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The TRUEST & most persuasive IDEAS will consistently be derived from the rock-solid foundation:

Ain't nobody knows what Y really is.

It just is what it does = Consequences

As, thoughts & actions.

The components ( or component) which Y [Consequences] ultimately consists of.. is not limited to the objects we normally think of as existing, but also may consist of things not only in the realm of your wildest imagination, but even beyond.

Consider this hypothetical scenario:

An impenetrable glowing sphere which has somehow arrived from a time traveling #alien civilization from the distant #future.
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Surprise, the climate change denying, Twitter-files propagandists find themselves coming down on the #bioweapon myth too.

@shellenberger @mtaibbi are such bottom-feeding losers it would almost break my heart if they weren't as malicious & intentional in their quest for attention Image
The alleged sick workers are neither a new nor true part of the #bioweapon mythology; it is made up BS from David Asher and the State Department under Pompeo, going back to 2020 and laundered through some unnamed intelligence sources that got wide media coverage in 2021. ImageImage
The thing is; these #rewarmed talking points about sick workers have not only never been substantiated, but they are inconsistent with scientific evidence 🔽 & are also directly contradicted by serological tests of workers at the WIV, showing nobody was infected with Covid prior Image
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1 Every news outlet: Hello, Mr. Mellon?

"Or perhaps, albeit highly unlikely, a probe placed by an #alien species. Although most UAP likely have conventional explanations, some demonstrate capabilities that seem inexplicable without reference to a more advanced nation or……
2 "Alaska is highly unusual and may prove to be a Russian or Chinese electronic warfare or spy platform. Or perhaps, albeit highly unlikely, a probe placed by an alien species. Although most UAP likely have conventional explanations, some demonstrate……
3 "Accelerating our efforts to uncover the true nature of UAP is long overdue and once again it has the prospect to lead to breakthroughs that benefit mankind."

~Christopher Mellon
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A fascinating symptom in #neurology is #Alien Hand syndrome
If anyone has seen @StanleyKubrick ‘s great film Dr. Strangelove, you might have wondered what’s wrong with the titular character

His hand has a #mind of its own!!!

#cinema #neurotwitter #MedTwitter
Simplifying , for carrying out bimanual planned movements, we need a Supplementary Motor Cortex (SMA) (left frontal lobe). This communicates to the opposite side via the corpus callosum. Lesions in any will impair proper bimanual function and cause an “alien limb”#neuroanatomy
Frontal variant (left sma lesion) : Patient will have impulsive groping and difficulty releasing objects
Affects the dominant hand
Can be due to a #stroke, #degeneration

My patient impulsively grabs my hand (with his right hand) despite me telling him not to!
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सृष्टि के आरम्भ में चावल खाने से स्त्रियों में योनि और पुरुषों में शिश्न उत्पन्न हुआ (1/10)

मनुष्योत्पत्ति कैसे हुई? इस बारे में बौद्ध धम्म के दीर्घनिकाय में लिखा है -

जब प्रलय के बाद पुनः सृष्टि होती है तो आभास्वर लोक से सत्व (प्राणी विशेष) धरती पर आते हैं।

#Alien #नमोबुद्धाय सृष्टि के आरम्भ में चावल खा...
वे उस समय न स्त्री होते हैं और न ही पुरुष होते हैं। वे मनोमय, प्रीतिभक्ष, शुभचारी होते हैं।

