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11 Jul 20
Vaitheeswaran Koil: Main Deity : Sri Vaidyanatha Swamy (Lord Shiva)
Consort: Sri Thaiyal Nayagi
Other Deities : Panchamoorthys, Muthukumaraswami (Lord Muruga), Angaraga (planet Mars), Dhanvanthri, Jatayu, Badrakali, 63 Nayanmars.
Holy Water : SiddhamirthaTheertham Vaitheeswaran Koil: Main Deity : Sri Vaidyanatha Swamy (Lord
Sthala Vruksha : Neem (Vembu). It is located 235 kilometers from Chennai, 27 km from #Chidambaram, The holy waters of the Siddhamirtham tank within the temple complex contains nectar, and a holy dip is believed to cure all diseases. The temple is revered by the Tevaram hymns
of 7th-century Saiva nayanars - Tamil saint poets and is also classified as a Paadam Petra Sthalam (temple revered by the nayanars). During the #Ramayana period, Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Saptarishi have worshiped the deity in this place.
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6 Jul 20
#Thread #DidYouKnow 1/n
Which is the World’s oldest Tape Recorder? by Sri Sri Sri Kanchi Paramacharya Mahaswami
Once way back in 1940s or 1950s someone was conducting an interview with Kanchi Mahaperiyava. That gentleman recorded the interview in a Tape recorder.
Periyava then posed a question:
“Does anyone know which is the oldest known tape recorder?”
Nobody was able to answer. Then Mahaperiyava asked another question:
“How did Vishnu Sahasranamam come to us?”
Everyone said Bhishma Pitamah gave it.
All agreed.
Then Mahaperiyava posed another query:
“When all were listening to Vishnu Sahasranamam, who took Notes at Kurukshetra thousands of years back?”
Again silence.
Mahaperiyava started replying to everyone.
“When Bhishma Pitamah was glorifying Lord Krishna with Sahasranama i.e,
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3 Jul 20
#Thread #DidYouKnow
Continuation of my previous thread:

60 sec = 1 min, 60 min = 1 hour, 24 hours = 1 day, 7 days = 1 week, 30 days (on avg) = 1 month, 12 months = 1 year. Like this
4,32,000 years is Kali Yug
4,32,000X2 = 8,64,000 years is Dwapara Yug
4,32,000X3 = 12,96,000 years is Treta Yug
4,32,000X4 = 17,28,000 Years is Sat Yug
All together 4 yugas is 1 Chatur Yug i.e, 4,32,000 X (4+3+2+1) = 43,20,000 years is 1 Chatur Yug
Like this 1000 Chatur Yug is Brahma's half day. (day time) another 1000 Chatur Yug is Brahma's 2nd half day (night time)
2000 Chatur Yugas is Brahma's 1 whole day.
like this 365 days for Brahma is 1 year. Brahma's age is 100 years. after his tenure,
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3 Jul 20
#Thread #DidYouKnow
Calculation of #space & #Time according to Srimad Bhagawatham and Narayaneeyam.
Space: India is a part of South Asia; Asia is one of the continent in the world;
This Earth is known as Bhooh. Here we have 7 Dweepams known as Jambu, Plaksha, Shalmali, Kusha, Kraunca, Shaka, Pushkara Dweepams respectively.
Above Bhooh there are 7 layers or lok named as Bhuvah, Suvah, Mahah, Janah, Tapah, Satyam
Similarly, Below Earth there are another 7 layers or Lok called as Atala, Vitala, Sutala, Rasathala, ThalaaThala, Mahathala, Pathala.
7 loks above and 7 Loks below Earth respectively. So we call (Eer Yelu Lokam in Tamil) means 7X2=14 Lokas
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3 Jul 20
Sri Lakshminarayana Perumal Temple is located at a village called Kanigillupai, (approx 2 kms from beside S. V. Nagaram town) which is on the way to Arani from #Cheyyar, Tamil Nadu.
This Temple #Kumbhabhishekam held in Feb 2019, and the pic was taken during the occasion.
Hereby also attaching Google Maps link to reach the Temple.…
This Temple was constructed by my wife's Great Grand Father Swargiya Venkatraman Iyer, by Gods blessings, maintaining by our family.
@sattology @LostTemple7 #SanatanaDharma #SanatanaSanskriti
He also constructed Sri #Hanuman Temple in Minandal village about three kms from our village #Kanigiluppai. Miandal village also can be seen from the Google Link mentioned above. @davidfrawleyved #
#JaiSriRam #JaiHanuman #Arani #TamilNadu
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2 Jul 20
#Thread #DidYouKnow
A Formal Debate of #Shringeri #Jagadguru Versus a #Missionary!
Following is an interesting debate that took place between the Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Shringeri Sharada piitam, Shrii Shrii Abhinava Vidyathiirtha Mahaswamigal (1931–1989) and a Christian
Missionary, sometime in the year 1973.
The missionary had come to Shringeri to debate with the Acharya and establish the "superemacy" of Christianity over the #Hindu #dharma. After exchanging a few words of formality,
Jagadguru: What is the purpose of your visit ?
Missionary: Swamiji, I intend to open a Christian church and an ashram just near you mutt.
Jagadguru: What's the objective or motivation for doing so?
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30 Jun 20
Why do we keep food for crows?
Once a devotee asked Kanchi #Paramacharya #Mahaswamigal why do we keep food for crows during mahalayam? Are our #Ancestors taking forms of crows? Why do they come as this low bird? Why not a high standard bird?
With a gentle smile Mahaswamigal answered, we call crow kaka in Tamil. Do we address any other creature by its sound? Do we call cat meow? Because a parrot says kiki, do we call it kiki? The crow is called by its sound that makes it special.
Ka means kaapathu or protect me in Tamil. so when you keep food for a crow and say "kaa kaa", you are asking your ancestors to protect you!
You say a crow is lowly because it is freely available and it eats anything! But let me tell you a crow is beautiful. Why?
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29 Jun 20
#Thread #DidYouKnow
#Theerthamalai is Lord Shiva Temple, located at Dharmapuri Dist, Tamil Nadu. The name Theerthamalai in Tamil means Hill with Holy Water. Theerthamalai is a village situated about 16 km (about 9.9 mi) northeast of Harur. Image
Temple is located at the top of a hillock. The temple, situated about 1 km (about 0.6 mi) up the steep slope of the hillock, derives its name from the five springs in the temple. Lord Theerthagireeswar (Shiva) is the worshipping deity. Image
Temple was built in the 7th century, with many contributions being made by the Chola and Pandya Kings. Several inscriptions can be found in Theerthagireeswarar Temple. The inscriptions on the temple say that Chola emperors, including Rajendra Cholan, regularly visited temple. Image
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