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🔥#USA - Jeremy Corbell - Réalisateur de documentaires (traduction ci-dessous)
#UAPs #hearing #classified #forum #Congress #Senate #Senat #Revelation @YvesPDB @BugaultV #JeremyCorbell #UFOSightings #UFO
"...ARRO a reçu plus de deux douzaines de personnes qui sont venues lui dire où se trouve le matériel. Je sais que c'est un fait parce que ces personnes sont venues me voir en premier.
Je sais qu'ils participent à ces projets classifiés et je n'entends rien à ce sujet lors des auditions. C'était très décourageant pour les personnes qui travaillaient sur ces programmes d'exploitation,
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Proof of disinfo ops in real time: the official transcript of Gen. Vanherck's briefing on the balloon shootdowns has been edited. Listen to him speak the words here @ 12:30 #ufos… | "I'm not going to categorize them as balloons". Clear as day. But...
If you view the official transcript on, they transcribed his statement as saying "I am not going to categorize these balloons" #ufos #ufo #uap…
Not going to pretend I know what this means, other than I don't see why every other word in the above transcription would be accurate except the ONE part that would give us an indication as to what was shot down. Games being played, no doubt.
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Rep. Tim Burchett on new UAP hearings

“I’ve spoke with Speaker McCarthy. He’s going to allow us to have hearings. I spoke with Chairman Comer today about it in fact, and we are gonna have some hearings.”

#ufotwitter #ufo #uap
Keep at it Mr. @TimBurchett !
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This tweet deserves more love. I hope D’Amato has already spoken to Congress & AARO.

@GarryPNolan added this about the secret, illegal #UFO project, that some believe has non-human craft and bodies.

“…they lack the internal expertise or flexibility to accomplish many goals.”……
2 And if you don't know who D'Amato is:…
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@jamescfox @UnravellingU Why you never mention contradictions in testimony (esp WRT Leir's interviews), times, places, order of events in the film?
@jamescfox @UnravellingU EG, crash site location makes no sense considering how quickly people spotted aliens. Originally claimed crash on the 13th changed to 20th. If aliens were pursued on foot, how could they get so far in so short a time!?
@jamescfox @UnravellingU (and yeah, easy to reverse engineer crash site location from Leir's book and from your footage on site that shows highway in distance, despite efforts to obfuscate leadup) -21.621559798886853, -45.24282862322284
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1 #ufotwitter - #uaptwitter - #ufo #ufos #uap

@lesliekean on @TOEwithCurt

Starts off with a clip. I'm sure we'll get context later on and she's just stating a theory or what somebody else believes.

"Basically, we're not at the top of the food…
2 Kean on TOE continued.

CJ: Were there elements you had to leave out of the 2017 story?

There always are. Spoke to Fravor for hours in DC with Helene. Wanted to include more about what they learned about UFOs. Story was about AATIP existed. (Semivan disagrees. He thinks NYT……
3 More of Leslie on TOE...

Now we have USG acknowledging it.

We don't have the answers but lots of interesting cases and history. Hard to imagine that all these cases can all be explained by some conventional explanation.

Lue said the public has seen 10% of the data bc it's……
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Important crypted message regarding collapsing #Kyiv,
captured from the nearest neighbouring star #ProximaCentauri, 149000 million kms from #Tellus."
#OrsonWelles #Martians ('The War Of The #Ukraine').
#Pentagon releases latest #UFO sightings report
Pentagon said that 366 additional UFO sightings have been investigated since its last report in 2021.
#Stoltenberg admits #Kiev regime is #losing | Feb 14
- After a year of incessant #propaganda about the Kiev regime’s supposed military successes, #NATO leadership seems to have started accepting the #reality and finally relaying it to the public.…
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1 Here's a video edit (it's not perfect) of the relevant, #UAP/#UFO segments from today's WH press briefing, with Q&A. I also did a transcript. #ufotwitter #uaptwitter

Jean-Pierre (I didn't include this in the edit but it's in the first tweet below): "I just wanted to make sure……
2 Kirby: "from an interagency effort and to see what...if other, improvements [we] might need to make. Look, just by adapting the way the radar parameters are set (Can you say, @ChrisKMellon? ~Joe), we have improved our ability to detect.
3 Kirby: "And again, I said that could be one reason why we're seeing more."

Reporter: "My understanding is that the top officials in the Pentagon, when asked explicitly if they were ruling out any kind of extraterrestrial presence, said they weren't ruling anything out.
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Facciamo un breve #thread "storico"🧵⬇️
1/ Aprile 2022:

Mi sento nostalgico e voglio tornare a quando non esisteva #ChatGPT, gli #UFO erano lontani e @SBF_FTX era solo un trentenne disagiato.