दोस्तों बौद्ध विज्ञान बता रहा है कि मनुष्योत्पत्ति धरती पर दूसरे लोक (आभास्वार लोक) से आये हुए प्राणियों के द्वारा हुई थी। अर्थात् एलियनों से उत्पत्ति का सिद्धांत एसिंयट एलियन
(हिस्ट्री टीवी) से बहुत पहले ही बौद्धों ने दे दिया था। यहां बौद्ध मत का यह सिद्धांत विकासवाद के भी पूर्णतः विपरीत है। जबकि नास्तिक लोग विकासवाद को पूर्णतः सत्य मानते हैं। अब नास्तिकों को अन्य धर्मों की तरह बौद्ध धम्म को भी विज्ञान के मामले में गप्प मान लेना चाहिए।
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Me ha gustado bastante #Prey. Me ha parecido una película considerablemente redonda, que aunque no tiene un gran presupuesto maneja muy bien los medios de los que dispone y como lo lleva a pantalla. Conectas con Naru desde el primer minuto.
Expandir la mitología #yautja siempre es bien, y el rediseño del Depredador es maravilloso. Impone y consigue transmitir el salvajismo intimidante de la primera película, con referencias deliciosas a la 1 y la 2. El resto de intentos de películas podemos borrarlos de la memoria.
La atmósfera que se crea alrededor de la tribu, del comportamiento de Naru y todos sus dilemas y problemáticas por el hecho de ser mujer, están muy bien transmitidnos y plasmados en el guion. La relación con su hermano es preciosa. Esa intimidad y compañerismo
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C'est un grand oui pour #Prey !🔥
@DannyTRS redonne ses lettres de noblesse à la saga #Predator (ce qui était vraiment pas gagné),grâce à une mise en scène inventive et une approche intelligente qui vise le retour aux sources sans pour autant tomber dans la vulgaire redite…1/3
Et pour celles et ceux qui sont tombés sous le charme de la géniale @AmberMidthunder, foncez voir la série #Legion ! Elle était excellente dedans, et cette série est un chef d'œuvre bien trop sous-cotée. En plus c'est signé Noah Hawley, en charge de la future série #Alien… 2/3
Seul gros bémol, l'absence de sortie en salle… Croisons les doigts pour qu'une éventuelle suite ne connaisse pas le même sort ! 🤞🏻 (3/3)
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Qui sont les nouveaux personnages Marvel qui ont marqué les comics des années 2010 ?

Top 20 à dérouler🔽 ImageImageImageImage
Préambule : l'objectif est de valoriser aussi bien l'originalité, l'impact, le suivi du personnage, les histoires qu'il a vécu... C'est un savant mélange qui pour certains sera clément et pour d'autres exigeant. Je compte sur vous pour donner votre avis en commentaire !

1ère Apparition : Journey into Mystery #632 (2011)

Le chien de l'Enfer que tout le monde voudrait avoir chez soi ! Fidèle et grande gueule, il accompagne d'abord Kid #Loki puis #Thor Plus vraiment mis en avant depuis War of The Realms

MCU : non Image
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You cannot convince me they aren’t aliens
If you guys wanna follow my podcast @socialalchemy_c I’m gonna be talking about this stuff and a lot more it’s coming soon
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It's good to be back! Follow this thread for the video stream & live coverage of tonight's first SFI Community Lecture at @TheLensic in two years, featuring @Sara_Imari on the #physics of living #systems.
And stay tuned for an extraordinary lineup of additional talks this year...
Live stream starts in one minute!
SFI's @ChrisKempes introduces tonight's speaker @Sara_Imari (@sfiscience, @beyond_asu) by quoting #HaroldMorowitz about how, to find life beyond Earth, we must understand the *origins* of life...
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Anton Furst was a cinematic visionary.

Thirty years ago today, the production designer tragically took his own life at the age of 47.

He’s one of my greatest influences, so I thought I’d write a brief history about him alongside some photos, drawings, and interview excerpts. Image
His production design for Tim Burton's Gotham City made an early and indelible impact on me.

"It was as if hell had erupted through the pavements and kept growing."
– Anton Furst Image
As a 10-year-old sitting in a suburban cinema, #Batman89 was my first introduction to the dark beauty of gothic, futurist, and brutalist architecture. Gotham was scarier than the Joker, more mysterious than Bruce Wayne, and more beguiling than Vicki Vale. I wanted to live there. Image
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How likely is intelligent life to exist in our galaxy? Why, hello Drake Equation, let's have a conversation!

