities in your financial life

Duration of read: ~ 6 minutes.

Newsletter - 2

Topic: Emergency fund (One of the first priorities discussed in our first newsletter)

Duration of read: ~5 minutes

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The #CRS20 preflight news conference is about to begin. #SpaceX #Falcon9 #Dragon #Retirement. THREAD...
Joel (NASA): Everytime you launch a vehicle to the Station puts a smile on my face. Launch tonight will result in berthing on Monday morning. #SpaceX #Falcon9 #Dragon #CRS20
Joel: 3,700 lb of cargo coming back on this Dragon in about a month. #SpaceX #Falcon9 #Dragon #CRS20
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1) speaking on bbc radio5live re #CoronaOutbreak & govt suggesttion that medical staff to be asked to come out of #retirement to help with possible pandemic. Discuss effects on #50swomen & over 60 yr old high mortality risk from virus #NHS #backto60
2) interview on BBC news today re #CoronaOutbreak and reaction to govt suggestion medical staff come out of retirement to help with virus. Effects on #50swomen & morbidity risk to 60+ who acquire #Coronavid19
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"Despite a few notable hiccups along the way, the bull market continues to prove insanely resilient.” @slangwise
What if? We explore what a 10-60% correction would do to investors and their #retirement. While this #TimeIsNotDifferent, you are.…
@slangwise Looking at potential retracement levels, to the lows of 2018, or the highs of 2015-2016 would not be out of the ordinary. A mean reversion event would be the lows of 2016 to the highs of 2008.…
@slangwise A problem with #market #corrections always overlooked by #mainstream #analysis.
If you need 6% per year to reach your goals, and suffer a 20% correction, it doesn't require JUST 25% to get back to even. You have to ALSO make up the 6%/year lost as well.…
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Ouverture de la 2ème conférence du cycle "Des #retraites pour tous ?" par @TomasiniMagda, directrice de l’#Ined, et @CProchasson, président de l’@EHESS_fr #InedConference #DebatsEHESS : "Toutes et tous égaux devant le #travail ?" #ReformeRetraites
@TomasiniMagda @CProchasson @EHESS_fr Cette 2ème séance du cycle @EHESS_fr #Ined intervient au soir de l'ouverture des discussions parlementaires du projet de loi sur les #retraites à l’@AssembleeNat. Avec ce séminaire, l’agenda politique et la recherche se rencontrent, indique @TomasiniMagda, directrice de l'#Ined
@TomasiniMagda @CProchasson @EHESS_fr @AssembleeNat @CProchasson, président de l’@EHESS_fr, souligne la collaboration de deux institutions, qui oeuvrent à la diffusion des savoirs
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With my colleagues Russ Brownback and Trevor Slaven, we contend that eight major #market influences are likely to dominate the #investment environment in the year ahead and that a proper #portfolio mix is instrumental to delivering a successful outcome:
Over the next week we’ll be looking at these eight themes in more detail, beginning with the first two today: 1) The importance of aggregate global #liquidity and 2) the yawning supply/demand imbalance in #yielding global #assets.
In our view, changes to the level of aggregate global #liquidity is one of the most dominant, yet still underappreciated, influences in contemporary #macro analysis. Central #banks allowed liquidity to contract in 2018 and early-2019 but have pivoted sharply since then. Image
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At the end of last year, we highlighted our theme that 2020 would likely hew to around a 1.8%ish year (on real #GDP, Core #PCE, the 10-Year UST and the #Fed Funds Rate), but there are some other areas in which variations on this numeric guidepost also seem relevant too.
For instance, we’ve been impressed that the 3-month moving average on #payrolls resides now at 184,000, although it may well decelerate somewhat from that pace as the year goes on.
Further, roughly 1.8 million people will be hitting their formal #retirement age (65 years) every six months in 2020, which is nearly double the pace from just 20 years ago! Image
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1/3 New #retirement research from @UCBerkeley calls out the fact that states with high levels of debt have cut benefits for public workers rather than raise revenue to fund pension promises.…
2/3 But cutting benefits hasn't solved financial problems. Other experts, such as @RetirementRsrch Director Alicia Munnell, say legacy costs dating back decades are contributing to the financial stress of public plans.…
3/3 As more research on the causes of pension debt comes out, it begs the question of how much today's workers should pay for costs they didn't incur. We think governments should be doing more to identify and ensure stable and sufficient funding for public pensions.
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The demand for high-quality, income-generating assets has never been greater, especially as the world faces an aging #demographic that is approaching #retirement. Image
Yet, supply is failing to keep up with demand - outside of the U.S., developed #market fixed #income issuance is still nearly non-existent. Image
And within the U.S., corporate bond issuance is flirting with decade lows.... Image
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As we enter the holiday shopping season, the #Fed (much like Santa) increasingly has a keen eye on what’s naughty or nice for the economy. Yes, Santa Clause is coming to town, but #inflation is not. Image
So while the overheating crowd has loudly warned us: you better watch out, you better think twice because #inflation is going to erode household spending power... the cost of many favorite gifts (TVs, phones, GPS, recreational games and electronics) continues to deflate! Image
The weather outside may be frightful, but the #inflation hawks can’t deny the bargain prices of home heating oil as we enter the frigid winter months. Image
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