Eravamo tutti long su #TerraClassic mentre @PaxosGlobal pubblicava questo statement su #BUSD:…
2/ Settembre 2022:

Il messaggio di Paxos è rimasto nell'ombra per mesi.

Nel frattempo l'estate ci stava lasciando e #Binance decideva di convertire tutte le #StableCoin (tranne #USDT) in #BUSD….
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Dr Carol Rosin, Aerospace Executive :

“Their last card will be the #AlienInvasion and is all LIES‼️”

#EndTimes #GreatDeception #ProjectBlueBeam #AlienAgenda
Alien Reproduction Vehicles

(The Tablet in the image was posted by Elon Musk ex-Wife Grimes )

#EndTimes #ProjectBlueBeam #AlienAgenda…
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En mitad de la histeria colectiva que ha generado la crisis de los globos espía, esta misma situación se dio hace 80 años en un mes de febrero, esta situación se llamo La Batalla de los Ángeles .
Abro hilo
#ovni #ufotwitter #UFO #Balloon #GloboChino
Después del ataque a Pearl Harbo, y con la amenaza de una invasión japonesa, se generó un estado histeria en el pueblo americanos y en los mandos americanos similar a la que estamos viendo. Todo eso desemboco en una ficticia batalla contra un enemigo que no estaba ahí.
A lo largo de enero se habían reportado lanzamientos de globos que habían provocado incendios en California y en la costa oeste de los Estados Unidos, y también alguna pequeña pero breves batalla contra submarinos japoneses en la costa de Estados Unidos.
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Уже 4 НЛО сбиты в Северной Америке за последние сутки. Последний НЛО был сбит в США менее часа назад

Вижу много новостей об этом в англоязычном твиттере. И мало в СНГ-Твиттере

Решила это исправить раскайфовкой того, что известно на этот момент

Кстати, эксклюзив с борта НЛО:
За шутку спасибо @Breads_eth

Итак, что известно:

Последний НЛО был сбит США над озером Гурон

Он объект имел восьмиугольную форму и летел на высоте 6км. Об этом сообщили 30 минут назад

15 минут назад стало известно, что он не имел видимого двигателя
4 февраля силами США был сбит первый такой НЛО

Он имел форму шара и летал над США и Канадой 2 дня

Из всех НЛО только он имел известное происхождение

Китай подтвердил происхождение НЛО и заявил, что его использовали для метеорологических прогнозов
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With all the UAP/UFO talk I’m reposting a couple of chats I did with @PaulDabrowa and @rosscoulthart last year. (Terrible optics from me as I was ill and they’re Australian so middle of the night for me as well.) #ufo #uap
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Les #US annoncent avoir dégommé un OVNI "de la taille d'une petite voiture" au dessus du #Canada. L'objet avait été détecté au dessus de l'Alaska…
Enième distraction des #vaccins, ou du fait que les US on fait sauter #Nordstream? Vous choisissez. suite...⏬
#UFO Il y a aussi une rumeur d'un OVNI sur la côte de Rizhao que la Chine ferait sauter. Et au Montana ils viennent aussi de signaler un objet (encore un ballon?)… Mais pour vous donner le background complotiste lisez la suite⏬
Figurez-vous qu'en 2020 des complotistes disaient qu'après la trame narrative du Covid, il était prévu une trame narrative d'OVNIs/extraterrestres, ça me faisait beaucoup rire😅
Comme dit plus haut, c'est une distraction, le truc est tellement ridicule, manque plus que #BlueBeam
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1/2 Eric Davis, George Bush Sr., Corso, and Holloman.

I knew about some of this and glad it’s starting to come out.

#ufotwitter - FS V5

Las Vegas, Friday 26 March 2004.

“The Fiesta Rancho Casino Hotel on Rancho Drive. Hal and I had taken early flights in order to meet at……
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1 #ufotwitter - Interview w/@jaystratton by @g_knapp, during the @ExploreSCU conference in Huntsville, Alabama last June. It was shot by @JeremyCorbell & first aired on @WeaponizedPod Episode 3.

Knapp: Huntsville (no longer Vegas) has become the de facto #UFO capital of America
2 Knapp had hoped he would land an interview w/Jay Stratton, somebody he has known for a very long time & a name he couldn't mention publicly. Until now. And Stratton loves the Mexican restaurant, Lindo Michoacan (Great place w/fantastic chimichangas fried ice cream!) in Vegas.
3 Stratton (known as Axelrod in Skinwalkers at the Pentagon) has been there from AAWSAP to AATIP, to the UAPTF and AARO.