I've always heard this is a great exercise to have over cocktails or at late night parties. A holiday week is perfect! Artist: @alancraddock01 #NfoLD #Astrobiology #Alien Image
What does this even mean? It's an equation to broadly estimate how many intelligent civilizations exist within our galaxy right now that we can communicate with. In this case, N = how many of those civilizations exist! How about those other terms?
R* = Average rate of star formation
Fp = Fraction of stars that have planets
Ne = Average # of planets that can chemically develop life
Fl = Do they actually develop life?
Fi = Develop intelligent life?
Fc = Develop advanced technology?
L = How long do they broadcast signals?
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At 11am, a 55 year old plumber had his attention grabbed by a strange noise & a gleaming silver "brighter than chrome" #UFO landing in his yard.

Little did he know, spacemen were about to deliver him breakfast.

#UFO #UFOtwitter
The space craft seemed to hover above the ground, rather than touch fully.

Joe described the craft to be 12 feet in height by 20 feet diam. There were no windows or seams on the build either, just a strange electrical hum.

#UFO #UAP #UFOtwitter
A hatch opened on the side, revealing the dark interior with instrument panels and 3 #Alien beings.

The beings were described as:
- Italian looking
- Very smooth skin
- 5ft, 125 lbs
- piercing eyes
- black outfits w/ no zippers or buttons

#UFO #UFOtwitter
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Among the collection of #paranormal stories Bill claims during his time in the British Military - there is 1 that definitely stands out.

While on watch one night, Bill witnessed a mass abduction take place at his base camp.

#UFO #UAP Image
Around 9pm, Bill & a few soldiers noticed a strange orange mist coming towards them.

Thinking it was a simulated gas attack, they retrieved gas masks but when they returned they were surprised to see everyone at the camp was fast asleep.

#UFO #UFOtwitter #aliens Image
Bill and a fellow solider went back on watch & soon saw a bright light & more smoke approach them from the forest.

As if turned in to Zombies, all the sleeping soldiers suddenly arose & began walking in unison towards the light.

#UFO #abduction #UAP Image
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Nurse Doreen Kendall arrived at work & began her shift like she always did.

While attending to an agitated patient, she thought it would be nice if she opened the window for them - to her surprise a large, bright #UFO was on the other side.

#UAP ImageImage
Doreen described the #UFO as 🛸:

- a huge "Saturn-shaped object"

- 50 feet in length

- bottom of the craft was silvery like metal with a bowl shape

- top of the craft was a dome shape made of glass

- light came from the top making it easy to see inside

#UAP #Ufosighting Image
As Doreen stood fearlessly in awe, she could make out 2 masked figures inside the bright floating #UFO.

She described them as 6 feet tall wearing tight fitting suits & they were busy looking at what seemed to be control displays and instrument panels.

#UFOsighting #UAP
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Astronomers found a gas in #Venus's clouds that could signal #alien life… Image
#Venus' carbon-dioxide-rich atmosphere and high temperatures make the planet's surface inhospitable to life. But new research suggests the clouds surrounding Venus could harbor microbial life.

#LifeOnVenus #space
A new study found traces of #Phosphine — a gas typically produced by anaerobic microbes on Earth — in the upper reaches of #Venus's clouds. The researchers said the phosphine's origin "could be unknown photochemistry or geochemistry, or possibly life."

#LifeOnVenus #space
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@MALTSCHLITZMANN, @KevinPetker, @rpg_solo We Came In Peace Prelude. A thread. #indiegame #solorpg #horror #alien #whogoesthere #ttrpg #weirdfiction #pulp

You came in peace, just as you did countless times before. You offered relief from pain, a cure for chaos. (1/x)
Through your probes, you heard their cries of anguish and conflict. Your duty compelled you to answer their pleas. Unlike all the times before, something went terribly wrong. You crashed into the unforgiving ice. Most of you was lost in the disaster. (2/8)
The people struggled and fought. You thought your first encounters were your fault. You committed horrible crimes in your confused panic. You struggled to hold yourself together and grasp your identity. You thought your lack of control and broken memories were to blame. (3/8)
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While fishing with his dog one night, Alfred noticed lights in the forest which seemed to get closer.

Eventually 2 small #alien beings approach him from where the lights were & they invited him back to their #UFO.

Alfred accepted. ImageImage
Alfred described the #alien beings as:

- 4 feet in height

- Thin limbs

- Pale-green helmet with black visor

- Pale-green coveralls

- No obvious buttons, zippers or fasteners on their clothing. Image
Once on board Alfred noticed an octangular shaped room which seemed to be made with only 1 piece of metal.

The #Alien beings examined him & asked how old he was.

Alfred stated he was turning 77, the Aliens told him:

“You can go! You are too old & infirm for our purpose!” Image
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In 1947, an Italian artist was painting near a creek when he noticed a 30ft long disc-shaped #ufo in front of him with 2 humanoid figures.

The artist gestured toward the #aliens but they shot him with a thin vapor which disorientated him. ImageImage
The humanoid #aliens 👽 were described as:

- Wearing blue coveralls with red belt & red collars

- 3 ft in height

- Large round head with helmet

- Skin looked to be greenish colored

- Large dark eyes

- No eyebrows or eyelashes

#ufo #ufosighting #paranormal ImageImage
After being hit with the strange thin vapor, the now confused artist watched the two #aliens approach him, examine his painting & easel then made their way back to their #UFO before taking off.

When the artist came to, he noticed his easel had vanished. 🛸 Image
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On his way home, a very bright light appeared in Hideichi's car with no source.

He felt a force turn his head out his driver window to see a bizarre "unearthly creature" with a pipe like object emerging from its mouth.

#ufo #ufology #paranormal Image

Hideichi claimed the humanoid creature pressed the pipe like object against the whole of his face and he would hear "voiceless high pitched noises" fill his head.

#alien #alienencounter #paranormal Image

The #alien creature was described as:

- Round head
- No neck
- Long pointed ears
- Blue glowing eyes
- Triangle depression on forehead Image
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Abrimos hilo sobre increíbles #maquetas de sets de #cine, un arte tan antiguo como actual y fundamental en el 7º arte.
Comenzamos con esta recreación detallada de Manhattan para #EscapeFromNewYork (1981) del maestro John Carpenter, para la secuencia inicial y tomas aéreas.

Esta es la maqueta escala 1:4 que se construyó para la escena en que el tren atraviesa la vidriera de la estación en #Hugo, de Martin Scorsese (2011), cuyo entorno se completaría después digitalmente.
#LaInvenciónDeHugo #cine #maquetas #HiloDeCine #rodaje

Algunas de las impresionantes maquetas construidas para el rodaje de "Star Wars: Episodio I - La Amenaza Fantasma" (1999).
#cine #StarWars #maquetas #ThePhantomMenace #LaAmenazaFantasma #HiloDeCine

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Aprovechando que parece que estamos viendo la luz al final del túnel del #confinamiento, voy a recomendar PELÍCULAS que se desarrollan (casi) por completo en un #ÚnicoEscenario y dónde poder verlas. Abro #HILO.

Pd.: Hay más encerraditos de los que pensáis 👇 Image
#ÚltimaLlamada de Joel Schumacher.

Disponible en @MovistarPlus.

Infravalorada por muchos pese a ser de las últimas grandes de su director. Podéis aprender muchos detalles de ella en el @aquihaydragones #10 de la mano de @rodrigocortes 👇 Image
Hablando de @rodrigocortes, no puede faltar la obra maestra #Buried (#Enterrado).

Aplaudida en #Sundance, ganadora de 3 Goya y disponible en @MovistarPlus, quizá fuese la peli más valiente del 2010.

Os dejo un @Cinemascopazo, en la que la analizaron 👇

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