Knapp learned Stratton and @travisstaylor1 would be in the audience at the SCU conference. They both work at @radiancetechinc and in the RT press release,
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1 #ufotwitter Easily my favorite anecdote thus far, from FS-V5. If you’ve been following along (or u read SATP), you know about Lacatski, Skinwalker, 'Tubular Bells' & AAWSAP. This adds to the "fun."

Hummingbird. Wednesday 24 December 2008.

"A very strange coincidence occurred
2 FSV5: "this afternoon as Bob Bigelow & Colm Kelleher called me about the second project (on AAWSAP ~Joe) we've agreed I would do. They caught me at the wheel of the Highlander, as I had just parked it in Berkeley.

"I was with Janine who had gone into a used bookstore to sell
3 FSV5: "her brother's old vinyl records. Helping her carry the heavy boxes, one record on top of a pile caught my eye. It was Mike Oldfield's ‘Tubular Bells,’ with the now-famous ‘pretzel’ symbol on the cover, resembling the object that had appeared to Dr. Lacatski on his first
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1 #ufo - When I saw another balloon was over Latin America, this popped into my head. 🙂

"One day the aliens landed, just as everyone always said they would. They fell out of a guileless blue sky and into the middle of a clear, cold November day, four of them, four alien ships
2 "drifting down like the snow that had been threatening to fall all week. America was just shouldering its way into daylight as they made planetfall, so they landed there: one in the Delaware Valley about fifteen miles north of Philadelphia, one in Ohio, one in a desolate region
3 "of Colorado, and one - for whatever reason - in a cane field outside of Caracas, Venezuela. To those who actually saw them come down, the ships seemed to fall rather than to descend under any intelligent control: a black nailhead suddenly tacked to the sky, coming all at
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1 #ufotwitter #uaptwitter #ufo

This is currently being discussed and I realized I never transcribed it word for word.

@Eyes_OnTheSkies (CG): "If you were a civilian scientist and could place a limited amount of sensor systems around the globe, where would you focus on
2 CG: "placing them, in order to capture data on UAP?"

Lue: "So, I will share something with you...I won't go into too much detail, but we're looking at that right now. And you'd be's a lot easier than you might think.
3 Lue: "You might not even need a whole bunch of sensors. You might need just one. And you might need to know where to put it and then how to corroborate that data with other data. I'm going to do a very polite pass on that because my hope is that,
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1 #ufo - From Keel's OTH: "In his book Passport to Magonia, Dr. Jacques Vallee, a NASA astronomer and computer expert, expert, touches on all this. 'In the Soviet Union, not so long ago, a leading plasma physicist died in strange circumstances,' Dr. Vallee states. 'He was thrown
2 JV: "'under a Moscow subway train by a mentally deranged woman. It is noteworthy that she claimed a ‘voice from space’ had given her orders to kill that particular man - orders she could not resist. Soviet criminologists, I have been reliably informed, are worried by the
3 JV: "increase of such cases in recent years. Madmen rushing through the streets because they think the Martians are after them have always been commonplace. But the current wave of mental imbalance that can be specifically tied to the rise and development of the contactee myth
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🔥 What happened the last time it was tried to get the #UN to take the #UFO #UAP topic seriously

The British (UK) stopped it #ufotwitter

Good luck #SanMarino San Marino!
He is the Grenada proposal
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Just in: Senate Intelligence Committee chairman @MarkWarner calls just released Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (#UAP) report "a step forward in understanding & addressing risks to aviators"

Also says reporting increase is "a sign of decreased stigma among pilots..."
Just in: Pentagon on just released #UAP/#UFO report from @ODNIgov

"The safety of our service personnel, our bases & installations, & the protection of US operations...are paramount" per @PentagonPresSec

"We take reports of incursions...seriously & examine each one"
More: Reaction from Senate Intelligence Committee vice chair @marcorubio to release of US intelligence #UAP/#UFO report

"We are making important progress in our ongoing efforts to understand these activities & what threat they may pose...However, more needs to be done"
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BREAKING: @ODNIgov publishes its long-awaited 2022 Annual Report on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (#UAP / #UFO)

Looks at a total of 510 reports thru August 30, 2022…
"#UAP events continue to occur in restricted or sensitive airspace, highlighting possible concerns for safety of flight or adversary collection activity..." per @ODNIgov
"...This may result from a collection bias due to the number of active aircraft & sensors, combined w/
focused attention and guidance to report anomalies" per @ODNIgov
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